Jadeite AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with Jadeite on the 8th September

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as Jadeite ?

My name is Ubong Kingsley Wilson and I am the Head of Business Development of Jadeite Token.

Jadeite token $JDT is a yield generating deflationary token for Beryl applications, created on the Binance Smart Chain network for the community.

Q2. What are the advantages of Jadeite project ?

Jadeite is supposed to be one of the rarest gemstone that are out there. Being rare this makes us standout from the rest. But what are the qualities that makes us standout? Jadeite will be the main token of the Beryl blockchain and will act as the primary “fuel”, to pay transaction fees and reward the activities.

We are working to develop a safety ecosystem and also surround the token with innovative applications that will engender wealth among Jadeite supporters.

Q3 please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year

First and foremost I will like to say that we have a robust and carefully thought out process as we look to achieve a lot this year for tree community, the general public and for the project itself.
Below are our expectations within the year
1.Marketing Campaign

  1. CoinMarketCap Listing
  2. Application for listing on major exchange platforms
  3. Launch Decentralized Exchange Gemswap.app on Binance Chain
  4. Expand Core Dev Team
  5. Expand Marketing Team

These are the goals we look to achieve by the end of the year.

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story

A specific shade of semi-transparent emerald green known as “Imperial Jade” is the most sought-after in the world. Jadeite plays a particularly significant role in Chinese culture, symbolizing prestige and status.

Jadeite is the purest, rarest, and most vivid gemstone in the Jade family.

Imagine an unique Gemstone on the Binance Smart Chain Network. Just like this.

And here we will put best questions from our members and Jadeite fans:

Q1) What is the uniqueness of Jadeite that cannot be found in other projects that’s been released so far? And how the demand of Jadeite will increase in the future? or what steps would you take to increase the demand?

Jadeite is supposed to be one of the rarest gemstone that are out there. Being rare this will eventually cause the price to explode. This is what we want to achieve with Jadeite as well.
Having some percent of tokens that is being burnt on every transaction will make the number of avaiable tokens decrease overtime creating scarcity.
We envision Jadeite as being the main star from our blockchain (Beryl). Currently we’ve launched our token on the BSC chain. We had 3 Airdrop waves until now from which we’ve gathered more then 3000 holders. We currently have private sale ongoing that is structured in 5 phases. The first 4 phases are lasting 3 days each.
On each phase we have different buying rates compared with the rates from Dxsale (which will be used for our public sale)
First Phase will be DX sale rate + 25 %
2nd stage will be DX sale rate + 20 %
3rd stage will be dxsale rate + 15%
4th stage will be dx sale rate + 10%
5th stage will be dx sale rate + 5%

As every project we had ups and downs.
We also had a previous private sale that we weren’t able to close due to the fact that we weren’t able to hit the soft cap. Now we’ve changed the sale mechanism that will allow all investors to keep their tokens no matter how much we are raise due to the fact that after we’ve announced that we are refunding, all of our previous investors said that they don’t want BNB and they would like to keep our tokens instead.
For this reason also in order to thank them for trusting our project we’ve decided to give a bonus to all of our early investors with an aditional 5% from the Dxsale Rate.
This will mean that a normal investor will recive 25.mil JDT for 1 BNB and those investors that have previously invested in our project (that we refunded) will recieve 26 mil JDT for 1 BNB.

Q2) When I invest jadeitetoken token how many network fee do I pay and where do you distribute it?

If you are going to invest right now in the private sale or later on the public sale, you will only have to pay the transaction fee of around 35cents. It will depend on how many transaction that will be conducted on the blockchain on that given moment.

Then after we launch on pancakeswap the transaction fee will be 10% and is splitted as follows:
3% redistribution to all holders
3% burn pool fee
3% PCS Liquidity provided
1% marketing.

Q3) I read on your website that #Jadeite will offer a certain amount of the proceeds from distributed applications to its holders, but how much exactly? Will all holders be able to receive these proceeds or will some other special requirement need to be met?

Yes this is correct, every quarter after we deduct the operational costs we will split the remaining earnings from our aplications with all of our holders. The holders will recieve dividends based on how much in percentage of tokens they own at that specific moment when we do the snapshot. An automatic process will be in place that will be buyng jadeite tokens from those earnings and will be sending them automatically to all of our holders.

There are no extra necessities asides this

Q4) All the goals of your project is absolutely great, But One of the main factors users looking for in the crypto project is the use cases of the token? So what are the Use cases of $JDT token in your platform? What are your plan to increase the adoption of $JDT token?

Jadeite is supposed to be based on the applications that we are building for the community. We do not try to reinvent the wheel. The wheel is there already. We just create a better set of products compared with what is out there on the market.
All of our applications are supposed to be used on a global scale. They will be user friendly and accessible to a new user in crypto as well.

As applications we will have:
GemSale: This is a launchpad platform. This will be a place where a user or a dev can come with his own contract and deploy it to a certain chain or he will be able to select a specific chain and from there customize his smart contract. The customization level will allow the user to choose from a larger pallets of scenario’s (Addons)

GemSwap will use an automated market maker (AMM) model. That means that while you can trade digital assets on the platform, there isn’t an order book where you’re matched with someone else. Instead, you trade against a liquidity pool. Adding Liquidity to the coins and stacking, along with many additional features, will also be available on the platform. As per the roadmap this should be launched in the 4th quarter of 2021. This will be used as a bridge between chains as well.

Will be our wallet. It will be an non custodian wallet. He will be able to keep multiple coins into it.

It will be our chart application that will incoporate all the tools that a trader will use. The main difference between this and all the existing apps will be the fact that this will be avaiable cross OS’s (android, Windows, IOS) and will let you keep any technical analsys that you performed on the chart.

Marketplace for Precious and semi-Precious Gemstones, rocks minerals and jewelry
This will be a place in which anyone can come and buy those gems with Jadeite, any other crypto or FIAT.

Q5) 1-Increasing Token price
2- make Token Valuable
3-Building Community Trust
From 3 aspects above
,. I want to ask,. Which one the most important for you?If all above are important for you,. Which one that Will you do first??

We will focus on building community trust. Because this will lead to investors. This will lead to adoption. Adoption will lead to price going up and a successful project. 😊

Q6) Can I buy your tokens now, and if so, which wallets do they support? Can you tell me about the history of your team? How will you and your team complete this project in the midst of the current pandemic (COV-19)?

Yes you can buy Jadeite Tokens on current wallet addresses as our professional dev team have taken out time to make sure no one is left out in the Private Sale.

The history behind the team is quite interesting But I will like to fast forward to the team roles.
We have AndrewGem as the Head of coin development and ZayodaMaster as head of operations, I myself as the Business Development lead and Ike Charles aka TheTraderOg as the marketing lead. We are done professionals from renowned companies globally recognized.

Thanks to the electronic state and full decentralization of crypto, we will be building an electronic network of resource that we hope through Blockchain will not be tampered by physical necessities that might prove detrimental to the execution process if Jadeite. So with this we are sure operations to the success of Jadeite will continue even in the midst of covid. 😊

Q7) Not many users are fluent in English, so does your project have a non-English community?

Yes we have different communities for our project so as to enable multilingual commitments and decentralized information resource management among members.
We try to make sure everyone is carried along and are given access to equal offerings in the best way possible.

Our international Jadeite [JDT] sub-communities:


💎 Members can Join our international sub-communities and help us grow through the above links. 😊

Q8) NFT is hype nowadays and many projects are integrating on it. What are your plans for NFT integration in your platform ?

NFT projections are thought out by our team already but not yet a priority. We hope to build what the community will use… If in future our community wants us to integrate NFT then that we will but carefully and strategically to make sure all dots are dotted. 😊.

Q9) good day sir,
-); Is this platform suitable for crypto beginners or does it only attract professional users?

Our project is created to Cater for newbies in Crypto, the average man or woman and professional enthusiast in the crypto space. We are leaving no one behind. We want a credibly fair and accessible project for the community and the general public since our use cases caters for the activities of the general public as a whole.

Q10) Is your project a global project or limited to the Asian market such as South Asia and Japan? How will you increase the project’s adoption at the global level?

Our project is a global project and not limited to any specific geographical market… Even though penetration into markets will be properly segmented for quick adoption by the Jadeite Team we will still make sure the project gets to all and is used by almost everyone if not all.

For adoption we will focus on constantly marketing and engaging in project branding to constantly build the Jadeite ecosystem. 😊

And this was the end of our AMA with Jadeite.

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