We hosted an amazing AMA with CEBG Game on the 23rd of April.

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. We’ve been keeping an eye out for news from CEBG, which
seems to launch IGO soon, right?

Yes, we will launch our IGO on 25th this month on KuCoin IGO platform.

We are also actively doing some community activities, such as our ambassador recruitment
campaign, and whitelisting activities, which we welcome everyone to participate in, so that
more people can get to know us and join us!

Q2. Congratulations! We are looking forward the upcoming IGO. Today, We have
gathered a couple of most asked questions in our community, please give us the best shot as
you can. To get to know our projects faster and better, Jesse, could you briefly introduce CEBG
to us?

Sure things! Crypto Elite’s Battlegrounds (CEBG) is a blockchain-based battle royale
action game with an anime aesthetic. In the game, players land in the war zone, search for
guns, and fight each other for precious resources.CEBG has a high level of gameplay depth
comparable to Web2.0 games.

The game has both PVP and PVE modes, and players will not
only need to upgrade their NFT, but also improve their game skills in order to increase their
win rate. We also will have a variety of built-in social features, so you can play with your
friends and even access to stream the game to others around the world.Overall, it’s really exciting to share this game with you and hope you like it.

Thanks for the introduction, sounds like a great game! We’re also looking forward
to experiencing our game soon!

Q3. I read the article about CEBG in dappradar, and it mentioned that CEBG will be the leading game in the context of GameFi 2.0, how do you understand GameFi 2.0?

: In GameFi 1.0, games only brag about their financial attributes and merely rely on
economic benefits to attract players. As a result, these games are severely lacking in
entertaining features. However, GameFi 2.0 puts emphasis on extending the project’s life cycle
by introducing more playable and sustainable mechanics to the overall ecosystem. With such
a vision at heart, CEBG will bring users a refreshing gaming experience in the GameFi 2.0 era.

Q4. can you also give us some backstage knowledge of the team?

Sure, our Producer, Tech Lead and Art Director each have at decades years of
experience in the industry on many famous projects. The rest of the team was also
hand-picked by our core team due to their experience in the gaming industry as well.

We also have a great operations team who are working very hard to build the CEBG meta-universe
that will bring us millions of GameFi community users worldwide in the future, which is really
important to us. Today, we already have over 30 communities joining us to empower the game.
We have a lot of confidence in this strong team.

Q5. can you please introduce us to the NFT in the game?

Our NFTs can be categorized into 3 types; Heroes, Weapons and Chips.
Heroes are anime characters, each with their own unique art, animations, skills and
background. You can increase the rarity and level of lower level heroes by merging them.The
higher the level of the heroes, the more the player gains.

You can also equip these heroes with weapons that can be used to shoot enemies on the
battlefield. There are seven types of weapons, ranging from long-range sniper rifles, to
rapid-fire SMGs to suit any play style you wish. Similar to the heroes, they can be upgraded to
become the most powerful version.
The last NFT is the chip, which can be used to upgrade the hero and their weapons. The chips
come in 4 different rarities and are destroyed during the upgrade process.
People can buy the hero NFT in the upcoming pre-sale, and the weapons and chips can be
bought later on the market or rented from other players.

Q6. We noticed that this IGO sale is for Genesis NFT, can you tell us what’s so
special about Genesis NFT?

Indeed, Genesis NFT is unique in CEBG Metaverse. It is not only limited in number, but
also have features that distinguish them from other NFTs.
With Genesis NFT you get the role of Genesis NFT holder inside CEBG Metaverse, and
this role corresponds to many privileges. Firstly, holders will be able to access a
special channel within CEBG discord and have priority to participate in future events.
Secondly, holders have access to future token airdrops, the number of token mainly depends on how many NFT you hold. Last but not least, holders will have the first
place to participate and whitelist all future games developed by CEBG Studios.

Q7. The audience should have a general idea of the NFT, are the rules for the Genesis NFT up for grabs out yet? Where can we see them?

Yes, we’ve got the rules ready to grab, on the 25th at 11:30pm UTC we will have the
Whitelist round on the KuCoin IGO platform in the quantity of 500 at a unit price of
100 USDT.
And half hours later, which is 12pm UTC,we will launch first round of IGOs on the
KuCoin IGO platform in the quantity of 1000. And more details had been posted on
our Twitter feed, so you can follow us on twitter to get the latest news!

Q8. On another note, we all know that economic models are important for a game project. Could you go on to give us a little more information about the tokenomic inside the game? We all know that the tokenomic is very important for a blockchain game.

Indeed, tokenomics is crucial for GameFi. Our 2 tokens in the game are CEG(utility token), and
CEC( governance token) respectively.
The CEG token is what players will earn by playing the game, and it can also be used for a
variety of purposes in the game like upgrading your character, repairing your gear, recovering
energy so you can earn more tokens in a day, etc.
CEC can be used for staking, as well as allow you to vote on important designs for the future of
the game. Upgrading in-game assets and purchasing NFTs.

Q9. How do you ensure the stability and sustainability of the in-game economic system?
Since many games have recently had a failure, either as a consequence of the generalized fall of the Cryptocurrency market, or that the ROI is very short and neither does NFT burn. What mechanisms are you going to implement to make the game sustainable?

We have designed the economic model with this in mind in particular. In order to maintain a
healthy flow of NFTs within the game, the team has introduced a carefully designed NFT
destruction mechanism. Specifically, merging low-level heroes increases their attributes and rarity.
Players will keep upgrading their heroes and weapons in order to gain higher returns.
As a result, in-game NFTs can continue to appreciate through the consumption mechanism in
upgrades, as lower-level NFTs are being burned. It is worth mentioning that higher-level NFTs will
bring players higher returns as well, creating a reason to acquire multiple NFTs for the most
dedicated players.

Q10. As I scanned through your social media accounts, I saw that you will introduced scholarship system, How does it work?

Yes, because some players may not have the time to play the game but want to make a
profit, we have also designed a passive earning system within the game.
We are continuing to finish building our scholarship system and welcome you to enter our
community and continue to interact with us to create and share.

Q11. we believe CEBG community will get bigger and with the media exposure, more people will join CEBG, and some players are curious as to what the future direction of CEBG will look like?

As the first blockchain-based game in the PUBG genre, expectations were high for
CEBG. Thanks to the hard work of the team, we have already achieved several milestones.
After IGO this month, we will start to preparing the alpha on early May.
The entire game will be launched in early June and we will also go live with a 3D version in
the near future.

Q12. Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set.
What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to your project and keep them long term?

First of all, we will definitely focus on the quality of the game, the game
experience is always the core competitiveness of the game, if you think it is fun, you will
definitely recommend it to your friends. In addition, we will work hard to protect the player’s income, if you earn money, you will also become a loyal user of the game. Last but not least, we are grateful to our investment institutions, they bring us a lot of good channels and
resources to go get more attention!

Q13. Partnerships and cooperation are important for project improvement and development. Can you tell us about your current partners? Will this partnership benefit CEBG and users?

That’s a good question. Our current investors include KuCoin Ventures, Kernel Ventures, Initiate Capital, Multiverse Play,Cososwap etc. and our partners include over 30 guilds and DAOs, you can find them on our official website. The investors have brought resources to support CEGB in terms of funding and promotional channels, and will be our most sincere advisors on the road to development. The Guild and DAO, on the other hand, bring us more P2E investors, more scholars, and will be co-builders of CEBG Metaverse.

And here we will put best questions from our members and CEBG Game fans:

Q1. With the very high and tight competition of gaming platforms in the market,how would CEBG_GAME bring a better game in the market?What distinguishing feature that can make you stand out and can lead any players to choose your platform to play rather than other gaming platforms?

With our major experience in traditional gaming space, especially with running long-lasting games (3+ yrs), this experience is key to creating a sustainable P2E game that will have players coming back for a long time. On top of that, our game has been tested by a massive userbase already before it was turned into a blockchain game, so we’re very confident in how fun the game is to play for regular users 🙂

Q2. Currently,most projects and platforms are in English. How will the projects reach non-English speaking local communities?Make it easy for people around the world to use your service. Do you plan to develop the project in another language?

At the moment we are partnering with guilds in many different countries in order for them to assist us with more non-English local support. In the future, we will plan on adding more languages to the game itself as well.

In particular for this community at the moment, we have a CEBG group specifically to support Arabic-speaking users at

Q3. Nearly 85% of investors only focus on short-term token price instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your tokens in the long term?What is the minimum to invest in Your project?

As we’re confident in both our economic model and our long-term retention of users due to how fun the game is, we’re confident that the value of the tokens and NFTs will rise consistently, causing investors to want to hold onto the project for a long time.

Q4. What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Our top 3 priorities right now are releasing the game to our players as soon as possible in a bug-free state, then rolling out our planned roadmap of adding more gameplay modes and a 3d version of the game, then finally, working with the community to create unique game features together.

Q5. Can I earn a passive income from your project? Are there any staking options available for this? What are the benefits of holding tokens in the long run?

With our PvE gameplay, players will be able to earn tokens through an idle gameplay, which will be very hands off and able to complete while offline. There will also be staking options for our governance token. For long term holding of the token, we’re invested in this project very long term and confident in the sustainability of the tokenomics, so we’re certain the value will go up over time.

And this was the end of our AMA with CEBG Game.

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