D-Reit AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with D-Reit on the 11th of July

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as D-Reit ?

I am Luis Fernández, im 40 years old and I have dedicated all of them to the world of business, after finishing my studies in business, I started working in the family business dedicated to the world of real estate construction, in 2016 I discovered the world of cryptocurrencies, I made investments in mining farms and I began to dedicate time to participate in projects, the first where I contributed was BitcoinPrivate, then I was at the birth of what is now Justin’s trx casino Wink, before it was called Ante. I have very good relationships with colleagues from the crypto world around the world and in these 5 years I have always tried to work to support growth, adoption and the crypto ecosystem in general

My role at D-Reit is Chief operating officer, and I work to connect all members of the team, marketing, development, design, etc. and as well as to seek strategic agreements in order to attract internship entrepreneurs to introduce their merits and assets in the platform

D-Reit is a project that arises in response to the need to contribute a value proposition to the world
of decentralized finance (DEFI) through the opening of new tangible investment opportunities aimed at any user who wishes
to be part of this environment

D-Reit is a DAC or Decentralized Autonomous Corporation
In other words, it is a company run by a group of people that governs itself and operates autonomously that is governed by rules encoded in computer programs called smart contracts that reside on the blockchain.

On a superficial level, D-Reit wants to be a crowdfunding platform with crypto where investors without a minimum Target can access to participate in businesses that generate very good returns that until now were not within their reach, in addition to D-Reit holders they benefit from each of the ventures that are developed since the fees generated by the platform are distributed equally among all of them.

Q2. What are the advantages of Your project ?

We have a Token for the Long Term, there Will be many advantages But I can Talk Abluft a few :

unlimited possibility of platform growth

token rebuy and burning the first year to stabilize the token price

Possible token price revaluation in the short, medium and long term

return on investment expected in a short period based on the returns generated by the platform

possibility of accessing real-world investments with good returns without minimum amount of entry

Q3) please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year

So far our greatest achievement is the development already nearing completion of all contracts that allow the operation of the platform with minimal human intervention, these are currently being audited. In addition, we have made progress both in forming a community that we hope will grow organically and in attracting businesses and projects that will be exposed on the platform once it is online. We already have some bussines onboard, real State project in Canarias to build 20 turístic houses, We also have agreement With vending brand to offer their projects in D-Reit Platform and With a blockchain tv adversment company we have some Good Investment opportunity onboard, but our goal for rhe Future is to increase That Investment offering the more we can and we think we will make it possible thanks to our Division Manager program, we will be updating about it this Next Week

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story

The name D-Reit comes from D- democratize and Reit- real state investment trust, D-Reit wants to offer the opportunity to invest without limitations to be an inclusive platform where everyone can both invest and offer their projects without barriers.

And here we will put best questions from our members and D-Reit fans:

Q1) How will D-REIT Finance bring Blockchain Technology to the real estate market? Can we consider D-REIT a Brigde between DeFi and traditional finance?

D-Reít is a platform that will offer not only Real State businesses but all kinds of assets and businesses, we have some projects that will surprise you.
The standard used for the development of the smart contract that will allow the token to function is ERC20.
Currently, ERC-20 tokens are one of the most widely used tokens in the crypto world.The main utility of these tokens is to standardize the interface for creating and issuing new tokens on the network. It does this by enforcing certain rules and parameters for its acceptance.

we will introduce the ERC1155 standard to obtain better performance in the timeshare of an NFT, This allows you to transfer, mine or burn an amount greater than 1 (which is what the ERC721 can transfer) at the same time.

on the platform we will have several contracts that interact with each other :

The dividend contract allows to distribute the profits in proportion to the amount of tokens deposited in the pool, this contract may react to a deposit and calculate the corresponding part per token (Percentage), it will be in charge of guarding the profits obtained, the holders being able to claim their corresponding benefits.

This contract will comprise the verification of the user for access to the services
that require identification, the user will create a verification request and this will communicate with the identity validators to authorize the operation.

Assets Factory
Contract that allows the creation of NFT on real estate assets, the applicant must have a verified profile and will be able to choose in how many parts they want to divide the asset. If the asset is not divided, you will be able to make a direct sale, otherwise you must delegate the asset to the platform and it will manage the parts.


Entrepreneurs that want to offer a profitable product to the platform must initiate the request to create the tokenization of their product, these must be verified with their KYC token.

In addition, the platform will serve as a means of exchange between crypto and fiat so that those assets or investments that do not accept crypto can still also be offered on the platform.

Q2) I have noticed that one of your airdrop has been finished just before two days Will there be a one more airdrop in the future ? Where to follow you to stay updated about your project and don’t miss the next airdrop if it happens !!!

The AirDrop has not ended, the group remains open


for the AirDrop and will continue until the tokens assigned for this purpose have been distributed

Q3) On your Whitepaper, I learned that one of D-Reit’s most ambitious goals is to implement a “Socimi” as a branch of real state assets within the platform allowing the support of financial structure, however, why is Socimi an objective required for D-Reit’s growth and development?

A Socimi is the most transparent investment vehicle that exists, regulated by the CNMV here in Spain, it has extraordinary tax advantages such as being exempt from 95% payment of equity transfers, they pay 0% on the profits generated with minimum requirements that are: share capital € 5 million, that at least 80% of the properties owned are for rent and that they distribute at least 80% of their profits in dividends to shareholders (Holders of the token in this case if the objective is reached )

Q4) U have raised almost 45 BNB in your presale ATM crypto market is in a kind of positive notes but when market turns bearish How will u make ur community members not do panic sell And ask them to hold for long term ! What will be the best use of holding for long term !!

Almost 50 Bnb on a Short time pre sale We did yeah..

Our goal for this year is for the price of the token to stabilize around an estimate that we have but should not share. How ? generating the necessary business volume so that the tokens based on the benefits they generate from their dividends reach that estimated price objective. How does D-Reit generate benefits?

Market Place

D-Reit will have a market place where professionals and individuales can put their properties up for sale. D-Reit will charge a Commission or a membership for the use of the Platform and a Commission 0.25% for the sale if it occurs.

Bussines tokenization

dreit will offer the business tokenization service, entrepreneurs will be able to seek financing for the development of new ventures on the platform. D-Reit will charge a fixed initial amount for the management of tokenize the business and a commission of the amount obtained on the platform ( 0.25% ) in addition to a commission from the income generated by said project ( 0.25% )

investment in real estate developments with own funds

Through the voting system D-Reit will invest part of the funds generated by the sale of the token, to co-invest in real estate developments where returns of around 15% per year will be sought for periods of between 24-36 months (usual period of duration of one real state development )

purchase of real estate with own funds

With part of the funds obtained from the sale of the token, properties to be put up for rent and sale will be bought, using the voting system, seeking a profitability with the rent of 10% per year and a capital gain with the sale of 20%

Q5) At this moment, which one the most Necessary for your project work: 1. Investors 2. Community 3. Market/Exchange and why?

Our focus now is on the community, in fact this next week we will launch our campaign of ambassadors in our case they will be “Dvision Managers” these will be chosen (1 – 2 for each country) to through a rewards program, be D-Reit representatives in their countries will have access to project information from within, in order to share, they will have access to the publication of assets on the platform at no cost to them and receive commissions for the sales of these assets within the platform, in short, it is an open program that will allow this project to be more and more of the community and that D-Reit is a tool that helps improve the finances of many users. this week we started sharing data from this program on our channels.

Q6) Which regions are you focusing on???

We are Building an ambassadors program, Division Managers so we can expan D-Reit Platform and be used evrywhere 😊

Q7) Security is the most important thing to consider want starting up a project, how secured is this project for users and investors???

We have a Company to audit the contracts they already audited more than 2B


So Security is in Good hands

Q8) Does your project have any compititors in the space, is or are there any project trying to do the same thing as you do.All in all what makes you stand out?

There For sure are other crowdfunding With cripto plataforms and for sure many are doing a Great work, competitors are Good to grow ecosystem so no problem With that😊

Q9) From where did you get the idea to come to crypto field and to create the project ?

From the more than 5 years of experience into cripto projects and From the only way to do wahr we are doing is Development blockchain

Q10) Do you plan to do airdrops or any events to attract more users worldwide ?

Yes We already have an AirDrop Channel Open, you all are welcome to get 25.000$DRT for


And this was the end of our AMA with D-Reit.

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