CryptoBulls AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with CryptoBulls on the 7th of September

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as CryptoBulls ?

My name is Jeffrey Hocklander and I am CFO of the Cryptobulls.

In my personal life, I run a residential care business and also a mining farm.
I came to the Cryptobulls through the safemoon community. Many investors first got in to Defi through safemoon and that community is how we all came to know each other
We decided to first just start another group to focus on finding legitimate projects to invest in, but it has grown from there to what you now see today
Along the way, everyone got tired of the rug pulls in scams there are so prevalent in Defi right now. So we decided to create our own project to provide a legitimate option with long term goals
So we are a community of investor and business professionals that came together to create a better option
Our core team has everyone from private business owners to IT people to people working with NDAs at government agencies
That’s who the Cryptobulls are. We are everyday people like you trying to create a better investment opportunity for the public

Q2. What are the advantages of CryptoBulls project ?

We have many plans that stretch into next year for innovation and projects, but I will tell you about the 2 products that we have coming out very soon
We have a Crypto Point of Sale merchant system and an NFT Marketplace + platform that will come out in the next 2-3 weeks
The key is that our products are not stand alone
We will be helping the businesses to integrate the Crypto POS system into their day to day operations
We are very much about education and support and increasing adoption of cryptocurrency around the world
We have teams in the ground that will physically be there to help businesses learn and integrate crypto into their business
We are starting with a focus of s few cities and then expanding from there
We are incorporated in Miami and will have a major focus there. The NFT Marketplace will be different than others so far
We are working with artists, musicians, tattoo artists, and art galleries to add their art to it
Again, we are taking technology from the blockchain to the street and implementing it into the lives of real people

Q3 please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year

We are about to accomplish this year’s goals within the next month. We launched 1 month ago and we will be bringing out 2 massive products in the next 2-3 weeks. Not only are we bringing the products to market, but we are implementing then in a way that has never been done before.
True innovation and true utility for the cryptocurrency community and helping to push world wide adoption

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story

Well, we all started as a group of investors. So we are bullish on the future of cryptocurrency and its role in the future of the worlds economy.

Hence the name Cryptobulls

And here we will put best questions from our members and CryptoBulls fans:

Q1) what’s the most ambitious goal of your project @RealCryptoBulls? What’s the ultimate vision your project @RealCryptoBulls is trying to achieve in the crypto market? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any upcoming Updates?

Our ambitious goals are to take our products world wide. Obviously, we will start off with individual cities and build our foundation and eventually expand out to other countries
Our ultimate goal is to help usher in the world wide adoption of cryptocurrency
One important update is that we have started our Beta testnet of our NFT platform
Testing features and adding more as we prepare for it to go live

Q2) Everyday, New DeFi projects are announced. I feel like people just want to ride the waves and this bubble will burst too. Now, what innovations and ideas are bringing your project to DeFi that we haven’t seen & will there be any DeFi related updates?

This is an issue that we tried to address and solve right away. Many projects say things and use hot words to get attention.

We started with immediately providing utility. Our presale was done exclusively through the purchase of NFTs. Using the blockchain technology to provide how much bnb was purchased and how many tokens would need to be provided
As you can see from my explanations earlier, we are not simply saying words. We have products that we are bringing out and will physically help implement into businesses worldwide
Any product or project that comes out, we will approach it the same way

Q3) NFTs are in every project today. What is it about NFTs produced by CryptoBulls that sets them apart and makes them special in a market that is becoming increasingly saturated with this type of product? Thank you!

NFTs are talked about in many projects, but nobody does what we are doing
We are working with actual Art Galleries to sell their art through NFTs. Working with artists, musicians, tattoo artists etc in person and online to help them bring their art to NFT form
We are not simply throwing up a platform. We are helping every day people and businesses integrate it into their lives

Q4) Could you share with us some killer FEATURES of CryptoBulls that set it apart from its competitors? What COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES do your platform have that you feel most confident in?

The Crypto POS merchant system and the NFT Marketplace are the killer features that set us apart. Most importantly is the way we implement them. We will be educating and assisting businesses to integrate those into their day to day operations
The actual assistance of adopting crypto through our products into every day is what we are doing differently than any other project

Q5) The concept for this project is fantastic. I’m curious as to what inspired you to start such an amazing PROJECT in the first place. I’d like to know about your project’s whole development process. Most importantly, who do you believe users need DeFi expertise and knowledge?

We started by trying to figure out a way to help businesses take cryptocurrency. As we went along, we realized the talent that we had in our team and wanted to use those capabilities.
That resulted in the products that we have now and future innovations to come

Q6) There are so many investors just focus on the price of token in the short term period instead of real technology of the project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors of your project to long term?

So we have not worried so much about the price on the chart so far. We are a longterm project and we are about to being out some amazing products
We got hit with covid right at launch and had several key team members down for almost 3 weeks. So put our head down and worked on our products
Now we are ready to start marketing and promoting
And yes the southeast Asia market is important to us. In fact, I have an AMA later this week with

Q7) What are plans in for global expansion? Are you focusing on market at this time or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?

We have ultimately goals if expansion world wide, but first we need to go in small chunks until we are ready for mass expansion. 1 city at a time is how we start and then eventually 1 Country at a time
Mainly our expansion will be with the businesses on the ground, but our holders can be and are world wide now

Q8) The core business of #CryptoBulls is crypto learning and marketing consultation. How is the team’s capability in providing consulting services to users? I only see 2 people in #CryptoBulls (CEO and CFO). Who develops the business internally? Who provides external services?

We have 10 core team members. You see the CEO and CFO listed, but we also have an entire community behind us. We have many members throughout the world and several are already helping us to set up connections for the POS and NFT products
This is actually a great question. We have been asked this before and are currently looking at the best way to implement this. So we are working on that

Q9) I know right now, The most important thing for your project is COMMUNITY.
So, What’s your plan to build a SOLID and STRONG
community? Where can people contact you and be part of your community?

This is a great question. We interact through telegram, Twitter, and discord.

We always welcome everyone in each platform that they feel comfortable.
Has a link to our different community and so does our telegram
We will be doing more public education things as well with our Cryptobulls Academy effort
Teaching about everything from blockchain to Mining and to minting NFTs and everything in between

Q10) The #CryptoBulls ecosystem provides marketing consultations and hands-on training packages, but will it be possible through their ecosystem, for users to interact via private messaging or a public chat to exchange knowledge and ideas?

This is actually a great question. We have been asked this before and are currently looking at the best way to implement this. So we are working on that

And this was the end of our AMA with CryptoBulls.

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