We hosted an amazing AMA with METAXY on the 22th of December 

And here we will put some of the best questions: 

Q1) Can you please introduce yourselves as well as METAXY ?

 Kaori Tran:- To start off, I'm Kaori Tran, CMO of Metaxy. I have experience in working with the Japanese for more than 7 years and joined the Japanese' blockchain communities 2 years ago, since then I have come to understand the future of blockchain technology, and realized that NFT games will make an enormous impact on this field.

 With the motivation of producing a pioneering blockchain game that will utilize the next-generation of the Internet - the Metaverse, I have decided to join forces to develop Metaxy. And it’s my pleasure to have my co-partner, Mr.Lionel accompanying me on this amazing project. Lionel Hoang:- My name is Lionel Hoang. CEO of Metaxy project Up until now, I have more than 13 years working in the IT field. My journey to the blockchain world started in 2019, when I was in charge of bringing a Japanese blockchain solution for document management to the Vietnam market. This cutting-edge technology has attracted and inspired me to carry out in-depth research into Blockchain. 

Metaxy is a blockchain game project I have cherished and prepared for a long time, and have high expectations for it. Kaori Tran:- About Metaxy, it’s a decentralized NFT based fighting game, featuring the most diverse anime-inspired characters, that creates a Multiverse where players can summon their favorite superheroes to battle and earn massive rewards of NFT collectibles and MXY tokens. Metaxy takes place in a fantasy world where superheroes are summoned for the great Multiverse War.

 Each game character comes with different appearances and unique fighting attributes that are developed over time along with the user’s experience. The game allows each player to engage in battle against other online players (PvP) in real-time, whilst during idling, players can immerse themselves in an enticing narrative story plot (PvE) with intense AI-based combat governed by a wide range of Metaxy superheroes. 

Q2) What are the advantages of Your project ? 

Lionel Hoang:- First, Inspired by the original game from Onegame Studio - a top gaming studio in Asia which has already released many high-rated games with millions of users, it can be assured that Metaxy’s gameplay, anime-inspired artwork and gripping story will be among the most competitive features compared to other games in the fighting genre. Moreover, as an NFT game, of course we have Play-to-earn features which can help players earn income while enjoying the game. 

Besides the Play-to-earn features, Metaxy also provides you with the free-to-play feature, which will allow players to have an initial experience at no cost, before deciding to invest in. Our process is about to be: Free-to-play => Play-to-Earn => Earn-for-Real! In the near future, more features will be added including Metaverse into the game so that users can have a more immersive experience during playing time. Also, we’re incubated by Creator Chain Network - top 50 leading BaaS platform that guarantees smooth Blockchain integration, and supports us to integrate $MXY tokens and NFT items. 

Q3) please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year
 and Early next year 

Kaori Tran: It's almost the end of December and we're having many special events at the moment and in the upcoming month. You guys can take a look at our Roadmap here for an overall view. The closest event is Metaxy Game Trailer Release which will be this Thursday, 2PM UTC Dec 23th. Right on time for X-mas celebration! We already got some interesting hints for it before, check out here and don’t forget to save the date to not miss out this blockbuster! We hope that everyone can fully enjoy the game trailer and it will be great if we could receive positive feedback from the community. Trust me, it is definitely worth the wait I’ll talk a little bit about important events in early 2022.
We will have Metaxy’s IDO event, NFT Chest sale and particularly the MVP will be released right after the chest sale, all are going to take place in January. Such a crazy month :) but we’re trying our best to make sure everything is well-prepared and ready for show time! Keep an eye on our channels to not miss this huge chance! 

Q4) Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background? 

Lionel Hoang:- After taking everything into consideration, we decided to name our project as Metaxy, which means the state of “in-betweenâ€‌ or “middle-groundâ€‌. Actually, in the game, it is a place located in the heart of the Multiverse concentrating the most powerful energy in the universe. The story of Metaxy begins when a dark force, a hybrid product of DNA of the worst villains in the manga and anime universes, including 5 Evil Gods gathering in the Universe Z - the end and darkest dimension of the Multiverse, desiring to rule the entire multiverse by overthrowing GOD at the Metaxy. 

And our Metaxy superheroes must unite to prevent the Evil Gods or else, their power will be absorbed and the dark force will become extremely stronger! Sound alluring enough for our beloved soon-to-be users? Get ready to join this amazing adventure with us!!! Kaori Tran:- Speaking of my team, I am so proud to have a team of 30 talents including Developers, Marketing , Blockchain team and Artwork Design with excellent background. 

For Developer and Artwork Design, it’s our pleasure to have Onegame Studio joining us in this great journey. They have formed a qualified team including developers and game experts who have more than 5 years of experience in average. . Additionally, we have an excellent advisor - V2B Labs with a solid background in blockchain technology and marketing operation. With the joining hand of such qualified members, it's promising that Metaxy will be the next exploding generation gaming project in the early future.

 And here we will put best questions from our members and METAXY fans:

 Q1) One of the differences between METAXY and other gaming platforms that also involve blockchain technology is that METAXY provides the opportunity to play for free. What are the limitations of playing for free? What advantages and benefits do users receive if they 
invest money to play METAXY ?
Can a user who starts with basic non-NFT heroes and does not invest money in the game enjoy the game as much as someone who does invest money? 

Lionel Hoang:- In order to make it easier for players to access Metaxy, our game is free-to-play when players first join the game. We will provide 4 free characters to allow players to have a prior experience, enjoying Metaxy’s gameplay and gripping storyline. These characters are not NFT items and chosen randomly by the system, which means you can not trade them on the marketplace nor earn $MXY after battles. However, there’s still various chances for players to get $MXY or NFT by joining our special events like Airdrop, Learn & Earn, ... To fully experience the appeal of the game in the higher levels, as well as earn money during playtime, we suggest that users hold $MXY and purchase our NFT items on marketplaces. 

Q2) About Metaxy officially launched the Ambassador program. So How can the Community sign up for an Ambassador program? And also What are the privileges and benefits that we will get by becoming a Metaxy Ambassador?

 Kaori Tran:- We are launching our Ambassador program right now, calling for “Metaxy Knightâ€‌ - talented people who can help the project to be promoted more strongly by spreading the news to their communities. If you are passionate about NFT game and want to join us to do great things together, our ambassador program is still waiting for potential candidates, you can apply here: => And of course, Metaxy Knight will get a lot of benefits including: - Receive monthly $MXY Tokens based on your contribution.
- Provide suggestions and feedback about growing as a community by engaging in regular calls with the core team. - Recognition as the early and long-term supporter of Metaxy in our community. Read here for more details:

 Q3) I saw in your telegram group,IDO will be held on Jan 2022. Can we still participate in the IDO event? If so, are there any requirements to join the IDO? 

To avoid the danger of token prices by investors holding large amounts of tokens,will there be a limit to buying tokens on IDO? Kaori Tran:- Metaxy’s IDO will be held in mid-January, 2020 on KoiStarter and some other launchpads. If you want to join IDO on KoiStarter, you will need to stake CTR on KoiStater and the KYC process will take some time. So my suggestion is you guys better join early and be well-prepared to not cause any problem before the IDO. We are also aware of the issues you mentioned, don’t worry, each platform has its specific rule to avoid the danger of token prices. Particularly, for KoiStarter, the amount of allocations will be limited for each Tier. And the higher Tier you are, the more tokens you can buy. 

Q4) I am very interested in the name of your project so I want to invest but currently your project has no information about the token that makes me wonder. Would you give me an overview of the current total supply and where can we buy your tokens? 

Lionel Hoang:- Well, we already uploaded tokenomic information on our landing page. But let me provide you with more details. The Metaxy’s token symbol is called $MXY, which is issued on Binance Smart Chain. The total supply of MXY token is 1,500,000,000. Hard cap: $2,325,000. Token for sale: 255,000,000. You can find MXY's tokenomics distribution in the picture below: Wait for Metaxy’s IDO which will be held in mid-January. We’re going to list our $MXY token on KoiStarter first. The other platforms will be announced soon in our official channels, so stay tuned! 

Q5) The NFT market came to stay in the crypto market. And as far as I know, METAXY will participate in this trend. Describe innovative technologies that can stand out from your NFT platform in the marketplace? 

Lionel Hoang:- As you guys may already know, Metaxy’s NFTs are going to be listed on Mirana Marketplace, which we consider as a powerful platform with amazing key features, including: - High return, low-cost, and time-consuming. - Zero Code. - Copyright safeguards. - Customization. We believe that Mirana marketplace is a perfect place that provides the best conditions for our users to trade NFT cards and make profits while enjoying Metaxy.

 Q6) Nowadays, it seem like Metaverse, Web3 or Gamefi get the most attention from investors, what do you think? What can you do to attract the investors? 

Lionel Hoang:- “Metaverseâ€‌ seems to be hot key word. Many GameFi projects are currently working towards this long-term goal, which is to adapt the Metaverse in gaming projects. And Metaxy is no exception. Metaverse can be utilized in visual reality so that users can have more methods of buying and spending their money. It’s our biggest goal which is to successfully bring the Metaverse platform together with blockchain technology and the fighting game genre. In Metaxy, we have a lot of galaxies which are tradeable for users. And they can build up the galaxy as what they want, and invite others to join their galaxy to fight. And once we made it, I think that would be an explosive combination! 

Q7) Not only the European market, but the Asian market looks like this now. Many projects focus here now. So what do you think of Southeast Asia? Want to develop here?

 Kaori Tran:- Exactly! Both Europe and Asia are amazing markets for blockchain games and crypto communities; however; Metaxy is designed to bring an equal opportunity to everyone so that everyone from every corner of the world could increase their income while enjoying the gameplay.
In order to expand our community so that more users can easily access Metaxy, we are building both global and community at the same time. Currently, we already have China, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia local communities. You can join us over here! Metaxy Local Community: - 
Metaxy Philippines - 
Metaxy Indonesia - 
Metaxy Vietnam For China Global 

Q8) Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users ?

 Lionel Hoang:- Our project is for everyone, even non-crypto users or new gamers can join, play and earn. To ensure the delivery of project information or updates, we have already released the articles about the game overview, gameplay, characters info and and more guidance will be released soon on our official channels. You can find many informative post on Metaxy Telegram ANN: 

Q9) How can we get benefits by holding your currency? Do you have any incentives or rewards program for long-term contract holders?

 $MXY is the utility token in the game which can be used in various cases: - Participating in the game: to buy cards and in-game items on the marketplace. - Trading on the marketplace: players can buy their NFTs on the market to upgrade their heroes or can sell these NFT items to get MXY back. - GameFi: players can also gain passive income from the engagement in the game like staking, will also be updated along with the development of our project. This will be benefited for long term holder 

Q10) Is your platform global or are there any restrictions on certain regions?

 Lionel Hoang:- Metaxy is designed to bring an equal opportunity to everyone so that everyone from every corner of the world could increase their income while enjoying the gameplay. As Kaori has just answered above, we're building many local community so that Metaxy can be more accessible to many users around the world.

 And this was the end of our AMA with METAXY. 

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