We Hosted An Amazing AMA Session With On 23rd October

Here We Will Present Some Of The Best Questions That Answered in The AMA :

Q1. First can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started in De.Fi ?

Yes my name Sonali, Global Head of Ecosystems for De.Fi.

Got started in the crypto space around 2017, starting learning so much about crypto, the power of decentralization that inspired me to hold in person educational crypto workshops for people in Vancouver Canada.

Then I became the first female to produce the first Blockchain Yacht Boat Cruise Conference on the West Coast of Canada. From their i started doing some public speaking and got brought on to De.Fi which is truly one of the best projects in Web3 right now.

Q2. Before We Dive Deeper, Can You Please Explain To Us What Is De.Fi In A Nutshell? What’s Makes It A Socialfi And Antivirus App ?

De.Fi is a SuperApp because it offers a number of unique but valuable features. It’s a portfolio manager dashboard that helps you track all your crypto, defi positions across a large selection of chains including non EVM.

It also makes it easier to find the best DeFi opportunities with the Explore Yields. Plus a unique Security system called the Crypto Antivirus that’s built into the dashboard designed to alert you of Risky tokens and smart contracts.

The SocialFi just launched NEW now allows users to create their profile, have followers, build a community, earn points, and gain rewards.

We a gamifying the onboarding process of Web3 and De.Fi. Making it fun to learn how to protect yourself and engage with DeFi.

Q3. Why Is Everyone Going Crazy About The De.Fi Social Profile ?

Ya it’s crazy how many users we are signing for the De.Fi Social Profile. In just past the 7 days we got 14K News users. We have 3K request in one day, for a special invite code to create account.

De.Fi SocialFi, your profile is a smart contract, you can earn points for engaging various actions like, Swaps, Scanner smart contracts, inviting others to check out De.Fi, engaging the dashboard and more. We have a leaderboard that displays users with the most points and followers! We send out prizes and special rewards to Top Ranks on the leaderboard.

Q4. Can Users Bundle And Browse Multiple Wallets At The Same Time When Using The De.Fi Dashboard ?

Yess users can connect multiple wallets at once, they can custom bundle wallets as they choose. So they can have all EVM wallets together, or Cosmos Wallets, Cardano etc.. or even manage wallets for family and friends if they choose. It’s pretty Awesome

Q5. What Sets De.Fi Apart From Other DEFi Dashboards ?

De.Fi is a more advanced version of DeBank for example. What makes it unique is that it’s not limited to just EVM chains, it also supports Cosmos, Cardano, Tezos and more. Plus offers advanced security tools that alert you major exploits before they happen, that are user friendly and free to use.

De.Fi is also the creator of the World’s largest Rekt Database, so if anyone wants to research any crypto exploit they can now from reliable resource.

Plus our SocialFi is onboarding News users from around the world and inspiring a new layer of Web3 adoption.

Q6. So De.Fi Recently Announced The Worlds First Crypto Antivirus Suite, Can You Tell Us About What This Is ?

Yess we recently announced the Crypto Antivirus for several Chains, here’s one example.

Crypto Antivirus is a suite of Security Tools carefully designed to protect you from Rug Pulls, Honeypots and other crypto exploits.

The Shield: Automatically scans your wallets, alerts you of risky tokens, it allows you to revoke permissions and cancel those approvals. Protecting you in the process.

Scanner : Advanced smart contract scanner with over 150 Security detectors and is not limited to just scanner Tokens and NFT’s. De.Fi Scanner will scan ANY smart contract type, also let’s you know if there’s Governance associated with the contract. Dynamic and Static analysis, with liquidity analysis. It’s the best tool on the market Finally available for everyday users to check safety of any token, NFT, staking contract.

Coindesk Fantom adds De.Fi Antivirus –

Q7. I’ve Seen That You Have Something Called The Rekt Database, Can You Share Some Light On How This Used ?

Yes Here REKT Database –

Is the largest database in the World, of Crypto Scams and Exploit Reports. Often a lot of media publishers such as Coindesk, TechCrunch, Cointelegraph, Forbes.. use are database when reporting on crypto scams because it’ the most reliable.

Anyone can use it. Most of our tools are Free to use.

Q8. I Can Imagine De.Fi Must Have Some Good Investors And Partners, Can You Tell Us A Little About Who’s Backing De.Fi ? 

De.Fi has over 500 Backers, Investors and Partners

We are proud to say many of them support and align with our focus of putting the Community first.

Q9. What Can You Tell Us About The Deeply Awaited De.Fi Token Sale? This Sounds Super Exciting!

Yes I believe you have a link for it, maybe you can share it here.

De.Fi is Finally launching their deeply long awaited Token. The Community has been asking for this every day for several years.

De.Fi is becoming one of the largest, most reliable dashboards to manage your cryptos, DeFi, build your own community and stay safe.

We just launched the De.Fi Token Public Sale, which is available right now and will be closing soon. We SOLD out of our first round 1Million in 5hrs.

This is our Second Round, available for limited time, as it will close soon. I invite everyone to participate in it.

Token will be launched on Eth, Binance Chain and Polygon.

Q10. What Is The Utility Behind The Token ?

Users can perform a deeper audit on a project by staking the De.Fi Token, validators are rewarded in De.Fi Token. Token holders will also be able to participate in on-chain Governance, voting on important decisions that define the development of De.Fi going forward. Plus access special rewards and features available only to Token holders.

Q11. What Are The Recent Major Achievements Done By Your Project ?

De.Fi Major Achievements

First DeFi dashboard to support the most diverse selection of Chains and ecosystems. EVM and Non EVM.

Built the World’s largest database of Crypto Scams and exploits – REKT Database

Launched the Crypto Antivirus available for 13 Chains, scans all chains, wallets at once. Automatic audit for your wallet.

Author of AMAZON Best Seller Book called The Wall Street Era is Over. It’s a great book, ultimate guide on DeFi, talks about the OG’s that started it, historical events, top exploits and more. Very educational.

We have our own YouTube channel, organic subs, no paid ads, we focus on creating daily educational material for the community to guide users how to navigate the Web3 and DeFi space.

SocialFi Profile account, build your own community and connect with other like minded people in Web3 plus earn points and rewards.

Went from 250K Active users in 2022 to over 650K active users in 2023 today. With over 9Million monthly site visits.

Plus Token Sale!! Just announced

Q12. I’m very curious to take a look at your Roadmap! Can you share it? What are some of the top things we should watch for in 2023 for De.Fi ?

De.Fi Roadmap 2023

We have many more new announcements coming. We will be launching our own Cross Chain bridge soon, our own Chain and APP for Android and IOS.

Q13. Got It! We Will Keep Our Eyes Open For Updates Then. Before We Move To The Next Step Of The Ama, Would You Mind Telling Us All Ways To Get Involved With De.Fi ?

Yess everyone can follow us on Twitter, to access recent updates and connect with the community, pls join our Telegram Channel to meet others in De.Fi. You can also check out our Youtube Channel to access some great educational videos and interviews with the Top OG’s.

🌐 Website     
📱 Telegram   
🐦 Twitter @DeDotFi  and @DeDotFiSecurity
📙 Blog 
🎥 Youtube

Q14. Do you have a white paper?
If you have, please share with us.
Finally, do you have a pre-sale plan?

Here is our De.Fi White Paper – chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/

Q15. Share Toknomics With It’s Distribution And Vesting Period ?

you can Van View Tokenomics here and also in our White paper. For vesting period and other investor questions you can ask our team member Investor Relations Vadim @vadim_365

This Was The End Our AMA With DE.FI

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