Multigame AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with Multigame on the 20th of August

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as Multigame ?

I’m Jason, currently being a Business Development Manager of Multigame. Today, I’m here to help you understand more about Multigame and so on.

In brief, Multigame is a super modern GameFi platform, provide ultimate utility for Gaming & NFTs projects. The platform is designed to be fair and easy to use, launched on Binance Smart Chain and ready to expand to Ethereum Optimism.

Q2. What are the advantages of Your project ?

Well, Multigame concentrates on six main features but let’s say “Fair-Launch” is our distinguished advantage. I would briefly summarize.

  • Dev team only use the capital from private sale to develop the project and does not hold any token.
  • 69.5% of tokens for farming (in 3 years). 20% of tokens for more liquidity and community development. 10.5% of tokens for private sale and public sale
  • Investors in private sales only receive 20% tokens at TGE, and they will go along with Multigame for 12 months.
  • Last but not least, the listing Pancakeswap price ($0.022) will be the same as public sale and almost equal to private sale ($0.02) for everyone to have a fair opportunity.

Q3 please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year

This year, we have many features for GameFi and most of them was completed. However, if we release all the features at a time, it may be a chaos for users as it is difficult to deeply understand each feature. Therefore, we decided to release these features one after another, details as following:

  • We are rolling out INO feature (Initial NFTs Offering) at end of August that allows GameFi projects to launch their NFTs with initial offer. We will be also deploying our first INO on 28th August 2021 to allow users to buy “Magic Box” (our own NFTs).
  • We are also kicking off our Simple LaunchPad feature and launching $MULTI token 2 days after that (on 30th August 2021). Users can buy $MULTI with exclusive offer ($0.022/MULTI).

However, only 500 wallet addresses that owned “IDO Box”, whose are lucky when buying Magic Box on 28th August can join the IDO.

  • We will be continuing to introduce Farming feature at beginning of September 2021. This feature helps $MULTI holders getting more rewards by adding more liquidity. And we will launch our Marketplace soon few days after that which help users exchanging NFTs to each other.
  • ECHO (our own Game) is under development so we will keep it secret for now and we will share with you in each stage of ecosystem completion.

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story

Well, our ideas are on couple years ago, we want to design a platform to help investors have many privileged utilities by $MULTI storing and provide NFTs collectors unique benefits and we first started to build last year. It’s a tough time for all of us because we have to face many issues (budget, remote working, productivity).

For now, we are still developing more and more to give users an outstanding multitasking platform of GameFi and NFTs. Our vision is to become a GameFi platform with most popular features to support GameFi projects and community to launch their new NFTs with a discount or kick off their token sale campaigns. And at the same time, members can trade NFTs on an only “GameFi Focused” NFTs Marketplace.

So far, our team did very well and high effort. Our CEO, @jesseaugust who is such a talented and experienced person. He brings our project to the community and launch it successfully. We want to give him a big thank you for everything.

And here we will put best questions from our members and Multigame fans:

Q1) When it comes to gaming platforms like Multigame, security is a key factor. What are the security position that has been included in your platform to channel all assets and products of your main partners as well as gamers? How and won’t there be any vulnerable attacks?

Intersting ! in Multigame, we have a team of engineers with experienced people and also we have bug bounty programs with some internal partners. For privacy, I can’t tell their names now but I guarantee that users can believe in our system. We always check and upgrade the system regularly to avoid as much as possible of the errors. Moreover, we will conduct an audit of smart contracts with reputable partners in the industry.

Q2) With the rise of axie, the”play to earn”game market is getting everyone’s attention. Players care about how much money they can make from the game. So what in the game Multigame will attract a large number of players to participate?

At this moment, we do not want to compare with other projects on the market, we just want to develop a great project for users. Moreover, as I said, our own game – ECHO is under development. You can open magic box in September and receive one of valued NFTs with certain rates, such as Items, Solders, Shapes or Weapons and use these NFTs to merge them into characters in the Game. Each character will have specific stats.

We will gradually reveal to you more information about ECHO.

Multigame still has many other interesting products that will be launching soon at the beginning.

Q3) The NFT markets came to the crypto space to stay & from what I understand, Multigame will be participating in this trend. Can you explain what innovation your NFT platform has that can stand out from other proposals available on the market?

At this moment, auto NFTs reward is a special mechanism to reward holders and farmers to receive NFT automatically. In near future, we will launch the “GameFi Focused” NFT Marketplace.

Multigame is the only Marketplace for many other GameFi & NFTs to trade NFTs. You can sell your NFTs or buy from other players easily and conveniently. The big difference between Multigame Marketplace and other NFT Marketplace is the entire market completely for GameFi. It means that you can find many NFTs from new GameFi projects here.

Please follow our website for more information:

Q4) Where do we expect to see #Multigame in the short-term (at some point in 2021) and 2022 and beyond (long-term goals)? In the next 6–12 months, what features will you be launching that will make your DEX really stand out from the rest.

Now I see the Gaming & NFTs market is developing rapidly. That’s why Multigame aim to become a GameFi & multitasking NFTs platform both ensures an accelerator role for other Gaming & NFTs startups and develop separated GameFi projects.

With a reasonable and unique tokenomics strategy, we believe and expect a steady growth of $MULTI entirely. Multigame still has many creative ideas in the future as well as interesting products that will be launching soon at the beginning. We have plans to develop some GameFi projects. It will give you more ‘Play to Earn’ opportunities in near future. We will inform you more information about that. So you can count on us.

Q5) I saw that you are giving airdrops (Bad for investors). Airdrops dump token price.Because everyone get free tokens from the airdrop & they sell the token & price gone down.After this also investors sell the token.Then How you convence investors about this Problem? Please explain.

Thanks for your concern. But let me make it right. Not every gets free tokens and not always they will sell the token.

I also mentioned above, “Fair-launch” is the goal that we aim to achieve, that’s why everyone to have a fair opportunity. The airdrop is just a few community activities that we did. The amount of airdrop has not affected big impact on everything that we’ve built. When people invest in our project, we believe that they see our potential in the future and they with us. If everything went wrong, they will the first that we inform.

FYI, holding $MULTI will help you to receive NFTs automatically and have a right to participate in INOs held by Multigame.

We will launch Multigame’s Magic Box sale as our first INO on 28th August. You need to register whitelist by the link here:

Q6) Where can I buy your tokens now. What are your current contracts, and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

We will inform the contract address on the IDO day, so please remember, all contract address now are scam, please BE ATTENTION AND CAREFUL !!!

Q7) How can I buy this tokens? Is it can available its on any exchange?
Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your me project, to make it more secure the and reliable

We are working on the Audit process, we will announce the Audit before the INO day, so please stay stuned to our media channels for more information

Q8) What will be RoadMap of $MULTI in Near Future. So All Investors Can Fix Their Perfect and Ideal Time To Get ENTER IN $MULTI. Also What will you biggest tough Challenge In Your Roadmap

Everything is tough right now because we are developing more and more. Also many people from around the world has joined our channels so we’are so happy with a little bit excited now. This is our RoadMap:

Q9) Can I get a official social media links of Your project to follow for announcement other than telegram?

Our mainstream media as below:


✅ Twitter:

✅ Blog:

✅ Telegram Chat: @multigame_chat

✅ Telegram Channel: @multigame_ann

Q10) What is your project’s main focus right now, and what will be your top priority in the coming months? What inspired you to build such a project?

Holding $MULTI will receive additional NFTs in future. This mechanism is even applied for farmers. They will not only receive new MULTI but also get rewards of new NFTs. These new NFTs will be assured by “NFTs Reward Pool”. This can be seen as a reward mechanism for those investors who stick along with Multigame for long time.

We are thinking of using this fund to buy back many more attractive NFTs from outstanding GameFi projects and reward back to $MULTI holders. We will update you these interesting mechanisms later. Stay tuned 🙂

And this was the end of our AMA with Multigame.

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