Hero Arena AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with Hero Arena on the 17th of October

And here we will put some of the best question’s:

Q1. Can you introduce yourself to our community?

yeah, Hi everyone, I’m Daniel – COO of Hero Arena. As more people here, I have a passion with game in young time and spend more time to play a lot of game, after that I have more experience to work at Singapore with technology and gaming company, so now we work with Hero Arena to build up a new RPG game on blockchain to everyone.

Q2. Can you briefly tell us what is Hero Arena ?

yes, https://heroarena.app/ is a game inspired by Dota2, the game is developed according to the traditional game model and we have applied Blockchain technology to bring more new experiences about the game. I myself am a big fan of Dota games, so when working with the Dev team and creating “Hero Arena” in a Blockchain version with more features and creating a different game world than.

Q3. Let’s now talk about the milestones you have achieved so far and about your upcoming plans?

Yes, we will make IGO (Initial Gaming Offering) in next 3 days on Seedify and Gate.io, after that we will launch INO (Initial NFT Offfering) to everyone can buy unique 20,000 rare Heroes in game at early of November. In November we will launch beta version on PC and release official version on the end of November.

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

Hero Arena come with us so suddenly, our team very like Dota 2 and in a party of team we watched TI (The International Competition of Dota 2), then we have idea to make a new Dota Game on blockchain and NFT. We have a team of game developers with more than 10 years of experience in the industry.

Myself and the team are also game lovers and ready to devote themselves to the project. In addition, we have investors such as Au21, Bunicorn, Basic Capital, Poolz, Gate.io…. accompanying the project and supporting us a lot in its future development.

Q5. NFT is one of the hottest and most sought-after topics in the blockchain space right now. Can you share your opinion on NFT with us? Do you think NFT will disrupt the current financial system? What is Hero Arena’s approach to the NFT sector?

yeah, not easy question
In my opinion, i think NFT is the next trend in blockchain market, but it will not destroy anything, NFT is the next revolution to help people can own their item and character 100%, give the right to people so much. NFT will support financial system improve their security hole and make value for everyone

And here we will put best questions from our members and Hero Arena fans:

Q1) It caught my attention that HeroArena states that there will be the option to Play for Free on your game, but I was wondering, how much will we be able to play for free and under what conditions? Also, when users can play for free there is often a limited amount of time dictated ?

Most of NFT game is play to earn concept. but with Hero Arena we allow gamer free to play and earn a little reward if you can executive daily task in game. beside that when you can join dungeon fight with boss to get more reward in game.
In normal version, you need at least 100 HERA token ($10) to buy Heroes to join with us. i think it’s not cheap also not expensive, everyone can join this game

Q2) Gaming sector is extremely competitive & many platforms had to work very hard to reach their current user numbers. How will your team compete with the existing gaming platforms & what extra will you offer to get the gamers from the other platforms?

game industry is very competitive, but our team have more than 10 years to develop game so i dont worry about that. in our plan we will attract new user from blockchain market by collaborate with some partner to build gamer community. Beside that, we will open more marketing campaign in another area with very big prize.

Q3) You have 5 types of races: ”Warlord, Orc, Elf, Undead, Beast”. What are the basic attributes of each race type and what characteristics do they have? How do users get each race type and how will they improve their computing power?

each of Heroes will have different skill and statictis
Skills are assigned randomly by Class when Heras are summoned.
Damage dealt by Skill are influenced by Skill damage and Hera’s stats.
Heras at initial summon are ranked 1-star and have 01 active skill and 03 passive skills each by default. A Hera can be ranked up with Hera Shards and gold to unlock up to 03 additional skills at 7 stars.
Ranking up a Hera also increases its core stats significantly.
Throughout the game, Hera Shards are earned as rewards during activities and events. Ranking up a Hera requires Shards of that same Hera.
Core Stats: Strength, Power, Agility

when you play game to will get more about that

Q4) Many of us as blockchain gamers have experienced the continual bugs of games that hit their lowest point today, like Axie or Plants VS Undead. By being built in a pyramidal economy and a huge liquidity extraction. So how will Hero Arena take steps to avoid an early death?

yes of course, we build up game later so we will try to avoid this mistake. you know play to earn is the key of this mistake, Developer want to get more user, so they will open a lot of reward to user in early stage, that will make inflate token in long term.

so, we will not do that

we will release reward step by step with skill and result play of gamer. beside that we will make a pool reward from ourself to give everyone, that will make a huge user play game but dont make inflate tokens

Q5) DeFi games are ranked#1 in investor interest, due to their large percentage of earnings. As soldiers at war we have seen each of the leaders of crypto gaming fall for bad decisions. Now that you are in the early stages,how do you prevent yourself from falling into the same steps?

nice question, in gamefi have good governance by DAO algorithm, people said blockchain is decentralized, gamefi is the same. with gamefi we alway respect community opinion and before we make any important decision, we will get community vote and opinion/ That will help us go right way and moving forward. Thanks

Q6) Partnerships and collaborations are the backbone of making each project more than comprehensive. Can you list some of your partners with us? So that it can play a big role in the project.

we have investors such as Au21, Bunicorn, Basic Capital, Poolz, Gate.io…. accompanying the project and supporting us a lot in our development. Beside that we have also supported by some studio game team in Singapore and Vietnam (Estudio), coinmarketcap, BSC Daily also our strategy partnership

Q7) What are your marketing strategies and how will you have a global expansion and adoption for your project where English is not spoken?What are your next upcoming priorities? What is in your roadmap ?

yes sure, we want to explain to a lot of areas in the world with like Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil, PhilippiniE, Korea, Japan….

Q8) Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable???

we also have partnership with Verichain (https://www.verichains.io/), they also audit party of a lot of famous gaming project like Axie Infinity, Kyber Network, Tomochain… You can find our audit report in our website

Q9) What major partnerships does you project intend to use or how does your project bring its products to the average consumer – especially non-crypto users?

non-crypto user can join with us by more way, they can play game with free to earn model (us play and watch advertising). i think it’s very easy to play and so funny

Q10) Why did you choose BSC for your project? Is there any plan to add more blockchains in the future?Why did you choose BSC for your project? Is there any plan to add more blockchains in the future?

yeah, you know a lot of chain nowaday (ethereum, solana, polygon, polkadot, bsc…), but we choose bsc first because bsc community is very huge and active, beside that bsc have low fee of transaction, dont like Ethereum with transaction fee so high.
Our purpose is attract more and more user so that’s why we want to best convernient for them

And this was the end of our AMA with Hero hrena .

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