Unikname Network AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with Unikname Network on the 30th of September

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourselves as well as Unikname Network ?

I’m Damien, CTO
It means I’m responsible for technical choices with the team, and checking these choices are “working” 🙂

and products architect

in fact, i’ve been using blockchain frameworks and sdk since 2015, at first on Ethereum, then Hyperledger, then Ark.io

before i was building secured API for mobile applications of banking companies

i also founded a now quite big Meetup in France about the blockchain revolution in 2017, where I met Laurent

I’m Laurent the CEO. I’m 53 and I’ve started to be interested by crypto and blockchain since 2013.

With Damien we were both working in software and we were facing two major day to day issues with the full digitalization of the world: we need more and more users account and password on a daily basis, we share personal data, and the number of hack is exploding.

Then we had the idea to use the blockchain technology to face this issue.

It’s how Unikname is born
Unikname is a multipurpose Self-Sovereign Identity platform

Unikname uses its own blockchain: Unikname.Network.

It is specialized in providing DID : Decentralized Identifiers, minted as NFTs.

Unikname allows confidential data sharing, decentralized authentication, certified operations and data…

On one side companies integrate Unikname SSI modules within their own web application to provide SSI services to their users let’s try to upload an image to understand on the right, our My Unikname App mobile application it acts as an SSI Wallet and Crypto Wallet

Our project was launched in April 2018.

Q2. What are the advantages of Your project ?

In comparison with other SSI Solutions, Unikname is unique in different ways:

  • Plug & Play Modules: Unikname is a business-oriented platform composed of a ready-to-use product and an integration framework. We allow companies to easily get started.
  • no-KYC SSI market: Unikname is not on the verified identity market. Accessing the web without proving its verified identity is what everyone does every day. Users get their own pseudonymous ID in seconds.
  • Multilingual naming system: Unikname are human-readable named IDs based on NFTs, protected against spoofing, and represented with many alphabets. (Covered by a patent).
  • Token Business Model: The $UNIK token can be used by companies willing to implement SSI features with restricted access or for rewarding programs.

We offer a footbridge between the decentralized and centralized web.

Q3 please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year

First of all it’s important to understand that all Unikname components have been developed, released

and are already up and running
as a version 1, let’s say
Core components have already been audited by 3rd parties

Such as our blockchain, the decentralized protocol and so

Unikname.network mainnet is live, as already written
in the next months

We will deploy a Bridge between the Ethereum Blockchain and Unikname.network

making the native UNIK token swappable with the UNIK ERC20 wrapper one

In a few weeks we will deploy the 2nd phase of our token economy

including new token issuance rules
you should read the whitepaper for more information 😊

The whitepaper is here https://github.com/unik-name/unikname-papers/blob/master/unikname_whitepaper.pdf

as we are almost in 2022, let’s give some details for spring 2022 😁

a new version of the Unikname platform will be released

with modular services and the DApp accepting multiple SSI services

Unikname ambassador program will also allow rewarding business partners

the ambassador program is a key part of the development of our solution in 2022 💪

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story

We focus mainly on the name of the company, which is different than the brand for the product

The name of the company is “Space Elephant”

You may know we’re located in the west coast in France in the city of NANTES, and the symbol is an Elephant

Then when we’ve created the company, there was Exhibt about the famous spanish Artist: Salvador Dali, with its also famous “Space Elephant” sculpture

And we found that on top of the back of this elephant, the stone looks like the Ethereum symbol

So here we came from
About Unikname Brand is quite simple

Unikname = UNIque Name
Unikname = UNIversal Key Name
Unikname = YoUr NICK Name
Now we try to buy the Space Elephant’s NFT ! 😂
But no luck

And here we will put best questions from our members and Unikname Network fans:

Q1) Please explain your partnership with Ark Blockchain. On what are you working? Why do you choose the Ark Blockchain? What advantages does it have compared to today’s popular Blockchains like Solana, BSC, Polygon in terms of scalability, transaction fees, security?

with a Blockchain mainnet, a mobile application, a Decentralized Authentication solution …

👉Unikname is in production
and with clients
We began to build Unikname 3 years ago
remember, at that time, Ethereum had many issues with crypto kitties 😂

the whole blockchain was slow down by a game!
At Unikname, we want to build products that really work

so we needed a more scalable product than Ethereum
Ark.io was available, opened, really mature

and allowed us to build a new network with efficient tools
Today, ok, Ark.io is not one of the stars of the marketcap

but the technological basis is still mature, secure, solid and flexible enough to allow us to build our dedicated network

Remember, the mainnet of Solana was launched in 2019
BSC and Matic/Polygon in 2020 I think

For our use case and for our clients, a specialized Blockchain built on Ark.io framework is really better

in term of quality of service, scalability, tokenomics were the delegates (“miners” of Unikname.network) are also ambassadors of the solution

better than these relatively “new” and young other blockchain platforms

Unikname is like Apple: a full integration between the hardware, here the Unikname.network blockchain

and the software: Decentralized protocol, mobile applications …
so better quality
but cheaper than Apple’s products

In addition, our strategy is clearly to extend Uninkame SSI platform to other blockchain. It’s requested by our customers.

Q2) Focusing on the main work of your project, you could explain to me and give me a brief orientation on what exactly I must do to be able to access the SSI services and at the same time the SSI operations that this project owns and offers, I must make some monetary payment or

We’ve two answers according to your profile
If you’re a website owner or a website developer, then the first and easy thing you can do is to integrate “Unikname Connect” to offer an alternative for the sign-up and login to your backoffice users and/or to your end users.

Depending on the technology of your website it will take between 2 hours with a plugin to 2 days of dev.

We’ve a full documentation available https://help.unikname.com/

SSI credits will be implemented at the end of the year. At that time you will have to feed your account with $UNIK tokens to get SSI credits. Every time a user get connected, your SSI credits will decrease.

This system of SSI credit will be implemented for all SSI services and all SSI operations:

  • authenticate a user
  • get proof-of-presence of your users
  • rewarding users for sharing their private data
  • rewarding a vote for a decision
  • get a certified file

Now, if you’re a end user
you need to install https://my.unikname.app and get your own UniknameID one time for all.

Then when you login to a website having integrated Unikname, you will use your Decentralized ID, your UniknameID.

We can try to share a link to demo made by one of our UniknameID owner!

Here Botcrypto.io is a partner who have integrated Unikname Connect on his website

Then, if the website has integrated other SSI module than the Authentication, you may need to use your DecentralizedID for some operations such as a vote for example. In that case you may receive UNIK token reward.

Q3) I read that Unikname is a business-oriented platform composed of out-of-the-box products and an integration framework. But, Do the standardized APIs and cross-language SDKs allow anyone to integrate Unikname concepts into their own application and interact with the chain?

Yes, that’s the vision
As Unikname.network is based on Ark.io, we are compatible with all their products

such as wallets, explorer, community tools …
and their SDKs!

They are available in many coding languages
so yes, you can use them to build your own applications on top of Unikname.network

a very specific set of APIs of Unikname is only available on Unikname Node.js SDK today

We plan to extend it to other languages in end 2021- spring 2022

The good starting point for CLI, SDK, APIs of Unikname.network

Q4) Revenue is a very important, aspect for all projects, to survive and maintain the project / company.
-What is the way to generate profit / revenue of token?,”
-What is the income model,???”

Our business model is based on reward sharing

Companies buy tokens on the market to feed their account and get SSI credits

The $UNIK tokens spent to access SSI services are shared between 3 players:

  • Network validators, aka. the blockchain delegates
  • Network service providers. The Unikname Company is a core network service provider 😉
  • Ambassadors: Every UniknameID owner bringing a business along get permanent reward

We’ve moved to a fully tokenized business model.

Easy to understand and very comprehensive

Q5)I can’t find any information about your tokennomics, can you leave a review on it? How many tokens will be minted, where will they be allocated, what are their uses & what are the benefits of holding them in the long term?

Our tokenomics are very fresh 😉

You can find it on our token sale web page https://www.unikname.network/token-sale/

And we can download a one-pager version here

$UNIK is a native token with an Ethereum ERC20 wrapper for cotation on the market.

$UNIK utility tokens give UniknameID NFT Owners access to SSI services and to support the delegates of the network.

Most of unikname.network delegates share their rewards to their voters. So $UNIK Holders voting can get such a yielding.

Q6) What is the most ambitious goal of your project? What is the ultimate vision that Your project is trying to achieve within the cryptocurrencies market? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

Our vision: Making the internet trustful and safer.
Our mission: Being a key provider of Decentralized Identifier Solutions.

Q7) Nearly 80% of investors only focus on short-term token price instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your tokens in the long term?

The Internet is going through a digital identity crisis. The absence of a built-in identity layer is causing security and interoperability issues.

Furthermore, the centralization of identity solutions in the ends of the US-based GAFAM is creating sovereignty and dependency issues for countries, users, and service providers alike.

The rise of self-sovereign identities is an answer to this predicament.

We’re here for the long term, and securing the authentication will disrupt all the web

Unikname’s investors are joining a project with really ambitious goal

Q8) -The unikname network blockchain runs on 2 tokens, UNIKNAME and UNIK. Why did you decide to create a system that uses two tokens instead of creating a single coin that has all the features you want?

These 2 tokens are very different:

  • $UNIK: is a utility token, It unlocks features of the SSI (Self Sovereign Identity) platform
  • UNIKNAME: is a NFT, It represents your UniknameID in the Unikname.network chain

We need both, one to full the network, one the store the data

You can read the full story about this here https://www.unikname.com/en/discover-unikname-network-episode-5-the-many-types-of-tokens/

Q9) The #Unikname project aims to create identifiers that are universal, human-readable, and decentralized. Can you explain the reason why I need to have a Unikname ID? What are the benefits of owning a premium ID and how can i buy a premium ID?

Your UniknameID will be your ID under your sole control. It will replace your eMail and password to surf and to connect everywere over the web.

Nobody can steal it, nor censor it.

Because this is a pseudo, you can get several ones, like one for professionnal access and another one for personnal access.

Because you get your Decentralized ID for life, the short one will become rare, so we’ve designed a fremium and premiums. Fremium are 15 chararcters and more,
All explaination here https://help.unikname.com/2-unikname-id/what-are-differences-freemium-premium-unikname.html

Q10) What mechanisms and/or systems are implemented by the Unikname Network development team to guarantee users optimal and efficient protection against possible and very common cases of counterfeiting and/or identity theft?

Ah ah, let’s add more explanations

Let’s begin by what is NOT Unikname:

  • a verified Identity system
  • a KYC (Know Your Customer) provider

What IS Unikname:

  • a anonymous/pseudonymous identity provider
  • a Decentralizeed Identity provider
  • a Self-Sovevereign Identity provider
  • a platform to provide SSI (Self Sovereign Identity) services

So your real Identity can’t leak on Unikname 😊

However, Unikname provides many protections for users to avoid spamming, name squatting, typosquatting … when you want to share data with your friends or family …

And this was the end of our AMA with Unikname Network.

If you have any other questions you can ask here:

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Website :- https://www.unikname.network/

Discord :- https://join-discord.unikname.network/

Twitter :- https://twitter.com/UniknameNetwork

Telegram official community :- https://t.me/Unikname_network