DexFolio AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with DexFolio on the 26th of July

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1) Can you introduce yourself to our community?

Hi, I’m Bishop Benemos, I’ve been in the crypto space since 2017
I started as a trader, but this year decided to use my experience in leadership and product management to start my own project!
As founder and CEO, I’ve built this rockstar team to take Dexfolio to the next level!
I also love talking to the community and being involved!
Nothing is worse than having a project where the founder isn’t around.

Q2) Can you briefly tell us what is DexFolio ?

Sure! Dexfolio is an app we created to simplify crypto tracking for all DEX traders!
It’s a crypto tracker like blockfolio, but with a few core features that make it amazing!
First, you just need to enter your crypto address and we figure out your entire crypto portfolio,
and it stays up to date forever!
so you don’t need to manually add transactions each time you make a trade!
second, we created an automatic alert system!
No more setting alerts,
Our app finds out the average price you paid to purchase each token,
and then notifies you when the price change hits a notable milestone
for example, if your average price for BNB is $1, and then price goes to $2, you will get alerted that token price is 100% up from your entry!
so this makes it so easy to keep track of your portfolio, without ever needing to open the app!

Q3) Let’s now talk about the milestones you have achieved so far and about your upcoming plans?

We have successfully launched beta before we even listed! Not many projects have that accomplishment!
In fact you can join the beta now!
Applyhere :
We add the applicants every day to the beta,
We also have made notable partnership with lithium, linkup, cryptobuddy, solid group!
all of those partnerships push our project to the next level!
we’ve built an amazing team, only hiring experts in their fields,
Our $240K IDO was oversubscribed and completely sold out!
We created our own custom dApp for farming and governance!
check it out here:
We also raised over $50K from awesome early believers in the project!
Btw in our farming dApp, you can get around 1000% APY if you stake for the max of 2 years
keep in mind it will decrease as more poeple stake
lastly, we’re listed on CMC and CG!
Current milestones we’re working towards are whitepaper release, full app release, more partnerships like bug bounty programs, and last but not least: Making the app the best protfolio tracker there is.

Q4) Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

Yes of course!
Talking about a story behind out name, we actually have a funny story about how we chose “Dexfolio”
Originally we name the project “DexPortfolio”
and then 2 days after announcing the project, someone in our community suggested Dexfolio and I liked it so much, we rebranded!
I still remember who it was too
But to answer the real question, our team other than me is as follows
Ben Sash, CPO, lead the design and development for products that generate over half billion dollars of revenue yearly
Yasin Fattullayev, Head Solidity and Smart Contract Dev, master of blockchain, created our token, dApp, presale websites and more!
he is the best at what he does
Saurab Banasal, Business advisor, 20 years of business strategy and startup experience!
he makes sure we are always ahead of the game!
Yaakov Sash, Blockchain strategist, over 15 years working in the financial domain in top banks!
he’s been working on many top CEFI crypto projects, and helping bridge the gap between Traditional finance and DEFI
and lastly, Neil Ganhi, expert crypto and busness formation lawyer
helped us form our LLC and also follow all the crypto regulations!

Q5) DeFi is one of the hottest and most sought-after topics in the blockchain space right now. Can you share your opinion on DeFi with us? Do you think DeFi will disrupt the current financial system? What is DexFolio’s approach to the DeFi sector?

I do think DEFI will definitely distrupt the current financial system!
There’s so much hidden cost that people don’t realize
with CEFI (centralized finance)
which is the regulations cost
just that in itaelf costs hundreds of millions of dollars
the costs in DEFI is way lower, and they will only get cheaper
The current issue with DEFI, and the one we must fix, is the inflexibility with smart contracts
Like a contact in real life, there will always be situations you didn’t plan for
and since smart contracts are immutable, these unexpected situations can completely shut down a DEFI project
That’s the main thing we must solve for DEFI to become mainstream
The other thing is the lack of UX (user experience) design in DEFI
Many project prioirtize features over usability, but they forget that the mainstream won’t use something that’s confusing
that’s why Dexfolio was built from the gorund up to be intuitive and easy to use!
we put UX as a main focus, along with th features!

And here we will put best questions from our members and DexFolio fans:

Q1) What do you consider to be the best features of DEXF? Are there any features that DEXF has that we can’t get on any other platform? Where can we stay informed of all the news that DEXF has to offer us?

Yes! We have the automatic tracking and alerts! Not a single tracker has the automatic alerts feature!
You can join or for announcements
We also offer community governance to guide the direction of the project, which no other crypto tracker project has!
we are community-driven!
and we have the farming opportunity with LP tokens!
Like i said before, you can get really nice APY right now (around 1,000%), if you stake for 2 years!
But make sure you understand the risks, and are a true believer in the project, since you will have a big responsibilty of using the governance votes too
Because LP farmers get votes for governance.

Q2) Can you tell us about your team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? what are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project? thank you….Is your project listed on coingecko and coinmarketcap or not?

Yes, our team members are incredibly talented! We have the 5 best team members for what they were hired to do
We don’t settle for second best
The only way to stay on top is to hire the best of the best,
And yes, we are listed on CMC and CG!
The way we make sure they are experts is two fold:

  1. We do intensive interview process before hiring to ensure they are right fit for us
  2. We are not afraid to part ways with a team member if they don’t perform to expectations
    you need to be able to recognize an error in judgement and “fail fast”

Q3) Reading your website, I immediately thought of “Trust Wallet”, is this wallet your inspiration, and if so, what is your plan to achieve such a great popularity as trust wallet has and also be superior to it?

Yes, trust wallet is our inspiration! For those that don’t know, they were purchased by binance a few years back
so they have a massive team working on it
right now Dexfolio is just a tracker
but… we are aiming to make Dexfolio into a wallet too!!
in fact, we are interviewing a previous trust wallet developer as we speak!
At the moment, we still offer features that trust wallet doesn’t
the automatic alerts!

Q4) Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Does you have any special plans to attract and expand the community and improve the user experience?

Yes, we already have brought the community along with us for the entire project! And we plan to increase it even more!
We literally have a governance system where the community is in control
I dont have control anymore
Also, bug bounty program and giveaways.

Q5) What is the future plans of DexfolioApp to expand and implement more blockchains with respect to the “Asset Tracking” service they offer or will they just stick to the already implemented BSC and ETH blockchains?

Our plans to integrate more blockchains is happening right now!
Guess what? We’ve actually already added Polygon/Matic chain support and the update is rollling out this week to all our beta testers! This news has not been shared yet until now!

Q6) hello sir, While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Always! we have polls all the time, we hired @thatpanditguy just to record community feedback for the beta!
I answered your question in the AMA already.

Q7) Currently there are many inexperienced people entering the Crypto world. Considering this, how easy to use is Dexfolio for people with little experience in the cryptocurrency world? How intuitive and manageable is your platform?

We hope to add a fiat on-ramp (meaning way to buy crypto with fiat in the app) and also simplify eveything DEFI.

Q8) According to your website, dexfolio held an IDO a few days ago at oxbulltech. Can you share with us about your IDO Result at oxbulltech? How many tokens were sold and how many softcap or hardcap does Dexfolio achieve? And Do you have any plan to doing another IDO event in the near future ? If yes, tell us in more detail when and how we can participate?

We were oversubscribed! Our hardcap was $240K, we could’ve raised $350K at least with the amount of people that wanted to join.

Q9) Without proper marketing and capital injection, the project dies, how do you convince us that you have enough marketing power and capital to push this project to the top? Me and other investors to invest in your project for the long term Bagels Finance?

Because we got to this point with much less capital! We got a beta built before IDO. Which project did that? There’s no way we can fail after getting so far with less. Now we start building our revenue streams so there won’t be any issue of lack of capital. This is only the beginning for Dexfolio!

Q10) I was reading that through $DEXF users can get professional features of the Dexfolio application. My question is, what are these professional features? What are the benefits for users who unlock these features?

To list a few: LP tracking, advanced trade stats, critical alerts, SMS alerts, NFT tracking, and more!

And this was the end of our AMA with DexFolio.

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