Satoshi Monsters AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with Satoshi Monsters on the 25th of October

And here we will put some of the best questions:
Q1. Can you introduce yourself to our community?

My name is Carlos, I’m the Satoshi Monster developer, I’ve been working for over 15 years with development and programming, I currently manage the Satoshi Monster team a team of 8 people

Q2. Can you briefly tell us what is Satoshi Monsters ?

Satoshi Monster is PlaytoEarn site scroll tower defense, which uses BSC network technology

Q3. Let’s now talk about the milestones you have achieved so far and about your upcoming plans?

Everything is going on time, last week we released a DEMO that can be played by anyone (link on official telegram –>> ) we are 10 days away from IDO, and 20 days away from Public Sale, the development is not late at all, so I believe that in December we will launch Closed Beta

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

Yes, my team was chosen one by one, with the majority of people that I had already worked on other projects, so I know all the capacity he has, and it’s a lot, we have people who are extremely creative and competent, in terms of development we currently have 4 programmers and 1 mathematician and 3 people for logistics and support

Q5. NFT is one of the hottest and most sought-after topics in the blockchain space right now. Can you share your opinion on NFT with us? Do you think NFT will disrupt the current financial system? What is Satoshi Monsters’s approach to the NFT sector?

Yes, we believe in NFT technology, we hope it will change the market little by little, currently satoshi has towers and Lands in NFTs that can be purchased at, in our telegram is the sales link!

And here we will put best questions from our members and Satoshi Monsters fans:

Q1.I read that Satoshi Monster has a LANDs model to which the LAND owner can create and add the map in the game itself. How can we create our own LAND? will we be rewarded whenever any user plays in our LAND?

Yes, All Land Owners will have access to a MapCreator, and after creating your map template, it will be automatically added to the game, in hunt mode these maps are available, whenever a user plays your map, you are rewarded with 5 to 10 % of this user’s gain, not to mention that you have a % 0.10 chance of duplicating any item dropped by the user

Q2. Many games in blockchain mostly lack good graphics & gameplay causing an unpeasant gaming experience. How does Satoshi Monster games handle this? Do you encourage game developers to create better games?

Totally, one of our main focus is the fun factor, instead of creating a boring tower defense to which the user only places towers, we create interaction systems with drops and tower reloading, our demo is available for all users on the official channel from the telegram, play, we await your feedback

Q3.Regarding the gameplay of SatoshiMonsters, I have been analyzing it and found it similar to some games currently on the market, so how will you manage to make it the best and the favorite of the community?

Our economic distribution is very strong, besides as I said the fun factor, we hope to bring these two elements together to bring new players

Q4. It is unfortunate that some projects remain half way because their developers abandon the concept because they cannot achieve the desired capitalization in the long term; how do you plan to make this project sustainable for its development?

Our token economy has been created and recreated until we find a mathematical formula that works, we will use in addition to PlayToEarn Farms and Stakes tools that helped in the long run to maintain the stability of the token

Q5. SatoshiMonsters is said to be using Blochain technology on BSC, according to what I’ve read. Can you provide us with further information about this technology and its capabilities? How does Satoshi Monsters calculate the prizes for players in a play-to-win game? Where do they go?

Yes, BSC has helped us to reduce fees at virtually zero cost, and network speed is very important to the game, our rewards are based on the factor of how you finish the level, at the end a count is made of how many coin drops you drop. took more of the energy you lost and with that the reward is generated

Q6 To enter the game, players need to buy 3 towers and currently Satoshi Monster is selling a starter pack of 3 towers + 2 skills. So, Can you tell us where we can buy this 3 tower package & what are the advantages of having this package?What is the role of skill packs in your game?

Yes, to start the game you need at least 3 towers, today you can buy the pack it comes with a lower value, 3 towers and 2 skills, the skills will be the ‘spells’ within the game, there are several, a large part serves to clear the map and kill most enemies, skills not acquired in initial packs can be acquired in marktpalce

Q7 Project – What are your next top priorities?

In our pre-sales, we hope to increase our global advertising and thus reach thousands of new users!

Q8 There are many games related to NFT these days. In the case of other ‘play to earn’, the initial cost is required, so the entry barrier is higheer than expected, and I have seen many cases where those who found out late gave up without being able to do it

Yes, normally in PlayToEarn games, the greater the investment the greater the reward, we want the time the user spends playing to be rewarded, but not with a few cents, we want to pay really good rewards

Q9 •Where can I buy it?
•also all the links to all your social media platforms if possible?

You can buy at IDO in 10 days which will be the first offer, after that only at Prevenda in 20 days, follow the link of all our networks!


Q10 What are the advantages of having my own Land Plot NFT in your game? Does it provide advantages and boost for my gameplay?

Carlos Junior:
With LANDS you win passively every time a user plays on your land, I believe it’s the best investment in the game

Here is the LANDS whitepaper

Please don’t forget to enter the Official telegram, we will distribute our airdrops only to community users.

And this was the end of our AMA with Satoshi Monsters.

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