Hokkaidu Inu AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with Hokkaidu Inu on the 24th of August

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Could you tell us more about your project? In other words, what does HOKK do?

We started out as a memeproject and the reason for that was to take advantage of the meme-season. In this way we could get a lot of investors and attraction to further our vision. Hokkaidu Inu is a community project and within the first weeks, we as a community decided that in order to be among the top crypto projects we need to have a core focus, and since then, building utility has been our core focus. One major factor that has gotten us so far is our community. There were no team tokens or ICO, all of the money that has been spent on the project comes from the community. We have an awesome community that is very active and together, we are what makes HOKK grow. Building utility and a community that is actively involved, this what has gotten us to where we are today.

Q2.There are many similar out there, some have been quite successful. What is special about HOKK compared to other projects?

HOKK began less than 3 months ago, reborn from the ashes through community power. Though we started off as a simple meme token, our leadership team has taken the project in a bold new direction, carefully laying the foundations for an ambitious new vision: to make payments and remittance affordable and accessible internationally, especially to developing economies, in order to create an inclusive financial system based on blockchain technology. We like to call it Meme Utility.

VISION AND CORE FOCUS: is to make payments and remittance affordable and accessible to developing economies, creating an inclusive financial system based on blockchain technology. Imagine being able to send remittances from developing economies to your diaspora at the fraction of the cost of traditional finance within seconds. This is Hokk Finance.
Building utility is key here. Here are some things that will be happening within weeks from now:

  1. HOKKFi DEX (www.hokkfi.com). Status: in-progress.
  2. Liquidity Pool (LP) Mining. Status: in-progress.
  3. $HOKKFi Utility + Governance token. Status: in-progress.

After successful deployment of the above items, we will deploy the following two items on the Ropsten Testnet:

  1. DAO voting smart contracts, mechanism and UI. Status: in-development.
  2. Single asset staking contracts + UI. Status: in-development.

Once all these features are deployed and live, we will introduce $HOKKFi as the utility and governance token of the HOKK Finance ecosystem. $HOKKFi will be airdropped to current $HOKK token holders. At this point, we will have a fully-functioning DAO for Proposals and Voting, which will allow the community to choose what we do next, which areas dev efforts should be focused on, and what we do with the revenue generated from $HOKKFi. Wait, revenue? What revenue? It’s simple. LP (Liquidity Pool) mining and staking will incentivize holders to lock their $HOKK and $HOKKFi to earn more rewards in the form of more $HOKKFi. In turn, these mechanisms significantly decrease token sell pressure due to the appealing upside of LP and staking rewards. That’s not all. Staking and LP mining will generate revenue for HOKK Finance via token emissions and protocol transaction fees. This generated revenue can then be used to further build and develop the HOKK Finance ecosystem, add liquidity to $HOKK and/or $HOKKFi, be used for marketing, or for any further development the community desires.

Q3. If you were to summarize your project in 1 word, what would it be? Why?

Ambitious. HOKK is a project that began as a meme coin like any other Inu-themed dog token, but we quickly adapted and changed, shifting our vision to become something much greater. It’s the belief in that vision within our community that drives us forward, creating our successes, and uniting us all under one common cause. We believe HOKK is an underdog in the world of altcoins, and despite our many challenges along the way, we are very proud to have a community of nearly 60,000 holders behind us that have supported our vision since our inception less than 3 months ago.

Q4. How do you guarantee users’ asset security?

Certik Audit

Q5. What would be one’s motive to hold HOKK tokens? What can we do with $HOKKFI ?

As I stated above, people will be able to claim $HOKKFI via holding $HOKK in their wallet. Furthermore, $HOKKFI will be obtainable by staking $HOKK.

$HOKKFi Utility: The purpose of $HOKKFi utility is to power the HOKK Ecosystem and our future development roadmap inclusive of: HOKK Pay, HOKK Wallet, and HOKK Remit. $HOKKFi utility will be airdropped to all $HOKK holders and then be obtainable by staking $HOKK (and some other coins). Staking $HOKK will incentivize holding, it will decrease sell pressure and help increase liquidity.

HOKK Wallet: Think of the current wallets that many of you are using (Trust, Metamask, Coinbase Wallet or any other ERC-20 wallet). We are taking the good things from these wallets to create HOKK Wallet, that will be a standalone wallet. HOKK Pay and HOKK Remit will serve as a layer/function within the wallet.

HOKK Pay and HOKK Remit: Our vision is to establish HOKK Pay and Remit as the MasterCard, Visa and TransferWise of the Global Payments and Remittance industry on the blockchain. We believe along with our partners that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will replace traditional finance, as such we are positioning ourselves to be pioneers of crypto payments for goods and services. Imagine going into a restaurant paying with HOKK Pay or doing your online shopping and paying
seconds at a fraction of current costs, and doing this all through HOKK Remit. $HOKKFi and staking will generate the HOKK Finance Foundation revenue (in the near term) to fuel our development of HOKK Wallet, HOKK Pay and HOKK Remit.We are focused on building utility and bringing a platform with products to the general public that they will adopt, love and use in the blockchain space.

And here we will put best questions from our members and Hokkaidu Inu fans:

Q1) Where can I buy your tokens, what is your current contract, and how can I buy them. –What are the advantages, for me buying those tokens.

Great question, you can buy our tokens at many exchanges, I will provide the Linktree:


If you want to buy Hokk on Hokkfi.com or Uniswap you have to use 0xc40af1e4fecfa05ce6bab79dcd8b373d2e436c4e as contract for the ETH side of Hokk.

If you want to buy Hokk on BSC you have to use 0x4741619a7d026b659bf8cb4e8b8fd88f38997da9. Both will be bridged after the airdrop.

If you buy Hokk on ETH you will be able soon to stake your Hokk to receive Hokkfi, our utility token.

Q2) Safety is of course Crucial for any platform where many projects gets hack & bugsin the earlier period What Security Measures are adopted by Hokk Finance? Will there be an audit from Third Party Company?

Safety is of course Crucial for any platform where many projects gets hack & bugsin the earlier period What Security Measures are adopted by Hokk Finance? Will there be an audit from Third Party Company?

We agree that safety is a very important subject in crypto. That’s why we chose to do an audit at Certik. They provide us the best audit and best security.

Q3) Can you please #hokkaiduinu share about your burn system and buyback system? How does burn work for your token?

We are a community driven project. Our whales provided 1 Million dollars worth of Hokk out of their own pocket to burn. They have send it to the burning wallet and the burning wallet is increasing by the ARF. Of every buy & sell there is 4% divided over all holders and the burning wallet. So in that way it keeps increasing.

Q4) Today on how many social media platforms are you going to rock, how and where can I join you??

We are on many socialmedia platforms already. Let me send the Linktree for it and let’s all join us!!


Q5) I understand that #Hokkfinance is a meme coin & currently there are many similar projects in the blockchain, can you tell us about what are the new aspects that $HOKK brings? How does it differ from its competitors? What are its main feautures?

We call our self Meme utility. We are rebranding to actually separate us from the meme theme. We want to bring real utility to the space. We will start with releasing our utility token, Hokkfi. Most of the meme projects keep on being just a meme token. We want to be more than just a meme token and we will be 🙂

Q6) What are your plans, in place for global expansion are you focusing on only market at this time??

Great question. We have an objective which is HOKK Pay and HOKK Remit however since we will implement a DAO-structure it means that the community votes on things we should do. We do not limit ourselves, if we see that there is a market worth going for the community can vote on it and then we will make sure to add it to our list of objectives and implement it.

This is one of the reason why our project is great, you as an investor are part of the journey, we as a community decide where we want to go.

Q7) What role does the community play in the Hokkaidu Inu? What have you done and will do to attract people to join Hokkaidu Inu and build a thriving community?

HOKK IS its community. This is how we are different from other project where those in the top decide everything. In HOKK the community decides. For instance we have different groups based on how much HOKK you have, like we have a whale group who have been contributing most of the money for HOKK’s success, be it marketing, tech or anything really, we all decide together on the road to go forward.

We also have other groups like marketing, imagineering(branding etc), dev/tech group. As many of you know there are many people in crypto who have experties in certain areas, it can be business owner, business developers, people who work in marketing or banking sector. There is a great deal of people with a lot of experiences, this is a great way for people to involve themselves, which people have in this community. This means when you invest you can decide to be a passive investor or you can contribute with your skill.

I have a background in sales, project development and business development in the bankin sector. This is just to give you an idea how all of us come together as a community to build HOKK.

This is the message we want to send out to people about investing and being part of HOKK so that people feel that they are part of something great.

Also keep in mind, even if many of us have great experience we also make sure to work with the best people in certain areas by paying for it also, be it marketing or tech etc.

Q8) Have you being audited ? Have not heard you talk about that security of funds is what every investor craves for and plans to escape incase of insecurity if funds,scams and rug pulls ? How strongly built are your security put in place?

Simple answer: Certik Audit

Certik is the market leader for blockchain security and audits. The developers agreed that $HOKKFi will play an integral role in powering the HOKK Finance ecosystem, and that it should be audited by none other than the firm with the best reputation in the industry.

And this was the end of our AMA with Hokkaidu Inu.

If you have any other questions you can ask here:


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