we hosted an amazing AMA with ItaliaNFT on the 17th of October

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Let’s kick in asking to Leo for a brief introduction about ItaliaNFT

The project was born at the end of 2021 but the official launch of the platform was dated 24 March 2022. The conceptualization of the project was based on several preliminary analyzes, starting with the most evident one which was the explosion of the NFT phenomenon and the opportunity to create value around this new and innovative industry. It has been very exciting to create the project around the blockchain as the first ever technology capable of certifying the ownership and authenticity of digital assets. The two co-founders of ItaliaNFT, Achille Minerva
and Marco Capria, have immediately evaluated the opportunities related to the Made In Italy niche.

Q2. Who has not been excited in understanding the hidden potential behind the NFT tech?
Can you give us a glimpse of the founder background?
I guess it could be really useful for the community to know it and can you share if it has impacted the choice to start developing the project.

Briefly their background has been in finance, blockchain based technologies and startups strategic consulting.

And yes, more specifically, their life experiences abroad have impacted their vision as they immediately made them focus on the potential for the Italian excellence to become the reference point for high quality digital assets in the NFT and Web3 space.

Q3. Can you please share with us the Marketplace actual features and everything you think could be valuable for our community to know?

ItaliaNFT has mainly been committed on the brand positioning so far.
We clearly aimed to qualify ourselves as THE Made in Italy NFT marketplace so we mainly focused on a reliable, safe and solid technological infrastructure using the Italian accuracy, since the inception, for enhancing the user confidence in our platform and Brand.

Q4. Can you briefly share to us the journey that the Marketplace has made so far from a digital asset perspective?

We have carried out a highly selective research and development phase during which we made dropped collections of top-notch artists like Marco Lodola (sold 90k$), Marco Schifano (sold 40k$) Vedovamazzei, MYFO, Wonderfrank, Solomostry, Andy from Bluvertigo and singer Elisa.

We went then beyond Art exploring other verticals such as luxury goods (Different Class sold for 100K$), Photography (Marcello Geppetti Company) and Sport.
Indeed we have been the very first to bring the top world cycling meeting the NFT space thanks to the partnership with the Giro d’Italia race

Q5. Sounds great Leo, can you tell us something more on the new platform?

Let’s go through of the innovations but I would like to leave the wow effect once it will be live 😉

It will be a brand new platform:
. New sections
. A new and enriched way to narrate the NFTs
. An informative spot where non crypto savvy users could get essential informations as well an educational one to collect useful insights on Web3 topics.
. New dedicated spots for artists and creators with more emphasis on every specific project.
. Implementations focused on the UX (User Experience)
Finally I’m excited to announce that it will be disclose the roadmap which will be for us a starting point to engage and share the evolution process to our audience in the most transparent way.

And here we will put best questions from our members and ItaliaNFT fans:

Q1. Will ItaliaNFT core business be the NFT Marketplace in the future or there will be an expansion in other web3 environments?

I can tell you that one of the big next steps of ItaliaNFT will be the launch of the Metaverse. It is a must for those, like us, who want to play a leading role in the world of the Web3.
What I can share here is that it will be like a fenced garden but based on a wide-ranging project in which users, institutional actors and brands will be able to meet and interact thanks to both NFT assets and blockchain technology.
The interactions will be of various types, starting from the simplest ones to gradually evolve on the more complex ones with more articulated fruition dynamics that will also involve the real world.

Q2. Diving in the website I saw that ItaliaNFT is very active in the Sport and Charity as well! Can you explain it more?

Great! We have indeed in auction right now a very special NFT with a huge real benefit! Tadej Pogacar drop is a very special one. He is the 2 times Tour the France Cycling Race winner and the NFT is related to the shoes used for the last day at Tour the France 2022. The auction’s winner will have the real shoes with diamonds and the NFT! On top of this the 85% of the money coming from the sale will be donated to the Tadej Pogacar Foundation which fights against cancer.

Q3. Is it ItaliaNFT focusing on the wider community from a marketing perspective?

Yes! We had invested in Marketing huge attention since the inception of the project positioning the Brand mainstream through TV Campaigns, Institutional partnerships and various activities that have brought ItaliaNFT in front of millions of people.
Exactly in these days we have started a partnership with one of the world top marketing agencies focused on NFT/Metaverse space. I’m talking about Crowdcreate, a US based agency which has boosted marketing activities for big guys as Solana, Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Star Atlas, Sidus Heroes just to name a few. We are confident that this partnership could give us the exposure, that our expansion deserves, on the international crypto audience.

Q4. What kind of partnerships have put ItaliaNFT in a solid position for the future. Which partnerships are the ones which define better the project value?

All the partnerships have been selected for a reason so far and it will be the same in the future.
ItaliaNFT as a Brand has already reached millions of screens during the Giro d’Italia which had a worldwide audience!
The project has partnered with an Italian various institutional operators to have the most clear and valuable protocols for its Clients and retail users and moreover we are one of the very few NFT Marketplace with a mandatory KYC in order to buy the NFTs on platform.
We believe regulations, if valuable, will be a leverage for the mass adoption and the safety of the users investments!

Q5. Why ItaliaNFT attended the Turin Metaverse convention? What can you tell us about it?

Attending the first Metaverse Festival organized by ANGI gave us the opportunity to experience first-hand the high level of interest of businesses, institutions and media around this world. This is a very dynamic sector where we want to be protagonists thanks to our innovative array of technologies powered by blockchain.
Our Metaverse will produce a hyper-realistic experience, nothing to do with what we have been used to so far, which has only been aimed at showing off, instead it will be an entire ecosystem focused on creating the most valuable interactions possible between users, brands and institutions!
Be one of the first to follow this mind-blowing journey on our group

Q6. Is the marketplace having integrated tools to create NFTs and Mint?

We have not in-platform integrated tools as we select, through an in depth research, the best of art, brands, sport athletes, fashion and much more to drop digital assets on our Marketplace. Quality is one of the core of our Marketplace so to become the house of Made In Italy digital assets! Our mission is to be accurate and have a taylor made approach on every NFT presented on the platform.

Q7. In my opinion education is a hot topic in Web3 as to reach the mass adoption overtime people need to be aware and understanding the opportunities related to the sector. What is the position of ItaliaNFT about it?

Thx for asking! This is a topic in which we want to be fully committed to! We aim to have a specifically dedicated section in our brand new platform where to share what we think can help anyone to understand the basics of the WEB3 space together with a selection of the news related to the evolution the blockchain based industry and more. Keeping the community healthy means to us to invest on its education. The more awareness the community has the healthier it is and the more value it gets!

Q8. Is ItaliaNFT a Marketplace only for Italians?

We aim to bring Italian excellence worldwide and this means the Marketplace is opened for worldwide users that are interested in put their hands on valuable digital assets. The narrative then will bring users to have access to a variety of opportunities related to the Metaverse to connect with Italy in a new digital way! We are opened to collaborations but the accuracy and the Italian touch will be anyway the core of every step we will do!!

Q9. You have just said that the Platform has the KYC to be done for buying NFTs. It’s the first time I see something like this in a NFT Marketplace, could you explain better why you have done it?

Thanks for asking as it is something we have been very committed since the project inception. The NFT space is still an environment in which the lack of regulations lead to various concernings and safety problems. ItaliaNFT decided to face this starting from the KYC.
The security of users in operations and the transparency that their data will be processed in compliance with the most stringent rules on privacy and anti-money laundering and anti-fraud are the most important characteristics that a marketplace should have.
The Know-Your-Customer method is entrusted to an external company with a government license in the interest of sellers and buyers on the platform.
On ItaliaNFT it’s available the payment with a credit card, buying our NFTs with a credit card is very easy and you don’t have to leave our platform!

Q10. I see a lot of amazing NFTs and I would like to know how ItaliaNFT choose the prices for the NFTs on the Marketplace

Indeed ItaliaNFT is focused on high quality assets from an artistic point of view and we are very often giving benefits on top to add even more value. We then believe everyone deserves to be able to buy NFTS on our platform so almost every drop has different levels of pricing for every pocket!

And this was the end of our AMA with ItaliaNFT.

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