we hosted an amazing AMA with ANOMUS on the 31th of October

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as ANOMUS ?

I am in IT startups now for overs than 10 years.

In crypto space since 2017 yet been tracking all activity in blockchain a while back.

Currently my main goal and target is to remove fake-news from todays world. Me and my team believe that this can be done using blockchain. And here we are ANOMUS – Decentralized news protocol

ANOMUS is designed to fight fake-news and corrupted media.

we want to provide a platform for a people that can be trusted by its users. We want to allow everyone to share their opinion and spread it among people

yet you must be ready to be fact-checked by community as this type of media and only this type of media can remove fake-news !

We believe that every opinion matter and we want to bring back voice of the people!

Q2. What are the advantages of Your project ?

Advantages are big. We are fully open for everyone.
We are fully governed by our DAO structure that will allow people to participate in every part of the process.

We allow free-speech because we will never ban anyone from the platform. Because we basicly can’t as all the content will be placed on the perma-web for generation to come.

We provide incentives for every user.
Publishers receive few type of incentives in the platform.

Basicly by removing middle man in the media we are able to provide every benefit there is straight to the user and the publisher

And all of this will be governed by community itself so same people, users will decide how platform should look after 5 years or 10 years

Q3 please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year

There is not mutch left of this year.
So our goals are quite simple.
First of all we want to succesfully launch our IDO process. As at this moment we are in our Private round and Preping for Public one.

Public round will be carried out this year.

Also for this year we have planned initial release of the platform itself. So this is our main goal.

And ofcourse we want to board as many publishers as we can by the end of the year. At this moment we got over 300 of them waiting for the platform to be launched. Yet more publishers more users the better!

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

ANOMUS has quite long store. As fake-news is old problem in our modern society this solution was in my head for quite long time. Since D. Trump was elected into president started thinking about solution even more.

Team working on ANOMUS has long experience in crypto space. Our core team is working with crypto since 2017 ofcourse many new people joined us along a way. Yet team is strong and ready to deliver best solution possible.

Along a way we gathered more people around us many good partnership with well known writeres and VC’s that are helping us on various processes.

So we stand firmly to deliver solution that everyone needs! and we believe we can win a fight agains fake-news and corruption!

And here we will put best questions from our members and ANOMUS fans:

Q1) #Anomus aims to create an ecosystem that utilizes ANOM tokens to all users’ benefit. So how will you achieve this? And can you tell us how are the $ANOM tokens be used within the platform? Can you share its use cases?

$ANOM token will be used in every processes of the platform.
For Publishers, Readers, Fact-checkers and ofcourse Governance.

And on top of that companies that want to publish their ‘Ads’ on a platform must hold and spend tokens in ANOMUS.

there are plenty use-cases let me list few of them

For Publishers:
-Receiving donations from users

  • Receiving incentives for articles that a truthful
  • Selling their content via freemium mode or paid articles
  • Placing ads into the articles and receiving money for click

For readers:

  • Receiving tokens for participation
  • Donating and purchasing content
  • Fact-checking ofcourse


  • voting for proposals
  • creating proposals
  • receiving incentives for provided & release codes
  • for code reviews

and many other to cover all the processes of a platform needs

Q2) I’m delighted to see that Governance is part of the use cases of $Anomus , so have you guys come up with the requirements to partake in the Governance and the kind of decisions or proposals members can suggest and vote up on?

To take part into the Governance you have to be token holders.
Additional votes and reputation will come also for NFT that are planned to be released in upcoming future.

so basicly you just need to have a tokens to be able to participate in the governance

Q3) On your page there is very little information about the Native Token $ANOMUS , I would like to know what are the functions and cases of practical use of the Native Token? Besides governance, any plans to add more used cases or give more incentives to hold $ANOMUS ?

Yes. As i already explained it will be used in a platform itself.

For publishers, users and fact-checkers.

So basicly every part of monetization possible in news media portal.

Q4) What is the level of privacy and security that Anomus offers, they have the extreme encryption system, tell us about how Each influencer can create their own NFT and how will each NFT be backed, how safe can they be and what will their profits be?

We take security seriously we will have multiple layers of security.

And yes all the content will be deliver to publishers as NFT. That will represent ownership for a people.

Also we are taking one step further and along a NFT part we compile everything into the Perma-Web for generations to come.

Because noone will ever be able to remove data from there.

The profits will come from:

  • Donations
  • Incentives for truth
  • Paid content if publisher decides so
  • Ads placements by publisher every publisher will be able to place ads they select if they want to;

Q5) The backbone of the ANOMUS content system is its users, publishers and content consumers. So can you tell us what is revenue model of ANOMUS? What passive income you can provide to users, publishers and content consumers?

regarding ANOMUS revenue model we will be taking small fees for processing various transaction like (donation, fact-checking resolutions, ads payouts).

For users:
You will be able to earn money from your content. Basicly create it once if it good you will get attention and receive funds for it.

also ANOMUS will provide LP & Staking that will help you to get passive income too.

And yet be sure to buy in asap as value of token will definetely rise as we will do burning of a token after the launch

Q6) Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

Yes we will be burning part of a fees.
After DAO fully takes over than community will be able to decide amounts of fees to be burned.

Q7) How can we use your platform? Do you have any guide for beginners?

Platform currently in developent.
Please do join our communities and stay tuned for updates. As all the details are being posted there.
We will have advanced gamification processes on top of the platform that will help everyone to board.

Q8) Which do you think is more important:

A. Community
B. Investors
C. Token Price

If all of the above is important to you, whiich should come first?

Community is most important one of these! because community drives a price and investors should be a part of community.

Q9) Where can I buy your tokens now. What are your current contracts, and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Currently we are in our private round. Stay tuned in our channels in case you intrested to participate in private round contact me via

Yet we only board investors that bring value to our communinty

Q10) Why did you build project, what was the motivation to start this project? What is different about project to attract investors’ attention?

Motivation is quite simple. We want freedom. Freedom is our right! currently we are suppressed by corruption and manipulation. We want to remove this from our society!

Truth is inevitable!

And this was the end of our AMA with ANOMUS.

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