we hosted an amazing AMA with IDEXO on the 12th of July

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1) Can you introduce yourself to our community?

I am the CEO/CTO for idexo – that means I lead business and technical development. Before I got into blockchain I have had a background in founding companies. For example I founded a company in SaaS that I grew from 0 to $1M/yr in recurring revenue from customers such as, UN World Food Program and many large companies that used my software to plan their content marketing. When I entered the blockchain industry I focused on being a lead developer and CTO for different blockchain projects.
As for idexo, idexo values simplicity and fun. We want to empower creative individuals to build great industry-disrupting applications by simplifying complexity in 2 key areas: (1) technical: we wrap the technologies of various blockchains into a simple API that you can use to access key blockchain features in small lines of code, accessible with an API key. This allows projects to focus on building their applications right away. (2) economic: our engine handles all the gas transactions with the underlying blockchains using those native tokens. Our customers only need to buy Compute Credits from us, and we give them predictable purchasing power for those transactions meaning they don’t need to worry about token currency fluctuations and can build reliable business models with those. It’s not enough to simply build products though, it’s also critical to grow community. Idexo now offers also tools for growing community effectively based on our own programs that we have developed for our community. These programs helped us grow from 400 members to 29,000 in Telegram in just 2 months for instance.

Q2) Can you briefly tell us what is IDEXO ?

Since I already answered a bit about idexo above, I will expand further to discuss where the name comes from. If you look at our Compute Credit model on the technical development platform side, it is still very centralized. We have plans in our roadmap to decentralize that. This solution will involve creating a DEX for compute, thus a DEX for io, thus the name idexo.

Q3) Let’s now talk about the milestones you have achieved so far and about your upcoming plans?

We have had quite a lot of milestones – we achieve a lot every week as you can follow in our twice-weekly announcements in our TG group @idexo_io. Some major highlights include when we released a method in our SDK/API to mint an NFT across 2 blockchains with just 1 line of code; also when we created an Early Adopter NFT and made it possible for the first time ever to mint an NFT with a bot command in a Telegram group; also when we made it possible for the first time ever to mint an NFT with just a Tweet on Twitter; and when we released our Competition NFT on Avalanche; and when we grew from 400 to 5000 TG group members in just a couple of days as a result of our Early Adopter program or when we grew again from 7,000 to 29,000 in just 2 days with our Community Competition program; also when we released our app at It’s hard to pick just a few as we have a very active roadmap. In terms of upcoming plans we are very focused on TGE and with that staking programs. We are also very focused on community programs such as our Community Competition, as well as releasing products for customers related Community Growth programs. For full details on our roadmap view our whitepaper at

Q4) Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

I discussed already where the name comes from. In terms of background, I’d add that when I got into blockchain I did so like many others because I’d heard that smart contracts had the potential to disrupt every industry the same way the Internet did. Over time in working in the industry I realized that we have yet to see this disruption and I asked myself why.

I think it’s because the people who will disrupt those industries will come from those industries (e.g. travel industry) they won’t come from the “blockchain” industry. Thus we need to make it much, much easier for them to get started quickly building applications that can leverage blockchain features without having to learn all about blockchains, pick a blockchain, build a blockchain infrastructure etc. – our platform helps them get up and running building the unique value of their application in just 1 day instead of wasting all the time and resources with the aforementioned complexity – we hide that for them. In terms of the team, my co-founder Helder and I worked together on an opensource contact tracing project in March 2020 that started as a result of a hackathon that I won a prize in. Both of us are very technical and it helps having 2 co-founders who both code and we complement each others skills sets in that area. In terms of other team members, we are now 8 total – 5 developers and 3 non-developers. Of the 5 developers, 4 of us are expert Solidity developers and all 5 of us are full-stack developers.

And here we will put best questions from our members and IDEXO fans:

Q1) IDEXO offers easy-to-follow templates and tutorials for novice users, but beyond that, if a user wants to develop a fully customized app, does he do it all himself, or does the IDEXO team do it under the user’s instructions?

That’s a great question – thank you for asking. in general, if a user wants to develop a fully customized app, they should do that on their own. We realize though that some creative entrepreneurs are lacking the technical resources in this area and are creating programs and partnerships to help address this use case. If anyone is in this situation they can get in contact me directly @gregmarlin or our Director of Marketing @tsenyiubho and we will see what we can do to help them.

Q2) Generally, when users want to access multiple blockchains, they resort to tedious methods that generate great complexity…
How does Idexo correct this and offer access to multiple blockchains with simplified methods?

Also great question – thank you. If you follow our documentation at you will notice that access multiple blockchains through idexo is just a few lines of code and a few minutes to set-up. You can be up and running doing something in 20 minutes what would have taken many months to do otherwise.

Q3) Wow I noticed in one of ur tweets that u r providing NFT as a reward for referrals
Is that referral competition still running
Can I please know about how can I participate and how I get nfts
I mean per refer how much we get !?

Great questions in this group – thank you. yes, you are correct we have a Community Competition running with various levels of prizes in $IDO tokens based on points gained in the competition. Among the tasks you can gain points for is referring people to follow us on Twitter or to join our Telegram group @idexo_io. To get an NFT now you need to be referred. You can ask a member in our group @idexo_io to refer you (many are happy to do so since they get points for that) or you can be referred on Twitter (you can reply in conversation on this Tweet and quote who referred you to get an NFT: As soon as you get your NFT then you can begin referring others. For each referral you can 75 points. Full competition details are here: and in our announcements channel @idexoann

Q4) What is your strategy for building a strong community? Do you agree that the power of the community will lead your project to develop globally? What services do you provide to the community?

First, yes I agree that a strong global community is a key success driver for any project. At idexo we focus a lot on community – it factors strongly into every roadmap discussion and we are always products for our community and using what we learn to build products that other projects can adopt for their communities. The foundation of our programs is our Early Adopter NFT that tracks the community rank over time. We recommend other projects to do the same and offer Early Adopter programs as a commercial service. As mentioned we are also running a Community Competition program that is the first of many such programs we will offer in our community. We have set aside 5% of our token supply for Community Incentives, as detailed in our Tokenomics: We provide community updates at least twice a week (every Monday and Friday) in our TG group @idexo_io also. This is the best place to start if you would like to join our community.

Q5) Ambassadors play a very important role in every project Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, How can I be one?

We do have an ambassador program – it starts with becoming an Early Adopter. To obtain an Early Adopter NFT you need to obtain one from another member who has a special “minting badge” on their Early Adopter NFT. These NFTs are special in that they can have different attributes such as badges that can be upgraded over time. Once you participate in the community over time and gain in rank, our community members will notice and eventually you can be upgraded to an ambassador. For language-specific or region-specific groups outside of our core group, it is best to talk to our new Director of Community @alexnomads (today is his first day) to see what is available there.

Q6) Read and view your Whitepaper. There Idexo has initial plans to create an “idexobot” – NFT function for Telegram.
Can you tell us a little bit about what idexobot is? How does it work? and what is the benefit to the project and community?

This is a great question. Idexobot is the name we gave it since that is the bot you communicate with to mint the NFTs. You can interact with it @idexobot. More formally this is now called our Community Growth products. We will have more details on this soon on our website, for now you can see more information at Overall the program starts with a discussion about your project and current community size and dynamics. We recommend all projects to start with an Early Adopter NFT initiative first to build a strong foundation for future community growth and management. The offering includes all tech development and some strategic consulting, and the tech includes customizing a bot branded to a customer’s own brand and community.

Q7) Is there any tutorial or whitepaper to guide us?

Yes, we have several tutorials in our docs at and we have the whitepaper at We have a new Community Operations Manager @ferox97 who is focused on continually providing more guidance in this area and in general all the team is open to help guide you at any time.

Q8) The BSC network has become more popular due to the problems of the ETH network, and many projects have joined the BSC ecosystem. As your Project, what are your plans and goals regarding the BSC ecosystem? Could it be possible for you to be an important part of the ecosystem?

We were very early to release an integration with BSC. In fact, our Early Adopter NFT exists on BSC. We will continue to build new features and integrations for BSC and to make it easy for anyone to build on BSC with just a few lines of code. Using idexo you don’t need to learn anything about how it works ‘underneath the hood’ nor do you even need to worry about holding BNB – you can access all the features you need with just a few lines of code and some Compute Credits.

Q9) Staking is popular topic in the crypto world. Does your project support staking???,”How can stake your token?

Yes, as detailed in our whitepaper We will provide more details on staking very soon. The best place for updates on that is @idexoann or @idexo_io

Q10) In writing codes, what background knowledge on programming do I need to know, do I need to know C, C++ or Java first before using your platform? How easy would it be to code under Idexo?

In general you should have a basic programming knowledge. It is helpful if you know javascript already since that is the language of the SDK at We did have a customer who had never used javascript before who was able to set-up and get running using it within 1 hour, it is that simple to use.

And this was the end of our AMA with IDEXO.

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