Arthur-EX AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with Arthur-EX on the 13th of January

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1) Can you please introduce yourself as well as Arthur-EX ?

Yeah,I am jacob,the COO of Arthur-EX.

I have 6 years of operational experience in the blockchain industry, and also have been operating and investing in some blockchain projects in Europe and the US.

ARTHUR-EX is a high-speed, safe and credible decentralized cross-chain digital asset trading platform underlying system.

It is a decentralized exchange built by a one-stop solution provider for digital asset exchanges using the independently developed Arthur API open framework.

It can share liquidity and adopts the high-performance cross-chain transaction protocol Arthur-Swap.

The trading platform using the Arthur-EX ecosystem supports rapid transactions on multiple public chains including BTC, TAF, ETH, and tokens on the chain. As a new-generation trading platform implemented using Peer-to-Peer technology, its operation, security, settlement and fees are more transparent than the current centralized digital asset trading.

Q2) What are the advantages of Your project ?

Efficient Performance:it provides high-performance read cache and write cache, with TPS more than 140,000.

Alliance Network: it can provide an affiliate network that can fully meet the compliance of settlement center, exchanges, regulators, and general trading users KYC/KML.

Decentralized System Management: It meets the vast majority of application scenarios created under the current DeFi market, building a complete ecosystem from the underlying technology to the application layer.

High Response and High Throughput: The project gathered a large number of top technical talents for independent research and development to optimize the user experience and performance to the maximum.

Q3. please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year.!?

On the one hand, we will continue to improve our ecological scenarios and launch our next feature: minting NFT as soon as possible

and on the other hand, we are counting down to the launch of the mainnet, when AECO will be available on the secondary market.

All our activities will be synchronized with our social media and community, please stay tuned!

Q4) Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

Arthur was the most legendary king of ancient Britain.

It is said that he was the head of the Knights of the Round Table, which means equality and unity.

All the knights of the Round Table were equal and partners.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are also symbols of justice and hope, and the meaning of the Knights of the Round Table easily reminds us of DAO.

As a decentralized financial underlying platform, ARTHUR-EX is supported by a fully transparent decentralized autonomous system, which allows each platform builder to clearly understand the entire technical construction and value flow within the platform, fully reflecting the public trust value of blockchain and achieving true equality and justice.

As for the meaning of EX, many people do think of it as the abbreviation for exchange, but in fact EX is the abbreviation for extendible, and we hope we can keep extending our underlying infrastructure to perfect it.

Than we talk about our team.

The core team of Arthur-EX is from the UK, and the development members include developers from all over the world.

The technical team has conducted in-depth research on the cross-chain direction and has rich experience in big data analysis and mining and blockchain related work.

The operation team covers senior operation experts in blockchain and financial fields in Europe, America, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.

Arthur-EX’s investment institutions and partner organizations include Dalma Capital, University of Glasgow, Cointelegraph, Sora Ventures and other world leading investment companies, universities and media.

Q5) NFT is one of the hottest and most sought-after topics in the blockchain space right now. Can you share your opinion on NFT with us? Do you think NFT will disrupt the current financial system? What is Arthur-EX’s approach to the NFT sector?

NFT’s characteristics such as uniqueness and indivisibility make “everything can be NFT”. All valuable assets such as copyright, artworks, property, etc. can be on the blockchain and be presented as NFT, which makes the basic functionality of NFT highly recognized.

In 2021, NFT is becoming more and more mature amidst the hype and is even considered to be an important module for building Web3 and metaverse. Indeed the explosion of NFT this year has attracted a lot of people to the crypto field, which can be a big progress for the development of the crypto industry.

In addition, with the frenzy of NFT reaching out of the crypto circle, perhaps the large-scale commercialization of NFT will also blossom everywhere in the future.

I think NFT is also part of the decentralized financial system because it has transaction value and crypto properties.

Compared to some digital currencies that are still in the concept stage, NFT undoubtedly brings holders a greater sense of security.

The core of the next phase of Arthur-EX testnet development is to improve the test network’s one-click minting NFT feature and the opening of the NFT Mall.

Currently, you can already see the prototype we have built on the testnet, and the corresponding features are expected to be open to users next month.

Please keep an eye on our official announcement on Twitter. In addition, the Arthur-EX team will also participate in the creation and sale of the Arthur-EX series of NFT to enrich our ecosystem.

And here we will put best questions from our members and Arthur-EX fans:

Q1) ARTHER-EX is committed to creating a new generation innovative digital asset trading platform underlying system . How you bring innovation in metaverse and Defi?

Many people compare DeFi to Lego, because smart contracts and protocols related to decentralized finance can be freely combined like Lego, giving birth to decentralized stable coins, exchanges, lending platforms, synthetic assets, derivative commodities, etc.

However, at present, general users still play the role of a participant in DeFi, which does not achieve true decentralization.

I think the most attractive point of Arthur-EX is that it allows all users to turn from Defi participants to Defi creators.

With the addition of Arthur-ex underlying technology, users can easily build their own decentralized exchanges, their own decentralized platforms, and even create their own metaverse in the world of Defi.

Q2) Arthur-EX reached 20,000 followers on Twitter a few hours ago, congratulations on that achievement! What marketing strategies have you used to grow your community so successfully? How important is social media for Arthur-EX?
Thank you!

Arthur-EX is committed to developing the perfect product and synchronize the development progress and milestones to everyone.

We just gradually created our social media accounts before our testnet was ready to launch. The purpose of opening social media accounts is to expose Arthur-EX to more people, and let users experience our product features in advance to make the right investment decision.

So for us, social media is much less important than technical development, but I am glad that so many users are willing to pay attention to our product and participate in our ecosystem construction.

Q3) I saw on your website that AECO can be used not only in digital currency exchange. Honestly, I just heard about AECO, can you explain what AECO is? What is the use of AECO in your platform?

AECO is the native currency of Arthur-EX.

Its application scenarios are as follows:

1.Cross-chain settlement transactions: During cross-chain settlement transactions, AECO can be used as a settlement token for cross-chain transaction settlement. 

2.Liquidity mining: Users who participate in platform transactions and provide liquidity by using AECO to receive AECO token rewards.

3.Exchange platform rewards: To join the exchange trading, you need to mortgage a certain amount of AECO before you can join the trading alliance.

4.Community governance: Users with AECO can participate in the community governance of the ARTHUR-EX ecosystem and vote on major events and platform development trends on the ARTHUR-EX platform.

5.Mortgage loan: Trading users mortgage AECO and get other trading tokens.

6.Scenarios such as lock-up and reduction of handling fees: Transaction users who hold a certain amount of AECO can pay less or no transaction fees.

By holding AECO now, you can have easier access to the mainnet whitelist spots and enjoy huge benefits,participate in liquidity mining and gain a large amount of token rewards, participate in community governance and get incentives for community governance,enjoy platform profit-sharing in the future!

Q4) Will you plan to raise the awareness of Arthur-EX in regions that English is not well-spoken? Any local communities to bring them better understanding of your ecosystem?

Our objective is to become the underlying platform for global decentralized financial transactions, and we will gradually support multiple languages including Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, etc. to clear the language barrier for users around the world.

At present, our Discord community has opened channels in many languages and recruited community partners in several countries around the world, and we will establish channels in many languages in Telegram afterwards.

Q5) I learned that Arthurex’s test network is already online,I’m curious if there are any related activities for users to participate in?

There are a lot of activities going on at the same time, and the specific details of the activities can be viewed by clicking this link: (medium link), there is no threshold for our testing activities, and users who actively participate in the activities can also get generous rewards of AECO tokens.

As for testnet operation flow, we have detailed videos and graphic tutorials about the operation process of the testnet which can be viewed on our official Medium and Youtube.

Q6) Do you have
1- Telegram Group
2-YouTube channel
3- Tick tock channel
4- Website
5- Twitter
For this project? Where can I get the latest information from there, and what is the latest plan for your project? Which social media can I follow to get this information? here is our linktree,you can get all the information about arthur-ex here,and we update every day on twitter and medium,you can join our discord and TG too.

Q7) When is the next event?

We have a lot of events coming up. Stay tuned to our official media for the latest events.

Q8) What other important event can you tell me about the project? What are your ambitions, goals and main plans for the beginning of 2022?

On the one hand, we will continue to improve our ecological scenarios and launch our next feature: minting NFT as soon as possible, and on the other hand, we are counting down to the launch of the mainnet, when AECO will be available on the secondary market.

Q9) Which do you think is more important for your project ?
A. Community
B. Investors
C. Token price
If all of the above is important oiy to you? which should come first?

I think investors and community is more important than token price.

Q10) What are the interesting features in your project?

I think the most attractive point of Arthur-EX is that it allows all users to turn from Defi participants to Defi creators. With the addition of Arthur-ex underlying technology, users can easily build their own decentralized exchanges, their own decentralized platforms, and even create their own metaverse in the world of Defi.

And this was the end of our AMA with Arthur-EX.

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