GameAntz AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with GameAntz on the 15th of September

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as GameAntz ?

I am Lenon and I am the lead Dev Ceo and Founder of GameAntz project. I am systems engineer and solidity dev (among several additional background not only in the IT sector) and working full time (sometimes 3x full time) for GameAntz Project.
At present time we are 11 persons in-house ranging from software engineers to 3d animators with a passion for this project. We also have 7 external part time members of our team that also work for other companies reason why they are not willing to step forward but eventually this will happen as we all share the same excitement and commitment towards pushing GameAntz to its full potential.
The GameAntz project comprises an entire ecosystem of utilities that revolve around the same token (ANTZ) and complement each other creating a relatively complex environment but in the end quite simple regardless of the resource that most interests the holder or gamer at a given time.
On the one hand we have our ANTZ token whose tokenomics can be found on the web.
A staking utility currently offering around 200% apy.
Our 4444 wearable nfts that feature many features that make them unique, from being able to use them to play our P2E to being able to stake them in our nft staking utility currently offering a base apy (this is for regular soldiers ranked nfts) of around 65% apy.
We have our upcoming P2E which Beta is to be released within the coming week.
A marketplace where not only our nfts are going to be traded but also loots users will be able to get from playing our game.
A farming in BUSD that will come right after along with our Client Dapp you will be able to read about in our website in the coming days as we are to update that section in full.
As for our Client Dapp, another huge part of the project, We plan to release the dApp with support for 8 games. Currently tested with success for Valorant, CS:GO, League of Legends, Fornite and GTAV (again all of them Windows systems only). One month after the release of the dApp after all testings are done we plan to keep implementing from 1 to 2 new games every 2/3 weeks and target those games huge communities. We have full support for more than 900 online games just we might not need to implement them all since we will focus in those that have the biggest communities as they will for sure perform better not only in terms of marketing and profit for the holders that are not interested in gaming but also in terms of server performance. Is always better to focus in 25-30 games that will already drive millions of users instead of overloading the servers with the continuous generation of new missions for hundreds of games that will show less interaction or awake less interest from their communities (not mentioning any of those “low-performance” titles in particular but we got the updated data of which games to target in terms of daily PC users)

Q2. What are the advantages of Your project ?

As with any project that involves crypto there is always an associated risk as there is always a token in trading that fluctuates following different patterns. In this sense our project is designed to not only focus in the crypto part of the business but specially put the focus in bringing the millions of gamers and streamers into the crypto space. This is why our upcoming P2E is commited to provide the nicest of gameplays featuring role play, mmo, pvp and graphic adventure at the same time in a way that will deliver hours of fun in front of computer (we have professional gamers as advisors always behind whatever we build) . This, I would say is our main advantage, we not only focus on crypto and we are actually commited to bring the millions of gamers out there in need for good projects that will drive their attention. (this will not only benefit GameAntz but also many more legit interesting projects out there).

On top of that users have several ways of getting profitable returns from our whole ecosystem. Lets say we have several “huge entrances” to this and once inside any holder can explore and decide which path to follow towards creating nice profits just gamers wil definitely stay around for the joy of playing.. you cannot fight a passion! Passion drives everything and we are bringing this back into crypto.

Q3. please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year.

Plain and simple: We would like to grow our user base to nice levels and also wanting to end this year featured in several gaming magazines worldwide as one of the best MMOP2E with a thriving fan base in continuous growth.
In this sense we continuously advice not to overinvest as this could really become any holder’s own enemy (it always does) not letting them to properly enjoy the path we are to walk together as family and that will be full of fun all the way up 😉

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

Our Team is comprised by several engineers and blockchain related experts in different areas not only in crypto but also in software development based on DevOps and Cloud. We have participated as a company in developing several products for third parties along the road. GameAntz is our own project, a dream we envisioned years ago (back in 2018) who was first intended to run on FIAT with a different approach in mind that now have turned to crypto and will grow into a vibrant ecosystem aiming to merge two huge communities for better.

Q5. NFT is one of the hottest and most sought-after topics in the blockchain space right now. Can you share your opinion on NFT with us? Do you think NFT will disrupt the current financial system? What is Your project’s approach to the NFT sector?

We certainly believe that nft sector are actually in a very early stage.. many still don´t even offer full support for ERC-1155 standard (the one we use with our main GameAntzNFT Contract) and which allows said nfts to “evolve” in the game in several ways users and nft stakers will be able to see. Same early nft staging applies to several governments who are still setting proper foundation towards establishing regulatory frameworks for this type of assets. NFT market is thriving and vibrant even tho it is still in an 99% infancy stage imho. As I reply to this question several new nft projects that are probably worth exploring (I don´t currently have the time lol) are continuously created and this will continue to push nfts industry forward to amazing levels. Definitely GameAntz will take active part in this evolution and our NFTs will go really far away as we deliver more and more utilities until our Metaverse. (then we will introduce our DAO to users and something we call “DIGITAL FRANCHISE” in our GALANDZ METAVERSE.. not to talk about it now, but when the time comes, our nft holders are going to again be more than happy 😉).

And here we will put best questions from our members and GameAntz fans:

Q1. Most NFT games only focus on profits, as this is one of the major attractions of NFT games. So, does you focus heavily on the player experience in and out of the games to create a balance for playing and earning because that is the trend the market is tending towards presently?

Our game is carefully designed with a lot of love to be attractive and fun to play. We are definitely not focusing on money (that will be found everywhere) but on fun gameplay time and this we belive will determine a huge inflection point towards gamers acceptance. On top of that, gamers will be able to see our three BUSD (weekly, monthly and yearly) prize wallets growing by the day on top of several nice mintable loots they are to find and win as they complete puzzles and missions… People (specially gamers and streamers) will love playing FOG 😉

Q2. The majority of NFT items have no market value and are just kept in their wallets, producing no profit. So how can we expect NFTs in #Game Antz to behave differently? What are the advantages of using NFTs in the #Game Antz platform? Is it possible to make money from this?

Our nfts are actually stakable from second one once you mint it. With the amount of tokens per block we are currently giving within our nft staking platform users are easily able to recover value in about 4 days (even tho a 7 days timelock for harvesting rewards still aplies). Said nfts are also wearable in our MMOP2E bringing its traits to the character users are to play with as default weapon, nation or many boosts based upon the rank of the minted warrior. This said, nft holders are to also bare in mind that a very powerful character will always be placed in a server or room with other powerful nft holders 😉.. this is to prevent newcomers or casual gamers starting their journey in FOG to become bored as they will not be able to fight said powerful dudes and simply don´t come back.. there is a lot to explore in FOG and we want everybody to be able to do so within a fair user distribution system. As I stated before our nfts utilies are to extend way beyond Fate of Galandz but this is something our holders and minters will be descovering along the way.. we always deliver.. at least our community now knows that for sure, and we are proud of this sense of trust we are continuosly building among our Colony members!

Q3. One of the main characteristics that a blockchain game must have to succeed is to be a game, to be fun and to attract attention. So I would like you to show us a bit of how the #GameAntz game will look, could you also show us some NFTs and how they will look in-game?

I would say in regards to this one “a picture is worth a thousand words”.. so better to share our latest testing yesterday night (we are going to go for a new huge one later today).. yeah you will hear a couple spanish dudes having fun while we test just this is the actual mood everyone is to face when playing FOG… on top of that we are building every scenario with streaming in mind as this sector is crucial in our continuous growth plan.

Q4. Almost 3/4 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Our ecosystem is designed to continuously fluctuate in a healthy way. Crypto investors are mainly focused in profits and this is 100% legit… In this sense investors have to understand that everytime they take profit, and given the fact the only token people is able to buy improvements for their characters in FOG is ANTZ, gamers are going to also take advantage of every opportunity traders give to them so that they can buy ANTZ at more advantageous price in order to continue to play and move their profiles to the top of the leaderboards.. we are also to keep every item price in ANTZ that gamers might need continuously “pegged” to the price our token gets to as we move up the charting ladder.

so, even I am not going to give financial advice like “HOLD FOREVER” or things like that.. I can surely say (without being financial advice) “guys watch out and set your profit goals carefully as once you get off you might find it hard to get onboard maintaining your previous position 😉, so be wise and watch us deliver and grow” 😊

Q5. In many gaming platform,users spend lots of time playing before they can earn. How easy will playing #GameAntz game be for users who are not familiar with NFT-games?Are there some strategies you have implemented to make your game fun/easy,stress-free and not boring for users?

Every step of Fate of Galandz is under strict (I would say tedious sometimes lol) surveillance by advisors who play Valorant, Cs:Go, LOL and more on a daily basis 😉. We always had in mind we wanted to deliver a product to crypto just not though for crypto 🤣 for a change. In this sense absolutely everything, from our game scripts, to characters, to accurary, ressistance, gameplay, weapons, loots, money to be found and won in battles (pvp or agaist NPCs), even the extension of the scenarios and cameras positions are tailored by them.. again these guys are members of eSports Teams in active competition. This is why we are so confident that gamers around the world will love to play our game. On top of that we are Free to Play so.. “come and get some” is going to apply to many here 😊.. in regards to traders and holders.. just imagine a fraction of the gaming community (let’s say only 0.5%) to come into FOG and spend 5$ (minimum cost in ANTZ tokens for a legendary weapon) in order to try their luck and make it to the top 😉.. to be honest, it really scares us still now to do the numbers.. just rest assure we are to deliver 100% on everything!

btw, anyone can also find weapons hidden everywhere… just be faster and clever than others 😉.. when we say we are FREE TO PLAY we mean it 😊.

Q6. I understand #GameAntz is an NFT game designed for gamers. But what do you think is more important quantity or quality of NFT? How many characters are there in #GameAntz and will you enter each character as an NFT?

Definitely we focused on quality…. initially we were going to make 10k nfts available for minting just as we have 4 main nations that will fight to conquer the throne of Galandz we dedided to go for only 4444 nfts that are able to become powerful characters in our P2E from scrath. This doesn´t mean any wallet cannot grow its in-game character to the same level once our nfts become more and more scarce (we have plans to keep their floor price in continous rise for early minters) just they will have to spend more ANTZ in doing so, and gamers will have to buy those ANTZ marketprice yet causing a continous soar in token price as traders “trade” 😉. On top of that, there are several additional “companion” characters that any user can mint in FOG (like the Goblars for example) if they hold 5 NFTS or more in wallet (there are other NPCs mintable with only 1, 2, 3, 10 NFTS etc) and those minted creatures can also be sold in our upcoming marketplace 😉 to others.

Q7. I think the success of the project depends on the size of the community. Do you have a plan to spread awareness among crypto and non-crypto users in the world? Perhaps non-English speaking countries have restricted access to your project?

Definitely.. between today and tomorrow our GAMING CLUB PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM will start in our website and we are to explain in full how it will work. Being a member of any partner game club will also represent huge benefits as users will access the GAMING CLUB exclusive in-game shop with discounts or up to 50% (this means you could buy a legendary sword for a 2.5$ value [ALWAYS IN ANTZ] instead of 5$ value if you buy from you usual club shop.

We are already preparing our ZOOM room and will also seek for “PAID” collaborators worldwide in oder to educate everyone in regards to the GameAntz Ecosystem. Users from all around the world (specially gamers) will be able to join our LIVE WEBINARS and receive a masterclass on how to profit from our whole ecosystem by our trained collaborators.

On top of that we are to start preparing live gaming events (starting in Barcelona) really really soon just this will quickly extend to other cities as we move forward

Additionally we are to start off-line/on-line marketing campaigns in Gaming Magazines worldwide way before our Alpha version is released…

among several more actions to be carried out with well known streamers.

Q8. Do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?

YUP.. even though we are not to become a deflationary project (literally speaking) we are to set a nice % of the revenue (between 10% and 25%) we get from in-game advertising towards BUY-BACK-BURN of tokens.. we will acummulate that in public wallets for transparency and for the moment this will be the only source of ANTZ burning… this will not only count towars token value increase but also to liquidity improvement as every token bough back is going straigh to 0x…DEAD wallet 😉

Q9. Audit is very important in any project.Do you have a AUDIT certificate? or are you working to AUDIT your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

We are currently audited by Interfi Networks and also awarded with their Echelon Certification .. but… as we have close links with Certik at present time thanks to new really valuable advisors present in our team, we are going to finish and deliver our Marketplace and go for a “bundle” with our friends at Certik (this is I think the first time I talk about this publicly 😅 just we were speaking about this in one meeting today and we are going to do it) we are to audit every staking platform, marketplace, contract (again), multipliers contract, GameAntzNft contracts and also the in-game nft minting contract. we do believe this will not only bring peace of mind to our users but also to us 😉… we trust Certik a lot and the engineers there are amazingly helpful when securing a whole ecosystem.

Q10. Can you please share the Tokenomics of $ANTZ?

We have several tokenomics in place Kavin..
In this picture you can check the ones that apply to token trading (we will tend to move to a zerotax token just this 1% will remain in place in order to feed BUSD price wallets in FOG keeping this attractive to gamers)

You can find the rest of our Tokenomics as follows:
.. we are to soon disclose Farming and our Metanomics.

You can find us here:

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