we hosted an amazing AMA with SUBME on the 21th of September

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you introduce briefly yourself and Subme to our community again?

My name is Michał Dziopak and I am communications and partnerships manager in Subme. I hold other different posts and responsibilities as well.
As you have noticed already, our project is called Subme. Subme aims to deliver all-in-one subscriptions management app. With our app users will be able to store all of their subscriptions of services and goods in one place and they will manage them in an easy way.
Thanks to Subme they will be able to save their time, efforts, and money (through cashbacks up to 3 % and various discounts negotiated by us on their behalf with goods & services providers).
So actually to us everything can be turned into subscription. Be it any kinds of goods, which makes our app even cooler. Imagine the times when you had to order your favorite coffee but you would usually postpone it due to lack of your own time. Now our app will handle the whole proces for you! Purchasing, paying and delivering it to your home.
And the whole process will be repeated by our app for you whether you want it to happen on monthly/weekly or any other kind of basis.
Once you decide to cancel your subscription because you don’t need that coffee anymore you will be able to do it in a very easy and quick way through the digital card representing that coffee.
That’s what we are for – creating & managing your subscriptions.
But as I mentioned to you earlier, our app will be in charge of managing your services subscriptions as well.
Imagine managing all of your Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime and other services subscriptions settings accessible to you in one place in a very easy way. And if you don’t like them, then you can cancel them anytime without any fees.
Our BEP-20 based token will be an integral and important part of our project with which users will be able to discount their purchases or even pay fully with it for orders via goods & services subscriptions. Users will be able to create their own baskets of subscriptions, e.g. subscriptions of goods, which will be delivered to their homes on a repetitive basis, just like with the example of coffee I have written about just above.
There will be other interesting features in it as well, such as a powerful investment tool embedded in the app. For you to know more about us guys, I invite you to visit our website:
I also encourage you to stay up to date with our project by joining up our main Telegram group:
One important thing though – our token has been listed one month ago which means you can already buy it & trade with it. Personally, I recommend you getting $SUB from PancakeSwap. You’re not gonna regret your investment :))
One important thing though – our token has been listed one month ago which means you can already buy it & trade with it. Personally, I recommend you getting $SUB from PancakeSwap. You’re not gonna regret your investment :))

Q2. What milestones have you achieved so far since the last time you were with us?

I think we’re gonna surprise you with that one.
Since the last time we had been with you we have completed & achieved the following goals:

  1. We finished all of our presales
  2. We got an audit from Certik.
  3. We got listed on PancakeSwap
  4. We got listed on BitMart
  5. We had our initial burning event.
  6. We finished all of our airdrops.
  7. We entered the advanced development phase of our app
  8. We started collaborating with a famous UFC Champion, Jan Błachowicz
  9. We established partnerships with some Polish Crypto & Noncrypto companies

And actually there were more fields in which we got successful, but those are the points I would like to stress on.

Q3. What marketing plans do you have for the coming months?

Now, regarding the marketing plans we have.
We want to stress our marketing actions in the following fields:
a) in the field revolving around Crypto space
b) in the field revolving around Subme application and its potential users
When it comes to Subme Application we will focus on our exposure to its potential users through all modern and traditional means of exposure, all within our financial abilities of course. Maybe one day in the not so far away future you could even see us on some commercials while watching your favorite sports channel 😀 But for sure you will be more likely to encounter us on some news sites. You’ll never know where you may find us.
With crypto part, we will focus on Social Medias, where crypto users are widely present in places such as Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube. We will also start collaborating with many famous crypto influencers to boost our visibility and reach more easily crypto-oriented users.

Q4. Can you tell us more about the story behind this project as well as the team background?

We established our project in the first quarter of this year in Poland. Our story revolves around subscriptions and the phrase “Subscribe now, subscribe me!”. So we shortened the second phrase and this is how Subme name was created. It means all to us – a whole world, where subscriptions are people’s future. We have chosen it to emphasize our role, that we are in charge of subscriptions management. We want to make the everyday lives of ordinary people easier, more efficient, money and time-saving. Subme is trying to solve two issues here – the difficulty for users to manage all of their subscriptions from many different websites in one place and also the lack of time almost all of us face in the modern world for essential activities such as shopping or ordering goods & services. We want to become an app and platform widely available for everyone and anywhere in the world.
Regarding our team – our team consists of experienced specialists in their own fields.

Q5. What future plans do you have regarding your project? Could you shed for us some light on what can we expect from Subme?

So we have Adam Larsson, our founder. Adam is an experienced entrepreneur, originator of Subme. As the CEO of Workeo he acquired the best talents for leading companies from IT & Blockchain industries and worked on SaaS Project. Chairman of the Explorey S.A. board, the e-commerce management company with unique products.

Then we have Bogusz Kończak, also a founder of our project. Entrepreneur, sales expert, and manager with over 5 years of experience in leading top-performing teams for institutional clients (Nationale Nederlanden). A passionate business developer, actively investing in real estate and blockchain projects. Active in the Crypto Industry since 2016.

Łukasz Braciszewski, our COO. Former Coinpaprika core team member, who holds an extensive managerial experience, which he gained while working on innovative IT projects. He has a global network of contacts in the blockchain industry. He is also a co-owner of Ari10, a virtual currency exchange leader.

Marcin Pędziński, CFO. Marcin holds 30 years of experience in the capital markets, both in transactions and privatizations fields. He led and supervised the biggest privatizations (i.a.: KGHM, PKN Orlen, TPSA ) and IPO/SPO, M&A, LBO/MBO. For 14 years CEO of Investment company and head of Corporate Finance in Santander Group in Poland.

Michał Adamski, Head of Content. Content Manager of Gamerhash and Skyrocket. Former Journalist of Beingcrypto. He has been working in the Crypto Industry since 2018.

And finally me, Michał Dziopak. I’m a communications and partnerships manager.
Now, regarding our future plans.
All of our plans are shown in our whitepaper: and also visible on our website: But to list the most important things that will come this and next year so they are the following:

  1. Farming and staking which will be introduced within 1-2 months.
  2. Establishing partnerships with more crypto and non-crypto companies that will be present on our app & platform as sellers in a subscription model.
  3. The release of our app will come within 2 months or a shorter period of time if possible.
  4. Coverage of Polish market and basic European markets.
  5. From Europe we will start expanding all over the world.
  6. We will cover basic industries first such as health, fitness, books, audiobooks, and cosmetics, later we will expand our app coverage to other remaining industries.
  7. We will also open and run our own fulfillment centers, first in Europe, later all around the world, so yeah, you kinda can say we’re gonna get them like Amazon or other bigger E-commerce companies, but with higher quality and standards.

And here we will put best questions from our members and SUBME fans:

Q1) Project a local project or a global project ? Can anyone use your services from anywhere in the world? Is there any restrictions of using your service?

Our project is a global project. Firstly, we will become available in Poland, but eventually, we will cover the whole world with our services. The source of any restrictions or limitations – should they arise – might come from local laws. Our business operates and will operate in accordance with local laws in every country we are present.

Q2) Truly it is convenient to use apps and platforms on our mobile devices, for Subme , will it launch a mobile app in the future?

Of course 🙂 Actually, we will release our app in just 2 more months. Let me share with you one post
Buyers, are you ready? 😍

We have finished working on the frontend for the MVP of our web application! 💪

Our next target is to integrate payments and Application Programming Interface with #Subme’s app.

Big things are coming! 🚀

BeReady #update #SubmeArmy

Our app is currently under advanced development. All juicy, the release of our app will follow within 2 months.

Q3) When I hold $SUB, are there any special benefits such as discounts or rebates at merchants who join SUBME?

Firstly, when you hold $SUB and you don’t spend it, there’s gonna be staking available with a significant rate, so you’re gonna get a stable stream of new SUBs coming to you at a fixed rate. Secondly, when you are using our platform and you keep paying with $SUBs, each time you do so you will receive a cashback of up to 3%. We will also negotiate the discounts on your behalf with sellers, so you may get better deals from them.

Not to mention that you can complete the payment partially or fully with our $SUB, all depending on your preferences.

Q4) Can third-party aggregators as sellers use the Subme infrastructure to increase their development and improve service quality? How does Subme provide third-party aggregators with revenue generation benefits in terms of commissions and transaction fees?

Of course, third-party aggregators as sellers will be able to use our infrastructure to increase their development and service quality. In terms of commissions and transaction fees, they won’t be high which means that end-users (customers ka subscribers) won’t even notice them.

Q5) As I can see that the project is growing bigger but when I checked the TG group chat, it’s not active. Do you have any activities at the nearest time to spice it up and keep the community busy while waiting for Farming and Staking?

Of course. We plan to introduce quite many activities in the nearest time, to tease you with some of our ideas, those activities may include multiple quizzes, voting polls, competitions during which you may win some $SUB, NFT giveaways. Actually the NFT topic is quite hot. Just keep watching us and stay updated.

Q6) Do you have a team working on the necessary improvements to prevent another project with more innovative technology than yours, as technology is developing quickly?

Okay, so if you mean by another project the competitors so yes, we are doing our best to deliver the most of our project, though as of now we do not have any real competitors out there. We are quite unique you could say and we are not afraid of them, actually real competition can make the growth of businesses healthier.

Q7) What are your views on the NFT? Is there any plan to add NFT to your project in future?

Of course there is, we’re gonna add up our own cool NFTs or dedicated NFTs in the future.

Q8) we want to buy tokens for your project. How do we buy tokens? And how do I sell it ??

Our token is tradeable on PancakeSwap and BitMart. You just need to type our contract’s address on PancakeSwap in order to find it and of course to add it up as new token/custom token on your wallet..

Q9) Can I sell my own products or services on Subme’s application after it’s launched? And what are the requirements for it?

Yes, you will be able to sell your own products and services through Subme’s app in the form of subscriptions. Actually anyone can sell on our platform, whether the seller is a big or small company, street vendor or just private individual, just like you and me.

Q10) Strong partnerships increase community trust in projects. Are you planning new partnerships?

We are, actually partnerships gonna be the part that we’re gonna focus on in the near future as they will be essential for our app and platform.

And this was the end of our AMA with SUBME.

If you have any other questions you can ask here:

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