DragonLand AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with DragonLand on the 29th of October

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourselves as well as DragonLand ?

First, thank all of you guys for spending your valuable time this weekend joining our event!

About myself, my name is Kent, I am Chief Product Officer and also Co-founder of DoragonLand.

I have been working in the IT industry for 10 years and started as a game designer and game producer 7 years ago. My main role involves conceptualizing creative aspects and production plans.

I found my true love for creating from mid to hardcore games and creating engaging experiences with the storyline, where players can immerse themselves in the gaming world.
DoragonLand naturally comes as my brainchild and I expect a lot from it.

Q2. What are the advantages of Your project ?

Inspired by the world-renowned Clash Royale, Doragon Land gameplay is an insanely simple yet hard to master online battle brawler game that consists of fundamental elements including action, collectible card games, tower defense, and RTS. With attractive and addictive gameplay, Doragon Land is confident to be a rising star in the Blockchain and NFT game industry.

Moreover, Doragonland brings fantastic artwork from Thunder Cloud – the most well known 3D game- art studio for making world-class cinematics and graphics for games all over the world.

Besides the gripping gameplay, the DoragonLand team proudly presents to you one of the outstanding features we have developed: the Play-to-Earn feature. Players will have amazing opportunities to reap mouthwatering rewards of $DOR tokens and NFT items.

Technology is also a competitive advantage of DoragonLand. Our project is incubated by Creator – one of the leading BaaS platforms that guarantees smooth Blockchain integration.

Besides, we are also supported by other prestigious partners in the field like LUA VC, Hub, V2B Labs, TomoChain, etc.

Q3. Please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year

Well, I can say we’re doing pretty well, still keeping on track with the roadmap

I’d like to share with you our roadmap

Currently, we are in Phase 1 of the project (Q4-2021), finalizing the gameplay and artwork design. As our plan for this year, we will develop a full basic function for a NFT game and also launch IDO and chest sales.

We are planning to release NFT items on the NFT marketplace soon this November! We will hold a pre-sale for the early birds who can start collecting NFT items and even trading these items on the marketplace

Please keep an eye on our channels to not miss this huge chance!

And gear up guys! We will IDO and list our token in late November and we also have planned to reveal the MVP by the end of this year.

Q4. Could you let us know about your core team ?

I’m proud to introduce our talented team! We have four core teams with over 50 people currently working on the DoragonLand project.

  1. Game Development team: This team consists of many young and passionate guys and is under the management of an experienced gaming expert who joined us recently. Having such a good leader with deep knowledge in gameplay, mechanism,…, we trust that the team will do its best job.
  2. Artwork Design: we partnered with Thunder Cloud – one of Asia’s top design studios with experiences in gaming projects for both international and regional companies
  3. Blockchain team: backed by Creator — a leading Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that provides No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DApp, and other services to empower the DeFi and NFT world.
  4. Marketing: We deployed an in-house team to take care of all marketing activities. In addition, we also cooperate with V2B and will still be looking for other marketing partners.

All four teams are working very hard to bring DoragonLand to the community. We will continue to update the status of the DoragonLand project in our channel, so please keep following us.

Q5. NFT is one of the hottest and most sought-after topics in the blockchain space right now. Can you share your opinion on NFT with us? Do you think NFT will disrupt the current financial system? What is DragonLand’s approach to the NFT sector?

NFTs have really made headlines recently, much has been discussed about the continuous surge in popularity of NFTs. NFTs are really an outstanding innovation in our life.

NFTs are commonly associated with buying/owning digital artwork, which allows an investor or collector ownership of the original digital work while the artist retains copyright and reproduction rights.

In the use case of NFT games, players have the true ownership of their characters and in-game assets and can exchange them in the marketplace with others to earn income and profits.

With this technology seeing wider adoption and use, it is likely to impact the way banking and payments industries do business as well. Blockchain technology could come to facilitate fast (potentially real-time) payment processing services, relieve regulatory burdens and better.

This development can interrupt the traditional banking and financial institutions in some ways, however, it is the motivation for them to improve their service that provides customers with a seamless experience.

And here we will put best questions from our members and DragonLand fans:

Q1) You have recently announced the graphic reveal of DoragonLand – The Sharpeye. My question is, what are its in-game features? Can you comment on some of the previews and functionalities it will have within its ecosystem? When will it be fully developed?

Sharpeye is my favorite too. In DoragonLand, Sharpeye is a slow Goblin race dragon but can cause big damage during combat.
I can share with you a color graphic version of Sharpeye; the full 3D release will be available in our MVP by the end of November.

We will continue to release more graphics in the coming time, please keep following us!

Q2) Mobile games are popular this year and possibly in the future, because they are simple & can be played anywhere & at any time. Will your game be available on the Playstore/Appstore or only on Dapps? How can I play your game? Also, could you explain $DOR Tokenomic in more detail?

DoragonLand will be available in Android, iOS, WebGL and PC versions

Everyone can participate in the game by buying a starter pack to possess several dragon warriors, buildings and spells to start.

There are a lot of rewards for players who accomplish the quests or win the battles so they can easily gain back and eventually upgrade their dragons. The tokens for game rewards account for around ⅓ the total amount of tokens, so that players can also gain a decent earning back from their initial possession.

DoragonLand Token symbol is DOR which is issued on Binance Smart Chain.
The total supply of DOR is 1,000,000,000 tokens with use cases, including:
Participate in battles and events
Play to Earn

Players can earn DOR tokens by playing games, participating in events, and speculating on dragons and in-game items.
DoragonLand will soon release GameFi functions such as staking and lending so players can have more opportunities to earn DOR tokens

Q3) Most users are looking for games with Play to Earn functionality as a new way to monetize and increase their income. What’s so attractive about how much money play can earn? How is income generated, just by selling NFT or native token?

One thing the DoragonLand team takes pride in is the variety of outstanding features that allow our players to earn DOR tokens effortlessly.

Besides the play-to-earn mechanism which allows players to earn through engaging in Arena, completing quests, players can also earn by trading via NFT Marketplace and staking of DOR tokens.

You can read more detailed information about earning here: https://doragon-land.medium.com/overview-of-earning-mechanisms-3cc7d89b69b5

Q4) There are countless NFT gaming projects available right now and some of them are real successful. My question to #DragonLamd what are the main selling points of the project and what innovations does it has to be successful not only for the short term but for the long term?

We’d like to thank you all for caring about the long term potential of DoragonLand.

We do see a very important potential to sustain this model whilst massively growing the number of players in the coming months and years.

Our profitability will increase in the coming months with the implementation of our blockchain scaling solution, benefiting the whole community.

DoragonLand is backed by the best Creator and ThunderCloud. We are all together in this journey to create a brand that will last for decades to come.

Q5) #DoragonLand is one of the projects incubated by #CreatorChainNetwork. So tell us how is DoragonLand ready & confident to conquer the NFT game industry? And about the support from your incubator, in what way can they help you become a new rising star in this field?

Thank you very much for your attention.

We are so happy to have the long-established cooperation with our incubator — Creator Chain Network — Top 50 Blockchain-as-a-Service and also a rising star in the Blockchain Industry now.

With Creator’s BaaS, DoragonLand’s blockchain aspect will be ensured with the smoothest performance.

To be specific, collectibles like dragons and in-game assets can be easily tokenized and transformed into transferable assets that allow players to exchange for money or other digital assets on marketplaces.

Having such strong support from Creator in the early stage of our project is one of our advantages that underpins NFTs and facilitates player ownership, and interoperability in DoragonLand World.

As per the current plan, DoragonLand will be launched on the Creator’s Launchpad — Koistarter in Q4 2021. Its reputation for professionalism and security would ensure the effectiveness of our in-coming IDO event, which benefits both investors and our project.

Q6) Which chain will your token be launched on? Why do you choose that?

DoragonLand token will be run on Binance Smart Chain.

The reason we choose BSC is that it is emerging as a leading blockchain network. BSC is fully EVM compatible as it is built with a dual chain architecture, which makes it possible for users to enjoy the flexibility of transferring assets from one blockchain to another.

It supports one of the most popular DeFi wallets – Metamask. Also, BSC has one of the fastest blockchain transaction times and lowest fee structures, so players dơn’t need to worry much about it.

Q7) Could you reveal anything about Dragon Charecters in DoragonLand?

There are different Dragon breeds: human, orc, elf, undead,… which are inspired by 7 common races in fantasy games.

Each of them has different characteristics and strength and they play a specific role in the gameplay. For example: Dragon tanker, Dragon Damage dealer, Dragon Support, Dragon Pusher,… (like MOBA/RTS games)

Continue following our channels to get more reveals of DoragonLand characters, we will update our community along with the game development.

There are many use cases of in-game NFTs. The team strives to implement NFT features into the game through the versatile uses of NFT cards and collectibles. This will allow players to either use NFTs to participate and engage in in-game activities or trade on the marketplace for profit.

Besides the play-to-earn mechanism which allows players to earn through engaging in Arena, players can also earn by trading via NFT Marketplace and staking of NFT assets.

Q8) Keep following our channels for more characters revealed from DoragonLand, and we’ll be updating our community along with game development.

There are many use cases of in-game NFTs. The team strives to implement NFT features into the game through the versatile uses of NFT cards and collectibles. This will allow players to either use NFTs to participate and engage in in-game activities or trade on the marketplace for profit.

Q9) When creating a game, the name is really essential; could you tell us about the beginnings of “DoragonLand”?

Thank you for your interesting question, I would like to share with you the meaning of this fascinating name.

Doragon in Japanese means legendary dragon. In Japan, dragons are representative of strength, justice, and protection. For human beings, dragons are considered powerful talismans against unknown forces.

With DoragonLand, we want to create a fantasy world where players can immerse themselves in competitive battles between dragons and follow a gripping narrative journey to conquer nature.
We strongly believe that the meaning behind DoragonLand will inspire all of us. And for our community, DoragonLand will become more promising and worthy of your waiting.

Q10) Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

Yes,Definitely. We are always aware the devaluation issue and worry from investors. We have plan to burn tokens to reduce inflation in game to increase Token Value and attract investors, this is a ingame-feature, players must burn 2 same NFT and minting 1 new NFT with higher level, this will keep our NFT value
More plans will be updated depending on the situation in the future.

And this was the end of our AMA with DragonLand.

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