we hosted an amazing AMA with BHOLDUS on the 24th of October

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you introduce yourself and BHOLDUS to our community ?

First of all, it is my honor today to have this AMA and I really appreciate your time listening about our Bholdus.

My name is Nhat Phan, Global CGO and Co-Founder of BHOLDUS. With my over 10 years’ experience in crypto currency and being an investor/finance advisor, I have been studying and investing in many blockchain projects. But for me, Bholdus is my long-life project.

Bholdus is a blockchain dedicated to DeFi apps and platform for NFTs and Gamefi with unprecedented transaction throughput and security. We aim to be the bridge between real-world, tech space and crypto space.

When I am doing this AMA, Bholdus BHO is the top 1 trending in CoinMarketCap globally, listed on MEXC and successfully raised nearly $4M. Those are just some of our very first amazing milestones. We are on the way to become the new Unicorn in South East Asia for blockchain/fintech.

We really need your support to build Bholdus stronger. Please join our family and be Bholdusian ❤️

Q2. Can you briefly describe what is Bholdus ?

Oh yes, Bholdus Chain is a blockchain network dedicated to decentralized financial (DeFi) applications and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

BHO is the official native token representing the multi chain network of Bholdus Chain.

Our ecosystem comprises SMEs, digitalized assets and other blockchain platforms such as: Polkadot, Binance, Ethereum… and other DeFi projects developed on other blockchain platforms.

Bholdus is a blockchain network providing decentralized financial services. It offers a place for talents, ordinary people, small-and-medium sized enterprises around the world to access the vast market by removing barriers created by language, culture, beliefs, economic strength and the political situation of each country.

Q3. What are the core features of BHOLDUS? How are you different and unique from all other projects out there ?

This is a very interesting question. We actually have many core features, and each comes with its uniqueness that makes them stand out from other projects.

Within our ecosystems, we have: BHOLDUS Blockchain, Software Wallet, DEX multi-chain, BHO, Staking, DAO, Lending, Blackhole Pool

BHOLDUS Blockchain has the fastest and cheapest transaction fees. Transaction speed and fees are important factors to evaluate a Blockchain project. With BHOLDUS, transactions per second (TPS) can be up to 10,000, while network fees will maintain the cheapest.

BHOLDUS Software Wallet supports users to store their crypto assets on it, handily, securely and safely. With BHOLDUS Wallet, users will be as secured as when storing on decentralized exchanges.

No more worrying about assets or personal information stolen by hackers. We promise this will be the most user friendly with a great UI/UX. Additionally, it can be interoperable with different DEX aggregators. In summary, BHOLDUS Wallet is a Multi-Network wallet that can store any coins that the user wants.

Our DEX provides a multi-chain decentralized financial blockchain platform, connecting to a variety of digital assets and integrating with other Blockchain networks such as Binance Smart Chain’s BEP-20, Ethereum’s ERC-20, Tron’s TRC-20, Polkadot… As a result, customers only need to trade on a single DEX platform and still be able to trade between different networks, instead of having to swap between different DEXs as before.

The BHOLDUS token (BHO) is a digital asset and represents the capitalization of the BHOLDUS project. Participants use BHO to pay transaction fees to the network and BHOLDUS Dex, or use it as a governance token of BHOLDUS. The total supply of BHO is 10 billion, which will be imported into the BHOLDUS Blockchain network at the time of mainnet launching and future upgrade.

As a process of depositing savings through staking services, the user’s BHO will be locked within a period, and the user will receive interest everyday. The average APY is 10% per year.

Now moving on to DAO. DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which uses BHO tokens to vote for the governance rules of the Bholuds system.
We also have the Lending feature that allows loans right on the BHOLDUS chain with a variety of digital assets, loans managed by smart contracts without intermediaries.

Our Black Hole pool helps to revolve and ensure continuous liquidity. Businesses will have the opportunity to access DeFi resources using digitalized and audited real-world assets through the work of tokenization. They do this by encrypting their financial assets into NFTs and using these NFTs as collaterals in their Black Hole Pool. For example, with the current hot trend in NFTs gaming industry, BHOLDUS helps players to tokenize their games as NFTs, create liquidity and make it interoperable with any other digital assets.

But NFT does not just stop at virtual assets. With the amazing uniqueness and traceability features, NFT can be utilized to represent real-world assets, including valuable financial data or outstanding startup ideas of SMEs to show their creditworthiness. This is the goal where BHOLDUS is heading towards with an aim to provide SMEs with access to global funding from investors on the BHOLDUS network.

Q4. I saw that BHOLDUS Token has its token named BHO, can you explain the name? What benefits can we get if we hold BHO? And how to buy ?

BHOLDUS stands for Black Hole Decentralized Exchange of US.

In Hindi, Bhold means Brave, BHOLDUS means “our bravery”. We want to send a belief, and a mission to all those who accompany the project.

We will create a financial Black Hole, attracting all the financial flows, and turn it into profits for investors. And we must be very brave, to accept all the difficulties and thorns that lie ahead.
Just go, and you will arrive!

BHO holders have the rights including voting, proposing referenda, electing council members, et cetera. In addition, BHO holders can earn profits by offering loans to other users in need. BHO holders participating in the network as Validators and Nominators can also be awarded for their contribution to our network governance.

Now you can buy BHO Token whenever on PancakeSwap or MEXC Global. At this time of typing, we have reached TOP 1 TRENDING on Coinmarketcap, Top 3 Popular Searches MEXC with more than 60 thousand holders all around the world.

You can join our Global Community now and feel free to ask if any questions of purchasing:

And here we will put best questions from our members and BHOLDUS fans:

Q1) I see the Staking Bholdus event is currently a very hot topic, please give me more information and instructions on how to share the BHO.

The Staking Rewards Event is a way for the Bholdus team to show our appreciation and gratitude for the outpouring of support from communities.

This 3-month event is an opportunity for all investors to earn a passive income with a higher interest rate than typical staking programs, as Bholdus’ Staking Event offers an interest rate of up to 50% per annum.

Additionally, it is one of many exciting activities to welcome the future launch of several products and services, including the Bholdus Mainnet in December 2021.

Q2) NFTs is not a new concept anymore. How does BHO apply this concept into its business practices? And how to differentiate BHO from the others counterparts in the same market?

NFT seems to be becoming the mainstream reaching out of crypto and tech-space, and not similarly limited to use by currency traders. Bholdus’s main business is to decenterlize the real asset and we also have years experience in fintech where we connect to regulators, this gives us more advantages to support the NFT business models in the long run.

Regarding technology to support NFT, Bholdus is acquiring all the most updated knowledge and lessons from existing players in the market, so we believe that we will create a very advanced blockchain platform.

Q3) I’m curious about the milestones that BHO has achieved. Could you share more about those achievements so the investors can see the growth of Bholdus over these 4 months?

  • For product development, We have developed mobile wallet integration and launched the testnet for Digital Assets. Just got Certik to audit and certify our smart-contracts.

For Strategic partnerships with Singapore Fintech Association, CANCHAM Vietnam, BroctagonTechQuartier, Global DCA, Kambria and Atom Solutions

Launched on Pancakeswap, Coingekco, MXC and Coinmarketcap. Talented team around the world with over 100 team members.

Backers and Advisors from many big Ventures and big MNC.

On Polkadot ecosystem

You can find more information in this:

Q4) BHoldus just got the audit from Certik recently. How does this matter to the development of Bholdus? And what can Certik do to facilitate BHO in the future?

CertiK is a pioneer in blockchain security, utilizing best-in-class AI technology to secure and monitor blockchain protocols and smart contracts. To date, they have collectively worked with over 1.300 enterprise clients, helped secure over $90 billion worth of digital assets, and detected over 23,000 vulnerabilities in blockchain code. Their clients include leading projects such as Aave, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Terra, Yearn, and Chiliz.

Being audited by CertiK will ensure that Bholdus is free from vulnerabilities, guarded against the risk of attacks, and has no terms that are detrimental to users. Overall, Bholdus’s safety score is 83/100, a quite high score compared to the average of other blockchain projects audited by CertiK with 98% of users voting the project is secure.

Q5) could you tell us a little bit about Bholdus’s Next Business Model?

This one sure will help our users understand more about Bholdus.

Bholdus’ business model orientation:

  • Connecting with blockchain-friendly financial institutions.
    Connecting with ecosystems of different blockchain networks such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polkadot, Cardano, Solana…

*Supporting large corporations and SMEs, those being in need of digital assets and tokenization.

*Supporting DeFi lending and borrowing system.

*Creating decentralized Bholdus digital asset pools

Q6) If i invest my money into BHO, what is the inherent value of the BHO token? What are the advantages of purchasing and utilizing BHO tokens?

Another interesting question.
Bholdus token (BHO) incentivizes desired behaviors on the Bholdus interoperable blockchain network. Owning BHO tokens provides users a stake in the Bholdus network. Participants use BHO to pay for transaction fees, stake as validators, and participate in Bholdus on-chain governance. In addition, the BHO token helps ensure chain security by rewarding BHO holders in the Parachain loan offering and by distributing a block reward to Validators and Nominators.

As the ecosystem of Bholdus token owners grows, the BHO token will capture the increasing value provided to token owners via each of its utilities. The total supply of the BHO tokens will be minted at the launch of the main net and kept in the BHO reserve Pool for distribution amongst investors, contributors, and participants to the network.

Users can benefit from the BHO token by:
*Staking BHO tokens to earn attractive Yields

*Borrowing or paying back loans via BHO tokens

*Submitting & voting on different programs that help grow the BHO Ecosystem.

*Participating in the Black Hole decentralized pools for lending, staking, borrowing, swapping.
Referring new users to grow the community

*Receiving grants by participating in the BHO governance structure
Access staking reward, higher interest rates, loyalty programs, amongst others.

Q7) As a potential investor, I’m curious as to what kind of blockchain transformation/arrangement your project will undergo.

Bholdus will revolutionise the blockchain industry by using NFTs to represent different types of assets and evidence for creditworthiness, such as audited financial statements, invoices, or audited mortgages.

Issuing NFTs to represent these assets and information helps open doors for individuals and businesses to access new financing channels on DeFi space. These assets may cover multiple classes such as digital assets, stocks, bonds and real estate. These are likely to be spread among different sectors, which help to reduce concentration risk.

Q8) Wallet protection has always been a concerning problem to the investors, even big names such as Trust Wallet and other cold wallets are not 100% secured. So how does Bholdus protect investors’ assets with its native wallet?

Following the practice on other popular wallet apps such as MetaMask, TrustWallet, Bholdus wallet app supports its user in asset management with ease. However, there might be a risk behind that users should be aware: Every user must protect and maintain their own (Private Key) to prevent themselves from unwanted incidents such as forgetting passwords, losing mobile devices, etc.

Since the mobile app is installed on a user’s mobile phone with connection to the internet by wifi/3G/4G, this is also a risk for users as their devices can be attacked or hacked which is beyond Bholdus’s control. In this case, Bholdus will, at our best efforts, encrypt user data’s terminal equipment to limit risks but we cannot guarantee extreme safety. We hereby declare that we do not record any user data, and that all user data is recorded on the user’s mobile device only.

Q9) How do NFTs work under the ecosystem of Bholdus?

Bholdus uses NFTs to represent real-world, digital assets and evidence for creditworthiness, including but not limited to artworks, real estate, audited financial statements, invoices or audited mortgages, property rights, etc.
Bholdus can help issue different digital assets which are NFTs in the Bholdus chain. Each NFTs token will be a unique identity.

Q10) Can investors’ assets be tokenized by BHoldus? If yes, then how?

As an asset originator, a user may lock an NFT representing a “Real World Asset” into a set of smart contracts as collateral. The NFT is minted based on audited documents created and shared via the BHO BHoldus blockchain network. Auditing providers will determine the structure of these financing offers through an on-chain “Pricing Oracles.” Upon repayment, the NFT is unlocked and transferred back into the Asset Originator’s wallet.

And this was the end of our AMA with BHOLDUS.

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