Gefi AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with Gefi on the 31th of August

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you introduce yourselves to our community?

Sure, Im Josh , Marketing Manager from GeFi
I’m Alton, GeFi from Marketing Team
Basically, our team consisted 3 parties who are mainly from USA & ASIA

Funders (Consultancy and Finance)
Tech Team
Production & Marketing team

We are involved in cryptocurrencies related field since 2017, developed few coins with ETH chain, and now we moved our preference into Decentralized app related projects, and so here we are with GemStone Finance (GeFi).

Q2. Can you briefly tell us what is GeFi ?

As mentioned in our gitbook, GeFi tend to build up an actual decentralise ecosystem, which constitutes of 2 tokens that integrates with our yield farming, NFT marketplace, and blockchain-powered games.

Apart from solving the authenticity of physical precious stones by fortifying certifications with blockchain technology, GeFi also provides a platform for users to trade, swap, stake, yield, have fun, and profit at the same time, to obtain limited GEG & GES tokens.

We want GeFi become one of the most exclusive DeFi projects in the market, and also in Binance Smart Chain.

Q3. Let’s now talk about the milestones you have achieved so far and about your upcoming plans?

We have just officially launched on 12th August 2021.
We believe that GEG price will accelerates around USD 200-250 based on our experience.
Market tremendous support have moon GEG price to USD 1300 – 1400 since launched!
Moreover, Liquidity volume have exceeded $2,700,000 and daily trading volume has soar above above $2,000,000
For future pipeline we will focus on completely build Gefi ecosystem, which we will launch the next phase soon, our NFT Marketplace, StoneAge
This is just a beginning for GeFi and current liquidity pool have more than 2mil assets. We are going to launch our StoneAge NFT marketplace and GES (GESTONE) token. Check out for StoneAge and GES details below.

StoneAge NFT :
GeStone (GES) :

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

This is an interesting question, GemStone Finance (GeFi) mission is to develop a decentralized platform where blockchain technology is applied in gem and jewellery industry. We have introduced the first GeFi finance vault with the introduction of GeGem (GEG).

The introduction of GeStone (GES) is to empower the NFT marketplace in a fun way with earning model. We will be in partnership with merchants and artistes all around the world, while inspire and supports them to create their masterpiece products.
They can trade and stake their gemstone related physical products in the StoneAge NFT marketplace.
We are also going to introduce our very own BlockChain-powered game calibrating with mysterious NFT items.
Hence here we are, the revolution name of GemStone Finance, abbreviate as GeFi are born.

And here we will put best questions from our members and Gefi fans:

Q1) Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?

For Audits, we are engaging more than 2 audits firms which are at top tier from Europe and Asia.

There will be at least 1 or 2 audit reports for our GEG token and finance vaults.

Audit reports for GES token, NFT marketplace and Games, will follow up after respective launching.

Q2) I understand GeFi is a marketplace for NFT representing Gems & Jewellery. Precious stones and metals are some of the most valuable assets, how can users feel safe when buying, holding or selling them via NFT, how is it guaranteed that there will be no fraud and loss of capital?

We are not limited to only Gems & Jewelry, we do have In-Game items, Arts, Songs, Videos, and some other features like Gamifications, Blindbox or NFT creators.

All these is available STONEAGE NFT Marketplace, which is expected to launch on October 2021.
You can join STONEAGE community group now as we have just started it a few days ago

For the safety and ownership of NFT, everything is recorded in blockchain and smart contract. However, for physical products like GEMS & STONES, we will have a trusted third-party authority to handle the logistics part in making sure all the NFT physical products is secured to reach customers safely.

Don’t forget to join us and stay tuned for latest STONE AGE NFT Marketplace announcements

Q3) Based on what I read from your website, GeFi has programs and one of them is Gefi Affiliate or better known as “It Pays to Have Friends”. Can you tell us what the role and benefit of the program is for the GeFi ecosystem?

We have been doing and launched several affiliate programs that is Community driven.
It is one of the keys in our marketing strategy, we allocate 10% reward for affiliate program that we call “it pays to have friend”
Furthermore, we reward 40% of performance fees to each of our main community (currently we have 12) in order to encourage participations
The most basic benefit is you can use it in our Finance Vault (yield farming).
Soon you can use GEG to purchase limited NFT Game item and limited physical NFT products when we launch our NFT marketplace StoneAge
In near future, GEG hodlers will be able to use GEG to vote for Project’s Direction and Development as GeFI is a Community Driven Project that operated as DAO

Q4) So #GeFi has introduced 2 tokens circulating throughout the ecosystem, GEG (GeGem) and GES (GeStone).
Can you explain the difference between these two tokens?
What benefits does each In-Platform token provide?

GeFi constitutes of 2 important ecosystem which integrates a lucrative finance vault with a unique NFT gamification equipped with an extensive marketplace.
GeFi lucrative finance vault is where our GeGem (GEG) tokens came in. Coded with battle-tested smart contracts, GEG can maximised rewards easily by staking in the GeFi finance vault.
The introduction of GeStone (GES) token is as a mode of transaction, while creating value by adding a unique NFT gamification equipped with an extensive marketplace
Our mission is to become one of the most exclusive DeFi projects in the market.

Q5) Will it be possible, as the game progresses, to be able to sell or trade components with other players? Will this be easy to do?

Yes! you are able to trade your game items freely and easily in the NFT marketplace (Stone Age).

For more details, we will have it posted in our official medium in future

Q6) I saw on your documents that aside from a mode of currency in your NFT marketplace, GeStone can be also used for playing games within your platform. Can you tell us more about the games you will deploy for GeFi and how can it be played?

A little sneak peek on our NFT gaming, we will soon launch our Stone Age Gamification Blindbox, which players can purchase with GES, GEG, BNB or BUSD.
Players are able to open the box to unlock magnificent items which can be used to stake in our Farm to earn more GES!
Furthermore, those unlocked items will be sync and can be utilized in our game which will be launch at the end of this year.

Q7) Staking is one of many ways, and I read that GeFi has a staking feature. So are there any limits to staking and how do you plan to control inflation?

95,000 GEG will completely distributed within 2 years in staking, and market studies shows that this small volume are insufficient for future usage, hence we do encourage users to participate in DAO and vote by GEG. Furthermore, the privilege & precious items such as Gems or Jewellery are physical products, land or planet in metaverse game, must be obtain by GEG or BNB or other coins, those collected GEG will then be utilized or might be allocate to unique pool, those BNB or other coins will thus buyback the GEG into blackhole, in order to control the inflation.

Q8) What is the Best way to follow All your Upcoming news and updates?
What are your plans in coming Future?

Hi, you will get updated on GeFI’s updated news on our main community @GeFiCommunity. All our future plan will be announced and shared in the community

For our WHITEPAPER, do find them at our Gitbook here

For our social media, do follow this link

And finally you can buy out token prom pancake swap.
This is the token address for GEG


Q9) GeFi aims to create a gaming NFT ecosystem, what will be the components or parts of your NFT ecosystem, what services or products will you be building in the ecosystem, and what will users be able to do and gain in your NFT ecosystem?

GeFi ecosystem consist of Yield Farms, NFT Marketplace, Gamifications, and DAO which will fit and suit different characteristics of users from all around the world.
First of all, GeFions could earn rewards by staking their assets in GeFi Finance Vaults.
Secondly, GeFi NFT Marketplace ” STONE AGE ” , allow Gefions to create their own NFT in BEP721 & 1155, trade and place the bids for their preferable NFTs, and lastly, the Gamifications NFT items as well.
As you all know, NFTs could be so much more valuable than our imagination,
in the auction house Christie’s once sold a massive compilation of artworks by Beeple for a record-breaking sum of $ 69,000,000.–.
We also hope that our users, NFT creators in Stone Age could participate, bring in their arts, and enjoy the earnings too!

Q10) Based on your documents the adding pairs to GeFi’s farm pool get permissions from individuals via smart contracts. Who are these individuals and is it possible that the community could suggest/propose pools/pairs to be added to the farms?

There is no such individual in GeFi.
We start up with GeFi concept as a team and introduced 5 pools in the beginning.
All pools are coded with battle-tested smart contracts to ensure quality to our players.
The first pioneer from public sales are introduced with the ISO pool.
Following up with GEG-BNB, GEG-BUSD, CAKE-BNB, BNB-BUSD.

DAO is practiced to ensure a fair launch and decentralized decision making in GeFi.
GeFions can participate in GeFi governance ecosystem with GEG which will be burn in the next section.

GeFions can also earn our 2nd token – GES and NFTs by staking their GEG in our lucrative finance vault and the upcoming blockchain-powered gaming.
All these strategies will eventually keep the growth of users, and motivate them to stay in our ecosystem for long term

And this was the end of our AMA with Gefi.

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