Wealth secrets AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with Wealth secrets on the 25th of September

And here we will put some of the best questions:..

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as WealthSecrets ?

Great 👍Hello everyone, nice having me in here and it is a pleasure to have this community host me.I am Fola Sam incharge of the Marketing, Marketing and Audience Researches and development of WealthSecrets. I oversee and come up with contents which help generate more ideas around products and marketing.Been in the space for quite a while and it is a good and great feeling being part of something innovative as Blockchain and (WealthSecrets Betticos) as well.

Wealth Secrets is a Tech and Innovative firm geared towards developing and creating fun tech products that not only directly/indirectly solve problems but aid its users generate wealth.The maiden product of WealthSecrets (Bettico) is Blockchain’s first social media app which promotes free speech, sports and betting and this is already partnered to top bookmakers like 1xbet, Melbet and 22bet.Bettico provides: • Dapp for Peer 2 Peer betting • Copy betting• Bet slips monetization• Sport talkshows• Betting hub for Sports.• Sports banter and debates.• Enjoy live score updates and live stream of sports games. • Earn from Peer 2 Peer betting.• Earn from being a bookmaker on the go (create bet event).Noting this, $WSC will be the AIO currency for anything trading, betting, bookmaker payment, in fact we can refer to as it the BNB of sport betting(which will also be the go to currency for the ecosystem in general).

Q2. What are the advantages of Your project ?

Wealth Secrets is positioned above competition WealthSecrets as we say is more than a token, it is a whole ecosystem on it own.WealthSecrets house the First Blockchain Social Betting and Sporting Platform for betpreneurs and sport enthusiasts around the globe.

WealthSecrets features include: — BETTICO — Staking/Farming Dapp — NFT and VR Gaming — Investing AI — Mentors World — Metaverse — WS Media — SDGs and Charity

Q3. please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year

The maiden product Bettico is Blockchain’s first social media app which promotes free speech, sports and betting and this is already partnered to top bookmakers like 1xbet, Melbet and 22bet.Bettico alone provides: • Dapp for Peer 2 Peer betting • Copy betting• Bet slips monetization• Sport talkshows• Betting hub for Sports.• Sports banter and debates.• Enjoy live score updates and live stream of sports games. • Earn from Peer 2 Peer betting.• Earn from being a bookmaker on the go (create bet event).Noting this, $WSC will be the AIO currency for anything trading, betting, bookmaker payment.

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

Every project or organization are always rule and move by goals and mission set, this help them achieve their goals and attain the unattainable. This is our master stroke too.For the year end, this are our target and goals.–500,000 active users of Betticos, making adoption an easy process.- Gambling licence: Finalize the gambling license as it enable the active betting via fiat and also gives the active need go for live streaming of matches.- World cup campaign: We are planning and looking to harness into the coming world cup matches as there will be lot of P2P betting in there, which gives people the reliability to support their favorite countries and teams.

There’s a reason why some wealthy but others aren’t. I’m sure in a survey of 100 people, 90% will say they want to be wealthy.

The question is how? WealthSecrets needed to find out how and put them in products and use cases. We are all in a matrix, those who escape the matrix are in their whole world.

Our passion is to enable people discover their worlds. The world of wealth which affects every part of you.

For us: A sane mind needs A good health to earn Multiple incomes. Build A strong network by having the tools needed to effect a Wonderful Social life.You are you, You are your Wealth. Enjoy endless possibilities on Betticos, Take charge and Earn your Wealth!Betticos: Good Games, Good Times.

Q5. NFT is one of the hottest and most sought-after topics in the blockchain space right now. Can you share your opinion on NFT with us? Do you think NFT will disrupt the current financial system? What is Your project’s approach to the NFT sector?

The NFT market has been a crazy frenzy recently and just as we can see it, the like of BAYC, AZUKI and many more are pulling in money even when the market is on the redline. And why not join the trend but also create utility for the NFTs that will be coming from WealthSecrets ecosystem.

This is the money spinner… The money industry. Who won’t want to harness into it 😁

Our approach to NFTs is the use case approach with liquidity. Our games will feature our NFTs. Likewise our betting. Hence our NFTs will bring people more value as they will be usable across our games(Incoming)

Going into the NFT space means you are moving into the trends and what’s in vogue… So definitely we are moving into it.

And here we will put best questions from our members and Wealth secrets fans:

Q1: What is the token role of your project ecosystem? Can you tell us something about the tokenics of your project? What are the plans to make your project token a best token in the market?

$WSC has the strongest ecosystem. Because its use cases are not limited to crypto but the mainstream through all the products too. $WSC is the All In One currency for the whole ecosystem as a whole.

The tokenomics is build on 5% all round transactions tax, which are divided into:🔸Liquidity (2%)🔸Reflection (1%)🔸Marketing (1%)🔸Burn (1%)

Betticos alone will pull a lot of transactions due to the numerous use cases.Even with P2P bets to be launched shortly, that will be very huge.The tokenomics above means the ecosystem and holders will benefit more.This will help the ecosystem run effectively and efficiently.

Also, we don’t plan on being the best, we just want to create a legacy and solutions to people’s daily problems.

Q2: I am a huge sports fan and I know sports projects will do well this year, especially with the World Cup on the horizon. However, BETTICO is primarily focused on the sports industry; how will you perform after the football season is over? Will you wait till the next season starts?

Bettico and WealthSecrets exceed sport only, it is for everyone. The traders, Hodlers, bettors, liquidity providers, Stakers, social media enthusiasts, and many more.It stretches far beyond betting and gaming alone, it is like having a share in a company/firm and using that share to build more passive income for yourself in multiple ways.When there is no sport, you can trade, stake and do the likes with the $WSC token.

The ultimate vision of Bettico is to be the hub for crypto, social media enthusiast, sports fans and punters.

People can bet on everything on Bettico and can have fun and social on the timeline.Bettico will foster mass adoption.

Moreso, it’s a social media platform for the mainstream. Will accept all users. Meaning non-crypto folks will come to like crypto and adopt it through Bettico.Secondly, users can bet in crypto and fiat interchangeably. Surely what crypto needs. Through this, people will appreciate crypto a lot. Don’t be surprised if Bettico takes crypto adoption to the next level.


How can  #WS_Bettico  keep funds secure? Since most common problems  that often occurs in Defi  projects is that smart contract can lead to loss of funds. What steps has your team taken into consideration to fix this  major problem & prevent such  occurrences in future?

We take security as priority and put the interest of the community comes first.Security is one of the core value and principle of any project or organization that want to stand strong and survive the market.Due to this, we are audited by Techrate and Certik, two giants in security and smart contract auditing.

In terms of Betting, it’s such that winners get their funds immediately. Bettico doesn’t hoard funds.Security of our community fund is top priority for us.

So funds are very safe and secure. That’s what we stand for.

Q4: I read that WealthSecrets launched its inaugural Bettico product in early 2022, and Bettico is one of the first social media apps for sports and betting. In what operating systems can we use or download Bettico and how often will Bettico be updated?

Betticos is so big that it will disrupt the industry in time to come. It is going to be the next big thing, trust me.

Betticos is available in android version and Web version with updates weekly. IOS will be added soon after Apple verification.In Betticos, we have a social media which enables free speech, sports, betting and crypto enthusiast.This is something new in the crypto space, making us the pioneer of such great innovation.

I will say this is our very first advantage and also, $WSC being the inhouse currency gives us much more leverage than what’s out there already.To stake the work $WSC token will take, it will be used for all transactions and utility in the products above starting from Bettico.

Q5: In your Whitepaper you mention that other important features of Bettico include Peer 2 Peer betting and Create bet events. Could you tell us more about Peer 2 Peer betting and Create bet events? What are the features and what are the advantages for investors and users?

P2P betting: Is when two individuals bet on sports event with same amount. Liverpool vs Real Madrid. User A sets bet amount to $100 for Liverpool win in and User B goes for Real Madrid win and matches $100.

After the game in realtime, winner carries all the funds. If both are wrong, they get their funds back, which means bettors will win always.Players earn 100% on what they invested or get refund when both are wrong. Players can bet on same game multiple of times. So it’s higher earnings, faster transactions and unlimited on the amount you want to bet.

Create Bet Event: Our platform will allow users to create their bet events. And it will entail entry amount and winners prize. The games will be confirmed in real time to avoid cheating. The bet creator earns as well. But that’s a later upgrade.

Q6: What do I need to sign in to betticos.io? Is KYC required?

Not at all… We made Betticos as smooth and as easy as it could be.

KYC is not required. Just you mail and some little details.

Q7 : I have a gambling addict friend, how do I introduce the WealthSecrets DApp to him? Do you have any help to start playing, deposit, withdraw and so on? And does WealthSecrets feature your own DApp & Spin Jackpot Parlay?

Yes… We have the needed guide on how to go about the use of Betticos.

An introductory instruction is embedded in the app already. Smooth usage and easy comprehension.

Q8: Wealth Secrets is a Blockchain social betting platform for betting entrepreneurs around the world. What are the advantages that Wealth Secrets will give betpreneurs to participate in different coupons?

Betticos will have you glued to your phone all day and the temptation to never move out become the norm of all days.

It is like infusing CMC, Goal.com, LiveScore, Match streaming, Betting, Staking/farming/swap, Twitter into one app.

The beauty is that this is just one product of many coming from WealthSecrets ecosystem.
So what’s in for investors.

What you stand to gain.

1. Earn seemlessly: enjoy P2P betting with your loved ones and friend (choose you team to win against your friend’s team and get paid instantly when you win without any hindrance whatsoever). If you both are wrong, you get refund. The house doesn’t win. Earn huge through P2P bets on every game you want.

2. Socialize and Earn (Chat, network, bants with like minds): Connect with your friends and likeminds and discuss anything of your interests, update and many more with other notable people. Receive rewards for most timeline activities. Social media and Earn.

3. Enjoy high APR/APY on stake/farm: Earn more WSC on different level as you stake and accumulate as much as you want. That’s making your money work for you even while you sleep).

4. Monetize your predicting skill: Get paid for being top oddsters and selling your odds to bettors.
Earn passive on every user of your bet slip. As long as you are good with betting , you make more money as people use your slip. Imagine 500 people paying you $1 every month just to copy your betslips.

5. Unending value for $WSC holders:
Active betting and any transactions will use WSC tokens. Meaning there will be more burn everytime, more reflections and more liquidity according to our tokenomics.

6. Stream your matches on the go: Enjoy watching your favourite sports at your convenience. Have easy access to sports updates and follow your favourite games anytime everywhere. Tend to be the busy one who couldn’t watch your favourite matches due to work or being on the road always. Never miss a moment as you enjoy your favourite matches via streaming or check score while on the move.

Q9 : Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts address and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

It is live on pancakeswap with the BNB, USDT trading pair.


Buy using this.

Q10 : Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners? Or is it only appealing to professional users?

Yes it is for everyone… Crypto lovers, social media enthusiasts, mainstreamers and the likes.

And this was the end of our AMA with Wealth secrets .

And you can find us here :

website: http://www.betticos.io/

telegram community: https://t.me/wealthsecretsofficial

wealth secrets Twitter: https://twitter.com/WSecrets_WSC

betticos Twitter: https://twitter.com/WS_Bettico

whitepaper : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dNU6GwTT_WyFglyZuA7gnJsc7-8Mx3lP/view?usp=drivesdk