HeliconNFT AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with HeliconNFT on the 28th of November

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as HeliconNFT ?


I’m Timothy, HeliconNFT’s Marketing Manager. My job is a fairly simple one; make sure everyone understands why HeliconNFT is changing the game… quite literally. How I go about doing that depends, but talking to new communities is definitely one of my favourite ways.

Q2. What are the advantages of Your project ?

I think the best way to summarise what it is we’re doing at HeliconNFT is to say we’re building a platform that rewards gamers, creators & developers for investing their time & creativity.

How we do that is what makes us stand out.

I think we’re all familiar with NFTs & what they can do by now.

But the functionality we see the most value in is that authorship is made indelible by the blockchain.

The long and short of it is this: we’re building a highly-liquid gaming & trading NFT platform that uses NFTs to enable the exchange of in-game items.

Of course, there are other platforms who are trying to build NFT gaming platforms, to varying degrees of success, but we think our unique mix of USPs and the people who work on the project is what gives us the advantage.

I’d love to discuss that further, but I’ll do so as you ask the questions.

Q3. please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year ?

Our primary goal is to grow our community and to share what it is we’re building, and where we see the future of NFT gaming.

We’re also have a few exciting roadmap developments of course.

  • Our platform is currently in alpha and being extensively tested and should be ready for launch in early 2022
  • We’ve partnered with some exciting developers, who we can’t wait to announce in the near-future.
  • And our first NFT mystery box event launches mid-December.

Our mystery box event is the first opportunity for the community to get involved in our ecosystem. All you need to do to participate is register for our whitelist at mystery.heliconnft.com

Once registered, not only will you receive all the latest news first, but you qualify for our mystery box event mid-December, where you will receive an in-game NFT for one of our upcoming games, each of varying rarity.

Our next big milestone is the launch of our platform and market place early 2022, plus Public Sale, and the integration of our first games in Q2 2022.

We’ve also got some really exciting brand superstars in talks with us for some exciting NFT activities, but I’ll share more on that later.

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

So, you’re exactly right. Our project’s name is inspired by the Greece of old – not just mythology thought, but the culture that flourished.

The greeks were one of the first to take the marketplace (what was then a novel idea) and revolutionise it, to use it to the betterment of the community.

So, we named our marketplace Agora after the markets of Greece.

Of course, there are other links, like the use of a new market economy to empower individuals and the community at large.

And I’d be lying if we didn’t want to link some of the Greek Gods, badasses as they were, to the themes of our project.

That’s where the idea for our project started. We knew we wanted to do something with NFTs, but we didn’t just want to make some shiny jpgs and then be on our merry way.

For one, our 9 liquidity pools are named after the 9 muses of Greek mythology, for all intents and purposes, the gods of art and culture.

So, our liquidity pools are named: Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia and Urania

Our Discord bot (discord.gg/heliconnft) for another, is called Hermes after the messenger god.

And here we will put best questions from our members and HeliconNFT fans:

Q1. Master NFT & Regular NFT are the NFTs traded in Helicon Marketplace, There are 9 Master NFTs, each of which corresponds to a DeFi liquidity mining pool. Holders of MasterNFT can enjoy incredible earning power & benefits. What’s the difference between the Master NFT & Regular NFT?

I think it’s best to explain what Master NFTs are first.

As they’re an important element of what makes our platform unique.

Master NFTs are an important element of our economy, and are designed entirely to improve the overall liquidity of the system.

The idea is to ensure there is always sufficient volume of HDT & USDT in the system to ensure there are always buyers for NFTs.

You can think of our 9 Master NFTs as governors over our 9 liquidity pools.

By owning a Master NFT, you are rewarded 1% of all sales revenue & 5% of all staking revenue that occurs in your relevant liquidity pool.

However, you can only own a Master NFT for 24 hours, after which it is return to the market for new bidders.

We do this to prevent monopoly over the Master NFTs, and by releasing an owner’s rewards over 9 days, we ensure there is always liquidity in the system.

Regular NFTs on the other hand are the NFTs we all know and love. They’re what gamers & creators can trade during their day-to-day activities.

Suffice it to say: when you tokenize an in-game item, it becomes a regular NFT.

While there will only ever be 9 Master NFTs.

Q2. One of the key features of Agora, the fundamental element of Helicon is “Helicon AOS (Game Add-on System)”, a system that will bridge the gap between centralized games and decentralized NFTs. So, can you tell us more about this Helicon AOS and how will it exactly work?

NFTs are effectively the vehicle by which we empower gamers, developers & creators. our AOS system enables developers to integrate their games into our platform in such a way that virtually any in-game item can be minted as an NFT.

The mechanics of the NFTs in question (can they evolve, be combined, destroyed, etc.) will be up to the developers as we do not want to prescribe how games should be made or played.

To give you an example of the breadth of NFT functionality, we are working with one of our own in-house development studios on a game currently called Helicon Titan – an open and ever-expanding world where players can partake in virtual activities together. Helicon titan will be the Metaverse game that utilises the full capability of our Helicon ecosystem. As a result:

  • Players can participate in virtual arena combat where they fight against
    old gods to become champions of the new world
  • Players develop their avatars through equipping armor and weapons (NFTs), learning new skills and enhancing their abilities and power
  • Helicon Titan will utilise its own in-game token
  • Game items (your NFTs) can be worn out but also repaired using in game tokens
  • Without proper care, your NFTs can be destroyed, but careful use and leveling up can result in very rare weapons

Ultimately, AOS enables developers to create the NFT games of their dreams as well as allow gamers to tokenize in-game assets, so they can earn some revenue from all their time and creativity invested.

Q3. It is not clear to me that what do you mean by “Royalty Program”. Please deeply explain how does this feature work. As you have mentioned, how do you calculate the royalty percentage based on the selling price of NFTs? Do you have different royalty levels?Could you please explain?

Our royalty programme is an automated component of our marketplace. Essentially, we use the blockchain to recall the original author of every NFT, and use that to reward a royalty (a few percent) to the creators of those NFTs, and anyone can do it.

Anyone who mints an NFT becomes an author, so it’s not limited to specific users or gamers.

The royalty is a percentage of the transaction, decided by the developer when they launch the game. If anyone understands the degree of difficulty or time investment that goes into creating NFTs in their game, it’s the developers, they they should have a good idea what a fair reward for authors is.

But, no, we don’t have any levels to speak of. However, our system is 100% community driven thanks to its decentralised voting/proposal system. So, if enough the of the community decide, there is certainly room to make adjustments to the system to benefit the community.

Q4. Regarding Helicon Yield Aggregator, the 7 mining pools are Calliope,Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia and Urania. Would you explain us what inspired the team to name the pools, and also what would be the difference in dividends by being in one or another pool ?

As you know, our liquidity pools are inspired by the 9 Greek Muses.

They were the gods of art and culture, appropriate given that our platform empowers creators and gamers.

Our 9 pools are aggregated according to staking size. So, for example, a pool with 100 people in it, each with one token staked, will pay out 1 token to each individual. While in another pool, where there might be just 3 stakers, each will earn 33.33 tokens.

But otherwise, each pool is effectively equal.

Q5. The gap between traditional gamers and blockchain gamers is still huge. Many traditional players can find it difficult to play NFT games. How can HeliconNFT bridge this to attract more traditional player to your games?Do you have plan to educate about the benefit of NFT games?

I think our approach is certainly unique in that we don’t think there’s anything wrong with traditional games. Games don’t need to be fixed.

Our platform is meant to address some of the issues facing the economy many gamers find themselves in.

So for us, the ideal NFT game would be something like League of Legends or Dota, with cosmetics that can evolve and transform according to the player who owns them.

What we don’t want is 99% of NFT games currently out there.

I’m sure it’s not just me who thinks they’re awfully boring.

That’s because they’re about NFTs first and games second.

We want games that use NFTs to enable gamers to earn a revenue from their time.

We want to use NFTs to enable modders who spend so much time crafting insanely impressive mods to earn a revenue through royalties without having to compete with fully priced games.

I think it’s fair to say that we’re not trying to educate gamers on NFT games. We’re trying to educate NFT gamers that games can be play to earn without coin farming and all that other dreary nonsense.

Q6. There are many NFT games now in the industry and new games are released every day. However, one of the main problems with NFT games is that they are not player friendly. They usually lack gameplay and storytelling. What kind of gaming and gaming experience will HeliconNFT provide us with?

I couldn’t agree more. Every day I look at the NFT games released and planning on releasing and want to tear my hair out. It’s not just that they’re dull, but it’s like people who create NFT games have forgotten the first rule of gaming. PAY TO WIN IS A BAD THING.

And yet, every day there’s a new NFT game that lets those with money completely outshine those who aren’t willing to spend.

While we’re just a platform and ultimately the games are up to their developers and community, we are working with some teams who understand and share our frustration.

What we want to create are games. NFTs are just another technology, a powerful technology sure, but no different from raytracing or SSDs. They let us do new things with games, to benefit creators and developers.

Take FPS games, for example. The guns should not be NFTs. That’s pay to win. No one wants to lose to someone who merely bought a better gun. What NFTs should be are insane ways to transform the look of your weapon – from AK 47 to a gold and pink AK with disco ball ammo clips, a unicorn stock that farts rainbows when you sire and more.

Q7. So many projects just like to speak about the “long term vision and mission” but what are your short terms objectives? What are you focusing right now?

Our short term is simply this: ensure our platform works the way we envision it, which means lots of testing and to grow our community.

Q8. Token Burn or BuyBack plays an important role in increasing the value of the token Do you have a token burning or buyback program plan to attract investors?

We are implementing a number of appreciation models, which includes token burning. In fact, 2% of all tokens involved in each regular NFT transaction will be sent to the HeliconNFT blackhole and burnt.

Q9. Does your great project support staking? If yes, how does your sharing system work, what are the user requirements if he wants to participate in your platform???

We will be supporting staking as one of our key liquidity pillars. Staking of course also provides liquidity, so we reward it.

By staking the pair HDT + USDT, you earn liquidity pool tokens (LP). LP is the only way to purchase a Master NFT.

That means you must have staked for sufficient enough time or with enough quantity of HDT & USDT to accrue the LP you need to purchase a Master NFT, which assists us with liquidity.

For those not intending to purchase a Master NFT, which is most of us I imagine, you can re-stake your LP to earn HDT.

Q10. What is the importance of society to you? How can we cooperate with you or help you in developing the project?

Our community will be the lifeblood of our platform. Without community involvement, we’re going nowhere. After all, we put voting & revenue earning in the hands of our community.

For those who are interested in participating, the best place to be is our Discord discord.gg/heliconnft.

And this was the end of our AMA with HeliconNFT.

If you have any other questions you can ask here:


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