HyperJump AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with HyperJump on the 2nd of December

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself to our community ?

I am Lord Glitch from HyperJump, project that is live on both BSC and Fantom.
It was previously governed by a DAO but with v2 we have moved it to a corporate structure with specific titles, me being the Project Manager of the HyperJump.

I myself was a loyal community member and loved the project and now i along with many other like me are running this project!

Q2. Can you briefly tell us about HyperJump project ?

HyperJump is a project on the Binance Smart Chain and Fantom / Opera Chain dedicated to truly Decentralising DeFi and making your experience fun and easy to use with our innovative products.

The HyperJump family of dApps includes

  • yield farm – Asteroid Farms
  • single asset staking pools – Mech Staking
  • vaults – Star Vaults
  • a contract revoke tool – Unrekt Tool
  • Gambling Casino- Moon Bet Casino
  • AMM (Automated Market Maker) – HyperSwap
    alongside a play to earn game called HyperHeist

This project is maintained and cared for by a team made for, by and of Community Members itself.

Continuing to innovate in the space, we recently launched our v2 with the narrative “HyperJump reDEFIned” where we are aiming to build DEFI products that are not yet in Decentralised world.

Q3. What are the advantages of Your project ?

1st We have all in one ecosystem.

HyperSwap to swap your tokens, then you can Farm on asteroid field for our tokens or stake our tokens to get other project tokens. you want auto compounding for your lps? Head to StarVaults and get one of the safest Vaulting experience. Casino is a new addition to Our family of Dapps. Fees from all of these Dapps buy back and burn our tokens.

2nd Hyper-Safu, as i mentioned. We fixed syrup exploit, audited by certik, reviewed by RugDoc, Flash-Loan Exploit are taken care of and pur users are made safe form them.

3rd Multi-Chain project
We have out project on BSC and on Fantom Chain rn, and we plan to Expand it to other chains as well.

4th HyperJump is a community driven project
HyperJump was governed by DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) but recently we moved it to more corporate structure that is fully made of Community Devs and Workers. Made for community, made of community, and our community is new true DAO.

5th Gaming Project
Hyperjump aims to Gamify Defi, we are here to make your experience as fun and interactive as possible, let you play games and earn rewards too.

6th Endless partnerships.
We had a number of partnerships with most of the OG projects on BSC, we had almost over 50 partnerships and numbers is ever increasing.

7th HyperJump v2
We are aiming to make a self running and self growing platform.
With our strategies and vaults that puts money into our ecosystem and tokens automatically and helps community to use hyperjump platform to kick start their own defi projects with ease.

Q4 please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year

These are the goals we are trying to achieve in 2021 itself.

  • Farm v2 has been launched.
    It is one of a kind multi-chain farm where all supply is on one chain and is being distributed to other chains automatically balancing everything as ecosystem expands
  • star vaults v2
    It is in works and we are expecting it to be done within this week.
    It is something that should be a project in itself.
    Our vaults will not be traditional compounding vaults but it will use fees from vaults to be reinvested in other protocols giving users more rewards. And as that fees is accumulating, it will provide ever increasing apy!
    But not only that, our strategies will work as vault and yield aggregators as it will be choosing multiple project and will self adjust it according to higher apys abs rewards to maximise APYs.
  • MoonBet Casino is also launched
    You can bet using $Jump token at play.hyperjump.app and can buy at bsc.hyperjump.app/swap or ftm.hyperjump.app/swap .
  • HyperVortex
    It will be our bridge that
    make users move $Jump between bsc and ftm rn but will be expanded as we expand our ecosystem.
    Also it will be solving gas fee issues for new users while bridging by providing them fees for initial transcripts automatically.
  • Hyper Protection
    It is our secret hidden feature in farm which will be revealed soon 😉

Q5 Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

We are one of the first movers on bsc and fantom chain.
HyperJump name was selected to show our speed and because our project have a vast potential as vast as space!
Earlier it was ran by an other team but since they had to leave, we took over and rn there are all community members in team and none of the founders which makes us community driven project.
Our team consists of community devs and leaders from all around the globe. 15 different people from 8 different timezones crazy right!

And here we will put best questions from our members and HyperJump fans:

Q1) Currently the technology is changing every second, is HyperJump afraid in the future its project will be lagging behind new projects with newer technology? Does HyperJump have a plan for this?

Well, Competition is always there. As you can see hyperjump tries to be solution for everything in defi with amm, farm, staking, vaults, tools, casino and gaming.
Its more of a 4-5 projects in one.

But still we are aiming to be ahead of time. With what we have planned with our vaults and amm (ever increasing apy and zap, warp, limit order, stoploss, charts and much more stuff, i am pretty sure other project would be afraid of out technology, haha!
Also our devs have future plans to make farms innovative as well which hasnt been done in defi.

And launchpad is planned for future goals which will serve a way for users to expand HyperVerse with ease and will get HyperTeam help for that as well.

A self funding, self running, self growing ecosystem. Sounds like Artificial intelligence right? Well our devs are Mechs, what else could be expected!

Q2) Non-crypto users are very important for mainstream adoption. Does have any plan to attract non-crypto users towards it? Is there any upcoming partnership that will bring non-crypto user and real-use cases?

Yes! We are woking on a feature to help users get on and off Defi easily via HyperSwap.
Users will soon be able to buy and sell crypto directly via cash!

But not only that, we would want to educate new users about decentralised finance via HyperKnow series and hyperjump being all in one ecosystem, we feel new users would benefit from hyperjump being their first project in defi.

Q3) What major partnerships does you project intend to use or how does your project bring its products to the average consumer – especially non-crypto users?

We have major partners like 1inch, Ren, Chainlink, ontology, and much more!

For instance we have integrated chainlink’s vrf for untampered rewards, which gives community assurance that its safu to play hyperjump’s galactic lottery.

Our hyperswap is integrated in 1inch aggregator and is in close contact with us.

Same goes fir ren and ontology!

As of now we are incorporating with many more teams to grow hyperverse, one of them being owl dao helping us in integrating casino.

Unidex will be helping us with amm upgradation with charts, limit orders, stoploss and some other features.

Synapse has helped us with making $jump multichain and their bridge will be integrated in Hyper Vortex

Bolt Dollar is one of the main stars which will be helping us woth our StarVaults v2 and will be working with us in close proximity to develop both projects together.

Q4) Can You give an in-depth review of Casino, how users are able to play and earn etc.

MoonBet casino is our newest additions to HyperVerse!
Go to play.hyperjump.app and follow these rules
Also dont forget about the referral program! You can get 5% of your friends winnings!

Q5) What makes you feel confident about the survival and success of your in near future? What competitive advantages do HyperJump platform have that you feel most confident in?

With v2 we have a mindset of making hyperjump easily accessible (to crypto and non crypto users both) via bridge and fiat on/off ramp.

Also, we are working on educating them with hyperjump platform which is suitable as we are all in one defi platform.

Along side that, we are making hyperjump current dapps are easy as they can be in frontend but as complicated as they can be at the backend.
For example vaults v2. For a simple users they will get high ever increasing apy, but on backend there will be multiple bots taking care of aggregating between vaults and projects to make most of the fees while automatic management and generation of rewards.

Also we are trying to provide multiple features for user to choose from.
With bridge, zap, warp, chart, fiat on/off ramp, limit order, stoploss etc HyperSwap will be the ultimate dex.

Q6) Sir What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand about your project easily (even for beginners)?

We are working on a series of educational content call “HyperKnow”
Its main aim is to tell how hyperjump is superior and also educating users about general defi and crypto currency.
As for awareness we are in mid of selecting marketing team to make people from different sectors, aware of hyperjump

Q7) Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

$HYPR and $AURORA is being burned automatically, but as for $JUMP our original plan was to buy back and burn, but our advisors and investors made us aware of “buy back and reward”
We are right mow debating on this to select the best choice for project’s longevity.

Q8) Can you list a killer trait or traits of this project that put it ahead of its competitors? What competitive advantage does your business have that you feel most confident about?

Our vaults v2 will be a killer feature

  • with ever increasing apy
  • over the top rewards
  • Enabling hyper Investment
  • being a vault and farm aggregator
  • investing fees in 3 different flavours in back end to provide maximum gains

Also hidden feature on farm v2 (hyper protection)

  • it is something rn hidden in code but will soon be made public once off chain work for it is completed.

Q9) I am very interested in your project name so I would like to invest but at the moment there is no information about your project code which surprises me. Can you give me an idea of your token, and where I can buy your token.?

HyperJump consists of 3 tokens: 1 governance token on each chain (currently on 2 chains) and a Multichain farming token.
$AURORA on Fantom.
$JUMP being the multichain farm token.

HYPR is a deflationary token with a burn on every transaction after buying. The burn rate is based on a curve against the price of BNB. The highest rate is 33% and the lowest rate is 0.5%.
While AURORA is a deflationary token with a burn on every transaction after buying. The burn rate is based on a curve against the price of FTM . The highest rate is 15% and the lowest rate is 0.5%.

Key features for HYPR and AURORA are:
Passive Earning: your tokens increases in your wallet.
Deflationary supply: token supply will always keep on decreasing.
Continuously Bought back by vault fee

$JUMP is inflationary farm token emitted at 3.14/second for all chains that means if Hyperjump project is on 2 chains (currently) then emission on each chain is 3.14/2 = 1.57
And as chains increase, emissions on other chains will decrease.

Key features for $JUMP:

  • $JUMP has a limited total supply pre-minted at the token creation, therefore no more tokens will be minted again in the future.

We are aiming to upgrade HYPR and AURORA to a better token model and naming structure to create more earning potential for user and uniformity among different chains

Q10) What are the main milestones in your roadmap – both the things you have already achieved and the things you can look forward to? Any short/long term technical partnerships and milestones you would like to talk about or draw attention to????

You can check daily update on @HyperjumpAnn

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Project Social Media links:

🚀Telegram Channel: t.me/HyperJump_fi
🗣Announcement channel: t.me/HyperJumpANN
🐦Twitter: https://twitter.com/HyperJump_fi
👾 Discord: discord.gg/YdeBdGTxY8
📷 Instagram: instagram.com/hyperjump_fi
📋Facebook: facebook.com/HyperJump.fi/

And this was the end of our AMA with HyperJump.

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