Matrix Al Network AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with Matrix Al Network on the 10th of December

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as Matrix AI Network ?

I’m Sercan. I am the Turkish community manager of the Matrix AI Network project and I am honored to be able to tell you about the project today. I have been interested in crypto for a long time, and I am also happy to meet such a beautiful project.

MATRIX AI Network was founded in 2017. It is an open-source, high-performance public chain created by top-notch Chinese scientists and features a new 3rd generation Blockchain that uses cutting-edge AI techniques to revolutionize the cryptographic environment.

With the combination of blockchain and AI technology, MATRIX has built a revolutionary cryptocurrency that supports significantly increased transaction speed, superior accessibility for general users, enhanced security against malicious attacks, and highly flexible operations.

The Matrix AI Network consists of two main components. The first is an AI education platform and the second is a public blockchain powered by high-performance AI. Both work in harmony to improve the three core elements of AI technology: Computing power, Data and AI model.

The Matrix AI Network AI Platform is an AI education ecosystem built on the Matrix AI Network Blockchain that uses the Matrix AI Network Blockchain to validate data assets, ensure data privacy, and manage computing power resources. The ultimate goal is to train AI models to make AI technology more accessible and affordable. Matrix aims to improve the application of AI technology.

MATRIX AI Network is solving key challenges currently facing blockchain and cryptocurrency development. These include slow transaction speed; programming barrier of smart contracts; lack of security in smart contracts; and flexibility in managing and updating blockchains. We aim to create an easy-to-use, fast, secure and environmentally friendly blockchain platform, and Matrix 1.0 is the product of this ideal.
Adding to this foundation, we are launching Matrix 2.0, a project that would not be possible without a high-throughput blockchain to build a decentralized AI ecosystem.

In Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence algorithms and models will become the main competitive power of the “Digital Economy”. AI technology and big data enable Matrix to train AI models that can be directly applied in industrial environments. A blockchain-based AI economy focused on data, computing power and algorithm models will be developed in Matrix 2.0.

Q2. What are the advantages of Your project ?

Matrix creates a complete ecosystem with decentralized artificial intelligence. I would like to mention just a few of them;

Unlike a centralized platform, Matrix aims to transform data into users’ personal assets, unlike the assets owned by the platform.
Matrix differs from its competitors in the artificial intelligence and blockchain industry in several ways. To begin with, Matrix used AI technologies to create an efficient, environmentally friendly and secure blockchain platform. On top of that, Matrix leverages this platform to create a decentralized AI ecosystem to facilitate decentralized exchange of data, computing power and algorithms.

In this ecosystem designed by Matrix, artificial intelligence and blockchain are equally important. The two are fully integrated and interdependent. This is in stark contrast to most competing projects where AI or blockchain dominate and the other plays only a secondary role.

Compared to the average decentralized AI platform, Matrix provides a complete ecosystem of solutions for building AI services. The multidimensional big data platform supports the data demand of artificial intelligence scientists; MANTA provides scientists with cost-effective computing power; MANIA helps scientists validate their work; MANAS offers its services to businesses and customers for commercial use. All this combined with an open platform will create endless opportunities.
MANTA is the world’s first automated machine learning platform, the platform has recently l unched a beta test. Thanks to the platform, ownership and usage rights of user data can now be separated for better protection. More importantly, AutoML will help AI scientists increase the efficiency of their workflows, creating more and better algorithms and services for the same cost. This will attract more AI scientists to the Matrix ecosystem and more AI algorithms and applications to MANAS. NFT is a trending topic these days and Matrix has taken an innovative approach to integrating AI algorithms with NFTs. In this way, the work of AI algorithm scientists can be turned into digital assets stored on-chain, which can then be used by community members or traded among them. This solution guarantees the preservation of AI intellectual properties and also increases the liquidity and value of algorithms. Most importantly, this also marks the creation of the first NFTs of practical value.

Matrix does not plan to monopolize the computing power and AI services on its platform. Instead, while our team focuses on developing new technologies and platform features, for the commercialization part, we provide API and SDK to anyone with customer resources or experience running a business to build their own AI cloud computing/AI service platform using our tools. . This is an ecosystem where all parties can play to their strengths. We’ll let the world promote our services for us, and that’s the Matrix’s path for the future.

To summarize; Matrix has a unique advantage over its competitors in three ways: 1. High-quality source materials (computing power and data) for algorithm scientists;

  1. Fewer barriers to AI algorithm creation thanks to AutoML, thus better and more diverse services;
  2. An open platform with endless possibilities.
  3. The Matrix is leading the integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain, and it will be a matter of time before Matrix becomes a giant in both industries.

Q3. please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year.

The last quarter of the year is a period we call “deliver” in the roadmap. The team continues to work by adhering to the roadmap. Tests of MANAS, MANTA, MANIA platforms have been published, and MANART has been announced. Apex, an artificial intelligence exchange where we can produce and sell decentralized stable coins, has been announced. In addition, we also made agreements in the field of Metaverse and Gamefi. Our 2 Game-Fi games have been announced. The team’s goal in the last quarter will be to complete the promised and announced projects, as well as to continue developing the platforms. The fun is just beginning.

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

The idea that artificial intelligence can make the blockchain better is the beginning of this story. Of course, the artificial intelligence ecology created through the blockchain will also have a better vitality. Decentralized systems need cryptocurrencies to incentivize their function and growth.

In Matrix 2.0, we have a decentralized computing platform and a decentralized AI service platform. Users need to use MAN COIN as a transaction medium to purchase computing power or use services.

First, once AI is enabled, the performance of the blockchain has been significantly improved, and AI is also a very important area of development in the future.
In the field of artificial intelligence, Matrix has a very talented team. At the same time, we want to manage artificial intelligence through blockchain, which makes us full of endless possibilities in the future.

This project is managed by successful and award-winning Chinese scientists. The world leader MATRIX’s R&D team, led by artificial intelligence, communication and chip scientists, consists of staff from the best universities in China, graduated from Tsinghua and Peking Universities.

The core scientists at MATRIX have been champions in the World Artificial Intelligence (AI) Competition and have also established the 4.5G\5G International Communications Standard. The team’s core engineers have worked in top-notch IT companies such as Microsoft\Facebook\Google.

In the matrix team to complete all these works and write our story; Currently 6 AI teams, 3 Blockchain R&D and maintenance, 3 Smart contracts, 2 website developers, 4 community managers, 1 product, 1 operation and maintenance, 2 to B business development team and some other financial and other There are about 25 people and administrative managers, including some. Our CEO Owen Tao Our Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist Prf Dr. Steve Deng……

I would like to present to you the link that I have done extensive research and prepared;

And here we will put best questions from our members and Matrix Al Network fans:

Q1. How Recognition of Veins works for your biometric crypto wallet? What to recognize in vein? Do we have any kind of sensors for that? And is it better than fingerprint, Irish and facial recognition?

I want to talk about Matrix Bio-Wallet and its difference;

Bio-wallets are devices that use biometric information as an identifier. Matrix BioWallet is a hardware wallet that revolves around finger vein recognition. It supports unlocking your wallet and signing transactions using one’s finger vein, thus saving people the stress of having to remember a password/PIN and more. In theory, you would never lose access to the Bio-Wallet by forgetting your password.

One may still wonder, how is finger vein recognition different from fingerprint recognition?
Simply put, the difference lies in the level of security.

Finger vein recognition works by sending an infrared beam through your finger to take an image of your vein. It uses the latest and greatest biometric recognition technologies and you can count on it to do so with speed and precision. As part of a living organism living under your skin and tissues, it is impossible for your vein to replicate with inanimate objects. Fingerprints, on the other hand, are easy to reproduce and you cannot avoid leaving your fingerprint on various scanner surfaces, which can expose your assets to unwanted risks.

Also, finger vein recognition is less affected by the condition of your finger than fingerprint recognition. The latter can be affected by water or dirt on the finger or even by skin damage. Not to mention that some people do not have the distinctive fingerprints, and even more so, that some people are born without fingerprints.
This table summarizes the comparison between the different options.

Since IDs are associated with a person’s personal biometric information, common current practice is to use face or fingerprint recognition, which of course has flaws. For example, facial recognition on our smartphones cannot distinguish one from its twin. Fingerprint readers are even easier to fool by using fake fingerprints.
So when it comes to people’s important personal data, finger vein recognition is the sensible way right now. Because this method of recognition requires input from a living organism, it is impossible to imitate, and finger veins are not the same even in twins.

Hopefully in the not too distant future (based on finger vein recognition) reliable digital identity will become a reality and we will no longer have to take our physical identity with us when we take the train, visit Internet cafes or travel abroad.
The constant worry about your ID card being stolen and then the hassle of getting a new one will become the worries of the past.

Overall, Matrix Bio-Wallet outperforms other crypto wallets in terms of security, efficiency, and transaction fees. It is clear that the Bio-Wallet will be an important part of the Matrix ecosystem and will guarantee a secure transaction and identification for services on the Matrix platforms.

Q2. One of the latest leg-ups at $MAN is the Cooperation with the South Korean Blockchain Institute. So can you give me an idea of the relationship between the two? What milestone do you both want to reach by helping each other?

KBCI launched its cooperation plan with MATRIX. Also, Matrix’s collaboration with Eco Global is supported by KBCI. We will continue to support Eco Global’s NFT and AI services and similar partnerships. On the other hand, the first project to cooperate directly with KBCI is the Sino-Korean Industrial Park, but this project has not yet started. KBCI is working with the Chinese government on this preparatory work. After completing this preparatory work with the Chinese government, we will start the development of the Sino-Korean Industrial Park with KBCI.

Q3. What is the vital role of the community for Matrix AI Network team development and decision-making? How will your project accept some opinion and suggestions from the community? Do you intend to reward loyalty of youth community?

Our team values the opinions of the community. For this reason, monthly Ama’s are held regularly. The Matrix community can ask their questions and suggestions directly to our CEO, Owen Tao, at the monthly Conducted AMA. Also, many countries have local telegram groups. Community managers in those groups can be contacted. When the restrictions due to the pandemic are lifted, we are considering holding various events such as office visits and conferences to get more interaction with the community.

Q4. Building NFT using AI Technology is something new in the blockchain, can you please tell us the advantages of creating NFT through AI over conventional ways of creating NFT and what the future holds for AI? Is it cheaper and faster to build an NFT with AI?


To that end, Matrix plans to launch MANIA (MAN Intelligent Authentication), a platform where AI algorithms can be traded like NFT works of art. Let’s take a look at how MANIA deals with traditional intellectual property issues.

Distributed Storage

All algorithm models created by AI scientists will be stored in distributed storage networks in partnership with the Matrix, which protects the algorithms from being stolen by any node’s owner.

Blockchain Authentication

Authentication is a core function of blockchain. When uploaded to cloud storage, an algorithm model will receive a timestamp ensuring its ownership is unique and traceable.

NFT Liquidity

As algorithm models are the building blocks of tomorrow’s AI world, their increase in liquidity will set the AI industry on the right track. In MANIA, people can convert their algorithm models into NFTs, which they can trade by moving cross-chains to different NFT markets.

Privacy Protecting Calculation

Matrix adopts privacy-preserving computing (PPC) to protect algorithms from theft. With its help, algorithm scientists can provide for-profit AI services and make sure no one steals their ideas.
MANIA’s workflow consists of the following parts: algorithm creation, distributed storage, blockchain authentication and NFT printing

MANIA — A New World for NFT

The arrival of MANIA is significant for the Matrix, AI industry and NFT market.


Authentication, printing NFTs etc. All functions of MANIA, including MANIA, require MAN for payment. This will increase MAN’s liquidity and value.
An effective solution to protect intellectual property will attract more AI scientists to the Matrix ecosystem to create more original algorithm models. Mature algorithm models can be verified and used to print NFT. All this will attract more users to the Matrix ecosystem.

For the AI Industry

MANIA’s greatest contribution to the AI industry is solidifying the AI market’s value foundation. When AI scientists are no longer worried about their intellectual property being stolen, they will be more motivated to create than ever before. This will help create a more dynamic ecosystem and ultimately enable the Cambrian explosion of the AI industry.


MANIA will mark the beginning of a new type of asset with economic and social value, unlike traditional artwork or in-game item NFTs that are priced solely for their artistic value. By transforming AI algorithms into NFTs, MANIA will greatly expand NFT’s user base and solidify its value foundation. This will truly initiate the explosive growth of the NFT market.

Q5. MANTA is a machine learning platform based on MATRIX Mainnet. What will be the tools, to make learning so easy for users, to want to invest in this platform?

MANTA, as the name suggests, is about training an AI algorithm. Unlike MANAS and MANIA, which can be tested by general users, most of whom enjoy playing games or tricking systems, MANTA is more for people with AI backgrounds. Still, we have valuable community members among our community who shoot guide videos.

In addition, we will continue to publish articles and more guide videos.
We invite many AI scientists to test our platforms. And we continue to develop.

Q6.Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?Q.3 What your plan for 2021, Can you tell us which exchanges are you planning to list ?

Yes, we have a plan to burn some mancoins that will be used on platforms. We will see more listings in 2022. We are waiting for listing from Tier 1 exchanges 🚀

Q7.Nearly 85% of investors focus only on the price of the short-term token instead of understanding the true value of the project. Can you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your tokens for the long term?

We said that the artificial intelligence blockchain merger opens up endless possibilities for us. When we look at other artificial intelligence projects and other blockchain technologies, we see that the matrix is much better than them.

Q8.When the price is seriously DUMP, projects can lose their community. What is your plan to create a product-oriented (believer) community that supports the token in the long term?

Since the project was implemented, it has experienced 1 bull season and 2 long bear seasons. We are experienced in pricing. In this process, although we throw small stones into the pond, we will gradually grow the large matrix community worldwide.

Q9.Can you share about your token utility.. What are the use of your token in your ecosystem, Do u have farm or stake feature..

In the Matrix wallet, you can join mining pools and earn rewards. Matrix supports hybrid pow + pos mining. It also has a unique mining technology powered by artificial intelligence. You can read our articles for more details.

Q10. A lot of people are currently searching for NFTs, metaverse, and games. Can you tell me what advantages you will have in this field in the future?

We have already announced our projects in the field of gamefi. Matrix can also blend them with its own AI technology and take them to the next level. Also, matrix platforms have great business potential for other metaverse projects.

And this was the end of our AMA with Matrix Al Network.

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