Infiblue AMA

We Hosted An Amazing AMA Session With INFIBLUE On 13th November

Here We Will Present Some Of The Best Questions That Answered in The AMA :

Q1. Please Introduce Yourself And Your Team And Also Tell Us About Infiblue.

I am the marketing manager for Infiblue World. I have several years experience in blockchain and i’m in charge of marketing for Infiblue Chat.

Nick is our CEO, he got 8 years’ experience in software development; A blockchain fanatic with 5 years of blockchain development experience; He was the Lead Product at eBay, and Walmart Labs.

Howard has 10 years experience in iOS, Android, and web development; Game developer with 2 successful iOS game releases; Built the №1 paid weather app on iOS AppStore and №3 on Google PlayStore; Senior software engineer, growth hacker, and mobile tech lead at Uber
Zack has 12 year’s experience in backend distributed system development; he used to work for Meta (Facebook)
And Joyhoo, our designer, has 8 years of digital product and interaction design experience in FinTech, e-commerce, and tech industries. Also worked at Uber.
You can find more information about every team member on our website.

Infiblue Chat is a blockchain-based social platform within the Infiblue World metaverse, with the aim of redefining our social experiences. Whether you are an individual user or a business entity, Infiblue Chat provides an exceptional social environment where you can experience a new level of privacy protection, freedom of expression, social rewards, and content creation. Seamlessly connect with colleagues, clients, and industry peers while enjoying enhanced privacy protection and upholding the principles of freedom of speech. Unlock a world of possibilities with our robust features, including rewards for every social event, empowering content creation tools, and seamless networking for professional growth and profit.

Q2. How Is Infiblue Chat Unique ?

As to the version, Infiblue Chat aims to fundamentally change the way people connect with each other. Firstly, when users use Infiblue Chat, their information is transmitted through end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of information during transmission. Secondly, users have complete control over their data and can decide who can access their information, thereby ensuring information security and privacy.

Our advantages would be:
1) Privacy Protection: Safeguarding Your Conversations Infiblue Chat prioritizes your privacy with end-to-end encryption as the default communication mode. This ensures that only the intended recipients can access the content, surpassing Telegram’s default mode and offering enhanced security.
2) Profit Sharing through Social Activities: Infiblue Chat introduces a unique profit-sharing model based on your social interactions. Engaging with friends, participating in chats, creating posts, sharing content, and receiving likes all contribute to your wealth accumulation. Each social connection, conversation, and post becomes an opportunity to reap financial rewards, empowering you to monetize your social presence.

3) Embedded AI Assistant (ChatGPT): Enhancing Conversations with the integration of ChatGPT, Infiblue Chat takes your conversations to new heights. ChatGPT supports text-based chats and voice-based communication (converting voice into text for message delivery).

4) Freedom of Speech: Amplifying Your Voice At Infiblue Chat, we believe in upholding freedom of speech. We assure you that no accounts will be deleted based on differing opinions or ideas. We foster an environment where diverse voices can thrive, empowering you to express yourself without fear of censorship or account suspension.

5) Moments Privacy Modes: Tailoring Visibility Infiblue Chat introduces flexible privacy modes for your moments. Whether you choose complete public visibility (like Twitter), limiting visibility to friends or specific groups, or keeping your moments private to yourself, you have full control over who can access and engage with your shared content.

6) Low Commission Fees for KOLs and Gift Collection: We prioritize the success of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and facilitate gift collection by implementing minimal commision fees (as outlined in the whitepaper, federal, and city taxes). Infiblue Chat does not impose platform commissions, ensuring a fair and rewarding experience for content creators and their audiences.

Q3. Could You Please Share Your Current Development Status And Your Roadmap?

We have finished the official launch on November 2nd. You can download the Infiblue Chat App from Google Play.
you can find the detailed roadmap on our official website above

Q4. Now Tell Us About Your Token, What Is It Used For In Infiblue Chat? What’s Your Tokenomics ? And Share Details About DEX & CEX Listing.

Our token is MONIE. It is a governance token running on the BSC for community governance, voting, and purchasing NFT assets.

Right now, MONIE is obtainable on MEXC and Bitgate. Other exchanges are in the pipeline.

Q5. How Users Can Earn Money On Infiblue Chat?

1) Users can contribute 5 Monie to become Plus members and receive a share of the following:
SocialFi reward pool (replenished with 8,000 Monie every 24 hours)
70% of advertising revenue (paid in the form of gold coins)
20% of public welfare proceeds (paid in the form of gold coins)(gold coins can be swapped to MONIE)

2) Become a Referral Partner:
After bringing in 5 Plus members with your referral code, you’ll upgrade to a referral partner.
Enjoy benefits such as rebates from Infiblue official NFT sales, e-commerce sales, and live streaming commissions.
3) Participate in social activities such as posting, liking, sharing, and commenting to accumulate socialfi points for exchanging into gold coins.And goldcoin can be swapped to MONIE

Q6. I’ve Heard That The Infiblue DAO Leadership Recruitment Has Started From Oct 1st. Can You Share More Details About It? What Are The Requirements And What Are The Benefits?

Yes, of course. Requirements for Infiblue World DAO Leaders: They need to share the vision of holistic development within the Infiblue ecosystem; have the willingness to contribute to Infiblue World DAO; be capable of community development and management; have some understanding of Web3 and DAO operating models; Partner-level status at the Community Director rank, enabling the creation of your own Infiblue World DAO and naming rights.

It may sound demanding but it comes with great benefits as well:
Dao leaders can enjoy agency rights for the entire Infiblue World ecosystem products. Partners at the Vice President level can obtain direct agency rights authorized by Infiblue World. Partners at the Vice President level have priority bidding rights for constructing and developing the Infiblue World metaverse. DAO leaders’ guild groups enjoy exclusive LOGO symbols and privileges to establish large group chats.

Proposal Rights: DAO Leaders usually have the right to participate in the drafting of important decisions of the DAO, such as the formulation and modification of governance rules. They can express their views on the future direction of the organization by submitting proposals and opinions.
Voting Rights: After being elected as a council member, guild leaders have the right to vote on major decisions of the DAO organization, collectively determining the future direction of Infiblue.

Q7. Now Can You Name Some Of Your Partners? What Are The Benefits That You Get From Them? And Is There Any Partnership That Will Be Established In Near Future?

Yes, our current biggest backer is Morgan Stanley. Besides investment, Morgan Stanley will also be managing our game coin pool. We are currently in partnership with many other projects in the industry and with Web2 companies.

We will be definitely establishing more partnerships in the future, that’s why we are also hiring ambassadors from different countries. So if you have lots of business development resources or connections, please do not hesitate to contact me and attach your resume.

Q8. Is There A KYC Requirement For The Use Of Infiblue Chat?

We do not require user KYC, since data security and user privacy are our top priority. You can just log in to our app by your wallet address.
Two biggest highlights in Infiblue Chat are Enhanced Privacy Protection and Upholding Freedom of Speech. So, we are devoted to providing a place where everyone’s data is secure, private and anonymous on chain.

Q9. I Think Infibluechat’s Socialfi Concept Is Intriguing; Could You Provide More Details On How Users Can Profit From The Social Interactions They Have Within The App? Are There Any Rules That Users Have To Follow, And What Contributions Are Eligible For Earning Opportunities?

This article explains the earning strategy in details:

Q10. I Understand That Infiblue World Relies On Node Operators. Can You Tell The Minimum Technical Requirements To Run A Node On Infiblue? What Benefits For The Node Operators Receive In The Ecosystem?

To run a node on the Infiblue World network, you need to meet the following minimum technical requirements:
Hardware Requirements:
Processor: Dual-core 2.0 GHz or higher
RAM: 8 GB or higher
Storage: 200 GB SSD or higher
Internet Connection: Minimum 100 Mbps
Software Requirements:
Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or higher
Docker: Latest stable release
Node.js: Latest LTS release
Infiblue Node Software: Latest version provided by Infiblue

Benefits for Node Operators in the Infiblue Ecosystem:
Token Rewards: Node operators receive MONIE tokens as rewards for contributing computing resources to the network. This incentivizes active participation and ensures a fair distribution of rewards.
Network Governance: Node operators play a crucial role in the governance of the Infiblue World ecosystem. They have the right to participate in decision-making processes, such as protocol upgrades and parameter changes.
Staking Opportunities: Node operators can stake tokens to secure the network and increase their chances of being selected to produce new blocks. Staking also demonstrates commitment to the network’s security and stability.

Community Engagement: Node operators become integral members of the Infiblue community, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

By fulfilling these technical requirements and actively participating in the Infiblue World network, node operators contribute to the decentralized infrastructure, earning rewards and playing a vital role in the governance and success of the ecosystem.

Q11. Many new projects make a good impression at first but are suddenly abandoned. question is, how will you manage the project and the token to get a position in the market and become the best token in the crypto world?

At Infiblue, we understand the concerns around project sustainability. Our commitment to long-term success and market leadership is grounded in several key principles:

Transparency and Communication: We prioritize clear and consistent communication with our community. Regular updates on project development, milestones, and challenges will be shared openly to build trust and maintain transparency.

Community Involvement: We believe in the power of community. By actively involving our users and token holders in decision-making processes through governance mechanisms, we ensure that the project aligns with the community’s needs and aspirations.

Ongoing Development: Our dedicated team is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. We will consistently enhance the Infiblue ecosystem, introducing new features, optimizing performance, and staying ahead of industry trends to remain competitive.

Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations with reputable partners and institutions will be pursued to strengthen the Infiblue ecosystem. Strategic alliances can bring valuable resources, expertise, and credibility to our project.

Token Utility: MONIEs is designed to have meaningful utility within the ecosystem. Its use cases will expand as the platform grows, fostering increased demand and value. This ensures that the token remains a crucial part of the ecosystem’s functionality.

By adhering to these principles, Infiblue aims to establish itself as a resilient, dynamic, and community-driven project, positioning MONIE as a standout player in the crypto world. Together with our community, we aspire to lead the way in shaping the future of decentralized ecosystems. 🚀

Q12. What Are Infiblue Chat Token Future Plans, Including Upcoming Features, Releases, And Expansions, And How Do They Envision These Initiatives Contributing To The Platform’s Growth And Influence In The Market?

Upcoming Features:
Enhanced Governance Mechanism: We’re developing an advanced governance model that empowers MONIE holders to actively participate in decision-making processes.
Staking 2.0: A revamped staking system will provide users with more flexibility, increased rewards, and additional incentives for long-term commitment to the Infiblue ecosystem.
Smart Contract Upgrades: Continuous improvement of our smart contracts ensures enhanced security, efficiency, and compatibility with evolving industry standards.

Cross-Chain Integration: We’re exploring partnerships and technological integrations to enable cross-chain functionality, expanding the Infiblue ecosystem beyond its current boundaries.
Global Community Outreach: Initiatives to increase awareness and adoption globally, with targeted marketing campaigns, educational content, and community-building activities.

Contributions to Growth and Influence:
Community Empowerment: These initiatives empower the community by offering more opportunities for participation, influence, and stakeholder engagement.
Enhanced Utility: New features and releases enhance the utility of MONIE, making it an integral part of the ecosystem and encouraging its use in various aspects of the platform.
Competitive Edge: Continuous innovation, feature upgrades, and global expansion position Infiblue as a competitive player in the market, attracting more users, developers, and strategic partners.

In envisioning these initiatives, we see MONIE not only as a means of value exchange but as a catalyst for community-driven growth and influence.

Q13. In Such A Competitive Environment, How Do You Plan To Scale And Develop Your Infiblue Chat To A Greater Height In Order To Reach For The Moon?And How Can You Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors In Terms Of Technology And Customer Support?

InfiblueChat is committed to providing a unique and superior user experience, and we have plans to take our product to the next level.

Firstly, to scale InfiblueChat, we are focusing on enhancing and expanding our platform’s features and capabilities. We believe that providing more robust and diverse functionalities can attract a wider range of users. We’re also investing heavily in user education, making sure our users understand how to get the most out of InfiblueChat.

Secondly, in terms of development, we have integrated advanced technology such as GPT4 to improve chat efficiency and user experience.

As for differentiating ourselves from competitors, it’s a combination of our technological edge and superior customer support. Our proprietary technology allows us to provide a smooth and intuitive chat experience that our competitors can’t match. Meanwhile, we’re doubling down on customer support, ensuring we have a highly responsive team that can solve user issues promptly and effectively.

Finally, we’re constantly listening to our users and incorporating their feedback into our product development. This way, we can ensure that InfiblueChat is continually evolving and improving to meet the needs of our users.
We’re confident that these strategies will help us to reach new heights and take us closer to the moon.

Q14. Each project has a rich history before it was built. Can you tell us your thoughts, hardships, and motivation for starting this project ?

The start of Infiblue Chat mainly comes from the fact that there are few safe and convenient Web3 socialfi platforms. Traditional social media platforms, personal contact lists, chat records, and interaction data between friends are all typically shared with service providers.

While there are privacy-focused applications like the well-known WhatsApp with over a billion users, which supports end-to-end encrypted chats between users, contact lists and other data are still shared with the service provider. Telegram, on the other hand, allows users to choose end-to-end encryption and contact list encryption, but encryption is not enabled by default. Both of these influential applications are centralized and closed-source, making it difficult to predict future changes in their terms of service.

A fully decentralized communication application with end-to-end encryption that does not expose any personal privacy data is in urgent need. Only in such a network can users truly control their own data forever and share in the benefits of the network’s value increase based on their contributions. In this regard, our team started the Infiblue Chat.

Q15. With regard to the Exodus NFTs, can you give a brief overview of these NFTs? What are the different rarity levels? What utilities do they have in the ecosystem and how do they impact the earning mechanism?

you can read details about NFTs in this article

Q16. Is game is free to start or do we need tokens or NFTs to start the Infiblue game? will it available in mobile version and web version?

InfiblueWorld is free to start. It will first be launched in mobile.

Q17. Does Infiblue have its own token? What is it? How is the economic system managed within the Infiblue ecosystem? Where can we buy it?

Yes, MONIE is the token of Infiblue. Right now, it’s available on MEXC and Bitmart.
you can find more details on the official website of Infiblue

Q18. I See That Infiblue App Available In Google Play Store & Its Also Available Android Version. When Will Be Available Ios Version? How Do I Create Account Into Infiblue Platform? Do You Need Any Requirement For User To Start The Chat?

The iOS version is in pipeline. We are going through the application process. Will be available in a few days.

you only need an email address to start the app. convenient for all.

Q19. Token Burn or BuyBack program play an important role in increasing Token value Do you have a token burn or buyback program plan to attract investors?

yes, definitely. You can find the details of the MONIE token in this whitepaper.

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