we hosted an amazing AMA with OSIS on the 1st of November

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourselves as well as OSIS ?

Yes, my name is Jalal Ibrahimi – cofounder of OSIS. I was born in Afghanistan during war times in the 90s, but fortunately my family escaped the danger & brought us to Canada when I was very young. I grew up in beautiful Toronto & received a peaceful life & education that I could not have had in war-torn Afghanistan.

My family sacrificed everything they had back home to give me this opportunity – and that is my largest source of inspiration. I created OSIS alongside my cofounder @christabaro in order to create opportunity for everyone in the world to be able to accomplish their dreams & goals.

OSIS is a web3 platform that is focused on 2 major things:

Creating a new Economy

We believe that the current privatized economy & industries do not allow for people to flourish & create at the level that we should all be free to.

So OSIS has created the world’s fastest Tokenization Platform – allowing anybody to Tokenize a physical or digital asset into a token on the blockchain within 1 minute for less than the cost of lunch.

Imagine, being able to launch your own currency (like Ripple, Solana, ADA, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, etc.) to represent your business, brand, or other assets such as real estate

And the entire world can participate in your project with no limitations imposed by your country or even financial background. Tokenization makes it possible for people to invest into new things, or receive investment, for as little or as much as you would like to spend. This is the power of fractionalization in the blockchain.

Let’s look at a case study

In traditional, private sector – millions of startups enter the space. Out of 1 million projects, a tiny percentage receive funding. As a result of limited funding options (i.e. bank, private investors, venture capital) – only 1 out of 1 MILLION of these companies achieve the goal of becoming a $1 Billion dollar valued company (a Unicorn)

In comparison, if you look at the blockchain / web3 sector, over the past 5 years, more than 65 Unicorns have emerged from the space and are alive today. This is out of 21000 projects listed.

This demonstrates that it is 3000x more likely for a project to have incredible success in the blockchain space – resulting in tens of thousands of JOBS and income flow to all of the PEOPLE who were able to invest in these projects

The biggest difference is tokenization

Tokenization, in blockchain, allows anybody to join, create, invest, and profit from any business – there is no limitation. You access the entire world’s investment capital because of this possibility

And this is the possibility that OSIS is giving openly to all the people of the world. We want to tokenize a million projects in the next 2 years – we have already done so with 1000+ in the first month of releasing the Tokenization Platform:


We firmly believe this will create the biggest shift in global economy, from a personal to a community level, as more wealth circulates through the hands of the people

Q2. What are the advantages of Your project ?

Several Major advantages:

  • OSIS created the fastest tokenization platform in the world – which is also the lowest cost, and will soon be the most versatile. We are building like a Shopify for blockchain smart contracts
  • Strong community of over 100K+ members who firmly believe in the movement we’ve created
  • Focusing on mass adoption through education (OSIS University) with more than 100hrs of FREE educational content on Youtube
  • Partnerships like VISA, Galileo, Unstoppable Domains, Metropolitan Commercian Bank (sponsors of Crypto.com crypto card), and other banks in the US
  • Currently in private sale at $0.50 per OSIS, available to be purchased with Card, PayPal, or Crypto
  • Listing on top exchanges by end of the year 🎉
  • Fully doxxed team, security audited smart contracts & technology
  • Opening up an OMEGA Whitelist for the world this week – huge opportunity for anyone to get involved and get access to the following benefits:

➼ ArchAngel Status in the community – a special distinction with many future benefits + a MetaBadge NFT
➼ Stake MetaBadges & earn daily OSIS
➼ Full Access to OSIS University – learn how to navigate Web3 & crypto like a pro
➼ FREE CoinCare Crypto Debit Card – use your crypto anywhere like a normal card
➼ FREE NFT Domain – 1 domain, all your addresses, claim your name
➼ FREE Tokenization – mint your own NFT or Token for a project of your choice
➼ Bonus White Lotus Ebook & NFT
The crypto debit cards are created by our partnership with CoinCare (OSIS sister company) & VISA

Q3. please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year.

Great question. Our next steps this year:

➼ Fundraising (reach the hard cap of 10 million OSIS sold – currently around 2.5M or 25% there) – goal is to raise this before year end. ✊

➼ Development: release of the Advanced Smart Contract Builder (Launchpad) – think of this as a Shopify for Web3 smartcontracts/projects before year end. 🚀

➼ List publicly on 3 top exchanges 🏆 this is guaranteed, simply choosing the best date to align with our development

➼ Tokenize 10 000 projects in total 🔥

➼ Partner with multiple governments – we are currently working on a partnership with the country of El Salvador (which I am in today)

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

Yes, Apotheosis is the name of the company & project. I am attaching the definition – but it is basically “the highest point of achievement – the climax”

OSIS is the short form of this word, which is the Token Ticker you can find on Polygonscan.

I am attaching a video about our team as well 😁

Our team is more than 20 people today, and we have a perfect balance between men & women – it’s exactly 50/50

Everyone has very diverse professional backgrounds, all are incredible at what they do & we are very fortunate to have these people working with us

Everyone is international, from all over the world 🎉


Q5. NFT is one of the hottest and most sought-after topics in the blockchain space right now. Can you share your opinion on NFT with us? Do you think NFT will disrupt the current financial system? What is Your project’s approach to the NFT sector?

NFTs are a great indication of what the future of Tokenization will look like. I will attach the graphic again here – it is showing how the global economy will grow 5x or more because of tokenization.

For example, before art was tokenized into an NFT, the industry for digital art was very small.

When digital art industry was introduced to tokenization (people started creating NFTs) – everything completely changed

Opensea alone accounted for more than $14 billion dollars in trading volume for NFT purchases of digital art

This shows that tokenization creates massive opportunity & wealth generation for everyone involved in a tokenized industry

Graphic designers & artists never had that possibility before NFTs existed

Now, NFTs are capable of MUCH more than representing digital art

Today, we are building out technology to tokenize real estate & other types of property into a legally binding NFT signifying ownership.

Anything physical or digital can be attributed to an NFT

OSIS is leading the way with this 🔥 we are very excited for the future of possibilites

We firmly believe the chart above, the wealth creation of 500+ trillion dollars, is a direct result of NFTs and tokenization in general in the next 10-20 years.

Our approach to the NFT sector is simple!

We have our own NFT project called MetaBadges. It’s 10,000 unique artworks that give our community the power to VOTE in our ecosystem & in the future OSIS Decentralized Exchange.

With all the projects we are tokenizing, we will be hosting them in the OSIS Exchange, and allow all MetaBadge holders to vote & verify new projects for listing. MetaBadge holders also receive the 1st opportunity to invest in these new projects, allowing them the biggest chance to invest like a Venture Capitalist & win like one too.

Today, you can get a MetaBadge by getting 1000 OSIS on our website:


And here we will put best questions from our members and OSIS fans:

Q1. Could you tell us which userbase is your osis project main target?Do you focus only on professional users & Investors or non crypto peoples and Investors also have you any highlighted and educated features and program that can makes easier your project easier for everyone one?

I’ll tell you a little story.

Last year I was in Cairo, Egypt & met a random young boy in the streets. He was the most impressive salesman I’ve ever met – and he made you feel great during the process. He had incredible talent & charisma. There were no shoes on his feet, but he had an android smartphone when we exchanged contact info.

It left a deep impression on me to think about just how much potential he has & how that could be unlocked. You would be surprised at the population of people living in absolutely poverty BUT communication is so important, they all have cellphones & service.

We have everyone in mind in the build & development of OSIS – this is a global movement that is entirely inclusive. Our tech is decentralized so all someone needs is internet and a few dollars. We made our tokenization platform only 5 USDT to create a cryptocurrency, NFTs, or NFT Collection in order to make it most accessible.

With the same features we allow people to spend $5 and create – OSIS created its own currency and raised upwards of $2 Million Dollars in the past 12 months to realize this movement & dream. we are creating this possibility for EVERYONE and ANYONE – while teaching you all how to do it as well.

We teach through OSIS University on youtube, every step of the way ✊


Q2. Can you tell us about your roadmap and who are your backers, partners and sponsors?

Currently, we are headed towards 3 major product launches in the coming year.

First, the advanced smart contract builder (Tokenization launchpad) before year end. This is like a “Shopify” for web3/blockchain for all kinds of use cases, like metaverse & real estate & more.

We plan to list OSIS on 3 of the top 5 exchanges before year end. OSIS is staying in private sale until then ($0.50 USDT per token)

OSIS Core – a simplified decentralized wallet for the every-man – will be released Q1 2023. Like the launchpad, we’ve taken out the complexities of web3 for anybody to onboard into the space.

While we tokenize all the businesses, people & assets we can, OSIS will be partnering with its sister company (Ethos) in helping people do private sales while growing & engaging their communities in the web2 space, & bridging that to web3 – Ethos is an events platform that allows anyone to create events with live reviews (group chats) where people can buy “virtual tickets” to real life events, or virtual ones

This will be starting late next month.

In the 2nd quarter of next year, OSIS other partner (CoinCare) will be releasing its first crypto debit cards that a person can use to build credit – this will be an important edition as CoinCare is a bank/neo-bank that will be able to operate in ways others can’t in different countries.

A person who needs fiat/crypto will easily be able to switch between the two as they would from their checking to savings account on their mobile phone.

Around this time, OSIS Exchange will also be going live for people who want to list, & this will also be a great opportunity for the wise ones who hold OSIS & MetaBadges to place votes on the companies, assets, & individuals they believe in.

Once a vote is placed in our exchange, those people get first dibs on the project – they’ll be able to swap OSIS immediately for the token that got listed if accepted on our exchange by meeting the vote requirements (10,000 OSIS in votes).

Each person can use up to 100 OSIS per project they vote on.

Regarding backers – we have 100K+ community supporting the project today. This number is growing every day 💪 Our partners are some of the biggest names in the industry, such as VISA & Unstoppable Domains.

Q3. The utility of the token is one of the factors that evaluate the credibility and potential of the OSIS network. So what are the utilities and roles of (OSIS) token in your ecosystem? What mechanism will you deploy to keep the token value unaffacted by the market condition ?

The utility of the token is captured in the tokenization of projects, and being the primary trading pair within the OSIS Exchange. Can you imagine the value of something that has tens of thousands of trading pairs?

OSIS is used actively within the entire ecosystem, and will continue to be used by other projects that tokenize with OSIS. We are embedding OSIS as a fundamental part of the new tokenized economy 🔥 This enables it to be market-resistent & stable.

Q4. What is “#osis_world” plans for global expansion? Are focusing on the market at this time or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships? Can you share some plans before the end of 2022 and for the coming year ?

OSIS is decentralized, it is already global! But this is just the start. We recognized the potential in PEOPLE, and so we’ve created our tokenization technology & simplified a process that normally takes dozens of hardcore engineering & thousands of dollars – allowing ANYBODY to start building in the blockchain for only 5 USDT.

We are tokenizing projects in a decentralized way & in the near future will be hosting them in the OSIS exchange (DEX).

Today we are in El Salvador, speaking with officials to implement the tokenization platform in their school system & business branch of gov’t.

El Salvador is a model country for this movement – they are totally open & want to expand this vision of an open & global economy. We want to connect with more officials in various countries to create powerful partnerships such as this one.

Q5. Market is adjusting sharply, the risks are very high but also a great opportunity for #osis_world development projects. What are the characteristics of your project, and how is your development strategy to be able to compete and rise to top among other projects??

This is a great question, I believe I’ve managed to answer with all the previous 9 😁 Fundamentally, our team is strong, devoted, passionate, and believes in creating this movement & change in the world. The community feels the same way. We all want to manifest a different reality for ourselves, & generations after us. A world where our children can pursue their dreams & be valued for what they do, rather than subject to an economic system built on what many would call “modern slavery” to a fiat currency.

We dream of a world where every person’s human value is captured – a world that expands rather than limits the individual or collective expression. We believe blockchain is capable of doing this through tokenization, and OSIS stands out from any competitor because we approach this movement with compassion for our fellow man. People see it in our every action; and so they join arms & take action alongside us. This is more than a simple project – and ALL of you are welcome to join us in the march towards a brighter future with abundance for all.

Q6. Currently Where can i buy Your token $OSIS? Which exchangers are already listed your token?

On our website! Create an account at https://osisplatform.com/register

You can buy with card, paypal, or crypto – we make it very easy to get involved.

We have an offer right now as well, OSIS is only $0.50 per token, and if you get 1000 or more OSIS, you can also claim a MetaBadge as a bonus (500 USDT value gift)

We plan to list OSIS on 3 of the top 5 exchanges before year end. OSIS is staying in private sale until then ($0.50 USDT per token)

Q7. What type of NFTs can users mint from OSIS? How easy will it be for regular user to be able to do this without having to worry about technicalities blockchain intricacies? How easy is it for them to interact with each other through gaming features?

ERC 721 NFTs using Ethereum & Polygon Blockchains.
It’s actually super easy, even your grandmother or little child can do it!

Yes, people will be able to do anything they want with the NFTs. Our platform is a decentralized app, so we do not take custody of the asset – it gets launched by your wallet & imported into your wallet. We never have control of your asset at any point.

Q8. As we know, “Influencers and Advertising Agencies” are an important part of social networking applications like Instagram. So, Is #OSIS planning to work with major agencies and influencers to bring #OSIS products to the mass market of social media and in the Crypto world?

We have been working with various influencers & have made some great friends in the space with influence, like @soymirreybro & Wolf Financial (on Twitter).

We are currently in the middle of an airdrop campaign that is doing far greater than we could’ve expected in terms of numbers.

But we run ads consistently.

Our new goal is to hit over 50K members on Twitter, & over 50K on telegram.

Ultimately, we want even larger numbers on discord as well, with real people that understand & support what OSIS is up to.

We plan to work with the larger exchanges that want to work with us of course ⚡️ there will be more details on this in the coming days.

Q9. Is your project in very important a community only for English speaking countries. Or for users not for others languages? Do you have any community for non-English users too?

Hey there! Great question. We have both an English & Spanish community. We are expanding day by day & looking for people to help us do so. Our community is multicultural & multilingual. We would love to expand & create our own Arabic / MENA community 🔥

Q10. How can i mint our own tokens and NFTs using OSIS Tokenizer?
Also tell us about coin care digital currency cards.

Simply go to: https://launchpad.osisplatform.com
You can practise today by minting your own currency using testnet for free! Soon (in the next month) we will release NFT features & a more robust set of options.

OSIS, in partnership with VISA & CoinCare, is giving crypto cards (for free) to all community members who get a MetaBadge. It’s a card you can use to buy anything, anywhere – converting your crypto to fiat seamlessly each time.

And this was the end of our AMA with OSIS.

You can find us here:

Website :https://osis.world/

Twitter :https://twitter.com/osis_world

Telegram Community :https://t.me/osisworld

Telegram Announcement :https://t.me/osisworldchannel

Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/osisworld/

Linkedln :https://www.linkedin.com/company/osisplatform/

YouTube :https://www.youtube.com/c/OSISworld

Medium :https://osisworld.medium.com/

Whitepaper :https://docdro.id/5jnOeeo

Discord :https://discord.gg/osis