Alaska Gold Rush AMA

We Hosted An Amazing AMA Session With Alaska Gold Rush On 17th April.

Here We Will Present Some Of The Best Questions That Answered in The AMA :

Q1. Can you please introduce yourselves as well as Alaska Gold Rush ?

My name is Sylwia , I am co founder of Alaska Gold Rush .Today with us there is also Rafał – CEO of Alaska Gold Rush .

Alaska Gold Rush is a role-playing game where the player takes on the role of George, a young man who sets out on a journey to Alaska to discover what happened to his father and to claim his inheritance. Along the way, he must navigate the harsh environment, overcome obstacles, and search for gold while battling robbers and other dangers.

The goal of the game is to multiply your stash of the $GOLD and $CARAT tokens that the in-game mining can obtain, but there are many other amazing game dynamics to keep the fun at all times :)You got NFTs, loot boxes, PvP arena and of course an amazing storyline.

Q2. What Are The Advantages Of Your Project ?

Our in-game economy is deeply thought through and created with an experienced team of academics from the, this method allows us to know the different scenarios of the changing demand and supply and how it will work in the game.

On the other hand many projects like to base their tokenomics and token flow just from thin air.

The other thing is we are working with Baked Games, a studio that is developing the game from a time when we didn’t even think about integrating the blockchain-based economy into it. It means that story and gaming part was “sticking” to the audience from the beginning and from the trailers and tests we found out there is a lot of people who wants to play it!

Q3. Please Tell Us About The Goal You Want To Achieve In This Year.

In Q3 of 2023, the focus will be on the environment of the game, with the implementation of hunting, fighting, fishing, and camp life. The main win-to-earn storyline will also be introduced, and the game world will become an open world, connecting players together into a PvP space. The world will be divided into common areas for socializing, trading, and duels, as well as private havens for training and resolving quests.

In the q3-q4 2023 we are awaiting and the integration of blockchain-based mechanics in the game. We are really curious to see the mechanics we have been working on for so long will function in the game. 

Obviously, we are waiting for Alaska Gold Rush $CARAT token listing that will happen very soon on 20/04 on – we are super excited to be listed on top 5 exchange in the world and invite you to get some of the $CARAT tokens on 20th 🙂

20th 🙂

Q4. Every Project Has A Story Behind Their Name, Can You Tell Us More About The Story Behind This? Who Are The Team Behind This Project? Can Tell Us Their Background ?

The choosing of the name was pretty straightforward as the game is set in the times of the gold rush. Alaska’s gold rush began in 1896-97 when gold was discovered in the Klondike in Canada’s Yukon Territory. Lured by the hopes of quick riches, thousands of prospectors streamed through the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Not everyone who got there got rich, but a good number decided to stay in Alaska afterwards. Between 1897 and 1907 gold prospectors founded more than fifty gold-mining camps in various parts of Alaska.

Almost everyone in the core team has a deep experience in investing and advising crypto projects as big part of us met at the crypto society – a community of crypto researchers and investors.

Apart from that our team members took different paths from owning marketing agencies to being real estate agents and shop owners but now everyone on 100% focused on Alaska Gold Rush!

Q5. NFT Is One Of The Hottest And Most Sought-after Topics In The Blockchain Space Right Now. Can You Share Your Opinion On NFT With Us? Do You Think NFT Will Disrupt The Current Financial System? What Is Your Project’s Approach To The NFT Sector?

I think NFTs this year are not the hottest topic yet but they will be – especially ones incorporated into the games. I think web3 gaming is and will be the best NFT usecases

The NFT owners of the mines in the Alaskan Metaverse are the ones who will receive passive income from other gamers working in their mines. In other words, an NFT owner gets a cut of the $GOLD that was mined in his mine. I means you dont have to  spend your time fighting with the rocks 🙂

By owning an Alaskan mine NFT you will not only receive passive income in $GOLD from your mining employees. Owners of mine NFT will get a profit share from the Alaska Gold Rush transaction fees. It will be paid out in the on-chain token $CARAT.

Q6.What Type Of Payment Do You Apply To Make It Easier For Players? Will There Be An Option To Connect To Metamask & Wallet Connect While Playing? And Can You Describe The Gaming Experience You Would Like To Improve?

In Alaska Game, we understand the importance of providing a seamless and accessible payment experience for our players. To make it easier for them, we plan to implement a fiat on-ramp, allowing players to directly purchase our in-game tokens, such as $CARAT, using their local currency – it will be done thanks to our partnership with safegram and other projects . This approach eliminates the need for players to acquire cryptocurrencies from external exchanges and simplifies the process of getting started in the game.

Additionally, we will offer options to connect to popular wallets like MetaMask and WalletConnect while playing and thanks to partnerships numerous with nft and bridge companies to do it in the multichain .

Q7. As a gamer I would like to practice playing the game without doing any investment or buying the NFTs. Do you really have a demo, beta test, practice mode , Alaska Game give players a free experience?

The full (free to play) version of the game players who don’t own an NFT mine can still participate in the game by working in other players’ mines. This allows them to mine gold without owning an NFT mine themselves. By doing so, players can experience the mining aspect of the game and earn a percentage of the mined gold, while the mine owners receive the remaining portion.

This feature ensures that even those without initial investments can engage in the Alaska Game and benefit from the play-to-earn model.

On the other hand, we already have a demo which is available to NFT holders :

Q8. The Issues Of Excessive Inflation, Limited Token Demand, And A Highly Competitive NFT Market That The Crypto Gaming Space Is Currently Facing?

Our dual currency system, featuring GOLD (off-chain) and $CARAT (on-chain) tokens, is designed to create a balanced in-game economy. We carefully manage their issuance and usage to prevent excessive inflation. GOLD is used primarily for in-game transactions, while $CARAT is utilized for on-chain activities, NFTs, and speeding up certain processes.

To maintain a healthy token demand, we have implemented mechanics where tokens are either burned or redistributed. For example, when GOLD is used for in-game purchases, it is burned, while $CARAT – the onchain token is not easy to get as it involves around the arena mechanism and PvP mode. So offering multiple game modes such as Mining loop, Survival loop, and Arena loop, we cater to a wide range of player preferences and playstyles. This variety helps attract and retain players, generating organic demand for tokens and NFTs.

Q9. Does Alaska Game Prioritize The Player Experience Both In And Out Of The Game To Strike A Balance Between Playing And Winning?

We aim to strike a balance between player experience and winning to create an engaging and enjoyable gameplay experience.

It’s important to prioritize creating a fun and immersive experience for players that keeps them engaged, challenged, and rewarded, while also ensuring that the game is balanced and fair.

This often means designing mechanics and systems that are enjoyable to play with and that reward player skill and strategy, rather than simply relying on random chance or overly punishing difficulty.

Q10. There’s so many NFT games competition out there, and some of them didn’t survive at all because of the game economy, do you think Alaska will be sustainable enough and it can be in stay in the long run? Can you point out some of the features of Alaska Game?

A balanced economy is something we are very proud of .
We are one of the first in our model not to introduce an inflation token and during the games we introduce deflation which is a good option for both investors and players .

in Alaska there will be two tokens in play :
On Chain token CARAT – a blockchain token trading on exchanges
Off Chain GOLD  – soft in game currency a token that we often see in RPG games as ” coins “
By digging gold players will receive off Chain token which is neccesary to buy weapons , portfions and improve Your Stats to take part in pvp duels where you can earn real money .

Every player will have the opportunity to take part in pvp part  where each participant put a token on Chain into the pool .
Those with the best skills and weapons will win a prize minus our fee, part of which will be burned.

This Was The End Our AMA With Alaska Gold Rush .

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