FullDAO Protocol AMA

We hosted an amazing AMA with FullDAO Protocol on the 22nd of April.

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Let’s get started with your & your team’s experience in the crypto space. Tell us about that, please.

I have been a trader since 2019 and am now a person specializing in marketing for some projects related to crypto.

in addition, I also have 4 years of research experience in this industry as well as producing marketing content for a number of startups.

let introduce John
John is the Founder of FullDAO. He graduated from the Economics University and has a lot of experience in business analysis, team management, and business model

Seeing the potential and opportunities in the Avalanche ecosystem helped create FullDAO.

And we also have Harry leading in the technical department of FullDAO

Harry has 5 years of experience in system and software engineering. Past projects have included back and front end program development, and business analysis.

And of course, some more members are from Singapore that supports us in marketing, BD, research,v.v….

Q2. What is FULLDAO? How does it work? Which current problems in crypto can it solve?

FullDAO Protocol is the new generation Yield Optimizer on Avalanche. It’s a community-oriented platform with a DAO feature, allowing users to earn the highest possible yield from their investments.
The current problem the FullDAO team sees in crypto is that existing platforms do not have a competitive playground for users to get involved. They simply create an optimal place for their assets, in which we believe everyone can execute. FullDAO team can solve that by being a new household for users’ assets, perfecting original features of the Yield Optimizer platform.

To know more: https://medium.com/@fulldao.io/what-fulldao-can-bring-to-avalanche-d3a706fa1641

Q3. What are the special features of FULLDAO? Why should we choose FullDAO instead of others?

Well, the most noticeable point is Multiple Rewards & Incentives as we bring the community more than just base rewards. This initiative will help attract more activity to the AMMs, yet drive growth in the ecosystem.
As a Yield Optimizer, FullDAO’s vaults automatically compound your gains, you save thousands of transactions of gas costs, hassle-free. Instead of manually performing the entire process from harvesting to continuously reinvesting, FullDAO will do all the work for you.
But rather than just a regular Yield Optimizer platform, FullDAO is also portrayed as a DAO where users’ voices are heard, and ideas & feedback are received. Holders of the platform’s native tokens have the power to directly decide the future development of the protocol.

And of course, our platform is smooth and simple for both professional and entry-level Defi users to get involved.
Security is among the top priorities in the development of FullDAO. With partners from Verichains, the security household which audited Kyber Network, the FullDAO team will do the best we can to keep users’ crypto assets private and safe.
FullDAO team will always be of assistance to the community. Users bringing their assets here can rest assured they will have all the support they need.
Last but not least is Innovation. FullDAO perfects the original features for Passive Income Maximization to build a thriving ecosystem.

Q4. What are the improvements of FULLDAO compared to other protocols?

As stated in the previous answer, FullDAO perfects the original features of a Yield Optimizer. Therefore, all features regarding Yield Optimizer will be optimal for use to support users and move forwards with the goal of being the go-to choice for farmers on Avalanche.
FullDAO’s Multiple rewards feature will motivate users’ participation not only in the platform but also in other AMM partners we tag along in our journey. This will create a competitive playground, thus attracting more users, thus driving growth in the ecosystem.

Existing platforms on Avalanche during our research only give what AMM platforms reward to their farmers which are just farmed tokens & trading fees, some give additional governance tokens.
Our team wants to step up because we want to make a difference and bring benefits to those who contribute to the platform.

Who wouldn’t want to have bigger bags. right?
Let’s go into details about how our Reward mechanism can change the game:
Vaults: Our Vaults will give participants up to 4 types of rewards:
Farm tokens
Trading fee
$FULL tokens
AVAX for TOP 20

FullDAO Staking: Using the Staking feature will guarantee 3 types of $FULL tokens, FDAO points for DAO Voting, AVAX

I dont’t think any of us would want to miss out on the opportunity to grab some AVAX for ourselves.
AVAX rewards come from fees accumulated by the platform.
Do remember that AVAX for using Vaults will only be rewarded to the TOP 20 contributors of that Vault while AVAX for Staking feature will be based on users’ deposited allocation.

DAO: Moreover, some platforms do not give users their right to get involved in the development and improvement which is a bit disappointing because your ideas & feedback are important for projects to become better.
Therefore, we implement the DAO feature so that you guys can vote your power so that we, the platform, can make it better.

Q5. I would like to know more about the security of FULLDAO. Which steps have you taken to ensure the safety of users’ funds in FULLDAO?

Well, security is among our top priorities when we build the structure of the platform. Therefore, our partners at Verichains are ready to support us and secure our platform as well as user’s assets.

Q6. Your project token isn’t live yet. Give some information about that. Will there be a presale/public sale?

Our native token is FULL or $FULL. It has three main utilities:

  • Capture Value of the ecosystem
  • Governance
  • DAO Voting. DAO Voting stays close.

And yes we will have a presale and that will be announced for the details. Stay tuned to our media channels.

Q7. What are the strategies you follow for marketing & community engagement?

Well, we decide to focus on building community, celebrate several events to spread out our project to users.
After that, we will focus on raising capital, connecting partners to raise funds project and bringing more benefits to the community through DAO voting.
DAO voting allows user vote the new vaults in the future.

Q8. What are your future plans? What can we expect from FULLDAO in the future?

We are focusing on building community. The next goal we set for ourselves was to effectively launch the project, which included auditing and UI UX development,..
Following that, we’ll concentrate on raising funds, engaging with partners to provide funds for the project, and bringing more benefits to the community.
Here is our Roadmap

And here we will put best questions from our members and FullDAO Protocol fans:

Q1. STAKING is one of the strategy to attract users and hold them and long term. So, does your project have staking program? If so, can you tell us how can we stake in your platform? How high is your APR? And is there any specific amount to stake?

Yes of course!!!
Our staking features allows users to stake their FULL tokens and earn rewards. Using FullDAO Staking, users will earn FULL tokens and AVAX as incentive rewards.
Profits earned (FULL & AVAX) are based on the allocation point (%), or the amount you stake. AVAX rewards are from the 4% of the fee distributed to Stakers.
Beside the incentive rewards, users will receive FDAO as additionals in which FDAO will be used to cast votes in the development of FullDAO.

We will reveal the APR later 🤭. Being curious is allowed haha

Q2. What is the most ambitious goal for your #FullDaoProtocol project? What is the ultimate vision that your project is trying to achieve in the cryptocurrency market? Explain to us about that. I would appreciate it if you could share some upcoming updates with us?

Just like you guy, FullDAO team started as investors. Therefore, we want our investments to bring profits instead of just lying still somewhere for no reason.
That is why together as a team, FullDAO Protocol is established.
FullDAO team wants to create this platform as a place where you come and feel safe to put your crypto assets in and maximize profit capacity.

FullDAO Protocol’s ultimate purpose is to become among the most reliable Yield-optimizer platforms on Avalanche ecosystem, bringing in more and more DeFi-interested investors and newcomers to join and build a strong community where all can learn & earn.

Q3. In Yield Farming programs,when they mint the tokens it simply causes inflation and devaluation of tokens. How #FullDAO Ecosystem will resolved this problem so that the value of token consistently rises? By what method will you reduce the inflation?

Vaults are investment instruments following a specific set of yield farming strategies. They apply automation to continuously invest and reinvest deposited funds, resulting in high levels of compounded interest. With FullDAO’s vault to compound your gains, you save thousands of transactions of gas costs.
Instead of manually performing the entire process from harvesting, selling rewards, purchasing more tokens to continuously reinvesting, a vault executes all of this automatically at a high frequency.

Q4. What is the revenue model of FullDao Protocol ? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit? So many projects like you speak about the long term vision and mission but what are your short-term objectives? What are you focusing on right now?

As mentioned above, we are focusing on building community. The next target that we aimed is to launch the project successfully such as Audit, UI UX development
After that, we will focus on raising capital, connecting partners to raise funds project and bringing more benefits to the community.

About our revenue
Check it here

Q5. Plz Some DeFi projects that offer yield farming are driven by hype & scarcity, so as the hype decreases the automation of the project decreases as well. What is the key to maintaining the yield of your Project?How can FullDAO keep users from contributing to your project?

The key here is the core value!

Being a true yield optimizer means always providing a maximum profit for users. The project may be hype at the first launch with several attractive rewards. But factors that made the project stable is the reward mechanism or pool’s attraction so that the vaults products must be diverse and still maintain a good APR.
And for variety, we have DAO voting. Users have the right to vote the new vaults in the future!!

Q6. What is the role of token in your ecosystem? Could you tell us a bit about the tokenomics of your project?

Our native token is FULL or $FULL. It has three main utilities:

  • Capture Value of the ecosystem
  • Governance
  • DAO Voting. DAO Voting stays close.

You can read whitepaper for more details about our tokenomics!!

Q7. I read that @FullDaoProtocol is built on the #Avalanche. My question is, why have you chosen this technology to suit your project instead of other networks like BSC, ETH? What are the benefits that this technology brings to your ecosystem? What exactly does it consist of?

Avalanche (AVAX) is considered an Umbrella Platform that enables the launch of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, financial assets, transactions, and many other services.

We choose Avalanche for following reasons:
High Speed: Avalanche is a high-speed smart contract platform that delivers 2nd finality and Visa-grade throughput. Avalanche’s transaction processing speed is super fast, in seconds, about 4,500 tps / Subnets.

Infinite Scalability: Avalanche can handle thousands of transactions and is compatible with a wide range of validators with no performance loss, no limit on the number of Subnets created.
Good security: Avalanche always ensures absolute security and safety
Latency: Low latency (under 3s)

Besides, Avalanche supports smart contracts created and used by the same tools on Ethereum such as Remix, Metamask, Trufle, etc.

Q8. Why #FullDAO Protocol?

Let me break it down for you with the following points:

Multiple Rewards & Incentives
FullDAO brings you multiple rewards for your contribution and participation to the platform, yet drive users and growth of the ecosystem as people can get more involved and earn more.
Easy to Use & Earn
FullDAO wants to bring to you guys the simplest and smoothest experience even for those who do not have much exposure to DeFi world in general, or Yield-optimizer platform in general.
FullDAO prioritizes creating original features for Passive Income Maximization & building strong partnerships with leading projects to build a thriving ecosystem.
Security above everything – the platform is built to keep your crypto assets safe and private.
FullDAO holders have the power to directly vote on the future decisions of the protocol.
FullDAO team always aims for the benefits of the community and is always available to provide support whenever you need.

Q9. PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATIONS are the backbone in making every project more widespread. Can you list some of ur partners with us?

Some of FullDAO’s partners are:

  • Avax Nation
  • Verichains
  • PROCYON Ventures
  • Skychain Capital
  • Avax Holic

Q10. User experience is a very important issue in most projects. Do #FullDao focus on this? What has #FullDao done to bring the best user experience, especially to new users?

To us, user experience is always priority. So you can see DAO voting is our core offering!!
FullDAO team wants to create this platform as a place where you come and feel safe to put your crypto assets in and maximize profit capacity.
Thanks to DAO, users have the right to vote the future of project

And this was the end of our AMA with FullDAO Protocol.

If you have any questions you can ask here:
Telegram Group: https://t.me/fulldaoofficial

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