Puffverse AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with Puffverse on the 3rd of October

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. First off, let’s start with a brief introduction of Puffverse, shall we?

Surely. Welcome to Puffverse AMA again, and I’m glad to see all the future Puffs are gathering here through Web 3. This is exactly what we are trying to do, to build a Disney-like dreamland of the 3D Metaverse that aims to connect virtuality in Web 3 and reality in Web 2. We have an amazing and mature development team as well as solid backers to provide us with engine and game-building support, we also have a great community here at the very beginning. To bring you into the Puffverse, you have to know that we have unique storylines and extraordinary characters with different personalities. Web 3.0, DeFi, and SocialFi are our goals.

Puffverse is a multi-end interactive universe with characters as NFT assets, allowing players to experience different content in different scenarios using their characters. Users can use their characters as NFT assets to experience different content in different scenarios. They can collect multiple characters with unique and diverse costumes, various characteristics, skills, bonuses, and more. Each character also has distinct specialties for different scenarios, such as specific skills, exclusive bonuses, and so on. Players can actually own, buy, sell, and trade the resources they acquire in-game, and the assets they own can be used in the products of the ecosystem to play, earn, or experience character life simulation. Each scene has its own mechanism and settings, and with the development of Puffverse, more products and use cases will be applied.

Q2. Great to hear from a potential rock star. I’m just curious how the team came up with the idea to do the Puffverse?

Well, in short, it’s because of dream vs reality. The dream is pretty simple, as the crypto market being bullish since the end of 2019, everyone has a dream to step right in and build their own project here. But when we saw a lot of projects who didn’t really have an outstanding game but only a good tokenomic model, we knew we’d do better because of how strong our development team is. The reality didn’t hit us, but only was the catalyst of realizing the Puffverse.

Starting from 2019, due to the limits imposed by the epidemic, the majority of people worldwide are unable to travel as freely as before, but the socialization need still remains. With 300 million users worldwide, Xiaomi is a user-centered platform where quality content and platform will complement one another to create positive feedback in a loop. As a result, a team from Xiaomi decided to expand the investment in content production while choosing this track in the medium casual competitive category given the overall situation at the time (COVID-19).

Hopefully, this will increase the viscosity of the platform and product users. The team also collaborated with Unity to develop the underlying framework of the product and designed a full set of Unity technology to realize the product planning. Unity provided all the technical support for the Puff project, and the best TA team in the world was brought in to realize the Puff product’s art and animation. The team created the base framework of the editor based on Unity to give the best action game experience to the users after it was introduced to the public.

Q3. Hear many great names, really looking forward to the launch! So, tell me, what are the differences between Puffverse and its competitors? What’s special about Puffverse?

First off, let’s start with the Web3 crypto view – we are a few metaverses that actually has a metaverse product, to be honest. Many projects tend to build their tokenomics first, and extend the real product launch, which is pretty Crypto but not professional. As we have so many solid backers who provide all the development sources, engines, etc, we have everything planned out and in development so that we have the confidence to be the most outstanding metaverse.

Metaverse is a huge word, so in Puffverse it also includes different products in the ecosystem.

The whole Puffverse is separated into 4 stages, PuffTown, PuffGo, PuffLand, and PuffWorlds. I will cover these later when I talk about the roadmap. Overall, the typical single-character settings were abandoned in favor of a character set that emphasizes “Who I am” by letting the users choose from different characters. Each character has their own character traits — Everyone is born different, and everyone can confidently be their best self — There is always a role whose character can be projected onto the individual player, triggering the maverick GenZ users’ empathy for “being brave and being yourself,” allowing them to accept and integrate into Puff’s world. Basically, you are able to choose your Puffidentity to enter all products, no barriers here.

And if we take this as Web 2 points of view, I have to talk about our first product release – PuffGo, which is an on-chain multiplayer royale party game that allows players to earn while having fun. Our Web 2 competitors might be Stumble Guys and Fall Guys, which are both trending party games. Our PuffGo will be the first web 3 party game. So either in Web 3 or web 2, we are confident that we can be the outstanding one.

Q4. Wow, we’ve said so many things about the overall Puffverse, I’d really like to know the story settings and characters. Can you introduce the whole storyline?

Sure, the 5 characters we have basically all have connections to each other. The story is like this and here I quote:

This is the magic land of monsters, peaceful and beautiful. After the magic power was exhausted hundreds of years ago, the monsters gradually became gentle. Under the leadership of the Demon King, they established this prosperous and peaceful kingdom and lived a peaceful life.
However, something shattered the tranquility completely – the Demon King suddenly disappeared, the Demon King City was invaded, and the intruders – Moru evil group took the castle, their target was the princess and the Demon King’s crown she took away.
When the princess was attacked by the Moru evil group, the egg on the shelf fell to save the princess, and the little dinosaur (Patty) in the egg also escaped from the castle with the princess. During this period, they accidentally learned about the culprit of the invasion of Demon King City – Mr. B, the descendant of the late Archmage of the Monster Kingdom.
Princess and Patty planned to take the crown with them and escaped from the castle through a portal with the help of Claude. In the course of escaping, an incident occurred! The crown was accidentally shattered into countless magical fragments by the tiny fish Pop, suspended in various venues, forming a “magic field” scattered across the magic zones worldwide, which drove the Princess nuts. In order to gain the power to retake the castle, the princess and Patty embark on a journey to collect those magic fragments, and Mr.B, who can’t afford to fail, also follows…
What exactly is Mr.B’s motivation? Can the princess and her party smash it? The disappearance of the Demon King, the depletion of the magic power, the magic power of the crown, many mysteries await to be revealed…

You can always go to our docs page for more info:

Q5. Exciting story! But I’m more curious about the overall roadmap, do we play to earn? Do we have other metrics or mechanisms? What’s the rough plan for the next 6 months to 1 year?

Sure, let me share the roadmap with you guys, but please note that the roadmap only represents what we can predict at this point, so it’s possible that we change priorities according to the market and feedback from the community. We will do everything to ensure the best possible experience for our users.

Q2 & Q3 of 2022 are basically a start-up period:
• UI, UE, and icon design
• Development
• Fundraising
• Social Media Building
In Q4 of 2022 which is starting next month, huge things are gonna happen:
• PuffGo Alpha Version
• PuffTown
• PuffGo FIFA Beta Version
In Q1 of 2023, our Official PuffGo will go alive, Android and iOS all supported:
• Official PuffGo Launch
• Token Launch
• In-game Tokenomic Circulation
• World Chat System
• Team Recruitment System
• Guidance System
• NFT Asset Customize
• Marketplace

In Q2 of 2023, PuffTown and PuffGo will be leveling up with the following:
• Character Selection
• Friend System
• Email System
• Ranking System
• Competitive Mode
• Hardware & PuffTown

In Q3 of 2023, PuffLand and UGC are our focus:
• PuffLand UGC
• Creator Program

And in Q4 of 2023, we’ll have PuffWorld Optimization and focus on SocialFi:
• PuffWorld – 3D verse
• Decentralized ID
• SocialFi
• Optimized Metaverse
• Optimized UGC

Q6. Solid plans right here. I’m more curious about how we can get ourselves into the Puffverse and how we can benefit from it?

To start your Puffverse journey, you must get a Puff NFT for yourself! Our Early Bird Round event was just finished! We collected 3,000 WL for the Early Bird Round.

But you still have a chance to participate in the regular round! Our regular round starts on Sept 30th, and if you participate in our events for WL, or register via Premint with a minimum of 0.01 ETH balance in your wallet, you will be able to get the WL and mint Puff Tickets for free.

Then, you can use your Puff Tickets to participate in the Genesis NFT lottery section which will earn yourself a Genesis NFT for free! Note that Genesis NFT can participate in all four products in the Puffverse and have all the privileges you can imagine. AND! Genesis NFT only has 2,500 in quantity, and we will not be minting more in the future. So this is your best chance to get your NFT and earn later on in Puffverse.

Q7. How can we participate in the Regular Round? When can we mint it for free?

4 ways to participate:

  1. If you participated in the Early Bird Round event, great, please check the whitelist announcement here at https://twitter.com/Puffverse/status/1574730824443797506
    , and mint the Puff Tickets for free on Oct 7th!
  2. Follow our Twitter and Discord, for more events this week. We will be doing a lot of activities for WL dropping.
    Participate in those events, and if you are lucky enough, you will be whitelisted and you can mint the Puff Tickets for free on Oct 7th!
  3. Attend our Free mint on 12 pm UTC Oct 7th
    Link to official free mint: https://www.premint.xyz/puffverse-free-mint/
    Make sure you have 0.01 ETH in your wallet address and use that address to register for our Premint Event. If you are lucky enough, you will be whitelisted and you can mint the Puff Tickets for free on Oct 7th!
  4. Or! If you hold other blue chip NFTs, you will also get WL to mint Puff Tickets for free on Oct 7th!
    check here for more details:

During the Puff Ticket mint period, whitelist winners can mint up to 2 Puff Tickets. With each Puff Ticket, a user can use it to draw in the Puff Lottery to win the Puff Genesis.
Please take notes:
Once a user wins Puff Genesis, the used Puff Ticket will be “burnt”. However, the user can still participate in the Puff Lottery if they own more Puff tickets.
If the user is not lucky to win the Puff Genesis, the user can continue to use that Puff Ticket to participate in the next Puff Lottery after a cooling-off period.
If the user can’t win the Puff Genesis until the end of the campaign, the user still has the opportunity to join the following Puff events with earned Puff Ticket(s).

Q8. When is the mint period? How many days do we have for getting WL and mint?

Puff Genesis Giveaway consists of a total of 1 week Early Bird Round and another 6 weeks for users to participate and win exclusive NFTs (15,000 Puff Tickets & 2,000 Puff Genesis in total for the whole campaign).

To appreciate our early supporters, we are determined to gradually lower the possibility of NFTs winning from time to time. It means the sooner you join, the higher chance you will win NFTs.

Q9. Amazing! First in first served! Puffs, remember to follow Puffverse on Twitter to keep yourself updated! I think Puffverse will be the blue chip in the later days after the official launch. And we did see many successful projects like Axie Infinity, do you see Puffverse grown like that or otherwise?

Good question

In our opinion, Axie is surely a great project but only a GameFi project. So when it comes to the metaverse, we are more complicated yet more comprehensive. We don’t only have GameFi, but SocialFi, DeFi mechanism, and also hardware-related products. We see a bigger potential here, especially with all the Web 2 support we have.

Q10. But let’s state a fact that we are in a bear market, do you think you will be affected by the bear market?

We are surely affected, but in good ways mostly. A bear market is a great time to build. When you are in a bull market, a project tends to try everything new and anything pops up profitably. Is it a good thing? Well, it provides diversity, but it’s not healthy for the market. PuffTown is a life simulation game for players to earn passive income effortlessly. Players can improve their characters’ combat capacity by developing them, which can be used in higher-level competitions.

And here we will put best questions from our members and Puffverse fans:

Q1. The user experience is very important, so how can Puffverse increase user interest in gaming challenges? Can puffverse be played on PC or on mobile?

Puffverse will create a users friendly platform where basically all user can join the fam whether if you are crypto users or not. With easy downloading from Android and IOS smart phone app stores, you will be able to play Puffverse games anytime on your cell phone.

Q2. I read on the web that Puff announces a strategic partnership with one of the pioneers in the art and design industry Concept Art House. What are the expectations of this association? And what plans do you have in the short term?

Exactly, Concept Art House has done part of our 3D and artificial design. They are a great group and we have a fantastic relationship. Hope we could have more interaction in the future

Q3. To reach users worldwide, are you planning to create local community groups? Also, do you have an ambassador program where interested users can participate and spread the word about your project globally?

We are glad to answer this question:
1) Puffverse is created by global team and we will be aiming users all over the world
2) We will be having as many local communities as possible to serve users with different language
3) We will be having our Arabic soon, welcome to join us!

Q4. NFT games are trending, especially those with Play for Money mechanics, which is clearly the new trend these days. Your game has some really cool features. Can you explain in more detail about the Play-to-Earn mechanism & how users can generate passive income from this model?

For sure!
So instead of “P2E”, Puffverse is basically Play to own, or in another word “Skill to Earn”
Which means the better you play, the higher chance you will get more benefit and profit out of the games, and certainly under an equal, new users friendly ecosystem.

Q5. What are the steps to become a part of your community, and start getting revenues? Where do we buy, where do we sign up?


To follow our lastest updates: https://linktr.ee/Puffverse

To register for free mint: https://www.premint.xyz/puffverse-free-mint/
Attend our Free mint on 12 pm UTC Oct 7th and you will be having the chance of getting Puffticket

With Puff ticket, you will be eligible to experience Alpha version Puffverse game “Puffgo” after downloading “PUFFGO” from your smart phone.

Q6. Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one ?

We do have ambassador program and we welcome all to participate

To join, please DM me at: https://t.me/AndrewCryptolife23

Q7. Do you have a AUDIT certificates?
are you working to AUDIT your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable ?

We are under audit with CERTIK and PeckShield with our full on chain contracts, follow us to keep track on more info

Q8. Does your project support staking program? if yes. how is your stake system work what is the requirement for user, if they want to stake in your platform?

In Puffland, users will be able to stake their Genesis NFT or PUFF token in Defi zone, which could generate revenue for them besides earn from gaming.

Q9. What’s the motivation for starting this project?What is the real purpose of this project and What could your project look like in 2022 and beyond?

We are trying to build Puff metaverse with our high tech support, global marketing & business team. We would like to see as much puff in this world in the near future.

Q10. Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts address and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

our Governance & Utility token PUFF will be launched Q1 2023, which means token contract will be released before that. Stay close for the latest updates!

And this was the end of our AMA with Puffverse.

You can find us here:

Website :https://puffverse.pro/

Telegram Community :https://t.me/PuffverseChat

Telegram Announcements :https://t.me/Puffverse

Twitter :https://twitter.com/Puffverse

Discord :https://discord.com/invite/puffverse

Medium :https://medium.com/@Puffverse

Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/puffverse.official

YouTube :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1j3LNFQEfrwb68pL14jkbA