AnyPad AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with AnyPad on the 6th of July

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourselves as well as AnyPad ?

Cryptofuel11 : Hi this is Shashank… In the industry for quite a long time now.With several years of corporate experience in the field of IT and Enterprise Sales…With a deep passion for blockchain and next gen tech like AI and ML. Currently working with anypad as marketing consultant.
Decryptopal : Hi, This is Abhay here. I’m spearheading the marketing effort for our project Anypad. I have good experience within the crypto market coupled with 5 years of corporate experience in the IT industry.

Our team consists of global professionals from major domains, who have a passionate for Defi and crypto industry as a whole.
The current advent of defi use cases reminds me of how the early days of .com era were. So out of our multiple brainstorming sessions, we decided to get our hands dirty to start understanding the tools and also the blockchain ecosystems. It definitely striked to us as a future of decentralized world, and also how the industries would operate effectively utilizing the power of blockchains. This then brings us to the realization, that the power of determining the future of blockchains actually lies in the many hands of smart contract developers. With the recent crazy demands on blockchain projects, many took the advantage on the wrong side. Many project creators or developers were driven by wrong intentions, which resulted in scams and rug-pulls.
And that was the reason why we founded Anypad. Anypad is aiming to change that and help drive the next generation of Blockchain projects. We are a project driven by the community who actually listen, study, evaluate, define and manage product vision and backlog together with our developers, architects, and UI designers.
Anypad is a next-generation blockchain Incubator and accelerator platform building a Multi-chain LaunchPad & Multi-chain AMM DEX, to provide blockchain startups & investors the best experience as the industry gains full-scale global adoption.

Q2. What are the advantages of Your project ?

Cryptofuel11 : Let me point out some of our unique features..

1) Blockchain-agnostic Launchpad ecosystem
2) Specializes in micro-cap project launch
3) Fair allocation policy with value projects
4) Community building approach
5) Low market cap at TGE
6) Our MVP is 100% ready & we are live on BSC & Heco Chain.
7) Lower risk profile as there is no single point of failure
8) Project development using Agile methodology with Six Sigma quality level
9) Hardworking cohesive team with good experience of industry and driven to provide constant value to the holders
10) Educating and creating awareness about blockchain thereby enabling and impacting industry as a whole
And this is our biggest USP !.

Q3 please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year?

Cryptofuel11 : We are in talks with some of the projects. Though in a very early stage where we cant reveal anything but be assured we have our checks to deliver best for you. We are building something very bigg and we already getting requests so We plan to deliver best and value our communnity.
We are being incubated by Exmarket capital, and have good and experienced advisors to help getting IDO’s.
Our MVP is ready and all the security measured are being taken care… We want to grow as we evolve.
We plan to integrate HECO chain and BSC for the start and extend to Matic and Solana network in the coming future.

And here we will put best questions from our members and AnyPad fans:

Q1. can see ANYPAD is compatible with various existing blockchains as well as the capability of incorporating future blockchains as well. Can you tell us more? With what blockchain is it compatible with right now? Which ones will you add in the future? Also, when will this happen?

Cryptofuel11 : We are multichain Launchpad and AMM DEX: incubated by Exnetwork Capital, which is capable of launching blockchain independent micro-cap project creating value in the blockchain ecosystem. We aim to become the first of its kind launchpad which is blockchain agnostic. We plan to integrate HECO chain and BSC for the start and extend to Matic and Solana network in the coming future.
We are also developing an incubator platform targeting blockchain professionals where we will be providing support to kick start their projects irrespective of the blockchain.

Q2. Most of the current launchpads are based on a lottery system to decide who can participate in IDOs. This leaves room for bots to abuse the system and hold a large portion of allocations. What tactical measures will Anypad introduce to ensure fairness and prevent bots attack?

Cryptofuel11 : We aim to become the first of its kind launchpad which is blockchain agnostic. We plan to integrate HECO chain and BSC for the start and extend to Matic and Solana network in the coming future. The rationale behind choosing HECO chain is its ability to provide interoperability, cross chain communication, low-cost & faster transactions. We want to be an early adopter and first of its kind for the HECO chain.
we will be following a three tier allocation model
And the idea behind having it is a fairer distribution of token amongst the holders.
All the pools will be having different dynamics for different target audience.
This way, we will not only attract a larger audience but also serve them better and provide value to their investment.
Let me also tell you a bit about 3 pools:
One overflow style: like pancake, raydium IDOs
One private style: Hold and stake APADs to get allocation
And third the Bounty pool. We do not want to disclose it right now, but this is one thing that you have never imagined.

Q3. I saw AnyPad allows creators to launch their Crypto projects across a variety of Blockchains. Can you tell us more about it? How is the process for a project if they want to launch with AnyPad? What kind of requirements do you ask for in order to do so? Is KYC require?

Cryptofuel11 : We know the market is open to all but as said you should always DYOR…But what if we do it for you.
A brief about our vetting process:

  1. Team motivation – why do they want to start this project
  2. Audit and KYC – all projects need to perform KYC (not with us, but with professional KYC service) and code need to be audited.
  3. LP and funding – if the team prefer to stay anon, we will hold the LP token, and also partial funding until they reach certain key milestones.
    All in all, we do our best to pick projects that are legit – as much as we can.
    We will be having KYC regulations with business level standards. We won’t be launching scams. There are already some good projects in our pipeline.

Q4. What is your main target user group? Are you targeting large investors or small private investors, who can also participate in your project more effectively?

Cryptofuel11 : As an IDO platform, we are targetting 2-sided markets: Investors and startups.
Investors: We focus on retail investors who have no easy access to private/early seed investment.
Startups: We focus on micro-cap startups, who are in need to have the first seed funding to kick start their startup.

Q5. Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

CryptoFuel11:Anypad has many benefits for the Holders, some of which are:
Earn passive Income: Good APY on staking
Access to IDO: Tiering model for users to access our IDOs. Tier models and more information will be released soon. Don’t miss our announcements on our official TG group.
Rising price floor: Every transaction incurs a fee which is sent to liquidity and locked.

Q6. Why are you choose this name for project?

Cryptofuel11 : A good question indeed… Will give you a short and sweet answer…. As we plan to integrate all chains in future and support projects from multi chain… That’s why we call ourselves blockchain agnostic.. For start we will be on Heco and bsc and later solana and matic… So cut it short… Chain doesn’t matter it can be any chain… We support them… That’s why we call ourselves ANYPAD.

Q7. Security is always, most important, for a users.
-Can you tell us about, your platform, security???,”
-Have you done any audit, via any audit platform?

Cryptofuel11 : To start with, we are getting a CERTIK audit, which is one of the best in crypto sphere.
The audit is currently in progress, and we will announce after it gets completed by next month.
The projects launching will be carefully vetted by our process.

Q8. I am an investor, so besides trusting in the Anypad project, I also want to make a profit so what is the marketing strategy of Anypad to attract investors and expand market?

Cryptofuel11 : Currently, we have an Airdrop program ongoing.
Spread the word:
We are also planning to have daily giveaways, till our launch in the form of whitelists, $APAD tokens and USDT.
For that you need to hop on our socials, and engage with us.

Q9. What kinds of projects are you looking to incubate and launch? Specifically, are you focused on innovation or are you open to any legitimate project planning to launch on Cardano?

Cryptofuel11 : Our vision through incubator is to support start-ups, especially in their seed phase irrespective of the platform they are built.
Anypad would also provide new projects aid in marketing, go-to-market strategies, technical advice, and general assistance for new/start-up projects while also bridging the gap between early-stage projects and the community via its incubator platform.

Q10. You choose the Huobi eco chain which is very lesser-known and only a few projects use this. Why did you choose it? What features did you see in it and not in others? Also, you are coming on BSC, Matic, Solana but why you didn’t choose Ethereum? It is one of the best platforms?

CryptoFuel11: HECO (Huobi ECO Chain) is a decentralized, high-efficiency, and energy-saving public chain, also the first product launched by the Huobi Open Platform. It is compatible with smart contracts and supports high-performance transactions.
Users are increasingly demanding
Cheap transactions
Secure, ultra-fast swaps
User-friendly design
The possibility to buy and move assets between blockchains
The rationale behind choosing HECO chain is its ability to provide interoperability, cross chain communication, low-cost & faster transactions. We want to be an early adopter and first of its kind for the HECO chain.
We are also launching on BSC network because of its extended functionality and low transaction cost.

And this was the end of our AMA with AnyPad.

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