we hosted an amazing AMA with DIREWOLFToken on the 28th of July

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1) Can you introduce yourselves to our community?

Mo Alamili : Sure. I’m Mo Alamili. I live in the Netherlands, am 34 years old and have a background in software engineering and entrepreneurship. I’ve been in the cryptocurrency space since 2012. Originaly from lebanese/iraqi/iranian descendants. I’ve founded the project and continue to work on it every day with a great team moving it forward relentlessly.

Cody : Im Cody, 29 years old and I have been pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors for as long as I can remember. Most of my experience is in direct marketing, business development, and community engagement. I am on the board for one charitable trust based in San Francisco, CA; I am excited to join the world of charitable giving in crypto.

Ashish Vaja : Hi my name is Ashish Vaja, 35 years old born in England, but lived in the United States since I was a child. I have been involved in the crypto space since 2012 and have been heavily involved within the NFT and blockchain gaming since 2016. I was an early Axie Infinity investor and early Gods Unchained investor, I have a passion for innovative projects which are doing something new within the space and that is why I joined this team. I recently announced that I am working full time for the advancement of this project. Before becoming involved with the crypto space I worked as an IT consultant and within the Risk Management industry. This is not just a side project for me anymore, but now my full time job to make sure it succeeds!

Richard : Hey guys, I’m 28 years old. My name is Richard. I work with direwolf as not only community engagement but also an Ambassador. I stream all things direwolf on Twitch.tv/Fidgetybeast I also work with marketing.

Q2) What makes DIREWOLF unique from other NFT gaming Marketplaces?

Mo Alamili : Our game NFT marketplace integrates directly into many game titles, allowing for a seamless, fast, and inexpensive user experience. The majority of the users will be existing gamers coming from high-end games, developed not by us but by skilled game developers. We will only focus on games, nothing else like art, music, videos, picture etc.

Q3) What is DireSwag, and DireMarketplace? Can
you post your links and Partnerlinks?

Richard : Direswag is our website that sells apparel, stickers, mugs. You name it, we can make it! The DireSwag store provides high-quality merchandise to all fans of the Direwolf Token. Profits are split 3 ways – 25% to Charity, 25% to the Liquidity Pool and 50% to our Marketing Wallet.
DireMarketplace is where you can buy/sell/trade/auction all gaming NFTS related.

Q4) What is untamed Isles and how will it be better than other play to earn titles?
How does it work with DIREWOLF?

Cody : Untamed Isles will be better immediately because there is no entry barrier; Josh,(untamed ceo)is concerned about whales having an advantage. He wants people to come in and luck of the draw to simply play the game. In the early stages have an opportunity to earn money while playing. You don’t need to buy anything to have a competitive advantage. True skill makes money.
You can check out their discord here https://discord.gg/pZ73Wu2q

Mo Alamili : For any other questions or just getting to know us better, please also join our TG group: https://t.me/direwolftoken

Q5) What makes DIREWOLF different from other tokens?

Ashish Vaja : I used to play and teach competitive chess which really makes me look at life in a strategic way. We have created a long term strategy and we are using smaller tactics as a part of a larger plan to achieve our goals. With a laser like focus we are creatively using contests, strategic partnerships, and many similar growth hacks to take this project to new audiences. Unlike many other projects we do not just pay influencers or pay people to market our token. We develop our own custom marketing plans, then we create execution documents to accomplish these plans.

Our team is also data driven, we really look at our marketing efforts like a scientist to make sure we intelligently manage our resources.

Q6) In this busy world of crypto what steps is direwolf taking to gain more exposure?

Mo Alamili : Marketing wise we have less competition as we’re targeting gamers, doing co-marketing with our game developers (like a Kickstarter campaign soon). Gaming and crypto is pretty hot right now, that helps too. In addition to that, we like to keep our community engaged and help us spread the word. An example of doing that is through contests, we’ve a couple running now so be sure to join our community and partake in them. I’ll share a graphic with what’s running now.

Join TG for any questions on this: https://t.me/direwolftoken

And here we will put best questions from our members and DIREWOLFToken fans:

Q1) What are you doing to become the NFT marketplace of preference among game developers?

Ashish Vaja : The first big difference in our marketplace is the games are not fully on the blockchain, which allows them to be a much high quality like gamers are used to playing. One big problem with blockchain games is that everything is put “on chain” which makes the graphics bad and really limits the games. We do not see beautiful games like World of Warcraft or even Pokemon level of graphics. We are focusing on bringing traditional gaming developers into the crypto space by only minting the “in game items and creatures” on the blockchain. Everything else will not go on the blockchain allowing us to build high level games much more complex than Axie Infinity or Gods Unchained. There is a joke in the game development community that when you put everything “on chain” when building a gaming project, that you will spend the majority of your time trying to fix problems related to it not working “on chain”. By creating a hybrid model which does not sacrifice performance and only keeps the ownership of the game items on the chain allows us to build something with a much higher quality.

Another point here is that we allow for items to be shared across game titles…this means that a creature in one game or item in a single game can be now shared across gaming titles. This creates a level of cooperation which has not yet been seen before within the space…

Lastly, we are future proofing projects by having them share a single token as the reward across all of the games. Games eventually will become unpopular and then the in game token will also die off. By earning a single token across many games this gives more security to the long term price of the token.

Q2) I have read about your charity works which says that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the wolf sanctuaries to preserve those species. So as a prominent holder of $DireWolf, How can I contribute to it as an active community?

Richard : As we move forward with our NFT GAMING MARKETPLACE we also plan to involve more charities along the way. With the concept of not only play to earn but also have the chance to play for charity. With this we can have fun while making money and having funds sent directly to a charity wallet. From there we will be asking the community on a vote on where we should target our next charity event. Our 1st charity event was with our partner Axion. We donated 20k USD to John (owner) of the Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary. You can also donate to a donation wallet which will be provided in our new website. Here is a video of our time at the Wolf sanctuary. https://vimeo.com/577438391

Q3) Direwolf consists of the current top 3 markets: DeFi, Gaming and NFT. Therefore, success will soon come without a doubt. However, the dominant markets are English and Asian in your community. What plans do you have for expanding your market adoption?

Ashish Vaja : Great question! We are going to be making a big push into the Asian and Southeast Asian community. Places like the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, etc are very large crypto gaming countries and also traditional gaming countries. This is also a similar strategy Axie Infinity used to grow their userbase and I was involved heavily in their community from the early days and will incorporate some similar growth hacks they utilized in the early days. Because our first gaming partner does not require investment to being playing to earn money, this really allows us to draw in a very large amount of players in countries where they can play the game for a living and possibly make more money per day than they would working locally. This also ties in with our charitable goals to make the world a better place…

The other area of focus will be in any country where people play MMORPG type games, some examples of these are Rust or World of Warcraft, these sorts of titles are played by people from all countries all over the world. These games really break down the borders of countries and become a global melting pot. Just one big gaming community, because of our focus on high quality games we know that this segment will play to earn instead of paying big gaming corporations to buy a game and make the big companies rich.

Q4) As I know @direwolftoken runs on the Ethereum Blockchain, but what long term plans do you have to run on more Blockchains and expand your project to other ecosystems? Does your development team have a plan like these?

Cody : We plan to be chain independent, and already have plans in the works to act on this.

Q5) Games in blockchain mostly lack good graphics and gameplay causing an unpleasant gaming experience. How will DIREWOLF solve this problem? Do you promote game developers and teach them about NFTs?

Ashish Vaja : This question was partially answered above, but I am happy because this question is more specific allowing me to better explain why our project is so exciting…We are looking to become the BRIDGE for non crypto game developers to enter into the crypto gaming space. Between Direwolf and the Untamed Isles team we really aim to be the GO TO project when these game developers want to turn their games into crypto games. There are so many independent game developers and the gaming world has recently shifted away from playing titles from big Studio’s like Blizzard and instead turning to independent studios. The most popular games are now coming from gaming developers who no one has heard of before, and it is exactly these types of partners we targeting to help work with…

What makes us special is that we allow game developers to do what they do best, MAKE GAMES! Then we will handle the crypto side of things which is what we do best! By having each side focus on their specialty we are able to do something no one has tried to do yet within the crypto space. To answer the question, yes! We intend to assist and help game developers become successful within this space.

Q6) The Audit is important for both trust and security? Have you done any Audit for your project?

Cody : We were fully audited by Solidity. You can find their Wiki page below https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solidity

Q7) While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Richard : Great question! We as a team are very transparent with our community. When it comes to votes we post them all the time on our Telegram. Our most recent one has been listing on Dextools as a banner. While another is asking about which Direwolf skin they would love to have in the Untamed Isles game. We take our communities voices and feedbacks very seriously! We do a community voice call everyday so we give clear and direct input on our next moves. We like to give out a little spoiler as well to our community to get them excited. We believe on #risebyliftingothers

Q8) Lately, most projects have pulled the carpet and got rid of scams.Why should we trust your project while it’s still going?

Richard : That’s also a very great question! So we have our team completely doxxed on the Direwolftoken.com website (still in development). As you can also see too that I do stream all Direwolf information live on Twitch (Monday/Wednesday/Friday 7pm EST 11pm UTC). Our faces are everywhere with full transparency as well. We are also fully audited and are making more partnerships with legitimate companies out in the world. We hope you achieve greatness with you all along for the ride!

Q9) Ambassadors play a very important role in every project. Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one ?

Cody : Our project is community driven, and almost 99% of us are volunteers, and started as community members. All you need to do to get involved is join the community and ask. We love putting community members in positions to succeed.

Q10) Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to your project Because,who are still not in the crypto world they invest. What are the plans to increase awareness around in non-crypto space?

Ashish Vaja : Many of the current community members actually are not really crypto investors, so we are not very well known yet. Many of the team joined for their belief in making a better world with the motto: Rise by Lifting Others! One thing I would like to point out is that Untamed Isles is strategically using Kickstarter (a non crypto platform) not really to raise large amounts of funds, but using it in a very smart way to market the project for free. Many non crypto games use kickstarter to spread the word about an exciting game which is up and coming. The kickstarter for Untamed Isles is one example of how non-crypto investors are being brought into this project…Another example is when our team visited the Wolf Sanctuary to make the $20,000 donation in person. We were acting as ambassadors for the crypto world to the non crypto world in this example.

Q11) Do you have any plans to add Nft to your ecosystem as this is the hottest topic in the crypto field?

Our underlying technology is taking things which exist within games like characters, creatures and items then making them into NFT’s. So yes! We are turning these gaming items into NFT’s so they can be bought, sold, and traded. We just would like to explain that we are a closed system which is aiming to maintain quality and not just selling any NFT that people make. NFT’s sold on our Cross Game NFT Marketplace will be only from our high quality game development partners. We are actually part of the hottest topic in the crypto space and this is the focus of our project currently!

And this was the end of our AMA with DIREWOLFToken.

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