Smart Solution Link AMA

We Hosted An Amazing AMA Session With Smart Solution Link On 6th April .

Here We Will Present Some Of The Best Questions That Answered in The AMA :

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as SLS ?

Hello, I’m James Tran, Product Manager of .

Smart Link Solution is a futuristic technological company that aims to leverage the opportunities presented by blockchain technology to build applications that solve real-world problems while protecting all users’ privacy.

We are an Enterprise Web3 Connector powered by blockchain.

You guys can review our website at

Q2. What are the advantages of joining in your project ?

Our project is proud to create and give users advantages that affirm the strengths of SLS:

1.Wider Reach
The ability of the SLS to allow communication and data exchange between distributed ledgers is a great advantage for deploying multi-environment, and multi- sectoral solutions that can reach wider user bases.

Application developers will be able to design solutions for a wider user base as the limitation to their developmental database is lifted with the interoperability of DLTs. This enables users to use their assets on different blockchains on the same application without having to duplicate such applications on multiple blockchains.

2.Speedy Implementation
The SLS architecture will be deployed on a SaaS API that will eradicate installation or run cost, and the need to employ a decentralized ledger technology specialist is also non-existence with the SLS.

  1. Seamless Integration
    As a blockchain built with enterprise applications in mind, the SLS enables seamless integration of existing IT infrastructure and future solutions while maintaining the same level of security and processing speed.
  2. Modular Management
    For companies and businesses using the ledger connection advantage of the SLS, the management of their different portfolios and business units become like a modular system with interconnected units. This will enable seamless management and monitoring of the business operations and transaction records.

For summary, SLS bring the solution for pressing problems in finance and real-world businesses with solutions that are tailored to user’s needs, as well as customized web3 services.

That why we spend 4 year to build our product before launching your project .

Q3. Please Tell Us About The Goal You Want To Achieve In This Year.

Our porduct launched beta version already, then we forcus on building our community in Q2 of this year

Included listing in tier2 CEX, and start with Bitmart.

We wont raisefund, IDO but only forcus on product and make sure our investor can get benefit from our project with the best CEX wwe can handle

Then, in Q3 and Q4, we will concentrate on developing in accordance with the previously stated vision,

with the goal of becoming a driving force in driving blockchain applications for the development of the next phase of the internet era, web3.

Q4. Every Project Has A Story Behind Their Name, Can You Tell Us More About The Story Behind This? Who Are The Team Behind This Project? Can Tell Us Their Background ?

Our team have the idea about how to enable future transaction control for everyone by creating an interoperable blockchain infrastructure

that enables the development of real-world solutions that reduce costs, improve businesses, and mitigate risks, with a focus on web3 user experiences.

and how to apply the power blockchain to help the enterprise can upgrade their internal, exteral work flow

We dicided to build  a futuristic technological company that aims to leverage the opportunities presented by blockchain technology to build applications that solve real-world problems while protecting all users’ privacy.

to achieve our goals, we created Smart Link Connect, a blockchain architecture that enables cross-communication and interoperability between various web3 platforms and systems.

Q5. Tell Me The USP of SLS Project ?

First:  Our product is neccessary for enterprise who want to be lead in new era, with web3 innovation and the power of blockchain: Web3 ASS, IoT, Web3 Finanace, Supplychain.

Second:  Our team iss strong wwith founder is Chairman of New Zealand Technology Association and Own a big IT company which is  NZ Association (NZ-Tech).

And Pro. Dr. Ralf Wandmacher – Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship at Accadis University in Germany iss our advisor

Forth SLS token list Bitmart CEX on 6th April wwith best MM team Gotbit

Third: Project wont raisefund, wont IDO–> ensure the benefit for holder

Forth SLS token list Bitmart CEX on 6th April wwith best MM team Gotbit

The Price X5 Already

And Save The Best At Last: SLS Token Is Gurantee With USA Fund, GVS Which Ensure Holder Will Get Profit All The Time .

Q6. What is the process for businesses to join the SLS Community, and how does the Community contribute to the growth of the SLS Ecosystem ?

The community plays an important role in the growth of the SLS ecosystem:

Network Effect: One of the most significant contributions of the community is the network effect. As more people use the SLS ecosystem, the network effect grows stronger, making the ecosystem more valuable for all users. Therefore, the community can contribute to the growth of the SLS ecosystem by promoting its adoption, usage, and integration with other blockchain networks and systems.

Development: In our future public phase, the community can contribute to the growth of the SLS ecosystem by participating in the development of new features, providing feedback, and testing new versions of the platform. This can help to improve the functionality, scalability, and security of the platform.

Education: The community can contribute to the growth of the SLS ecosystem by educating others about its features, benefits, and use cases. By sharing knowledge about the SLS ecosystem, the community can attract new users and developers, increasing the platform’s network effect and value.

Governance: The SLS ecosystem is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that allows stakeholders to participate in decision-making processes. The community can contribute to the growth of the SLS ecosystem by participating in the governance process, proposing new ideas, and voting on proposals. This can help to ensure that the platform remains decentralized, transparent, and aligned with the interests of its users.

Q7. Apart from buying SLS token for speculative reasons, what are the future investment prospects of the project?And Where is the best places to purchase your tokens? Are there benefits attached to buying holding your token for a long term ?

As we told above, our project totally focus on product, and we launcg beta test already

And our plan still invest on our product, wour roadmap is lauch mainet on Q4, 2024 and we have a lot things todo.

We got some proposal for our partner already

and our token is guranteed by GVS Fund, which base on USA

You can buy our token on Bitmart or Uniswap. We just list Bitmart at 9:00 AM UTC and x5 from lissting price

For holder, you can earn the fee of transaction and we have staking program also

Futher more, for safy our investor asset, we have cooperate with GVS Fund, who will gurantee our token value in 6 month. You can learn more about it on

Q8. How does the SLS Ecosystem benefit from Connectors and Developer Partners collaborating to expand the ecosystem with new partners, and what incentives are provided to encourage collaboration ?

Expanding the ecosystem with new partner bring new real world use cases to the SLS ecosystem (Both Connectors and Developer Partners can bring new use-case to SLS in a different way),

which will improve the flexibility and functionality of the project, and increases its utility and demand. This will create a positive feedback loop where more utility of the SLS token leads to more adoption and vice versa.

Collaborating with new partners can also lead to new revenue streams for the ecosystem. For example, if a new business (like an insurance company) integrates with the SLS ecosystem and uses SLS tokens for transactions, this will increase token demand and potentially increased token price, benefiting both the ecosystem and the members.

The incentives to connectors and developer partners are: technical support, market support, and reward in SLS token (bug report, new function list, smart contract templates, development commit, DApp development for developer, and revenue sharing (if appliable) for both) or early access to newly developed features.

Q9. I heard about SLS token is guarantee by GVS fund, please let us know more details.

GVS is the Degital Asset Insurance Company, which guarantee your degital asset, base on USA

GVS fund is our backer

If you are SLS holder and want to protect your invesment value, you can sign the contract with GVS, and GVS will guarantee your investment will return atleast 30% profit in 6 month

Your guys can simplely waitching this video :

Q10. Tell us about SLS Core Technology .

Our core tech is:

  • Artificial Intelligence
    SLS Technology provides real-world businesses with customized blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure, upgrading their internal and external work flow, network infrastructure, and software in the process.
  • Scalable Web3 Solution
    SLS Technology promotes the development of Web3 sidechain applications to provide scalable and efficient blockchain infrastructure. Businesses are given the opportunity to take advantage of dedicated frameworks to launch blockchain solutions for specific use cases.

Innovative Vision
As companies such as Amazon, IBM and Walmart have discovered, blockchain technology can be used to improve businesses efficiency such as data tracking, shipping and logistics. This is especially important for Web3 Userflow because its clients are large corporations with a high number of suppliers and channels.

Q11. Share us about your core team .

Mr. Mitchell Phạm
Co- Founder
He is the young global leader of the World Economic Forum. He is proud to be the Co-founder of Smart Link Solution – Switzerland.

He started his career in 1993, when he co-founded Augen Software Group, expanding 11 high-tech companies, including a wide range of software products and services, to provide fnancial, medical services and many other industries.

Chairman of New Zealand Technology Association Chairman of NZ Association (NZ-Tech) and Financial Organization. Chairman of Association of Technology and Innovation (Fin-TechNZ). Win KEA Global’s New Zealander price.ccccc Member of International Strategic Alliance of VN. Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum

Pro. Dr. Ralf Wandmacher

He is professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship at Accadis University in Germany. Moreover, he is also an expert of Blockchain Finance, Crypto currencies , Trading, Structuring, Research Indexation, Asset Management, ICOs, and Asset to Token. He graduated with a Master’s degree in France in the feld of Implied Volatility (Implied Volatility) and a Doctor of Business Administration at Goettingen University in Germany.

Mr. Leigh Flounders

He has 22 years of experience in the fnancial service industry. He has served as the Managing Director of two leading Fintech companies in New Zealand. He used to be member of the Board of Directors, Chief Financial Ofcer of New Zealand Finance Company (NZTech) and “CEO of the Year” by Finance Monthly – NZ Magazine in 2017.

Q12. How does your Smart Link Connector enable different blockchains to communicate with each other while maintaining system autonomy, efficiency, and speed ?

We achieve this by creating a protocol called SLS Operating Ledger, which acts as both an operating system and bridge between different blockchains, allowing them to exchange data and assets. The SLS Operating Ledger is built around a network of “connector nodes,” which sit on top of different blockchains and communicate with one another to promote cross-chain transactions.

The way SLS achieves high efficiency and speed is by utilizing a “connector nodes network”, a distributed network of nodes that can process transactions in parallel. This approach ensures that the system can scale to meet the demands of different use cases and that transactions can be processed quickly and cost-effectively.

Q13. What are the biggest challenges you expect to face and how does SLS plan to overcome these challenges? With YouTube growing in popularity, can SLS grow on its own ?

The biggest one we have to face this is the B2B approach

If you follow this AMA, you will know that our product for enterprise, SLS is a Web3 Enterprise Connector, then how to approach and meet your target customer is a big question for us

Surely with our effort in SLS ecosystem, we will attract our customer with best solution for their business

About youtube, ofcourse we have. We aim to hold a Weekly Seminar which trnasfer our experience, technology knowledge about web3 to yough and enthusiasm members and Tech team from other company also

then youtube is great place to hold it

Q14. Will there be an airdrop or trading competition after listing? What can the community anticipate as a result of this listing?
Will SLS be listed on any more CEXs?

We listed already: 9:00 AM today in bitmart

with beutiful price line

Will there be an airdrop or trading competition after listing? Sure we have, let’s follow our social channel and dont miss this event

What can the community anticipate as a result of this listing: the liquidlity

Will SLS be listed on any more CEXs? Our plan is listing on Tier 2 and 1 CEX in end this year and early in next year.

This Was The End Our AMA With Smart Link Solution .

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