we hosted an amazing AMA with IBTC on the 17th of August

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. According to previous surveys, we know that IBTC is a quantitative trading platform that helps users achieve professional automated trading and make money. This is incredible. Can you introduce what is quantitative trading to us?

Hello everyone, I’m Taha, Really nice to meet you all!

Quantitative trading is a brand-new trading method. Simply put, it uses computer programs to generate trading strategies, conduct big data analysis on the cryptocurrency market, and automatically determine the timing of transactions and execute them automatically.

As we know, the average annualized return of Warren Buffett in 28-year is 22%.
But from 1990 to 2007, the average annualized return of Simmons achieved 35% by quantitative trading, even surpassing Buffett. This is a miracle!

Of course, the method of quantitative trading is now accepted by more and more people.

The reason why i wanna build IBTC is because i wanna more people can use quantitative for trading, and have more time to enjoy your life. Even this technique is complicated and we have to spend a lot of time and money on it for development, but IBTC provides this technology for everyone to use, and we have different strategies for you to choose.
Our goal is to help users automate transactions and make profits 24hours*7days, give you more time to party , sleep or whatever you wanna do!

Q2.What kind of plays are on the IBTC platform?

I define IBTC as a simple and convenient trading strategy tool.
According to the function, I divided it into three sections,

  1. Participate in quantitative trading: As the basic function of IBTC, you can use various trading strategies on it. We will regularly launch more in the future. You will find that it is really easy to use compared to our subjective trading operations.
  2. Quantitative mining: You will also receive quantitative mining rewards while making profits which is an innovative feature of the IBTC platform. This is one of the most popular functions in IBTC, and users call it ” Green Minning”.
  3. Become a strategist and take orders: The strategist section can help users achieve better trading operations. Therefore, even if you do not know how to operate or even know how to trade, you can achieve good profits with the help of a strategist.

Q3. How is the current development of IBTC? How many users are using it?

At present, the IBTC platform has nearly 100,000 users around the world, and an average of 1,500 users use the IBTC platform strategy to conduct transactions every month. The total transaction volume has exceeded 80 million USDT, and the total revenue has reached 760,000 Usdt. Users have gained 380,000 PB rewards through quantitative mining. Until now these PBs are worth 38,000 USDT. But I believe it will have a higher value after being listed on the exchange soon.

In addition, the IBTC community has developed rapidly. At present, We have 13 global nodes joined to develop and promote the IBTC platform, including Spain, Denmark, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Africa, Turkey, Vietnam, Korea, Chinese, etc. And, there are nearly 40,000 users on telegram.

I’m convinced that these new users will continue to use IBTC to make money in the future through quantitative strategies, or copy orders, or through custodial transactions, and jointly participate in the construction of the IBTC platform.

It seems that the IBTC platform already has a certain reputation in the global market, and you mentioned so many times about the strategy, so Q4.what kind of strategy on the IBTC? How are these quantitative strategies developed?

IBTC has a mature technical team and rich experience in trading strategy development, through financial mathematical models + multi-dimensional market analysis, rapid iterative strategy tools, and a complete risk control plan to reduce losses and risk retracements under extreme conditions. At present, IBTC supports spot and contract trading and has already launched the Abeki strategy and Martin contract.

Abeki strategy : The Abeki strategy is to invest a small amount of fund when buying. If the price drops, invest more fund. When the price returns and is higher than the average buying price, it will trigger the take profit one-time selling to recover the cost. Although it is not as good as the one-time investment to obtain huge profits, it greatly reduces the risk of market decline.

Martin futures:Real-time capture of market conditions, innovative multi-investment and increase of positions continue to lower the average price, and expand volatility and profitability through multiple scaling. When the market returns, it is sold at one time according to the configured take-profit threshold.

Of course, we will launch so many interesting trading strategies later, no matter what market it is, you will always find the right strategy in IBTC and make profit.

Q5.What are the highlights of the platform?

Yes, IBTC has innovated the operation. Through AI recommendation, let strategists and users have a connection, at the meantime to provide opportunities for strategists to create value, and they can obtain the realization of skills by bringing orders.Therefore, we have also extended two strategic service methods to help users make better trading profits.

1) Copy transaction:We have ranked the profitability of strategists. If you want to open and close transactions at any time, then you can use this method. Whoever has a better rate of return, then you can use the same trading method as him.

2) Escrow transaction:Authorize the trading authority to the strategist. The strategist will help you with the trading operations through judgment and professional knowledge of the market. This way is more worry-free, you even don’t need to do more operations, and you don’t need to pay attention to the trading situation of your account all the time. This method can achieve regular dividends. Of course, you can choose to cancel after a certain period. Even if your account loses, you can also get an amount of compensation. So it is a very worry-free method, very suitable for entry-level.

Okay, get it~ Since IBTC is called a quantitative mining platform,Q6 .how can we do the mining? what conditions do we need?

Quantitative mining is an innovative mining method. It is a reward for users of the IBTC platform. No need for mining machines or energy consumption. Everyone can participate at a low cost. Because, before this, there were already mining machine mining and Defi mining, so we named the quantitative mining-Mining 3.0

Its principle is to give a corresponding proportion of mining rewards based on user participation in quantitative profitability.This reward is PB-Pit Bull, yes, it is called Pit Bull!Quantitative mining is a reasonable economic model, so we hope PB can be as brave and protracted as Pit Bull. Of course, this is also in line with the concept of continuous and stable development of the IBTC platform.

Q7. So what is PB? And how is it distributed and is it valuable?

The total number of PB issued is 1 billion, which is the world’s first quantitative mining equity certificate to be issued by the IBTC platform in Ethereum. Among them, mining pools account for 60%. The platform will give users PB mining rewards in the form of incentives, aiming to provide users with low-threshold and open quantitative services while obtaining continuous IBTC rewards.Please check the form below, which shows the specific distribution of PB.

Of course, PB has a certain value. First of all, it has many usage scenarios. For example, it can be used to pay for the quantitative service fees of the IBTC platform, and the users also can deposit PB to become global node strategists.

In addition, we have designed a reasonable economic model for quantitative mining. PB is used to reward quantitative users, and we will also repurchase it. The IBTC platform will also regularly repurchase PB, and 50% of the monthly repurchase of PB will be destroyed or rolled back to the mining pool according to the ecological operation. Good liquidity will bring value to PB. At the same time, we know that the repurchase and destruction of the platform will promote the deflation of PB, which will also increase the value of PB.

Wow~it’s cool!Most of the PB will be given to users as rewards, so
Q8. how do we get PB?

It’s so easy!We can get PB in three ways. No matter what kind of user you are, there is a participatory way is suits you.

1) Quantitative mining——Users trade based on the platform’s quantitative strategy, and the platform will give PB mining rewards based on the service fees contributed by the users.

2) Become a global node——Recommend participation quantification, the platform will reward the promoters with PB.

3) Become a strategist——you can take the transactions orders, or conduct custodial transactions to help other users get profit, and you can get PB rewards; of course, the IBTC platform will also provide strategist incentive plans and recommend algorithms to help strategists bring More platforms to quantify users for copying or custody transactions to obtain more PB rewards.

oh~so fashion,Q9. So how can I participate in quantitative trading and help me automate trading to make money?

Step 1、Visit IBTC website( www.ibtc.co ) and click the IOS/Android download (Automatically identify your system)

Step2、Add the API

Step3、You can chose spot or future to play

Step 4、You can set your own paraments, or join our communities, our angels will help you!

Angels address:
IBTC Global: https://t.me/IBTC_Global
IBTC Spanish: https://t.me/IBTC_Spain
IBTC Denmark: https://t.me/IBTC_Denmark
IBTC_Brazil: https://t.me/IBTC_Brazil
IBTC Australia: https://t.me/IBTC_Australia
IBTC Indonesia: https://t.me/IBTC_Indonesia
IBTC_Russia: https://t.me/IBTC_Russia
IBTC Africa: https://t.me/IBTC_Africa
IBTC Turkish: https://t.me/IBTC_Turkey
IBTC Vietnam: https://t.me/IBTC_Vietnam
IBTC Korean: https://t.me/IBTC_Korea
IBTC Philippines: https://t.me/IBTC_Philippines
IBTC Chinese: https://t.me/IBTC_China

Thank you, you can collect this section of content to help you better participate in quantitative trading. Finally, Q10. talk about your vision for the IBTC platform~

SO~As a brand-new financial transaction method, IBTC brings more opportunities and beliefs, and the need for wealth growth will become a right worth fighting for everyone, just like life and health.
IBTC will be used as a basic tool for digital currency transactions to bring a safer trading experience to people who do not know how to trade and invest blindly, making investment transactions no longer difficult, and a small thing as easy and simple as breathing.
No matter if you are an ordinary trader or a trading team, you can use IBTC if you understand trading or don’t understand trading. We will help you bring better opportunities.

And this was the end of our AMA with IBTC.

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