we hosted an amazing AMA with vEMPIRE on the 13th of August

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as vEMPIRE project ?

Of course 👌🏻 so I’m Dominic Ryder, founder and CEO of vEmpire. I first started out my career as a stockbroker in London, U.K., before moving into wealth management as an associate partner at St James’s Place Wealth Management (FTSE 100) until moving into Venture capital where I first learned of blockchain technology 🤩

I created vEmpire in reaction to the greed and corruption I witnessed first hand whilst working in centralised financial corporations. vEmpire is about fighting these financial firms & venture capitalists and standing up for the ordinary guy 👌🏻

Q2. What Are the advantages of vEMPIRE project ?

People don’t tend to believe me when I say this, which is why I encourage all of you to read our whitepaper so you know it is true

vEmpire is the most unique and truly original concept to come out of crypto this year. We are not another animal token, food swap or fork with a little improvement 😴 vEmpire is the very first protocol to set out with the intention of invading and conquering others ⚔️🔥

We are the very first platform to offer DeFi-esque staking strategies of Metaverse tokens. We pay a yield to stakers of, for example, MANA & SAND, and use these to buy land and invade Decentraland or sandbox. We also have an NFT play to earn card game vEmpire: The Beginning. Our first edition NFTs are already available on Opensea

Manual for NFT card game

Q3) IEO on MEXC ?

Yes alongside our Incubated ILO on Unicrypt, only the fourth ever protocol to be accepted out of 500 launches. We will also be having a dual listing IEO on MEXC Global who are in the top 15 exchanges on the planet 🔥⚔️🙌🏻

Q4) please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year

So many to choose from! The goal this year, after completion of full platform, game & strategies will be to have cross chain functionality through Polygon & BSC. Alongside that, we want to move from being top 10 trading card NFT provider on Opensea, to top three 🔥

Q5. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story

Yes of course! As I touched on earlier, vEmpire was a reaction to some of the bad trends I see coming into crypto from the old financial system.

I wanted to create a DAO that worked for everybody. This is why I set up a DDAO, a Democratic DAO. One of the problems with almost all current DAOs is that the voting is done by tokens owned, this means developers, contributors & founders can sway votes easily away from what the community actually wants, this is completely unfair in my opinion.

vEmpire assigns each wallet holding over a certain amount of tokens 1 vote, this means whether you own 10K 100K or 1M, your vote is worth just as much to vEmpire.

In regards to why I am starting my fight against centralisation with the Metaverse tokens, please see my medium article. The current venture capitalists in this area are creating a monopoly which must be stopped ⚔️🔥

And here we will put best questions from our members and vEMPIRE fans:

Q1) They have recently announced their partnership with #MEXC to list their $VEMP token. Why have they chosen #MEXC to start trading $VEMP with them? How will they ensure that $VEMP trading is not constrained by a lack of liquidity? What are the pairs available for $VEMP at MEXC?

Great question which half answers itself ! One of the main reasons we went with a dual listing is to take advantage of MEXCs great reach and platform. With an average of half a billion flowing through their platform every 24 hours we thought it was a great place to IEO VEMP. We also loved its Global reach as well.

One of the benefits again of a dual listing is that it allows us to have both a USDT trading pair with MEXC, and an Ethereum pair with Unicrypt. 60% of our fund raise is being locked onto Unicrypts platform to serve as liquidity on Uniswap 💪🏻

Q2) Most #investors only focus on the short-term token price instead of understanding the real value of the #project. Can you tell us the #motivation and #benefits for investors to hold your tokens for the long term?

Yes so anybody who has been following our telegram will have seen me say on many occasions that vEmpire rewards loyalty above all. This is taken into account by our rewards system being heavily incentivised towards long term stakers please see section 1.3 of whitepaper

Alongside that, we have staking pools for the Metaverse tokens which pay a yield in VEMP

This VEMP can then be staked into the the DDAO which provides users with xVEMP. Users who own xVEMP which is a “proof of stake token” will be given a percentage of rewards gifted from the vEmpire platform

Alongside this, for the bravest warriors who wish to battle player vs player in the arena, can enter and do so by converting their xVEMP to xsVEMP, our battle token (see 5.2 of whitepaper) these NFT battles will have cards boosted by owning our NFTs, meaning the more NFTs you have, the more money you will make from vEmpire’s protocol 🔥⚔️

vEmpire has released vEmpire’s emperors parchments Quest. The winner of this multi year quest will win 1% of VEMPs total supply which is over 8,000,000 tokens. These tokens if vEmpire gets to even half the size of MANA (Decentralands token) will be worth $5,000,000 . The clues are found inside every NFT 😱😱

Q3) In crypto world there are different DAOs. But,with vEmpire you have introduced DDAO. So I’m really interested to know, What makes DDAO different from other DAO projects? What new features have been added to make it more fairer system of DAO?

Thanks yes I touched on this earlier. What I have personally found and what a lot of the DeFi & other DAO investors among you may have seen is that you get lots and lots of votes by holders with low numbers of tokens, and all it takes is just one of the protocols developers to vote the other way.

Then those votes count for nothing. This is why vEmpire rewards loyalty above all. We want our community to decide on what our community wants. It is not for me or any of my team to decide the eventual direction we take.

We are only here to lay the foundation from where this journey will start. It is our community that will be in the driving seat 🙌🏻🔥

Q4) Not all NFTs offered in the marketplace are valuable, so how does vEmpire DDAO ensure that the NFTs produced, published and traded on its platform are valuable and successful? What strategies will be used to make it competitive in this market?

Yes so vEmpire’s NFTs are not just pieces of cool looking art in their own rights. They have real and functional utility within the vEmpire protocol. Having the NFTs will give you HUGE benefits in terms of winning our play to earn game

The most profitable vEmpire users will be the owners of our NFTs as they boost the hands you play with , alongside that, they will also unlock the secret to where one of you can find 8,000,000 VEMP tokens, you can take a look at vEmpire’s communities current progress here!

Q5) The objective of the Empire is highlight the centralization in supposedly decentralized projects and to return power to the communities where its founders, what are the factors examined by vEmpire to guarantee an adequate decentralization of the projects?

I covered this here in my paper on Medium

The reason why Decentraland & the Metaverse stuck out as the first conquest was due to a few factors. Number 1, the appointment of Decentralands “security council” they were brought in to apparently make sure that there were no problems with bots, but they now control every single proposal put into the DAO, they decide what gets voted on by the community, not the community itself.

Another reason was their partnership with Decentral Games who run Vegas City, to vote or even get rewards in this DAO, you need to own 0.5% of their total supply, this is $3,500,000

Q6) Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

$VEMP is due to be launched on 31st August on Unicrypt and will also be having its IEO on MEXC around the same time. This is the only place you can currently purchase $VEMP

If you can’t wait for the token launch, you can buy one of our NFTs right now on Opensea. These are all marked with a vE in the bottom left to show they are from the first edition set. Right now they are only 0.15 ETH, the next set will be 0.2 and then 0.25 and so on.

This is because vEmpire rewards loyalty above all and we want our founding memebers to benefit the most ⚔️👍🏻🔥⚔️👍🏻🔥

Q7) vEmpire is a project that is mainly focused on the creation of Non-Fungible-tokens , but I just realized that you have associated 3 types of tokens: VEMP, XVEMP and xsVEMP, so can you tell us why do you need 3 different tokens? What the usage of each one?

So our main focus I wouldn’t say is NFTs, our main focus is staking of Metaverse tokens onto the vEmpire platform. The only tradable token is $VEMP. xVEMP is a “proof of stake token” this allows you to be gifted profits from the DDAO and earn a share of fees generated.

xVEMP can then be staked into xsVEMP where you can battle each other in our NFT play to earn game and become a hero of vEmpire!

vEmpire Gamer Token will be available on 31st August here

Q8) Revenue is a key factor for all projects to survive and keep the projects running. What is vEMPIRE
way of generating profit and revenue? What is vEMPIRE’ revenue model?

So xVEMP owners will be gifted fees from the protocol, this can be earnt in a variety of ways but will mainly come from xsVEMP battles but also a percentage from all of our Metaverse token strategies.

The tokens like SAND and MANA will be used in order to buy and monetise virtual real estate, creating chariot racing & gladiator battles within these virtual reality worlds. Please see sections 2.2, 2.3 & 5.2

All these diagrams you can find on the

Q9) Do you have any social media accounts such as on Facebook, instagram etc. From where we can know more about your project.
Can you provide the link of your social media accounts so we can access them

Of course please follow all of our socials here!

Socials (


Medium @vEmpireDDAO

YouTube vEmpireDDAO

Q10) Binance smart Chain blockchain is having high transaction speed and cheap gas fees, Are you planning to launch your mainet or switch to other blockchains in the future?

Yes I spoke to Charlie Hu of Polygon this morning and we will be working on cross chain functionality together 🥳 alongside this we will also be developing on BSC!

And this was the end of our AMA with vEmpire.

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