speakeasytoken AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with speakeasytoken on the 16th March

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as $SPEEZY ?

I am Barrett, the CEO of Speezy! We are a jackpot and sports betting token with very advanced tokenomics and unique contract. It has been in development for many months and have a very long term vision.

Q2. What are the advantages of Your project ?

Well, for one we have the safest contract around. We got a 96.2 on rugseekers audit and a 99 on the HedgePay audit.
Second, we have the first contract with automatic jackpot entries for each time you buy into the token.
Third, we have the first contract with tiered sell taxes which taxes you higher when you sell more than 1 BNB in a day.
Fourth, we have a sports betting dApp, which is peer-to-peer and charges zero fees!
All of this is completely custom and will set us apart from other tokens and give us plenty of opportunities to do targeted marketing.

Q3. please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year.

The presale is live right now. So, make sure you go buy in before its over.
Well, this is simple. We want to build a huge betting community and have lots of fun!

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

Speakeasies were places where people would go to drink and gamble during prohibition era. While we are not selling illegal alcohol, we are gathering as a community to have fun and gamble, so, we are Speakeasy!
The team is built up of a bunch of a crypto veterans from all types of backgrounds. We have built a very strong relationship and enjoy working together. Many of us have been together for over a year.

Q5. NFT is one of the hottest and most sought-after topics in the blockchain space right now. Can you share your opinion on NFT with us? Do you think NFT will disrupt the current financial system? What is speakeasy Tokens approach to the NFT sector?

Well we dont really have much to do with NFTs at this time. We will release some fun NFTs down the road with our amazing sticker pack. I do think NFTs are important in crypto but we are focused on our niche and that’s building an amazing community! We already have flash staking, jackpots, sports betting, and really cool tokenomics and don’t want to focus on too many other aspects.

And here we will put best questions from our members and speakeasytoken fans:

Q1: Speakeasy has a jackpots, Every 0.01 BNB worth of SPEEZY token bought gives the buyer one entry into the dApp powered Mega and Super Spin Jackpots. How do your jackpots work and how can I participate in the draw? Also, How will you ensure fairness?

The jackpots are very simple and automatic! You simply buy $SPEEZY on pancake swap and are entered into the current daily and weekly SPIN Jackpot!
Each .01 BNB worth of SPEEZY gets you 1 credit. So if you buy 1 BNB, you get 100 credits. The person with the most credits has the highest chance of winning. However, one credit can still win! The winner just gets the full jackpot worth of $SPEEZY sent to their wallet. So, it isn’t gambling but rather just an endless buy-in contest! It is completely fair because, it just uses a random number generator to pick the winner, the more credits you have, the more numbers you represent. It is displayed on our dApp at spinbsc.app and you can see every wallet that has credits and what their percentage chance of winning is.

Q2: Can you list 3 killer features of your Speakeasy project that make it ahead of competitors? What are the competitive advantages that you feel most confident about?

Well, for one, our Anti-Dump tokenomics! We spent months perfecting the perfect contract that allows us to set dynamic sell taxes based on how many BNB you have sold in 24 hours. If you sell 1 BNB or less in a day, you are only charged 13% tax, if you sell more than 1 BNB, you are charged 23% tax on everything over 1 BNB.

This will intensify people to not dump their tokens all at once and instead, scale their profits and not hurt the chart. This will give us one of the best looking charts in BSC- we all know that is important!
Second, our sports betting/anything dApp! Holders can access our Parlay betting dApp and place bets with their $SPEEZY tokens for zero fees and we can all come together as a community and enjoy the events together. This also allows us to target non crypto users and target marketing to a whole new audience. This will keep daily hype in the telegram and help us keep growing under any market conditions. Even if you don’t like sports or gambling, you will benefit from an ever growing community. This makes Speakeasy a great investment for everyone.
Third, FLASH STAKING! Flash staking is amazing and gives you 1000% FIXED APR! We have a custom portal for this and it basically turns staking into a game. You can only stake for 1 week at a time and it is first come, first serve. Will you be fast enough to get into the pool?

Q3:For beginners or people who just know about crypto and participate, but they don’t know anything about it, how do you make them understand this project? and what strategy will you come up with to make this project a favorite choice in the crypto community?

Well this is an easy question. We are already attracting many new users to the space with our innovative zero fee betting dApp! There has never been a place where you can bet with zero fees or have as much fun as we have. This makes the project very simple for new comers to understand because they are not just joining for a pump and dump but rather for the utility. They will stay because the community is strong and will get educated along the way. The existing crypto community will benefit from so many new holders and the green chart.

Q4:The hard reality is that some projects remain half way because their developers abandon the concept because they cannot achieve the desired capitalization in the long term; how do you plan to make this project sustainable for its development?

Our dApps are already complete and will be released when we launch! We have already spent the months and months of time and money on the development so, now we are just waiting to fill the presale to launch. I have been here and doxxed for a long time and am not going anywhere. We know that we can continue growing because the marketing strategy is to target each individual sporting event on social media. I won’t ever stop and can’t wait to get the party started. We are also developing new games to bring the community together and give holders even more opportunities to use their $SPEEZY tokens to have fun.

Q5:What is the revenue model of #SpeakeasyToken ? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit? So many projects just like to speak about the “long term vision and mission” but what are your short terms objectives? What are you focusing right now?

Well, our betting platform and jackpots are all ZERO FEES. So we don’t make any money from them, but holders need to use their $SPEEZY tokens to participate. Since there are no fees, this will out compete any other similar services. If we can keep getting new holders and keep the community engaged, this makes it super easy for us to keep growing the marketcap. We expect to reach 100,000 holders in the next year and everyone knows that means great profits. We will continue to improve our dApps as well. So, making money from services is not our model, it’s actually that we are giving away free services that require the use of $SPEEZY to participate!

Q6 )Speakeasy Audit & KYC
From HedgePay
🔥 100% Secure
🔥 99% Control
🔥 99% Overall

This a copy of our audit. You can also go view our contract. We have it set to 1 BNB per day. We can change this in our contract to increase or decrease the amount and the time period. We plan to keep it at one BNB per day though. The contract is very customizable but it is impossible for us to do anything malicious as the REQUIRE STATEMENTS in the contract wont allow it.
This is why our audit score is so good.

Q7)The crypto market is fiercely competitive and new projects are popping out all the time trying to take a footstep on the market. What strategies do $SPEEZY have to attract users, and keep them stay with your platform for long-term?

Well most projects just fork or copy other contracts. Ours is completely unique and custom. So, our technology is what will set us apart! We are launching with our utilities so users do not have to wait or hope that we ever come out with them. We have accomplished so much and can not wait to launch!

Q8 )tell me sir Can you explain how your tokens are distributed? How many tokens will be minted? How many will be locked by the team???

We have no minting function. I hold no tokens. There is a 5% giveaway wallet that we will use to have fun games in telegram and keep things hyped. 25% goes to liquidity. 60% for holders, and 10% for the flash staking! The only way that I will get paid will be through the development tax. So, I will never be selling on the chart and will always have a reason to keep the project running for the long haul.

Q9 )Please tell me,How can I buy your tokens right now?Andwhich wallet support your token?thanks

We are in presale right now! You need to connect your wallet at https://hedgepay.org/ido/speezy and you can contribute up to 2 BNB. In 23 hours the PRESALE will finalize and you can withdraw your tokens to your BSC wallet (Trustwallet, Metamask, etc)

Q10 )Is your project more for gamers or investors?

100% investors. This will function like any other token but the dApps give us utility and something to actually market other than just pure hype.

Q11)so many projects that promised miracles but never released a working product or proved any revenue, in a short/long time of release. can you tell us, What makes $SPEEZY different from other projects?

We are launching with our utility! We have all the development complete. You can see our Jackpot dApp @ https://spinbsc.app and our betting dApp will be available after launch. The whole community can’t wait to start using them.
Also, you can see our contract is already deployed and is 3,000 lines of beautiful code. This really is a work of art and a technological feat for this space.

and this was the end of our ama with speakeasytoken.

Some Useful Links :

website : http://speakeasy.finance/

Telegram : http://t.me/speakeasytoken

Twitter : http://twitter.com/speakeasytoken