we hosted an amazing AMA with DXBPay on the 5th of September

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1) Can you intreduce yourself and your role in the project?

Good afternoon to all the community, I am Michael Bort the head of PR at DXB Pay ltd.

I am a graduate of California State university – long beach college of business.
I have handled various roles within the media and advertising industry working with large agencies across the globe.

I have been in the cryptocurrency space for over 3 years, I love the blockchain space for the creativity of applications and solutions it offers.

Q2) Could you describe us about your project ” DXBPay “. What is your project about and how can we see it in action?

DXBPay is an incorporated company in the UK, specialized in blockchain applications and payment solutions.

DXBPay is building a payment model that utilizes cross-chain capabilities to serve the needs of merchants, and offer a safe payment gateway that allows a wider sector of clients to shop online and pay using their crypto currency.

The final product of DXB Pay will be adopted by merchants who perform large-scale and high-speed transactions such as Amazon, Uber, Booking.com, etc.. who wish to expand their client reach by accepting crypto currency as a form of payment without jeopardizing their profits and loosing on transaction fees. in a safe and secured method.

In such, DXB Pay is building a complete eco-system that truly bridges the crypto universe with the real world which is the goal for us.

DXB token on the other hand is the utility token that will power the DXB pay ecosystem for all future DeFi products, The DXB token is a specialized cryptocurrency with a plan to encompass multiple technologies like DeFi, merchant payment channels, incentives, and charity.

the token has an intelligent contract that rewards investors in a whole new way, and a smart burning mechanisms.

Q3) So what are rewards and burning mechanisms you are referring to?”

The DXB token contract deducts 7% fee on every transaction, where 2% of it is sent back to the liquidity pool to ensure a continuous stable price floor.

2.5% of the fee is burned permanently to reduce the circulating supply and help increase the token price.

the last 2.5% of the fee is exchanged into BNB and distributed to holders proportionate to their holdings, automatically without having to do any additional task.

For BNB rewards, investors do not need to do anything, simply hold DXB and claim their BNB rewards.

in regards to the burn, the contract also contains 2 burning mechanisms to ensure a reduction of the circulating supply and an increased demand.

2.5% fee deducted from each transaction and directly sent to burn address to be burned forever as mentioned earlier

and in addition, DXB Token contract has a dedicated locked wallet for “cycle burn”, it calculates an equivalent to 5% of all sold tokens within a cycle of 30 days and burn it forever,

the burned “cycle burn” tokens are locked in a dedicated wallet upon deployment of the contract which was created for the purpose of cycle burn only, that means we have a locked wallet of 125 trillions for the sole purpose of burning out of it,

cycle burn will not impact the liquidity pool or the investors in any way, other than help increase the price of DXB on a monthly basis due to lowering the circulating supply, this is very innovative approach.

this is exciting because we can expect a pump to the price of DXB on a monthly basis due to cycle burns.

how much we burn every month? Well the more people buy on that month, the more it will burn, so its with the hands of the community as DXB is a community token

Q4) Can you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results DXBPay has achieved so far?

beside launching our website and building our community, The DXB token contract has been completed, tested, and deployed, which is a great milestone for us as its one of the most innovative token contracts that achieves several goals that no one ever attempted. it is not a fork of other tokens in the market and the development and testing took a long time to ensure its one of a kind.

we strongly believe that the strength of any project depends on the community behind it, and therefore we have achieved various tasks and all of it is to help grow and reward the community, as well as working on partnerships that are critical to DXBPay project success

why don’t I share with you a message we have been circulating on our telegram channel which I personally like because its updating our community with each achievement to do,

maybe you can pin it for your Titan Clash community to view it:

✅ Cryptopolitan magazine articles – 10 articles trending🔥
✅ First AMA – Done
✅ More AMAs targeting different languages and communities – Scheduled this week
✅ Building community – in progress

BscScan Logo and social profile verified – Done
✅ Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube channels
✅ Token contract audit – Done by private auditor
☑️ Market leading auditor – scheduled after listing
✅ Coinvote – Listed 13k votes🚀
✅ CoinHunters – Listed 60k Votes🚀🚀
✅ Gemfinder – Listed
✅ CoinHunt – Listed
✅ CoinSniper – Listed
☑️ Poocoin ads – on 10th September
☑️ CoinSniper ads – on 15th September
☑️ BscScan Ads – coming soon
✅ Whitelist contests – Running🔥
✅ Bitcoin Talk bounty – Done🔥
☑️ CMC & CG – after listing
☑️ Social media influencers – coming
☑️ Trust wallet logo – after listing
☑️ More in-house giveaways – Coming
☑️ BNB rewards – once start trading😍
☑️ Charities – Coming after trading


Q5) Tell me more about the token launch, how do you intend to launch the DXB Token and where can I buy it.

because our focused is on the community and to reward those who believe in the project, we decided to offer our community a chance to get DXB token first and at a discounted price, we believe this is fair to them

we have a fun whitelist contest going on now, members complete certain tasks and receive points for it

because white List has limited spots, therefore we will be selecting those with the highest points score to be in the white list, just a fun way to do it

there several ways you can collect points, either through referrals or art creation or retweet, here are all the different ways members can participate i took it from our telegram channel:

Ways To WIN
Friends Referral
Join here: https://sweepwidget.com/view/31313-4hywakjr
150 Spots Only

2 Retweet Challenge
Join Here: https://sweepwidget.com/view/31326-x942wz0v
100 Spots Only

3 Meme/Art Contest
Join Here: https://sweepwidget.com/view/31329-rywg2fx3
30 Spots Only

4 Telegram Profile Contest
Join Here: https://sweepwidget.com/view/31344-lzrx26fy
20 Spots Only

5 Reddit Post Challenge
Join Here: https://sweepwidget.com/view/31335-3xmpt4fu
30 Spots Only
More details on the white list campaign can be viewed on our website dxbpay.cc or by visiting our telegram channel.

Q6) Do you have other lists than whitelist, where members can win more advantages?

yes we do, we have a Gold List and a Diamond List, however with much more discounted price and much fewer spots available so its really limited

for the gold list, the task is slightly harder than whitelist but its much more fun

we wanted to bring TikTok into the picture, participants will have to record a TikTok video in front of any iconic place in their town and hold a written message about DXBPay, post it on their TikTok account and the more likes and shares they get, the more points they collect, those with the highest number of points win, so we may be creating celebrities.

as for the diamond list, well… you get the idea.. there are a much limited spots and winners of diamond list receive an incredible discount and priority purchase, in addition to other prizes

to get into diamond list you will have to do a youtube video and publish it on your channel, and points will calculated based on the number of likes, and comments on your youtube channel,

private sale campaigns can be viewed on our website and are shared on our telegram channel for more details.

in fact, For this special occasion, we would like to award 10 whitelist spots to 10 lucky members of Crypto Titans community.

And here we will put best questions from our members and DXBPay fans:

Q1) There are many projects growing now with this main feature of giving rewards on every transaction in BNB or Doge coin, Even I joined 4-5 of AMA in this channel Crypto Clash. What’s make your project better than them?

there are indeed such projects, but with few faults that we find unfair to investors

for example, if you claim your rewards late you end up claiming less than what you deserve, because the rewards pool is set in a way with cycles

another example, if you dont claim on time, you end up loosing your rewards, so if the cycle finishes and you dont collect your rewards, you loose it

these faults does not exist with DXB Token

our contract was developed in a way that no matter when you claim, you always claim the rewards due to you and this is a novelty in the space,

in addition, DXB is utility token for DXB Pay, so the real value of it is when DXBPay is deployed with ecommerce merchants, therefore we are not a meme token that does nothing, there is a use for DXB Token

Q2) I can’t find any information about your tokenomic, can you give a review about that ? How many tokens will be minted, where will they be allocated, what is the use case & what is the benefit for holding them in long term ? Will there any special rights granted to the holder ?

DXB has a total supply of 500 trillion, which of 125 trillion is locked in a wallet for cycle burn as mentioned above

6% is for team and is locked

remaining is for liquidity pool and will continue to apply burn and rewards until we reach 2% of the total supply, then rewards and burn stops and DXB will be already in use as a payment currency in several ecommerce merchants

its worth mentioning that DXB token contract does not have minting function, and cycle burn and rewards are governed by its own contract all for added security

Q3) DXBPay is a cross-platform interoperable blockchain Defi system that allows trade settlements across multiple ecosystems allowing you trade, stake, farm, and earn with ease. How much is the maximum token supply of #DXBPay? Are there no plans of burning?

DXB does not support farming or staking, because while farming and staking are great investment tools, they are subject to impermanent loss,

DXB Pay rewards are not at risk of such loss, in fact, you are rewarded with a powerful coin like BNB which keeps growing in value while you see the price of DXB token grow in price, and finally you can actually use you DXB token to pay for products and services online which is great, so you win on all fronts

Q4) I read that DXB is committed to solving some of the fundamental problems of a comprehensive digital asset practice. Can you tell us some of the problems you have solved? And do you have any helper tools to solve it?

well.. yes, the main is how do you utilize your token, and what do you do with it

while many projects offer a good use for the tokens, a large number of them are actually useless, and you simply at the mercy of the market to make profit

we wanted to bridge the crypto world with the real world by offering a took that allows you to pay for your everyday shopping using your crypto currency which is huge and will change the way we look at crypto, and this is the biggest challenge

however we have resolved it by developing an incredible application that allows any ecommerce merchant to accept crypto currency with no risk and in a safe way, wich in return will benefit the investors in the first place

in regards to challenges within the contract, we have already discussed our innovation of the token contract above

Q5) DXBPay offers a service to earn BNB passively, so I wonder, what are the benefits of rewarding your holders with BNB and not with your native $ DXB token? How is this good for the sustainability of your project and are there other possible uses for the token?

very intelligent question, that is in fact what we pride ourselves the most

i would assume many projects did not take this step because there is a huge issue with sustainability, and that is exactly what took a long testing on testnet and mainnet environment in order to ensure we have a sustainable contract that can reward investors with BNB as it claims, and continue to burn and reduce the supply in a strategic way, while helping to increase demand and increase the number of holders

this is why DXB Token contract is an innovation, not only because it rewards with BNB, but because it is sustainable and can grow further as it rewards investors, in fact the more investors join, the bigger the rewards and the more sustainable is the contract becomes, this is indeed amazing

Q6) Could you please describe what are next development for your project im the future, will you have something popular section like NFT, stake and farm?

yes, NFT farming is one of the stages we look into developing in the future, stage 3 to be exact, however farming and staking will not be part of DXB because we have a much better and more rewarding system wich is our BNB rewards and burning mechanisms

Q7) Many cryptocurrencies do not solve any real problems; instead, they exist solely to sell their tokens. What problems do you solve and what solutions do you offer to solve the identified problems?

i totally agree with you, most of them are there to simply buy and hope the price picks up so you can sell at a profit, well with DXB we solve a historical problem that is to use you crypto for your daily shopping, imagine this, you book your trip at booking.com and instead of paying in dollars, you pay using DXB in one click, now that is a good worth for your money

Q8) How did you build the project, did you take into account community input and requests?

DXB is a utility token that is developed to serve the community, we looked at what do we really need in our lives, and we decided to start from the end, so we worked with merchants and ecommerce shops to understand their risks for accepting crypto currency and started resolving it with our development, the end result, a normal person like you and me will benefit from this development because we can utilize our tokens the best way

Q9) So can we still join your #DXBWhitelist for us to have a chance to get $DXB at a super rate? How we can secured our spots, what are the requirements and strategies?

yes you can, many ways to collect points and compete in the whitelist is at our telegram channel, you may join and ask any question you wish and will sure be answered, the whitelist is a great took to start rewarding the community before we even start trading

Q10) Many projects have failed in the past…you what makes different, what positions you well for success?

very simple yet intelligent question, we looked at what made a project fail, and we simply built our project excluding these possibilities, for example, team wallet is locked, cycle burn is locked, rewards and burn are governed by its own contract for added security, the contract does not permit the purchase of more than 1% of the liquidity pool in order to avoid creating whales, and much much more, also, in order to avoid abandoning the project like some fear, the real value of DXB is to come in the future, so the longer the project go, the more rewarding it becomes to investors and team and all those involved in it

If you have any other questions you can ask here:


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Website :- https://dxbpay.cc/

Twitter :- https://twitter.com/DxbPay?s=09

Linked :- https://www.linkedin.com/company/dxbpay-ar/

Facebook :- https://m.facebook.com/DXBPay-104010111894944/

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