we hosted an amazing AMA with floki pup the 28th of october

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as Floki Pup ?

I am the developer of Floki Pup. I have a personal background in marketing and sales. I have spent many years within these industries – both working with teams and individually where I have pushed projects and products of clients. All these experiences are now utilised into this project.

Flokipup is a community driven token that offers various utility measures. Flokipup brings meme, community, and utility into one. Flokipup will help solve the problem of trust and transparency within the DeFi space, that other projects have failed on. Flokipup will also offer a P2E game that targets a very different market than what most P2E games offer right now, broadening the reach of P2E within the DeFi sphere. We’ll also develop DEX that will be the most user-friendly exchange platform within DeFi, better than ShibaSwap. Lastly, Flokipup has a wildcard that almost no other meme coins have, the Elon factor.

Q2. What are the advantages of Your project ?

Good question, there’s a few main advantages to our project that I would like to explain in depth, I will try and make it a breif as possible..

First and foremost we are making sure to create an environment where community members can take part of the positive culture that has been rooted since day 1. The community members have the advantage being able to asking questions and providing suggestions that the team will listen to. There are many projects that distance themselves from the community members but we have a different approach. Listening to the community members is very important and that is the kind of culture we have established. In the end it is the team that takes the decisions and that is responsibility we don’t shy away from. We always have the investors best in our minds. We are always working to be one step ahead and provide a constant flow of news and updates for the community members and potential investors. By building relationship with our community this way, we have create one of the best communties in the crypto space.

The second advantage will come with the upcoming P2E game that is in development. This game will be a metaverse and is inspired by Nintendogs. Our NFT’s will come into play with the game and you’ll be able to earn Floki Pup tokens while taking care of your dog. We believe in helping others and that is one of most important statements in our Whitepaper. We’re looking into collaborations with charity’s and projects that truly can utilise our game and brand in order to change peoples lives. We have showcased our good will by organising multiple daily giveaways to our community members. This is something that will continue. I believe we are the project with most consistent giveaways by far in DeFi. We have had at least 60-70 giveaways in as many days. We realised from the start that giving incentive to the community members is a vital component. We are all about giving. We are actually going to organise a big giveaway a few hours after our AMA today. Stay tuned on our Telegram and Twitter.

The third advantage is the adoption of the pictures that Elon Musk has posted of his pup Floki. Our slogan is ‘Stay comfy’ which is a play with the meme we created: a direct adoption of Elon Musk’s dog that he showcased to the world in September 2021. A few weeks later Elon posted the second picture of his dog which is now our current logo. We grow as Elon’s pup grows.

It seems to be a unique project and a new and very exciting idea a project with convenient features
Thank you for providing such an idea🔥🔥

Q3. please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year ?

Our main goal that we want to achieve this year is make our community members the highest ROI as possible. We want to change the lives of our community and investors.

We will continue growing one of the best communities in crypto space and create a space that is welcoming to everyone from all walks of life. Not only do we want to change lives through the ROI you’ll make, but we want to change lives through our P2E metaverse game and our multiple daily giveaways. By doing all of this our goal of becoming one of the most respected Meme coin tokens in the space will be achieved, and this is just our EOY plans.

I really wish you to achieve all your plans to advance your project It seems that you are a serious team so there will be developments and success for this project🤝✌️

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background ?

FlokiPup launched right after Elon Musk published the first photo of his beloved pup in September 2021, it’s the first project in the DeFi space that adopted Elon’s pup as a meme and keeps adopting it as Elon posts pictures of his dog. We’ve seen successful projects that are called Mini and Baby but we have established an own category called Pup. Our whole team saw the potential in this project has from the moment our Pup was born and we’ve been working non-stop to ensure the success of Floki Pup.

Our team is filled with highly talented and highly moral people, which I think must come hand in hand, you must have skill and good morals to be a great team. Our team come from various backgrounds, from marketing, extensive crypto experience, political science, customer service and finance. They all have previous experience in cryptocurrency projects, enabling them to understand what works best with project developments and dealing with the community in a professional manner.

These are the qualities that require the presence of a strong and professional team Thank you for your cooperation to provide us with a strong project like this one🔥🔥

Q1) Funds is definitely one of the prerequisite on making and developing any project. Is your team #FlokiPup financially stable to implement & carry-out this project, & on the long-run?What are your assurance to investors that you’ll not just vanish in the middle of its development?

Good question. Here at Floki Pup we understand that any successful project will need stable funding to be able to succeed, even though our project could succeed without funding, due to our amazing community. The team made sure the taxation on our V2 contract was strategic enough to fund our marketing and development plans comfortably.

Q2) Could you share with us some killer FEATURES of Floki Pup that set it apart from its competitors? What COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES does Floki Pup have that you feel most confident in ?

The key features of our project are explained in Q2 in more depth (https://t.me/CryptoTiTans0/3056847) but the main competitive advantages of Floki Pup is our amazing community, the P2E metaverse game that is being developed and the Elon factor.

From a smart investors perspective, another competitive advantage of Floki Pup is our small market cap size, meaning that the room for growth is much more likely than a high cap like FLOKI. A small volume increase has the ability to increase the ROI of our investors massively.

Q3) At Phase 3, you will launch FlokiPup Inu Swap DEX. The FlokiPup DEX will allow users to buy, swap, sell, pool, and chart their tokens all in one place. What is the main idea behind the creation of the FlokiPup DEX? And how is the FlokiPup DEX unique from other DEXes?

Yes we are very excited about the Floki Pup DEX that we will develop. The main idea behind it, is to make a mobile friendly application that will allow users to buy, swap, sell, pool, and chart their tokens all in one place, through a smooth user-friendly app. Further developments will allow users to set buy/sell limits as well working towards cross-network compatibility. All of these features in one application will be a first in the crypto space, making it unique from other DEX’s.

Q4) The cryptomarket is a highly volatile market where any fluctuations can occur any time, that are totally unprecedented. How does @Floki_Pup plan to approach this problem? What features makes you stand out from your competitors in the market?

Good question. Trust is paramount in volatile markets, being able to fully trust a project and its team helps take away fear and uncertainty. Flokipup has had a strong team and utility behind the project that, hand in hand, create a solution to volatile environments and give investors security to be able to withstand times of uncertainty within the overall crypto market.

Another driver to our token stability will be the Floki Pup tokens utility that it will have in the P2E Metaverse game and Floki Pup DEX.

Q5) Could you introduce briefly about Floki Pup’ tokenomics? And tell us more about Total supply and Starting price per token? How many tokens will be minted in future and how many tokens will be locked by the team/Investors?

1 Trillion Total Supply.

10% Total Sell Tax.

(2% — Manual Buyback/Burn) — 2% of every sell transaction will be sent to a separate wallet in Ethereum — this will be used for daily buybacks/burns to make the token deflationary whilst also pumping the price of FlokiPup at random times throughout each day.

(2% — Team Tax) — This will be used for the payroll of all our team members including the core dev team, marketing team, PR team and community support team. We plan on hiring more professionals to help with the development of the FlokiPup very soon.

(3% — Marketing Tax) — This will be used daily for our strategic marketing plan made by our professional marketing manager, he’ll be putting this tax to very good use.

(3% — Development Tax) — The development tax will be used for the development of the FlokiPup Metaverse game, FlokiPup DEX and future utility’s we introduce.

All tokens were added to the liquidity pool, we do not have any mint function in our contact and the ownership is renounced. It’s 100% SAFU for investors, we’ve also passed a Safe Solidity Audit report – https://safesolidity.com/certs/0xf50a07e4ff052a14f3f608da8936d8ae0ed5be50
And here we will put best questions from our members and Floki pup fans:

Q6) Do you have any coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract investors to invest??

Yeah we have a Buyback/Burn wallet that we use to make the token deflationary. We’ve successful bought back and burnt around $50k worth of Floki Pup tokens so far.

Definitely not. We have high values in our community and any investor will be treated equally.

Our project is open to everyone, does not matter about an investment size.

Q7) Is this your project only for elite investors, what about others with small money, is it open to everyone?

Definitely not. We have high values in our community and any investor will be treated equally.

Our project is open to everyone, does not matter about an investment size.

Q8) Is your project for English speaking countries only or do you have a community for non-English speaking users? If so, are they local.What will you do to promote English ???

Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join it?

Q9) Is this your project only for elite investors, what about others with small money, is it open to everyone?

Definitely not. We have high values in our community and any investor will be treated equally.

Our project is open to everyone, does not matter about an investment size.

Q10) Please provide more information about your roadmap. What are the most anticipated plans and events for the next few days and months that we should be aware of?

You’ll find our full roadmap on our website – https://flokipup.com/

And this was the end of our AMA with Floki pup.

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