InpulseX AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with InpulseX on the 21th of January

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1) What are the advantages of Your project ?

The advantage of InpulseX is first our core message, which we firmly believe is something remarkable being able to somehow participate in this great moment in our history. Secondly, the three super-strong pillars that are the foundation of our ecosystem will stand out. The P2E planned to be released later this year, the great NFT artists and exhibitions we will be running, and the DEX on the promising upcoming PulseChain network. After professionally executed, we believe that combining all these three elements will give us a good presence that will be our major advantage by that point.

Q2) please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year.

We will have NFT in game collections, already preparing our Community for the game, which will be released later this year and the NFT collections from many well-known artists who want to collaborate with InpulseX. They also profoundly embrace the whole narrative of becoming a multiplanetary species and share the same passion. This year we have planned a series of NFT collections and exhibitions in at least three major cities in the world, which are London - where we are based, Los Angeles, where our Partner is and Dubai, where we have great connections and where we will be spending a big part of our time too.

For the DEX, we haven't a fixed date yet, but once PulseChain is up and running, we will be launching our so-called Interplanetary DEX.

Q3)  Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

The InpulseX project was initially called PulseX for obvious reasons. We are supporters of SpaceX and Elon's Vision. After changing the name for external issues, we decided to make the process less painful and found an angle to come up even stronger. The heartbeat line adopted in our branding aligns perfectly with the idea of bringing life to the red planet, which is currently lifeless to the best of our knowledge. That's how we came up with InpulseX.
On top of all that, as supporters of SpaceX, InpulseX means the force behind the move, the force pushing SpaceX and its vision even further.
Inpulse is the Latin translation for Impulse with the meaning mentioned above. The X is self-explanatory to show our love for Elon Musk and SpaceX.

We have a team of 9 people. The InpulseX Core Team is composed of very experienced entrepreneurs. Each team member brings a wealth of experience in their fields.
Early next week, more information about our Team will be available on our website.

Q4) NFT is one of the hottest and most sought-after topics in the blockchain space right now. Can you share your opinion on NFT with us? Do you think NFT will disrupt the current financial system? What is InpulseX's approach to the NFT sector?

We talk a lot about it with one of our advisors. For us, the NFT is just starting. There are endless opportunities and ways that we believe the NFT will eventually disrupt. The whole idea of proof of ownership on the blockchain can solve many current problems and improve many areas of our society. Feels nice to be early on in an industry that can be developed in many different ways. We are excited to participate and see how it will unfold.

And here we will put best questions from our members and InpulseX fans:

Q1) On the project website specifically in the roadmap section, you write "Second Audit by Certik". Who did the first audit? Share the audit result and details with the community? LollipopWho are the team behind this project, their past records and credibility is vital to boost trust

Our smart contract has been audited by SolidProof, and our certificate will be published after the AMA today. We plan to have another audit with CERTIK straight after launch to strengthen our security position further and give our Community another layer of protection and peace of mind.
As mentioned before, we have a team of 9 people plus onboarded excellent partners. The Team was assembled gradually by the Founder over time, bringing onboard only specialists with complementary skills. The InpulseX Core Team is composed of successful entrepreneurs with international exposure to many markets, and of course, many years in the crypto space.
We are really excited to share more information about our Team will be available on our website early next week.

Q2) One of the most common issues is that most investors nowadays are just  concerned with short-term gains and  do not consider long-term rewards. Is it possible for you to give them some reasons why they should buy and hold #IPX tokens over time?

InpulseX is a project with long-term ambitions reflected in how we are organised and the specific goal we are working to support – the Mars mission.
The tokenomics of the project is structured in a way that support's long term growth, examples of this structure are:
- The project receives constant reinvestment. The structure of the transaction fees is 100% reinvested in the project and its Community - benefiting holders directly, supporting trading conditions, constant presence of marketing campaigns, and a buy-back feature will directly provide conditions to bring further enhancements to the project and holders in the future.
- A solid vesting schedule is in place covering all the aspects of the project, not controlled by the Team instead by a 3rd party
- Everyone brought in to support the project follows targets to meet, and payments are kept under vesting terms, guaranteeing continuous support over time

- The Team vesting schedule is the longest of the project, spreading over more than two years
The Mars mission itself is a chapter in our history that will be developed over a long period, it is in its infancy, and we are committed to being part of this incredible journey over the long run.

Q3) Apart from donations to SpaceX, what are the other selling points to capture the market and thrive? In other words, Mission to Mars has unforeseeable deadlines and the niche is limited, what are your thoughts of capitalising outside that niche?

We all know the history of SpaceX and the definition of perseverance that Elon has continuously demonstrated with every single one of his initiatives, and on top of that, we are adding an extraordinary potential to the Mars mission, bringing the disruptive power of the Communities behind crypto that will most certainly foster and contribute in ways that we may not be able to foresee yet, including to help tackling unforeseeable challenges for the mission, however, let's play the scenario suggested.

The other components of our ecosystem in itself, such as the P2E game, NFT collections and DEX have an immense potential individually to support the Community and the project for a very long time. It is also important to highlight that each one are being brought together to the highest of the standards available in the industry.

Q4) I just saw that the name of the telegram group will be called #Xtronaut. Now that is an interesting name. What is more interesting is that this name was decided by the community. So,can we expect this kind of community participation in other important aspect of the project?

The Community absolutely can.
We actively listen to our community members and plan to only strenghten, tighten, and further develop our relationship.       
Before working on InpulseX, we are first members of Communities ourselves, and we understand the potential that listening to our members can bring.

Just a quick example of our Xtronaut mascot

Q5) InpulseX WHITEPAPER, states that unique collection will be offered from TOP WORLDWIDE ARTISTS. Which artists have the team collabarated with? Will this mean small artists have no scope here? What makes your collection unique and to die for?

We have partnered with a Russian agent that will manage and introduce most of the NFT artists. We prefer not to disclose their name yet, as we want to make  proper announcements and competitions rewarding people in our Community who can guess the artist name right before each collection. We are definitely open to collaboration with emerging artists as we believe that InpulseX will be an excellent platform for artists to present their art, vision, and talent. The collab with InpulseX will always be with themes that support the Mars Mission or the P2E game. We appreciate that our amazing artists are looking forward to collaborating with InpulseX to support the Mars Mission throught what they do best: art. This is probably a good reason to be excited about the upcoming collections. Our very first artist has a unique, mind-blowing style that for sure will impress everyone.

Q6) Audit is important for both trust and security. Have you done any audit of smart contract?

We have audited the smart contract with Solidy Proof, a German company. We are also planning to have another audit with CERTIK straight after launch to add another layer of protection and peace of mind for our Community or anyone researching our project to invest potentially.

Q7) I can't find your project whitepaper. Have you released it yet or not?, How can I get more information about your project & what are important social media links?

Litepaper is ready and full of info. 
Please check our website.

Q8) Is your project a community only for English speaking countries or for users not of other languages?

Not, we will soon open groups for other languages, and Arabic will be one of them. We are happy for people within the community to come forward and support us in managing it 

Q9) InpulseX It's an ambitious project will have utility and new development about gaming, NFT and marketplace. Can you explain more about your NFT, will the NFT only for collection or we can use NFT inside your game? And how about your NFT marketplace?

The InpulseX project will provide in-game and collectable NFTs, with exciting use-cases. In-Game NFTs will provide great ways to improve the gaming experience and also provide another option of revenue streams for gamers, while the collectables will bring out mind-blowing artists with exciting use-cases for each collection.

Q10) Is Your Platform Suitable for Crypto Beginners? Or Does It Only Limited For Professional Users? How safe is your platform? Is This Your project only for elite investors? How about others with small funds? Is it open to everyone?

We are building InpulseX for everyone, from the newbie to the more crypto savvy investor. We appreciate the power of the community regardless of the amount they are investing. 
We aim to have a robust, vibrant and loyal community.

And this was the end of our AMA with InpulseX.

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