RoboDogeCoin AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with RoboDogeCoin on the 17th of July

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1) Can you please introduce yourself as well as RoboDoge Coin ?

Well first off it as an absolute honor, and pleasure to be here with you all. Even though it is extremely early and my coffee pot is working on over time lol!!! That is the price we pay for success though. So my name is Bryan I am the developer and founder of RoboDoge Coin. Although my team likes to call me Dr. No Sleep, because thats the amount of time and effort we have been putting into this project. RoboDoge Coin has been my brainchild for many months now. And finally just a little over a week ago we have been able to come into this space and into a private offering, In a little over a week we have already raised more then 90BNB and are growing exceptionally fast. We are so much different then a lot of these projects coming out. For one we were not put together by a high school kid in his mothers basement. We were put together by an extremely advanced, capable group of individuals. And the tokenomics of the project far surpass any of the doge family projects.

Q2) what are the advantages of Your project ?

So this is probably one of my favorite questions. And that is to be able to tell people, and show people how we are different. As stated before we have a lot of very capable individuals behind the scene of this project. There are several advantages with this project. One I have been a professional investor and trader for the last 17 years. Now what that brings to the table is a very intimate understanding of people. Of emotion that is directly responsible for price action. I understand what investors expect, want, and need, as well as what it takes for a company to grow because I have spent my life dissecting businesses. Two, prior to becoming a full time investor I owned and operated a digital marketing firm. The advantages of this is the ability to create unlimited content, a very keen understanding of the science behind running successful advertising campaigns, and the connections already established before this project was even started. There is a reason that we have surpassed most startup projects in just over a week Now number three. The most important equation to a successful project. And that is a loyal community. The community that we have already established absolutely stands behind everything that we are trying to accomplish. they love the entire team, the energy that we bring to the space, how transparent we are, how honest we are, and how much we do in fact care about our family. We are different because we are real!!!!

Q3) please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year?

We have several goals that we want to achieve this year. One is to build a community of massive proportions. Two we are already in the beginning stages of developing our wallet. This wallet is going to allow our community to be able to purchase our token direct from the application, and to not even have to mess with pancake swap. or any other exchanges once we get into that stage. This is going to bring a much more user friendly experience. Now we have many goals, many missions, everything is set up very nicely to read on our website. But our biggest goal is to get into what we have dubbed Operation PAW. Now I can’t get into details on this operation right now. but what I can tell you is that Operation Paw is designed to do one thing. and that is to revolutionize this entire space. What we are about to do

through operation Paw has never been done before. This top secret operation will add so much utility to our token on top of the utility we will already bring. Operation Paw is designed to do one thing, and that is to steam roll through this entire space, bringing so much value with it that there will not be a single investor not wanting to be a part of our brand!!!

Q4) Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story?

Yes all of us have a story. So here is ours. Once upon a time there was a group of individuals. Now these individuals all come from various back grounds. Some were investors, some were developers, some just fell in love with the crypto space. However all of these individuals came together sharing the same belief in that crypto is the future. That crypto will one day replace the majority of traditional banking systems. That crypto is about family. These individuals came together with the mindset of creating a safe place for investors to be because we see how sick and tired everyone is of the scammers, shammers, and leeches that plague an area that we all have grown to love and respect. And the idea was born. What if we could create a safe place, somewhere that the entire world would want to be? And what if we could impact lives worldwide. Not just by creating wealth, but by improving the quality of life and supporting causes that are on the front line of curing disease that modern medicine just cannot impact, through technology? Well we are very much that what if project. We are that what if project that our investors, that our community can be proud to be a part of. We are the protectors, the white knights and the future of the doge family. And we have come to regain what the doge name really represents. And that is the community.

And here we will put best questions from our members and RoboDogeCoin fans:

Q1) Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to your platform and keep them long term ?

This is an amazing question, and caught my eye as marketing, and content creation is a huge passion of mine. You are absolutely 100% correct in that effective marketing “key words” is the central element in a projects success. And to answer your question. Marketing is absolutely no different then investing. You all expect a positive ROI on projects that you choose to invest in. Well marketers also look for a positive ROI on ad spend. Our return on investment is just a different type of capital. And that’s conversions. Conversions into our telegram group, and then conversions into new holders. Those conversion rates are monitored extremely closely. We know some key metrics in this space and can tell when our campaigns are running effectively. Our marketing strategy is also not in line with what most other projects are doing. Because this space is in fact saturated. We literally looked for outside of the box ways to advertise, ran multiple ad sets through A/B split testing and found what types of our ads were achieving the most effective CTR “click through rates.” In this space the average CTR is around 1.27% Where as the CTR on our campaigns are averaging between 5.75%-6.25% What this means is that we are running at roughly 4.9x the average. And considering we have passed up most startups in a little over a week those numbers do in fact suggest that we are in fact running well ahead of the curve. now to keep investors around. Also a very good question. A project accomplishes this in several ways. transparency, delivering on what you say you will deliver on, and value. Investors care about the value that your project can bring to them. and value is measured in more then one way. Everyone is different.

Value could mean wealth, could mean supporting an honorable cause, could mean being a part of something they respect, Value means something a little differently for most people. So we have tailored adding value to our investors in several ways. Aiming on appealing to different mindsets, different beliefs, different walks of life. And we will continue to innovate, and find areas to constantly add more value as this project progresses.

Q2) From what I read from your twitter posts, currently the project you are working on is a community token distribution plan. So where can I participate in receiving tokens and how to participate? Can you give us a link to join?

Thank you for your question. So we have actually started to set up sub groups to our main Robodoge Coin Telegram page. It was crucial that we started to build the core Telegram group. Social proof that core, and then start to look for potential admins that are bi-lingual, have the ability to speak both english and their native language. Yes there is software to aid in this. However we want a much more interactive, family oriented community that has effectively branched across the entire globe. So as we continue to grow, we will continue to branch out and build more, and more sub groups. We have in fact built a group for the Arabic speaking community. and there are admins standing by to answer any and all questions that any of you may have. You can also pop in our main group and say hi any time that you want. I am personally there as often as i possibly can be. We are very busy behind the scenes, but I make it a point to come in and say hi to the family several times a day. I also pop over into our sub groups as they get established. Just because we speak a different language I dont want any of you to feel alienated, or left out. And i feel a lot of projects let a language barrier make different communities feel this way. Even if I can learn just hello, hope all is well, we love you guys, thank you, in each language. at least you all will know that the dev team cares enough to in some way try to be personable with each community. Our goal is to be a worldwide family.

Q3) I read that you will make donations, could you tell us about the reasons for making these donations, where these funds will come from, if a percentage of taxes will be established for this purpose and what are the requirements that organizations must meet to access a donation?

amazing question my friend. Now let me ask you this. What good is living a life if every single day a person wakes up sick, a person is in pain due to cancer, or how about if a person does live a long life but the last 10 years or so of their life is in silent suffering due to things like alzheimer’s disease? It’s a miserable existence for most. I know this because I watched my mother suffer from heart disease for a few years before she passed away. Our charitable cause is in supporting advancements in curing these types of diseases that modern medicine just cannot seem to curve. Organizations like John Hopkins University neuroscience department to name one, but there are several more that are also on the frontlines in using a more modern, technological approach to fighting off these types of diseases. And we are starting to see some very promising results with this type of technology. If we as a species, as humanity can learn how to fight these types of diseases. Imagine what the quality of life would be for those who suffer. Imagine someone that doctors estimate only has 3 months to live, gets a second chance. That person doesnt have to say good-bye to their children. A father gets to walk his daughter down the isle at her wedding, gets to hold his grand kids, gets to grow old and fully experience this gift of life, that so many of us take for granted. This is why we support this type of advancement. This is why innovators like elon Musk support this type of advancement.

Q4) Does your project tax up to 17% per transaction is this too high and it contributes to lack of interest for investors? Why did your project choose a starting figure of 17%? Will that number decrease in the future?

So we get asked this question from time to time. And its usually from newer crypto traders. I don’t know how long you have been trading. so this is in no way saying that you are a new trader or not. But that has been our observation that it generally is the newer traders that are scared by the tax. And yes on the surface without really understanding what that tax really does it can be deemed a little scary. But once you understand the reasoning, and it’s function and the stability to price action that it will bring you’ll have an awwww moment. So lets talk about price action. What causes price to move? Obviously if there is more buyers then sellers price goes up. And if there are more sellers then buyers price goes down. It’s all about supply and demand. Now what causes extreme volatility in any market? Not just the crypto space? the answer to that is people deploying a day trading, or scalping strategy. This is a normal every day experience in the stock market that all of us have grown accustomed to. And a lot of us have learned how to exploit that volatility for personal gain. In the stock market we love volatility because we can make money on both sides. Whether price is going up or going down. If price is coming down we can short the stock, or buy put options, run debit spreads, calendar spreads, straddles. Just really all sorts of cool things to exploit price action. Crypto is very different in this regards. Crypto traders do not like volatility because we simply cannot exploit price action in the same fashion. So what happens is its a domino effect, day traders, scalpers come in, cause a ton of turbulence, and it causes projects to lose investors from nothing more then fear alone. By implementing a slightly higher tokenomic tax what we have essentially done is taken away the appeal for traders that employ a day trading or scalping strategy to stay away. and i know they will because in the stock market I have employed day trading strategies, and scalping strategies for the last 17 years, and I wouldnt even think about utilizing these types of strategies on a tokenomic model with a higher tax. Now by doing this we can effectively curve extreme volatility by once again coming back to understanding what investors and traders look for. This model is very much designed to reward long term holders, and punish the quick buck seekers.

Q5) How do you make your platform safe for investors, and is it secure against hackers? And what happens if your platform is hacked, compromising the sensitive information of your users? Is your platform up to the task?

absolutely amazing question. And for the sake of transparency I want to take the time to inform the community of a situation that happened about two weeks ago on the DX sale platform. So there was an exploitative attack on under prepared projects that were raising funds through DX. their contracts were not fully hacked as to the point that sensitive information was jeopardized. It was a malicious attack through a snippet of malware code, and what was happening is these projects were getting through DX just fine, but when it came time to finalize the sale and move into launch projects couldnt get going. That snippet of code was keeping these projects from being able to go live. Now DX has found and fixed the issue. But that alone is not good enough for us. So we are going a step further. We have contracted with a cyber security company. Now they are a civilian company but they also contract with places like NASA, the US army and they provide additional cyber security. Once our private sale ends what we are going to do is give them a couple of days to run an audit. Not the same type of audit you all are thinking. “Yes those are to come shortly as well.” But this is an internal code based audit on our contract.

We are adding an extra layer of security into the contract, They will be working with us not only through DX sale, but as we go live, as well as providing security in additional developments going forward, such as wallet release, among many other advancements within the scope of the project. So yes between the development team, and additional resources we are bringing in we are very much up to the task. We have some extremely intelligent, capable, bright individuals behind the scene all working together to see this project through.

Q6) •Where can I buy it?
•also all the links to all your social media platforms if possible?

Q7) Are there any plans to list it on more top exchanges to attract more investors?

absolutely. More exchanges equates to more potential holders. we will first push for CG then CMC as well as make grounds to list on the major CEX exchanges. We want to be available in as many places as possible, but keep in mind that we also are in wallet development, so that wallet is going to act like a major hub for the project, just download and you have access to the exchanges that carry us. That wallet is a crucial bit of software that will appeal to the masses.

Q8) Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Does you have any special plans to attract and expand the community and improve the user experience?

love this question. Because you are 100% correct. The community is the engine that drives the project. Without all of you nothing could ever be accomplished. And our plans to create a much more interactive experience for the community are very much top priority. to give you an example. We will be designing things like a technical university that our holders can patch into from the website and learn about technical analysis, to have access to material, and coaching that will ultimately make them better, more rounder investors and traders. We will also be helping the community on how to spot out scams early on and ways to stay safe. and the dev team is very active among the community. We are constantly in the chat room talking to our community. Cracking a few jokes, making everyone feel welcome. All of us care about the community, this project and we fully realize we would be nothing without the community behind us. and every day we get just that much bigger, that much stronger.

Q9) How can we know for sure that early adopters and seed phase investors can not dump token on us if we invest now?

This is always a concern with every investor entering into every single project. With the amount of scams, and trash in this space right now we understand this thought very well. What we can do to combat that is to be different, to prove through consistent action that this project is going somewhere, you inspire investors, you do the right things, and they will believe in you, and they will follow you. that is how you keep people into a project. the other way to combat any potential selling pressure is to have such a dialed in marketing strategy that has been well established before launch that will constantly bring in new holders. those buyers are extra, additional padding to absorb selling pressure, and will naturally cause price action to not be so volatile.

Q10) In This Time How Can I Trust Your Project?

We understand trust is earned right? there is no getting around that fact. and yes it is difficult in these times for people to trust. It’s difficult, but through the power of consistency the community will grow to love, and respect those of us who continue to do the right things. Those of us who carry ourselves with honor, and character. We are also doxxed. This project has a face, has many faces that you all can see on our webpage. We are ok doxxing because we have nothing to hide, and our intentions are pure. And when new members come into the community we will not let

those individuals down. We prove ourselves through our very own actions. We dont get defensive when people dont trust right away, because we understand why. We also understand through just being ourselves, that eventually those same people that have a hard time trusting will turn to appreciate all of us. because they will see with their own eyes that we are not like 95% of the projects in this space.

And this was the end of our AMA with RoboDogeCoin.

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