We Hosted An Amazing AMA Session With On 4th March .

Here We Will Present Some Of The Best Questions That Answered in The AMA :

Q1. Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about ?

sure, my name is Ahmed Alsayadi, a software engineer with a master’s degree in computer science, I have been  in the crypto space since 2016

I worked for several companies, such as the Chinese search engine Baidu and the Huobi crypto exchange . I used to work in the field of artificial intelligence before entering the crypto space.

Iam more  active in the Ethereum community.  I had the honor of translating the white paper into arabic, which is now on, the site that Shatoshi used later to publish the original paper

This is the arabic translation link, A wonderful piece of scientific art.

i call it  the decentralization constitution

now i will give brief intro of

We started in the year 2021 in the middle east, we are now  one of the main crypto exchange in MENA.

We are now preparing for a new investment round, after the  finithing the previous investment round of 10 million USD lead by Huobi and other crypto firms

Our partnership with a large platform such as Houbi and others  enhances user confidence in the  as one of the emerging platforms  in the market.

you guys can try it here:

Q2. Could you briefly tell us why we should choose ? is reliability and with high security,  with 0 security event  till now

We offer smooth on/off ramps for our customers in MENA

We offer many facilities and support for new investors. so If you are a new user, you can get some USDT for free and start your first step in the crypto journey.

our customer service team support you 24/7  in both Arabic and English.

i believe crypto is open and should be accessible for everyone to take part in, so is accessible for everyone.

Q3. Many hacking incidents have occurred recently. How do you manage security ?

In , we follow the save way to save investors’ money through the use of cold wallets that are isolated from the Internet

and multi signatures for large transfers,

the risk management system of the platform greatly protects users

Thankfully, no security event has occurred since the platform started 2 years ago.

myself I was in leading  Huobi defi products. One of these products was Huobi Wallet. I learned a lot from this real experience.

Q4. Other than being a cryptocurrency exchange platform, is there anything else that does ?

crypto is in its very early stage, working on  to be among the best-choice for people as a gateway to the crypto and the Web3.

We are working to support more decentralized networks and layers2s

i remember back in the old days it was very hard to buy bitcoin in compliant way, but now its possible in many countries, so we are also working with regulators around a couple of countries to get licenses, as we believe regulation is very important too.

rather than trading we noticed some other use-cases on  by our customers who started to use it  as a digital bank for remittances and for saving in  dollars (USDT) , especially after the fluctuation of local currency rates and their sharp decline in several Arab countries.

we got asked many times, wen mal token lol

the good news is as for the token of , there is the initial version of the white paper for a decentralized protocol we are working on,

the same time as we work with regulaters i will try to keep more of community based and crypto native entity.

Q5. Do You Have Any News/Updates About That You Would Like To Share With Us ?

sure, we now have  ambassadors program to select from the communty

meaning we look for  those in the community … the initiators … the contributors

so the first step is to take the initiative and provide something of value to the community of the Mal platform. All of this will be taken into account , and we will support them,

• An event about blockchain  in your city
• Providing online education or videos
• Educating the community

Q6.I see that your platform is deeply focused on Arab markets, which is interesting. What are the reasons why your team has taken this approach to the markets in which you operate? What are your plans to globalize the use of your platform ?

right, the current userbase of mainly from Arabian countries ( the golf and MENA in general),

but the platform is accessible globally. We are noticing high traffic/users from Africa and south Asia.

Q7. What is the revenue model of ?  In which ways do you generate revenue/profit ? So many Exchanges just like to speak about the “long term vision and mission”, but what are your short term objectives? What are you focusing on right now ?

In crypto space, crypto exchanges are the most profitable type of business

and the revenue model is very clear and simple, mainly trading fees.

Q8. Volatility in the cryptocurrency market requires risk management tools, unfortunately, the available options lack effective tools to manage it. What are some innovative products that your Mal Exchange platform has come up with to help users better manage their investments?

Managing risk can be discussed from different aspects.

frist of all as an investor, you should know what assets to choose to  invest in, whether you are a holder or a day trader, how to allocate your capital, when to take profit or to stop lose…etc

From the exchange part we are doing the following

We have very high standard risk management tools to protect user funds.

try to select projects and tokens  with enough liquidity,  so you can sell when ever you want

giving our users the tools to support their decisions smoothly, so you need to mange your portfolio in terms of Volatility.

Q9. Crypto folks say that NFT will be the next boom after Defi, Do you agree with this? And what are Mal Exchange plans to build on the NFT concept/Technology? Any future ideas on NFTs?

this moment, the crypo maket cap for the entire crypto is just 1Trillion USD , thats smaller than a teck company markt cap , google market cap is 1.2 trillion USD

the defi total market cap is just 50 billion ( 5% of the crypto marketcap), and the NFT is smaller

so in both Defi and NFT we will have 1000x growth

at least

for the NFT will be  more related to real assets but not for jepg thing

we are definitely working on something cool related to Defi and NFTs as well .

Q10.Lately, Cex exchanges have lost the trust of many investors, so, what is’s plan to regain the lost trust of users? Will it increase ease of operation?

both centralized and decentralized will be there, now 90% of trading still on centralized platforms.

Q11. Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners?

yes, and you can got 3$ as a new user if you register on and finish simple task.

Q12. Mal Exchange have any plans to expand to other networks like BSC, solana, Polkadot, etc? The integration of a bridge in different chains is very useful for investors and their assets in terms of cost reduction in rate ?

we are building on ethereum now, will support these chains within the next 3 months.

Q13. Please share about your tokenomics? What’s your token use case?

join community , we will share the token and its tokenomics later this year probably

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