we hosted an amazing AMA with FADO GO on the 9th of February

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1) can you please introduce yourself and a brief overview of FADO Go?

Hello everyone, I’m Hailey, Marketing & Business Development representative of FADO Go. My pleasure to present with CryptoTiTans community today about FADO Go. Some quick introduction about myself before we start. I start my career in the marketing and e-commerce business, and my whole career is dedicated to the blockchain & crypto space. I am lucky to have the chance to work for FADO Go, the leading shopping-to-earn platform powered by blockchain and cryptocurrency. So, I am very excited to tell you more about my company, FADO Go.

FADO Go is a SocialFi E-commerce platform that makes cross-border shopping easy through proxy purchasing, package forwarding, and live shopping solutions on the blockchain, while connecting consumers, brands, KOLs & logistics providers on a unified, global network. I have dedicated myself to helping with FADO Go project since day 1 and believe that it is the most promising project that I have joined and developed.

Q2) You mentioned in your recent post the tagline that you will be going to “RESHAPING Online Shopping”, can you provide some details on how you plan to do this?

At the first stage, FADO Go is the Shopping-To-Earn platform where consumers can shop online from G7 markets and earn loyalty rewards in tokens for every purchase. In the next stage, we will enable Dropping To Earn which allows people to use our international shipping service and earn tokens.

Eventually, we will plug in Live Streaming platform to let everyone enjoy live shopping and have a sense of entertainment while shopping with us. We will also accept crypto payments on FADO Go platform, meaning that crypto users can use cryptocurrencies to pay for their favorite products & services – this is real-life adoption for cryptocurrencies.

FADO Go creates a dual-token ecosystem with FADO (Utility Token) and FGT (Governance Token) to establish sustainable and long-term business growth. FADO will be fair-launched to the community via IDO Launchpads, meaning the private and IDO price will be the same. We aim to raise funds for the governance token FGT and do an IEO in the next 6 months after the FADO token release.

For more details, please read our Pitch Deck provided in our Telegram group: https://t.me/fado_go

Q3) What are the products and services that your project will provide? Can you elaborate on the Tokenomic of the project? And how is it fractionating?

FADO Go creates a dual-token ecosystem with FADO (Utility Token) and FGT (Governance Token) to establish sustainable and long-term business growth. FADO will be fair-launched to the community via IDO Launchpads, meaning the private and IDO price will be the same. We aim to raise funds for the governance token FGT and do an IEO in the next 6 months after the FADO token release.

In term of FADO token metrics, we don’t have a sperate team allocation like that of any other project because we will develop the business to generate revenue with our community and users.

And we can proudly say that we are one of the first projects that innovate revenue sharing smart contract or transaction mining which users mint FADO tokens via shopping with us. FADO token minting mechanism will also reflect real market performance as FADO tokens are only minted if there is a token buying volume surplus.

Q4) Can you present the overview of the vision and mission of the project?

FADO Go’s vision is to empower users to make money based on their social engagements and strive to become the first SocialFi DAO in e-commerce. We want to create the world’s first Shopping-To-Earn platform on blockchain with first-of-a-kind revenue-sharing smart contract and build a global network of shoppers, micro-influencers, brands, and logistics providers on a decentralized network.

Q5) Before we end the first part of the session, is there anything else you wanted to share with our community about your upcoming major events and activities?

We plan to run IDOs for FADO utility token on many launchpads from 8th February to 10th February, 2022.The private and IDO price of FADO tokens will be the same. FGT, our governance token will have a token sales later, approximately 6 months after we launch FADO token. You can check out our official Telegram group for more details: https://t.me/fado_go

And here we will put best questions from our members and FADO GO fans:

Q1) Earning in the game is important, but with me that having fun while earning is also important. To what extent does fado_go focus on the entertaining aspects of the game? What measures are in place to help make the game suitable for everyone,including non-crypto people?

Play-to-earn is a part of our upcoming business, but hasn’t been introduced on FADO Go platform yet. We will continue to develop for more features in the future. For now, our business model key is Shop-to-earn. Please check our Whitepaper for more details: https://docs.fadogo.io/

Q2) FADO Go has the goal for Jan – Mar 2022 to release “Dropping To Earn”, can you tell us more about this? What is Dropping To Earn and what benefits will they bring to sellers and BUYERS as well? How will this Dropping To Earn provide a service and what kind of service?

We provide shipping service for overseas customers who conduct purchases directly on overseas shops and want to ship to international addresses. Even if foreign shops do not ship cross-border, we can provide them with an additional sales route without needing to alter their operations or extra expense.

Basically, purchased items are shipped to the addresses, which are our company’s warehouses worldwide; then we ship these items from our warehouses to customers’ registered addresses overseas. We also offer a service where multiple purchases from various e-commerce sites can be bundled for delivery overseas in accordance with customer instructions.

Q3) “While doing my research, I found that Fadogo ecosystem has two tokens

  1. $FADO
  2. $FGT
    Can you explain the utilities of these tokens? How are they different? Which among the following is your “Main Token” and “Internal Token”.Do they have any real-life use also? Please explain.”

FADO utility token (internal or platform token) used to reward loyal shoppers, content creators (KOLs) and brands. Users can earn tokens by purchasing goods, using shipping service or watching livestream. With FADO token, FADO Go will empower and join millions of shoppers, KOLs, brands, and e-commerce partners in a unified network. FADO token holders will be prioritized with special benefits for the coming FGT governance token sales.

FGT governance tokens (bear similarity to equity) represent voting powers in the ecosystem and have the deflation mechanism through Buy Back & Burn based on FADO Go’s revenue. FGT token metrics will be finalized with more details based on the utility token valuation. FGT token sale will raise funds to develop the SocialFi Live Shopping platform on FADO Go.

Q4) Just curious about the chosen name for your project. Can we ask why did you name it “fodo_go” ? About the spelling, maybe it should be #fado_go, so just wondering why spelled it that way? Is there any reason or story behind it and what does this name mean?

We started the project as “Fado Global”, but then we decided to make it bolder and clearer to reflect our vision. Therefore, we came up changing the project name. Here it is “FADO Go”, a more modern, technological, and commercial design with a hope to move toward SocialFi Shopping and Crypto Revolution in the future.

We bring the term “GO’’ to imply our direction of going global with our cross-border e-commerce platform. FADO Go is available for everyone from anywhere and provides a “Shoptainment” (Shop + Entertainment) platform by integrating social technology, Livestream shopping.

This name imposes our vision of empowering people worldwide to have fun and earn more when shopping with us and finally we will become the first SocialFi DAO in e-commerce.

Q5) Community support is one of the biggest aspects for the project’s success. Most projects have procedures for interacting with their users. Do you have any special plans to attract and expand the community and improve the user experience?

The most exciting thing about FADO Go is the live shopping platform we will develop according to our roadmap. Live shopping is more highly engaging user experience and going way beyond simply clicking and filling up a shopping cart compared to traditional e-commerce platforms. We will connect millions of shoppers, KOLs, brands and logistics companies in a unified, global ecosystem.

Q6) Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one ?

In the future we will open more Ambassador’s opportunities to achieve our goal and needs. At that time we will announce it on our official channel! Please stay tuned and follow us!

Our cross-border shopping platform fadogo.io is already live, so people can place orders at the moment. We have also integrated crypto payment into the shopping platform. After we release the FADO Utility token, we will release our Dropping-To-Earn which enables users to earn from using our shipping service. For the live shopping platform, we will have the product almost ready to plug-in within the next 2 months.

Q7) At the moment, who is in your team, also how are you coordinating and working together? Can you tell us more about the project’s strategic partners and advisors?

Founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs, blockchain experts, e-commerce builders, financial analysts, bankers and innovative marketers, we aspire to offer a truly decentralized social cross-border shopping.

Ms. Thuy Pham – CEO of FADO Go who has more than 10 years of experience in consultancy, strategic management and business development for start-ups in Vietnam, India, the US, and Africa. She has also involved in the blockchain space for the last 5 years.

Our COO is Dat Pham – Founder of FADO Go and Fado.vn, he has founded 4 major companies including blockchain projects.

Han Nguyen is our Strategic Director who also has extensive experience in running companies and is now Founder and CEO of Thudo Multimedia, a top video technology company in Vietnam and Founder of Bemil.io, a successful gamefi blockchain project recently.

Our Chief Technology Officer is Hoa Pham who is a BioTuring & startup founder such as Heratap.

Besides, we also have a strong advisory board with experience diversity and knowledge in blockchain and e-commerce. They are such a valuable resource that will provide us helpful advices & supports in this global journey.

Furthermore, our project is backed by reputable VCs such as Spark Digital Capital, LaunchZone, BSCStation, etc. alongside our Miczone Group. We have partnered with TomoChain, KardiaChain, NowPayment, Thu Do Multimedia in term of product integrations and marketing activities. We will cooperate with our prestigious partners to bring the best shopping platform to the global crypto community.

Q8) Do you have AUDIT certificate or are you working to AUDIT your project, so that the security of the okproject becomes more secure and reliable?

Absolutely, we are honored to announce that #FADOGo has been audited and certified by Verichains today!

This goes to show our transparency, and our commitment towards the benefits and security of our users & investors.

Read more at https://audit.verichains.io/certifications.html?search=FadoGo

Q9) How can users stay up to date on this project? Are there channels, including communities, where users can get the latest updates?

Yes because we are a global project, as FADO GO means Fado Global, therefore, we will focus on every countries in the world. So we will definitely build as much as local community for you guys to better understand about us.

Q10) How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you have local communities like Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea.. so that they can learn easily and better understand your project? Or are you planning something that hasn’t been developed in other regions yet?

As I just said above, besides our strategic partners and investor who will co-marketing with us; Our rich ecosystem, including Fado.vn, Fado168 (Fado Cambodia) and Giaonhan247 with +1.5M users, is a special key point in our marketing strategy. We will leverage our existing users base to build a strong and healthy community for FADO Go.

Also, we will create attractive promotions (membership, discount, vouchers, gamifications, etc.) to encourage people to shop and have social interactions on our platforms.

We will have mini play-to-earn games such as lottery, lucky draw, daily missions etc. to incentivize our users more.Through livestreaming, we will give shoppers access to niche products which are limited to buy online and attract more new users from social fan bases of KOLs/influencers.

Besides, we will gradually expand our market operation to South East Asia first, then South Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America.

And this was the end of our AMA with FADO GO.

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