NAOS Finance AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with NAOS Finance on the 23rd December

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself to our community ?

Sure! Hello everyone, my name is Michelle, I am in charge of marketing and community at NAOS Finance.

I am a marketing practitioner for years, first in TMT (Tech, Media and Telecom) industry for years, and I joined the blockchain space since 2017.

It’s always fun to learn so much new knowledge and skills in the emerging field. And thanks again for having me here to present our amazing project NAOS Finance:

Q2. Can you briefly tell us about NAOS Finance ?

Certainly! It’s alway pround for me to introduce our project.

NAOS Finance is a decentralized real-world-asset (RWA) lending protocol that facilitates the borrowing of crypto native assets by using RWA as collateral.

In other words, pure DeFi protocol use cryptocurrency to facilitate borrowing of another cryptocurrency, we use RWA as collateral to borrow crypto native assets from DeFi world.

We’re lucky and honored to be backed by a group of top crypto ventures and traditional ventures, such as Coinbase, Huobi Ventures, OKex, MEXC, Mechanism, Spartan, Lemniscap, etc

You can see our investor list on our website

Q3. What makes you unique in the market? What’s your competitive advantage?

This is a great question, why those top institutions trust our team? The answer is;

NAOS is uniquely positioned by being regulatorily compliant and the scale of real world assets originated – two important factors that other protocols are hard to obtain.

NAOS has financing licenses in multiple regions, allowing us to interact with real world companies directly.

Financial license is key to bring real-world-assets on chain,you can’t provide RWA lending services without it. But Financial licences is also rare, in some countries they event stop issuing license.

Another competitive advantage for us is: we have over 2,000 corporate partners with $300M worth of funding demands. The corporate partners include Fortune 500, fintech and multinational companies.

In this regard, we will be the largest RWA(Real-World-Assets) protocol in terms of RWA under management

Q4. Can you briefly introduce your protocol? How can users participate it?

Sure. I just introduced the idea of our project. I believe for retail crypto investors, you must want to know what you can do with our product.

As a DeFi lending protocol for real-world-assets, NAOS Protocol has two sub-protocols: Liquidity Protocol – Formation and Lending Protocol – Galaxy

Formation allows us to take the liquidity from DeFi and channel it to fund real world assets, Galaxy essentially emulates the entire banking process, for a borrower (corporate borrower or retail borrower) to submit loan applications, getting evaluated and get funded.

Our whole protocol is deployed on Binance Smart Chain(BSC), users can deposit BUSD and borrow our synthetic token nBUSD to invest in Beta Pool on Galaxy.

We also provide different farming pools on Formation, NAOS-BNB LP staking pool, NAOS Boost Pool, and Beta Staking Pool

On our lending protocol Galaxy is consisted of Alpha Lending Pool which connect real-world-assets, and Beta insurance pool to cover the loss of Alpha Pool in case of real-world-asset default.

Let’s take a glance of our protocols, for the supported token and yield generated:

-Formation Page: Deposit BUSD and borrow nBUSD

  • Alpha Pool: Deposit BUSD and generate yield in BUSD +NAOS
  • Beta Pool: Deposit nBUSD and stake Beta token to generate yield in NAOS
  • Staking Pool on Farm Page:
  • NAOS/BNB pool: Deposit NAOS/BNB LP token and generate NAOS token rewards
  • NAOS Boost Pool: Deposit NAOS token with different lockup period options (3 months/1 year/2 years/4 years) and generate NAOS token rewards. If you invest in Alpha Pool at the same time, it would also boost your yield (NAOS token) in Alpha Pool.
  • NAOS Beta pool: Deposit Beta token and generate NAOS token rewards

I know the information looks overwhleming, no worries, we have tutorials for your easy understanding

NAOS Protocol At A Glance

Demystify NAOS Protocol — A Tutorial

If you’re interested with us, please take time to read through our tutorials. And also welcome to join our group @naos_finance and local groups @naos_finance_arabic for further assisstance

And here we will put best questions from our members and NAOS Finance fans:

Q1) NAOS that bridges traditional Finance with DeFi, but one of the challenges that you’re going to face is having the right legal structure or establishing a legal contract, can you tell us how you were able to deal with this issues for you to be able to get to where you are today?

Sure! This question is applied to all the DeFi projects which want to connect with CeFi world.

But as I explained beofre, our most competititive advantage is that we have finanicial licenses in mulitiple countries, with that, we’re capable to provide lending services and interact with real-world borrowers.

With financial licenses and local OTC partners, we’re able to provide crypto – fiat exchange in a complaint way.

Q2) You indicate only 4 countries on your website, but are you planning to implement your loan and tokenization platform only in the USA, Mexico, India and Indonesia? or will you have another reason to mention those countries?

No, NAOS protocol is internationalized. The truth is, with financial licenses in those four countries, we are allowed to provide lending services in multiple coutries, not limited to those four countries.

Our model is, we attract DeFi capitals with competitive APRs in stable coins, and convert those stable coins into local currencies and fund corporate borrowers.

Let me describe NAOS’s solution in this way

A borrower in Indonesia wants to borrow $, but the local interest rate is 15% APR from traditional institutions (banks, etc). But in some developed countries the interest rate is quite low, for example a lender in England is satisfied to lend at 3%.

So if the England lender wants to lend their money to the Indonesian borrower, they have to deal with a lot of cross-border transactions with high cost and low efficiency. NAOS’s solution is to build a system and facilitate the loan deal in a permissionless way.

NAOS provides DeFi lending to industry-agnostic real world borrowers. Since the stable coin (cryptocurrency) could be transferred worldwide easily, what NAOS should do is just partner with qualified OTC partners in each region and offer the on-ramp and off-ramp services for borrowers.

Q3) Is your NAOS Finance platform suitable for Crypto beginners? Or does it only appeal to professional users?

Well, I’d say that it is beneficial for both.

We all know that the DeFi summer this year attracted lots of CeFi players into the crypto world because of the attractive APR.

The CeFi players realize the APR DeFi offered is way much higher in CeFi world, especially in developed countries, even APR for stablecoins.

NAOS protocol provide sustainable and competitive APR in stable coin with from income generating assets (RWA) such as corporate loans and accounts receivables.

NAOS appeals to a wide audience-base. In CeFi end, NAOS appeals to global borrowers and lenders, institutions looking for alternative corporate treasury management strategies and retail banking customers looking for better yield on their savings.

NAOS provides a new asset class for CeFi customers taking their first steps into DeFi, allowing them to hold stable coins and participate in income generating assets globally.

Q4) As we all know security threat to funds is the major problem recurring these days. In that aspect, kindly tell us more about the safety & security measures that are implemented in naos finance which would effectively help our users to gain trust over the project?

Yeah indeed, hack in crypto world often happened. NAOS takes several measure to ensure the security of our user’s fund

Firstly, In DeFi part, our two sub-protocols (Liquidity Protocol Formation & Lending protocol Galaxy) have undergone some rigorous audits by top auditing companies:

λ Formation Audit Report (on Ethereum):
λ Formation Re-audit Report(On BSC):
λ Galaxy Audit(on BSC) :

(https://www.certik/)Secondly, we’ve cooperated with different DeFi Insurance Protocol ( to provide the coverage for smart contract’s incidents, users have options to buy insurance to cover their fund for possible smart contract hacks, etc.

NAOS also take measure for the security of the real-world-assets we bring on-chain:

Before asset onboarding, NAOS requires borrowers to undergo rigorous KYC and AML reviews and establish bank-grade asset security assessments. NAOS Finance works with a number of financial experts and institutions (SPV, Fintech companies, etc) to conduct due diligence on real-world assets.

NAOS has also taken additional steps to protect the funds by launching the insurance staking pool (Beta Pool) in our Lending Protocol – Galaxy. In the case of Alpha pool default, the Beta pool serves as an insurance to ensure Alpha lenders are made whole.

NAOS also partner with third-party Insurance Protocols to provide an additional layer of downside protection on top of Galaxy’s Beta Insurance Pool (to be launched)

Lastly, one thing that differciate us from other pure DeFi protocol is, the stablecoin users deposited in our Alpha Lending Pool will be exchanged to Fiat to fund real-world corporate borrowers – which means it will be used for off-chain operations, so there is rare smart contract hack risk with Alpha Pool capital.

Q5) On Twitter you announced that NAOS alpha lending pool is coming very soon. I want to know if this lending pool is for everyone or for a select group of people?

Yes, this is the most exciting part. Alpha Pool connect with real-world-borrowers, and provide DeFi investors with a competitive APR with less risky assets. Let me explain Alpha Pool in an infographic

NAOS Galaxy Alpha Pool provides competative APR (expected 25%+) with less volatility and rare on-chain hack risks in stable coin. But it requires KYC before investing. Users have to complete the KYC before investing, so everyone who have interested in it, please conduct KYC ASAP!

And here is the step by step guide for your easy understanding:

Q6) Do you have any plans to add Nft’s to your ecosystem as this is the hottest topic in the crypto space?

Yes, NFT has been a hot topic this year, but mostly in artistic field. For NAOS Finance, we see NFT as a tool, and we implement our NFT strategy in different way.

NFT is the best tool to bring real assets on-chain, and also the best way to represent different real assets.Every real asset is different, with different lending interest rate, duration, risk coefficient.

NAOS’s solution is to take advantage of the independent nature of NFTs to represent different real assets, and put these NFTs into the asset pool, from which the fungible tokens are released. This is very similar to the structure of a fund in the traditional financial market, where there are many different stocks or bonds, but the value of the shares issued by the fund is the same.

NAOS also see NFT as a digital connection with our community, so in Nov we’ve launched our Spiritual Animal and designed different NFT collections to reward our users. You can see our previous NFT campaigns here:

Q7) Are there any plan to support local community who don’t understand english like Spanish, Russian, Indonesian?

Of course! We have main group in English but also have different groups in different regional languages! Here is the link to them:

Check it here

🚀 @NAOS_Finance
📈 @NaosFinanceTraders
🇨🇳 @NAOS_Finance_Chinese
👉 添加小助手微信 @NAOS-Admin
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🇸🇦 @NAOSArabic


Q8) Where I can get the latest updates & more information about the project?
Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far & upcoming partnerships?

Yeah, please follow us on twitter ( and medium ( for the most updated project progress.

In regards to the partnership, NAOS keeps the ‘ecosystem’ mindset in head and takes an ecosystem approach in building the RWA lending DeFi infrastructure. We’re looking to engage in meaningful strategic partnerships to build the RWA lending infrastructure together with our partners.

So far NAOS Finance has reached cooperation with several projects, such as lending protocols MakerDAO and dForce, oracle provider Chainlink, IOT data provider IoTeX, insurance protocol Tidal Finance and on-chain contract notarization provider EthSign.

Q9) Where can I buy your token?
Where it is listed.
# Pancake Swap
# Binance
# Cocaine
# Max.
Does your platform have any limitations in a global Or specific region?

NAOS token is now available on MEXC, Gate. io, BitMart,PancakeSwap, Uniswap, SushiSwap. As for other top exchanges, since the top exchanges are mostly all of our investors, I’m pretty confident that we’ll be listed on them. It’s just the matter of time.

For NAOS protocol, only Alpha pool requires KYC, users who can’t pass the KYC cannot participate in Alpha pool. But for other farming pool/staking pool/Beta insurance pool, there is no limitation at all.

Q10) What kind of a revenue model is your project for both users and the project, and does your project have any reward mechanism or staking program?

Our revenue model is the interest spread between different regions. Like what I explained during the AMA, A borrower in Indonesia wants to borrow $, but the local interest rate is 15% APR. But in some developed countries the interest rate is quite low, for example a lender in England is satisfied to lend at 3%. So on NAOS protocol, if we lend the capital to Indonesia borrowers at 10%, and provide the yield at 6% for the England DeFi lenders, both parties would be satisified. But in between the 4% could be NAOS profit.

Speaking of staking program, we do provide different farms for stakers.

This is the current APR for your reference

and this was the end of our AMA with NAOS Finance.

If you have any other questions you can ask here:

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