Torekko AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with Torekko on the 24th november

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself to our community ?

Absolutely ! My name is Lucas and I joined the Torekko project not long ago.
I came into this project as a Blockchain Business Developer so I try my best to explain to communities such as yourselves how we work and what we can bring you !
My fellow associates, the Co-Founders of Torekko Victor Keller and Enzo Duflot have been aware of the Blockchain industry since around 2017, doing their personal research to understand the usefulness of Blockchain, how it works and understand the potential of it !
On my side of things, I have done the same since the end of 2020.
These guys are top notch in that regard, that’s why I trusted them to join 😎🦾

Q2. Can you briefly tell us about Torekko project ?

Well, to give you a quick bird’s view, Torekko’s aim is to create/develop a whole new Ecosystem to Decentralize the World of Japanese Animation & Manga’s. In concrete terms, we want to offer the possibility of acquiring Collectibles & boosters, so NFT’s linked with JapAnimation, but we won’t stop there 😁
Nota bene, we want to provide LICENSED Collectibles / NFT’s of JapAnimation Official Characters to the community, which will be Torekko’s biggest Strength !
Our goal is simple: Highly growing Blockchain industry & NFT’s interest added to an already, Worldwide, solidly established Japanese Animation & Manga’s industry, results in Torekko, so we want to be the pioneers in this field hopefully.

Q3. What are the advantages of Your project ?

Ok! So as I said previously, we seek to offer LICENSED Collectibles / NFT’s of JapAnimation Official Characters, we talk about thousands & thousands of already existing, and many more coming in the future, well, those will all be available to use and to play within the Metaverse & play to earn game ! It is the main unique feature, as players will be able to play Characters from different Animes in one single game 😉
These features really give us a competitive edge within a growing Anime x Investors community !
And of course It won’t stop here, as also Torekko’s own NFT Characters will be on it too!

Q4 please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year

This year, our goals are mainly on the development side of things and the launch of our token (soon!). What we are trying to bring to the community is the best partnerships, solid marketing, and the best possible selection of collaborators for this project ! The goals for next year and the year after are even more ambitious.
As you know, this project started during the beginning of 2021 and we have already come this far ! Soon we will be, for lack of a better way to say it… ON THE MOON !! 🚀🚀

Q5 Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

When it comes to how our project came about, our founders Enzo Duflot and Victor Keller were watching anime and had a stroke of genius ! These guys have been following the scene for years now and have been closely following token economics, blockchain and well… anime ! So one day they put everything together and thought “well this could work?!”
When it comes to the name of our project, it comes from the assembly of the words “TOREDINGU” and “KOREKUSHION” which are basically the japanese words for “Trading” and “Collection”, put together this makes —-> TOREKKO 😳😍

And here we will put best questions from our members and Torekko fans:

Q1) A investors need a amount in his wallet to participate in your project but now a days every where hackers are present it’s not easy to invest in any company what’s ur statrigies to impress the clients and make them sure that there investment is in safe hand?

First of all, it has to be said, we have done our absolute best to ensure the security of the project. It is one of our priorities and without it, there can be no trust ! For us, trust is everything and goes both ways
For the security of our project, $TRK will be a BEP20 and ERC20 token. We benefit from both the security that BEP20 can provide and also from the security of the Ethereum network with its proven track record.
Torekko is one of the first to want to assemble NFTs with real licenses to give more credit and value to its collectibles.
It is a project with a lot of potential. Indeed, the thousands of licenses that exist in the anime world show the potential for expansion and scalability. Moreover, this potential is amplified with the integration in a metaverse, a play to earn game.
Torekko is also used for NFT farming and $TRK staking, where people can receive interest in $TRK. 😋

Q2) I see that you have implemented a very interesting system to obtain NFT. But knowing that overproduction of these assets leads to their devaluation and market destruction, how will Torekko manage to maintain a balance between production and demand of NFTs to avoid these problems?

An important point is that our NFTS are semi-fungible, this means that some NFTs will come out in only 200 versions, some in a lot more, there will be many different versions. There will be different NFT rarity categories being RUBY – GOLD – MOONSTONE – ONYX from most common to rarest !
We will then function by season and release content according to whether it’s Spring, Autumn, et cetera ! Of course, we will always be following very closely how our NFTs behave and make changes if needed !🧐🧐

Q3) How big and strong is your community? do you have community for non english users?Is your project a local project or a global project ? Can anyone use your services from anywhere in the world? Is there any restrictions of using your service?

Our community is growing at a very rapid pace, in fact we are bewildered at the speed at which it is growing !! This is great for out token in any case and we will help propel all of our communications making us a lot more impactful 💪💪
In numbers :
More than 40k followers on twitter at this moment and our telegram community is growing at an outstanding pace, it has doubled during the past week and a half to 20k ! This is the real deal 😉
Our project is most certainly global but since, for now, we are mainly working on the development, perhaps segmentation by country/region will be a project for the future
One thing we have noticed is the West / south / east asian scene has taken a real interest in our project and we will be sure to build on that as best as we can, we will do you justice 😉

Q4) Torekko is the first NFTs collectibles platform entirely focused on Japanese animation. Do you expect to always focus on the Japanese animation market or would you later consider entering other animation markets in other regions of the world?

That is a good question, our vision for the next few years at least will be to focus on the Japanese animation world, that is for sure. In the future, we will probably be looking at means of diversifying what we offer. Perhaps a specialization by region, perhaps a different type of animation… For now, we will see ourcurrent vision to the end and make it as close to perfect as we can ! 🤓
We owe it to our community to deliver and we have put all our resources into just that 😁

Q5) What is the utility of $TRK token? Which mechanism it will provide to incentivize the ongoing core team and community development of Torekko roadmap? What can we expect this year regarding the token value and price stability?

Firstly, let’s touch a bit on the tokenomics here. So, the Maximum Supply will be 100 000 000 (100M) $TRK tokens.
The distribution of the Total tokens will be the following:

  • 41% Incentives, Liquidity, & Community rewards
  • 18.5% for Early supporters
  • 21,5% to the Ecosystem, Exchange liquidity, & Marketing
  • 20% for the Team & Advisors.
    Clearly, what we want is to bring you big STONKS first and foremost, the utility will then be even more present within our future game. In time, a growing player base and growing NFT use will means a stable and sustained growth. We have taken all the necessary measures to make sure this goes the right way 😉
    $TRK will be used as a payment method for NFT’s Farming (Yes people will be able to farm NFT’s ^^ and Stake $TRK !
    $TRK will also be the Official Currency of our Metaverse and our Play to Earn Game.
    $TRK will also be essential for the purchase of our NFT’s collectibles and Boosters which will be made only in
    $TRK will also be used for our marketplace.

Q6) Nearly 85% of investors focus only on the price of the short-term token instead of understanding the true value of the project. Can you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your tokens for the long term?

When it comes to the percentage, I cannot be sure, but one thing is definitely true and it’s that there is a tendency for what you are talking about. What we have been looking for is the most trustworthy investors and we have chosen those most likely to HODL (not hold 😉) we truly mean HOLD ON FOR DEAR LIFE ! What we understand is that to make this a long term project, which is our aim, we will bring in new features and create an in-game economy which will help stabilize it on the long run.

Q7) IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

While we are looking for high quality investors, as you said, our goal is also to have the most possible smaller holders ! Why? this might not make sense for us at face value, but who really makes a token go up in a stable way? It’s all the smaller holders. Big token holders, at the beginning of a project present much higher risk for the stability. As such, we do welcome all types of bidders and smaller ones are welcome ! 🤝🤝

Q8) Hackers are not having any problem to hack any website or any bank due to the failure of smart agreement ,,,? How safe is your project especially for long term investors ???

The nature of blockchain is such that hackers will have a very tough time ! Last time a blockchain issue happened was years ago, back in 2014 I believe where an small flaw was found with the system, and even then, it did not concern anyone’s personal information and such. The system has since been fixed and reinforced to an incredible level ! One thing I cannot stress more is to regularly change your passwords and use some that have at least 11 characters, and multiple different types of chracters, with numbers and such. Security is incredibly important and we are committed to it 😎😎

Q9) What is the role of token in the ecosystem? How do you balance developing technology and also improving the value of your token?

Very simply put, the token will be the currency of our game, it will be used to buy in-game NFTs and such, and also be tradeable outside of the game making a rather liquid asset. Hopefully we can make both go hand in hand with development of course always working full time and the value of the token will always depend on the trust our community has in us. One thing is for sure, our trust goes both ways and we just know this token will be solid 😎

Q10) Do you have an audit certificate or are you auditing your that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable. ??

Ah, here is a similar question to the one I wanted to answer to in the beginning. Like I said previously, building trust is a main goal of our campaign this year and auditing our project is a VERY big aspect of that ! In fact, we have just finalized our audit with Certik ! one of the biggest and most trusted in the field. Hopefully, this can help communicate to our community that we want to come clean from the start and make this a worthwhile adventure for everyone involved !! ☺️😋

And this was the end of our AMA with Torekko.

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