Gravity The Studio AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with Gravity The Studio on 16th of December

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as Gravity The Studio ?

Yeah! So I’m Emily, I founded Gravity the Studio over a year ago now. Gravity the Studio is an ode to art-appreciators, expressed through clothes. We create wearable NFTs with an east-meets-west interpretation of a digital utopia, and drop roughly 4-6 new pieces every month. Ultimately, we aim to be the luxury fashion brand of the metaverse.

Check out more of our work on our Instagram,

Q2. What are the advantages of Your project ?

Beyond NFTs that just serve as art or a profile picture, ours are wearable in metaverses and in social media photos: Basically, wherever you spend your time across the Internet, we want your digital clothes to follow you.

Whether that’s on avatars

or in games

or in social media photos

So we successfully developed the technology to create realistic clothes in 3D, and even modeling them on a 2D photo of someone to look photorealistic.

We’re working with several decentralized metaverses to encourage interoperability of wearables. We think it’s crucial for this space that users can move their NFT assets between worlds. So everything from our first collection (available now) will be compatible with every virtual space we can get our hands on. Additionally, when you own one of our NFT’s, you can ‘rent out’ virtual wears to others, which you earn some money from every time.

Q3. please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year .

Here’s our roadmap!

in summary of that picture: We are a month away from launching our first metaverse integrations, in a year we’ll be integrated with all of the ones who let us (which is a lot of them, it turns out. The blockchain metaverse space is really excited about interoperable assets). Once you own one clothing design you can wear it wherever you’re playing.

We already have a platform with our buying, virtual wearing, and renting functions here (and we are working to add more languages than English!):

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

The name is a common question! I love science fiction so I chose a word related to space and depth (“gravity”) to say we were exploring new and serious ideas, to tell that we’re a design studio, and I liked the odd grammatical structure of using Gravity as a noun.

Me, growing up I loved MMOGs and formed communities with friends I only knew online. In my fashion Masters I combined the idea of online identities with clothes, and wound up creating clothes which only exist online. I loved the ‘wild west’ of the early 2000’s Internet and how decentralized metaverses bring that back, but without the ability for the creators to randomly take down the platform or sell it to some big corporation.

Blockchain is the perfect solution to digital ownership, I needed somebody from a technical blockchain background on the project. Enter Julia: She’s my co-founder from over in Moscow, who brings the technical blockchain expertise. She’s been developing in blockchain for 4 years now and has won 22 hackathons.

The third founding member is Serena, who’s a brilliant creative from China and brings the fashion business management expertise. She and I collaborate on all our designs, which creates a really unique aesthetic.

And here we will put best questions from our members and GRAVITY THE STUDIO fans:

Q1) NFT wearables has huge potential every NFT and avatars in the future will be more like real human changing their wears according to the day and the events. But NFT wearables will need technical skills. Does the team possess these skill sets or are you partnering with other firms?

Totally! A Ready Player One sort of experience is the ultimate goal, right? They do require a lot of technical skills, which are quite specific and not common. To do it realistically you need to know both fashion pattern cutting and 3D software. I create all our pieces. In fact, many other firms are trying to partner with us because we’re experts in this important area.

Q2) Since your main functions and/or relevance of the project is focused on what is virtual clothing itself, I would like to know if you have future plans to partner with the Meta metaverse or other metaverse hosted more towards crypto space and provide your services in these same?

Yes so we are a virtual fashion house, and metaverses are our retailers. They also provide the spaces that make our products wearable. Because we are a blockchain company we partner with other blockchain metaverses to make our NFTs useful. It’s unlikely we would work with Meta because they are centralized.

Q3) NFT Market is still in its early stages. how will you educate the market & get into this new feature, and attract non-crypto users, to Blockchain & NFT? then Can you explain what you mean by “Luxury Virtual Couter” ?

Yes. It’s very important for all of us in the crypto space to attract new people. The best way to do this is make your platform very easy for new people to use and understand, and make the benefits of NFTs very clear. We are focused on both of these things and constantly talk to non-technical people to know how we can do better.

Q4) I have noticed that the fashion line wear of Gravity the Studio is more focused on women/female design. Will this be the case or your fashion art design also includes for men making it unisex?

Yes we get asked this a lot! We designed more women’s clothing in our first collection, but we do have a few menswear items available as well. The upcoming drop will have more looks for men!

Q5) How long did it take to put this project together? What are your long-term goals? And what can we look forward to from Gravity The Studio?

Over a year so far! We’ve done a lot of research and refined and re-evaluated many times to get where we are and to be this confident about what we’re sharing with the world.

Ultimately, we want to change how people experience fashion online. Rather than walled gardens of “yeah you can wear your cool wearable on our game and nowhere else” we want everyone to rethink the possibilities of how we move items between worlds. Why should we have to reinvent our avatar/character everywhere we log in?

Q6) Gravity the studio offer an interesting services with NFTs, but I realized that you chose opensea to trade your NFTs, so have you considered create your own native NFT marketplace?

Hi Sen, this is a good question. We currently mint on Opensea because their smart contract does everything we need it to, and it is very secure. We have our own platform which integrates with Opensea ( We do want to create our own native NFT marketplace and smart contract in the future!

Q7) I realized that apart of buy the NFTs, an user also can rent it, so I really don’t understand this, can you tell us why an user will Rent a NFT instead buy it? Also how do you prevent this the user will not take advantage and steal the NFT to other wallet?

Hi Manugotsuka! Yes- I did not explain this well 🙂 So when you buy one of our NFT’s, you can wear it across metaverses, and virtually tailored on a social media photo. On Instagram, many people want to wear our virtual clothes, but they do not want the trouble of buying the NFT. So we let NFT owners ‘rent out’ individual virtual wears of the design they own, which Instagram users buy from us. We give a commission to the NFT owner every time this happens. We have more information on this here:

Q8) How does GTS works? how does #GTS guarantee the customer if there are identical dresses circulating with what the user purchased?

For plagiarism we’re working with our metaverse partners to keep checks on user-generated wearables coming onto their platform (Decentraland already does this, for reference). And we thoroughly document our creative processes so we’re legally protected by copyright laws. Of course both the fashion and NFT worlds are pretty battered by fake copies, but we’re planning in advance to mitigate. Also, we do not rerelease designs. If we are going to even release different colors or prints of one design, we do it all in the same drop so everyone is fully aware of its rarity.

Q9) Do you consider your project in non-English regions and building strong communities so that people can better understand your project? Do you have an ambassador program?

Yes definitely. Our founding team speaks 5 different languages and comes from around the world. Our partnerships and collaborations bring us even further. Each new person we work with gives us the opportunity to better know the people from a new part of the world, which we’ve really worked with to our advantage. The internet is global, but its people are local. We want to actively represent different languages and cultures rather than assuming English and western-centrism as the norm. Basically it’s a big priority of ours and at the forefront of our minds as our team grows, yes.

Q10) How did you get the community involved in developing the project? and how do you build a strong community to grow globally?

We’re currently focused on community building, first and foremost, which is why we’re participating in events like this with CryptoTiTans 🙂 We entirely build our project around conversations with our community. We’ve been working on this for over a year and we’ve actually shifted our entire business direction several times based on feedback. If you aren’t building something that people want, what are you even doing? We don’t want to be led from the top-down, that’s what makes crypto more powerful than traditional brands.

And this was the end of our AMA with GRAVITY THE STUDIO.

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