we hosted an amazing AMA with ENTERBUTTON on the 27th of January

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1) Can you please introduce yourself as well ENTERBUTTON ?

My name is Kibum Kim. You can call me Allen. I am the founder and CEO of the ENTC. I was a former member of the K-pop group called U-KISS. My brother is also very prominent celebrity as he is a former member of the K-pop group called SS501 which holds enormous fandom. He also actively works for ENTC as a director. I personally also have an immense experience on running a business such as CL International or SDKB Entertainment. Therefore, with our influential presence in entertainment industry and my expertise in business management, we hope to provide best products and services to ENTC holders.
ENTERBUTTON (ENTC)’s vision is to satisfy both the “reality and ideal” and “reality and metaverse”. We strive to provide ultimate utopia to ENTC holders by creating an exclusive ENTC TOWN and finally towards the ENTC ISLAND. ENTC Token will be the key currency of the island. In order to achieve such vision, we have already established ENTC BUILDING located in SEOUL, KOREA which holders can enjoy drinks or wines or buy goods and products with ENTC tokens. Our primary project evolves around the luxury market where users can consign luxury items such as Channel or Rolex and in exchange receive ENTC TOKENS or any preferred currencies. Furthermore, users can receive loans from those luxury items through our platform. Ultimately this allows the high liquidity of one’s asset which leads to economic freedom.

Q2) What are the advantages of Your project ?

ENTC TOKEN differentiates from other tokens as we aim to let holders utilize their tokens more actively in a real world. This real world indicates the usages in ENTC Building, TOWN, and ISLAND. For example, if holders want to acquire a real estate within the ENTC town or if holders want to buy house hold items, essential goods, foods, or even school supplies, holders can achieve this through the use of ENTC token. Furthermore, of course, holders can use ENTC tokens in the ENTC METAVERSE. Currently, we are in a developing stage of creating P2E game which will be the initial step of the metaverse where users can utilize coins to exchange services or products. The services also include to provide a perfect utopia for those who are disabled in a real world, as in virtual reality people who are less fortunate may realize the absolute freedom.
The token distribution can be found at https://xangle.io/project/ENTC/recent-disclosure/61484cee68b5db234f998e6d

We are currently listed in two exchanges: BW and Coinsbit. You can buy and trade at
https://coinsbit.io/trade/ENTC_USDT (Coinsbit)
https://www.bw.com/newTrade/spotTradding/entc_usdt (BW)

Q3) please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year?

Our 3 primary goals this year (as shown in our milestone) is
1) to open up 3 more offline stores and buildings
2) be listed in at least 10 more exchanges globally
3) successfully launch P2E game

Q4) Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

ENTERBUTTON is, like everyone knows, is the key critical button in a keyboard. We would like to play a critical role to ENTC holders. We believe by entering a “ENTERBUTTON”, it will provide a pathway to a new world.
Our team consists of very talented individuals including top singers in Korea. Their presence itself is very influential to the community. Our team also has diverse experiences in cryptocurrencies, business management, and also many intellectual graduates such as Harvard University in America are part of our team.

Q5) NFT is one of the hottest and most sought-after topics in the blockchain space right now. Can you share your opinion on NFT with us? Do you think NFT will disrupt the current financial system? What is Your project’s approach to the NFT sector?

Beshoy Maged, [١٣/٠٥/٢٠٢٢ ١٢:٤٨ م]
We believe NFT plays a crucial role to the ecosystem of metaverse and to the ENTC. NFT, without doubt, will play a significant role in future as the law of scarcity will consistently exists. NFT itself will continue to inspire future generations because everyone now understands the value of possessing a lasting legacy.
In fact, we are currently holding ENTC 2022 LEGENDARY RECORD COLLECTION. We thoroughly select a single album every month (12 in total), and the NFT version of the selected piece will be sold at an auction. The 1st singer is the most iconic artist of all time in Korea: Seol Woondo. He is an irreplaceable, living legacy of Korea’s music industry and is still going strong. He continues to collaborate with top artists and recently composed songs of chart–topping trot singer Lim YoungWoog. Starting next month in February, it will be sold at Opensea NFT Platform.

And here we will put best questions from our members and ENTERBUTTON fans:

Q1) One thing that intrigues me when looking at your site is the membership section, where you have BLACK MEMBERSHIP. Can you tell us more about this, what is the difference between BLACK MEMBERSHIP and Regular Member? What are the conditions to become BLACK MEMBERSHIP?

The difference between Black membership and Regular membership is that Black membership must hold at least 100,000 ENTC Tokens, and must participate in our staking program. By doing so, Black membership can enjoy every single privileges that ENTC can offer such as access to our private lounges at our offline buildings with unlimited beverage including wines.

Q5) Is ENTC a global project? Can local people take part in it? And Do you have your own local community to introduce the project to the rest of the world or are there regional restrictions?Do you allow variations? If Yes, can you tell us which one?Can non-Korean members participate?

ENTC certainly is a global project! We are in a process of launching offline stores globally without any limitation of countries. In that way, we will hire regional local staffs to participate in the management. We will update this through our official telegram later!

Q3) Most investors are now looking for short-term profits. They might sell the token as soon as it is listed on the exchange. So your project have any plans to prevent weak-hand investors from selling tokens early? Do they get any benefit from holding your token?

To prevent weak-hand investors, we have already contracted with our initial investors with at least 6 months lock-up. Another way we can prevent this is let investors participate in our staking program which will be at a higher rate than those of the other market staking returns. Lastly, if investors continue to hold ENTC tokens, investors can truly enjoy all benefits and privileges that Black membership can offer. We will expand more benefits to investors as time goes by!

Q4) Your website States that you have achieved 20% of the milestones and 3% of the megavision. Now IAM confused between milestones and megavision, can you please explain the difference between the two? Why milestones and megavision?

By definition, milestone is the roadmap – so more like a concrete plan of upcoming schedule. On the other hand, Megavision is what we value in our project such as harmonizing the metaverse and the reality – ultimate vision we hope to accomplish is to create a perfect place of utopia to all ENTC holders.

Q5) I saw on your twitter, that on January 28th you will be doing the ENTC 2022 LEGENDARY COLLECTION – THE FIRST[SEOL WOON-DO]. So can you tell us, how can we participate in the auction? Are there any special requirements to participate in the event?

First, we will change the date of SEOL WOON DO’s NFT COLLECTION to later date next month with the better album of his. You can participate at Opensea platform (www.opensea.io) , and there are no special requirements to participate in the event. All you have to bring is your passion to the NFT!

Q6) Is your project only for English speaking countries or is there a community for other language users?

Currently, our project is open to only for English speaking countries and for Koreans. However, we plan to expand this globally later!

Q7) Is this your project only for elite investors, what about others with small money, is it open to everyone?

It is of course open to everyone! Of course, elite investors would gain more benefits as of now. Yet, investing with small funds would later return to a unimaginable value in future!

Q8) ‘STAKING” is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and HOLD Them long term. Does your GREAT PROJECT have plan about Staking?

Yes! we do plan to launch a staking program. We will definitely provide higher returns than the market!

Q9) Recently there was a big scam in a contemporary fashion project of “cryptocurrency “, in which many investors lost their capital in seconds, therefore, what guarantees do we have that this will not happen with your projcet, although it is receiving a great boom?

As mentioned previously in our introduction, our team consists of top-tier singers and celebrities in Korea. We cannot ever think of a scam in this industry! And in order to provide more credibility, we have launched offline stores here in Korea and plan to expand at least 3 more this year. Finally, we have already gathered numerous investors throughout the globe as well due to our influences in this entertainment market.

Q10) How strong is your team? Many projects start with a good impression and later abandon the project. What sets your project apart from others and in what ways?goodproject

Our team is all extremely talented individuals. From the tech department to the management department, we have immense experience in running a business model such as entertainment company and private banking company. Our team also includes elite intellectuals such as graduates from Harvard University in America. This itself sets up apart from others.

And this was the end of our AMA with ENTERBUTTON.

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