Dream Network AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with Dream Network on the 19th of July

And here we will put some of the best questions

Q1) Can you introduce yourself to our community

Hello My Name is Malik Hussein, I’m a Crypto Enthusiast , Product Manager and Team Member at Dream Network @dreamnetworksocial

I’ve been in this Space and Field since 2018 when Bitcoin was still less than 1000$, experienced different circles in the market and I understand how the space work

Understands the concept of Decentralized Finance when it was first introduced on Etherum Network I was working as a Designer for other projects
My experience in this field cut across, Development, Management, Marketing and Community Growth

Our project is a Decentralized Social Media focused on Privacy, Anonymity and Great Support for Talent and Content Creation Industry.

Q2) Can you briefly tell us what is Dream Network

Dream Network is a Blockchain Social Media Platform built around content sharing and talent exhibition and reward.

Investing in Talent through NFT and Benefiting from their Growth and Success through $DREAM token.
The functionality of the platform can best be experienced by joining the Dream Network community and engaging in activities to earn tokens. This webpage is a demonstration of Dream Network using its own platform to promote Dream Network and the Dream Token in the same way that any creator could.

the Dream Network platform consists of utilities that connects Creatives and Talented individuals with users, helping them gain the right audience for their content or craft.

Dream Token provides a strong incentive for new users and creators to sign up, get authenticated and refer others to Dream Network. Authenticated users receive ongoing rewards from the activity of those that they refer to Dream Network. These rewards are the community royalties that are generated whenever a user earns tokens.

Q3)Let’s now talk about the milestones you have achieved so far and about your upcoming plans

We just launch few days ago.

Our Major Milestone so far has been Growing our Community through our first Airdrop Incentives and Creativity Contest and working on our website to bring in our DApp function for people to interact well with our website seemlessly , we have been able to work also on promotional aspect of our project, we are in contact already with ICO Announcement, you will start seeing the full impact of their promotion soon

Also we have agreed on Major AMA in various communities, your community is our first AMA.

Up Next is Our First Phase of Token Sale, Community members will have opportunity to Earn BNB when they refer their friends to buy $DREAM token

50% Bonus in our First ever token sale and Chance for our community to grow and earn BNB when they refer others.

So we will use what we have also grow and get what we want to achieve.

Q4) Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this Who are the team behind this project can tell us their background

Definitely… That’s very true and ours is special to us,
Most of the Team members are people who grew up as kids with lots of ambitions and Talent gifted to them.

But due to our immediate and surrounding environment and also corruption in big organizations and media houses most people like us are not able to bring their Dreams or Ambition to reality.

There is a saying that DREAMS COME TRUE but not all Dreams come true.

Our name was coined out of this saying because we want to make it as much as possible to make every Talented Person, Humans with Dreams or Content Creators who use our platform benefit from resources that we shall be providing, while investors also achieving their financial goal through $Dream Token.

Q5) DeFi is one of the hottest and most sought-after topics in the blockchain space right now. Can you share your opinion on DeFi with us Do you think DeFi will disrupt the current financial system What is Dream Network’s approach to the DeFi sector

Yes DeFi has been a good development so far in the Crypto Space both to protect Idea and Project Creators from Centralization and Monopoly system and also the Users have the confidence of being in control of their Crypto Asset without fear of the Centralized Authority Shutting their earn opportunities down.

The Key Purpose of Crypto is Anonymity and Decentralization of Asset taking away power from the Major System that has ruined our financial industry.

Many Ideas have came up in the Crypto Space but DeFi has been the best solution so far to Centralization and it’s already disrupting the Financial industry.

And here we will put best questions from our members and Dream Network fans

Q1) Most investors focus on token prices with no real understanding of the use cases and long-term value of the project. In this case, what are the advantages for investors in holding $DREAM tokens Are there any plans to increase $DREAM demand in the long term

Yes Price of Token is important as much as Utility as well.

Utility is what keeps the Value of the Token Stable on a long term.

Dream Network Major role in the DeFi Industry is to be a Social Media House for DeFi just like Steemit, Hive and others in Centralized Ecosystem but with added advantage for Talents and Content Created, as it helps them get the needed awareness and investors who can support their craft and also promote them aggressively through word of mouth, our content sharing tools which helps them get the recognition they deserve, those finding a dream job or career will be brought to Limelight using Dream Network

For Investors, through NFT and integration Staking, Users will be able to Stake on their favorite Creators and Talents, an NFT card will be rewarded to them which grows in value as their favorite creator gains media Hype and recognition.

Staking Reward is different from the Benefits that comes with their NFT card.

Q2) Dream Token is a virtual currency designed to serve as a medium of appreciation and also be used as a utility token for content creation, advertising and usage. Are there any other incentives for content creators other than $DREAM Tokens How can these tokens be used by creators

There are various incentives for Content creators and Talents, We will provide various tools for Creators on our platform, all they need to do is Hold Dream Tokens.

By just Holding Dream Tokens and Not Selling it, they will have access to all Major Content Creation and Promotions tools in our platform needed to boost their reputation and get our community to support them.

Apart from access to Content and promotion tools.
They will always also get Tips in either Dream Token or BNB which can be converted either way, so help them buy materials and sponsor their career in their various field of interest.

Q3) I don’t see you guys mentioning NFT. Currently all art projects are related to NFT. The works of art will therefore be more valuable. Are you planning to apply NFT to DreamNetwork Without the NFT, how will the artworks be valued, will there be auctions

Yes our website is still in its First Version, we decided to keep someo of our exclusive products as surprise for our community as there are too many projects who just want to copy your ideas without intentions of creating any good project out of it.

NFT is a great part of our project. Users will Earn their respect Content Creator or Talent NFT card when they request to join that Fan Base. This NFT card gains value over time as users start to support the Talent or Creator more and heshe becomes a valuable influencer on Dream Network Social.

Q4) There is always competition in blockchain technology. How does Dream Network plan to be at the forefront of its innovative features What if in the years to come, the entire market has crashed due to little demand or strict regulations, how will your ecosystem survive

Competition is almost in every industry because there will always be alternatives to what you offer, our job is to make sure we remain the best and at the top of our game

We are prepared for competition

And also we are Rare in the Blockchain space and we will be the first to ever do anything like this.

Others may start coming after us, but we will always be one step ahead

Because this Idea was birth Naturally by us as we saw the lack of support for so many content creators and talent on social media

So we want to capitalize on the influence of the Crypto Space and also social media to create a Decentralized community that benefits both the users and creators on it.

Q5) I saw in your website that you have a plan to have partnerships with social media influencers, What will be their roles in your project and What will be the benefits of becoming an influencer in Dream Network and also do you plan to compete some big social media like Tiktok

Yes we are using Social Media Influencers to play a major role in first of all growing our community at its early stage, before you can migrate people off platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or steemit, you need to bring in reputable names on big social media to your platform, so people can follow in their footsteps and start using dream Network.

We will also adopt some of Tiktok Methodology on how they became a great media house and improvise it and use on Dream Network.

Q6) What are the products launch plan by the end of 2021
Do you support cross-chain compatibility What are the chain are you planning to integrate with

Most of our Usee Interface or our social media website and app will be released to the public as early as 4th Quarter of 2021

Before that we would be listed on so many Decentralized Exchange and Offer Staking to our community

Also people will be able to register as better tester for our Decentralized Social Media, this Early testers will be rewarded with special NFT card once we launch which can be exchanged for BNB

Our Roadmap can be accessed on our website httpsdreamnetwork.social#roadmap

Our Token Economics httpsdreamnetwork.socialbuy

Q7) Whats the total supply of the token Could you share a detailed tokenomics of mainnet token’s supply distribution

Total supply of Dream Token will only be 10 billion Supply, 33% is Locked through Team Finance

Our Token Distribution can be seen here


Q8) Do you have any Coin Burn BuyBack systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest

For every phase of our token sale, unsold tokens are burn to reduce supply

As well as part of tokens used within our Decentralized Social Media will be burnt over time, we look forward to reduce our supply from 10 billion to as low as 1 billion over the curse of 3 years

Agressive Token Utility which makes it possible to burn some part.

Q9) Which one do you think is more important

the society
currency rate

If all of the above is important to you, what should come first

First of All our Investors are our first believer so we give them a special priority and listen to them on every advise.

Our Community is also important to us as they will be a crucial back bone on our way to success.

Token Price is what makes our community profitable, so this is also important to us..

Every aspect of the project is important to us, because living one part unattended to will create loop holes within the project.

Q10) Does your project support staking, to program If yes. How is your stake, to system work what is the requirement, for user if they want to stake, in your platform

Yes our project is backed by staking

Our staking rewards comes in two ways

First of all a Yearly AP
Secondly an NFT card given at random to Stakers are different interval.

You might be the lucky one to pick up the NFT card which could be worth lots of Crypto Rewards

NFT card also comes specially to those who invest in a talent or artist or content creator.

Q11) Sir, I want a ‘Long Term Investment’ with this ‘Project’.
But I’m in doubt now! How do you convince and assure me that this project is safe and profitable

It is okay to have doubts about new projects especially with lots of scams pretending to offer something good

Too many moon boys and projects offering nothing and no utilities just to take your money

Our project is definitely going to correct this wrongs as we want to maintain a reputation especially that we are the first to bring this idea into Crypto Space.

Q12) Do you have new strategic partnerships to announce soon Do you plan to associate with a big name

Yes we have some promotion on the line especially with ICO Announcement and Detective with over 500k community members, they are one of our major partner so far, but we are also in contacts already with other promotional channels.

So far so good, we are just focus on growing the community first and bring our ideas and products to life

Our website
Our App
Our NFT and Staking
Promotion and Content tools

Then we will proceed with Partnership with Big Media and Content House

and this was the end of our AMA with Dream Network.

If you have any other questions you can ask here:


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Website :- https://dreamnetwork.social/

Medium :- https://thedreamnetwork.medium.com/

Twitter :- https://twitter.com/_dreamnetworkthat is in support of Privacy and Content Decentralization.