Legal Raps

Yo, yo, yo, let’s talk about the legal game,

From shop rent agreements to what’s in your name,

For a shop rent agreement in Marathi, hit this link,

Shop rent agreement format in Marathi PDF download is the missing link.

Legal eagles band droppin’ knowledge straight from the heart,

Legal eagles band is where it all starts.

De Morgan’s Law in digital electronics, oh what a treat,

Understanding De Morgan’s Law in digital electronics is no small feat.

Financial times on the scene, for expert legal advice,

Financial Times Legal, they’ll make you think twice.

What’s a valid tax invoice, you gotta know the score,

What is a valid tax invoice, get your facts galore.

Claiming super contributions on tax, can you do it true?

Claiming super contributions on tax, let’s break it down for you.

Illinois attorney CLE requirements, what’s the deal?

Illinois attorney CLE requirements, keepin’ it real.

Legal Pokemon cards, what’s allowed in the game?

Legal Pokemon cards, stay ahead of the aim.

Corporate lobbying, why is it legal you say?

Understanding corporate lobbying, they’ll make it all sway.

DOT requirements for truckers, gotta follow to a tee,

D.O.T. requirements for truck drivers, the key to be free.

So there you have it, legal raps in a nutshell,

Knowledge is power, it’ll make your mind swell.