Windmill AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with Windmill on the 26th of October

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you please introduce yourselves as well as Windmill Token ?

First, we want to thank Hesham and the Crypto Titan’s community for allowing us this opportunity to introduce ourselves and our project, Windmill Token. We are Christiaan and Kyle the owners of this project. Windmill token is the next generation environmentally friendly community utility token, focused on making our global environments more sustainable now and for our future generations. And here is a quick video that will hopefully explain a little more for those who like visuals!

Q2. What are the advantages of Your project ?

Our belief is that utility in the crypto space will be the driving force behind long-term sustainable succes and is a major focus of ours. With our planned utility platforms (NFT Windmill Digital and Eco-friendly marketplace) 50% of all transaction fees will be donated to planting trees and other worthwhile environmentally freindly charities.

Q3 please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year

We have been in development since March, to include Certik audit, development of both of our utility platforms, website, and building our global team of professionals that will help usher Windmill onto the mainstage of the crypto space. We felt doing this first was important for our potential investors and the legitimacy of the project. These are things I too look for in my investments. And as aLways being honest and transparent.

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story behind this? Who are the team behind this project? can tell us their background?

Kyle: The genisis of the name and beginning of Windmill was with Christiaan as the main developer. With his love for the environment he desperately wanted to create a project that could help sustain it, while becoming a major catalyst in the ever growing need for environmentally projects in this space. I met Christiaan and had the same passion. I love giving back and helping others both personally and professionally. With my background we felt we were a perfect match. Aside from us we have a robust global team which can viewed on our website

And here we will put best questions from our members and Windmill fans:

Q1) many projects when receiving capital from support funds and investors, they do not know how to manage capital, leading to financial difficulties for the project, so how do you plan to manage capital and use it? for efficiency and long-term project operation?

many projects when receiving capital from support funds and investors, they do not know how to manage capital, leading to financial difficulties for the project, so how do you plan to manage capital and use it? for efficiency and long-term project operation? What a great question Tro! With my background in FInance and organizational management, we will have a robust set of internal platforms (to include microsoft power bi data collection, acconting software, and balance sheets) to ensure that capital coming in and out of the project are accounted for transparent. Our investors deserve to see this and that is what we plan to do.

Q2) for beginners or people who just know about crypto and participate, but they don’t know anything about this, how do you get them to understand this project? and what strategies will you make to make this project a favorite choice in the crypto community?

Another great question! We truly believe a big part of our long-term success will be our ability to educate and market the common investors that are very new and/or not in crypto at all. As such, we have plans to develop a robust education platform to teach people about crypto in general and the benefits of windmill token in the space. We have a number of investors from my inner circle that before this had no idea of crypto and we currently use them to ensure that our education initiatives are understandable to the general investor. We also produce a weekly Windmill newsletter currently that provides an overview of weekly events in the general crypto space, windmill specific news, and eco-freindly news.

Q3) I have learned by now that the most important thing for your project is COMMUNITY.
So, What’s your plan to build SOLID and STRONG public? And where can people contact you and be part of the Windmill community and your charities?

I think it is important to have a project that will attract community, not only crypto investors, but also the Artists, the shop owners (small and big shops) and the gamers should have 1 crypto token they all belong to. We are trying to create “the” most biggest and powerful Utility token in this space, because we will have it all. We can be contacted via our business number and our emails, also you can text me in telegram.

Q4) For any project, its development is 90% dependent on how strong its team is. I have seen many projects fail, due to the lack of skills, experience and knowledge of the team. So, with Windmill Token, is the team qualified to achieve all your goals?

I really like this question, because I really understand and have seen the fall of a lot of potential good crypto projects. For us this is an easy to answer question, Rome wasn’t build in a day, so was our token. Most crypto tokens are build in a couple of days, on hype, and ready to get as much money as possible so the developers can be rich and buttfuck the projects, or community collapses because there wasn’t enough interest. Windmill Token will keep bringing in new Utilities consentaneously even now we are already working on our Virtual Pub (gaming platform). We have been developing for the past 6 months, we have experienced a lot in the crypto market the past year. We always are open for feedback from our community and we will always keep improving Windmill Token. This means we will keep launching projects and keep expanding on exchanges. Side note: We are in discussion with an exchange as we speak.

Q5) Nowadays many people are being getting attracted to the crypto world. Many of them are not having adequate knowledge and results in huge profit loss. Do you have any programes to train the new Windmill Token users?

Funfact: Yes, Windmill Token is currently working on educational videos that will be released on our ediucational systems, We hope to release them in December. Windmill Educate will be a platform so people that come in to crypto, or want to get in to crypto, get an easy to view tutorial and explanation videos. Also they can contact our support for all there questions, and to make use of this service will be completely free of charge.

Q6) Can you list 1-3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Yes of course we actually have more then 3 but shhh😎.
Windmill Token has it’s own Eco Friendly Market. A place like Amazon/eBay for buyers and sellers to set up a shop and have a place to look for eco friendly and sustainable accessories and goods.

We have our own NFT marketplace that will be deployed a couple of hours after our Launch.

And we are developing our educational system and Game platform.

We are a sustainable token, which means, we are created to last.
And we are willing to do something good for our nature and humanity back.
I think caring about eachother starts with looking around you. We just want to add a little to that. That is why we want to invite everyone in to our windmill family. ❤️

Q7) Partnerships is one of important factors for every project. Could you name some of Windmill’ partners? What are the benefits that you get from them? And is there any partnership that will be established in near future?

Windmill Token is always working on expanding his partnerships. We have currently partnerships with this company helps us realising the tree planting of our company. We can plant a lot of trees at once but still have a 100% foccus on the development of the project. Also we have a partnership with Black Porch Studios. This company will help us in the future with making commercials our even a movie about windmill token, Would be quite epic. In the future we want to mainly foccus on partnerships with small eco friendly brands, those are the brands that will save the world in our opinion

Q8) Do you have any story about your friends and family who didn’t believe in your idea and left you alone or tell us who was with you even in your tough days?

Yeah, my mom didn’t liked that I went for this project, she wanted me to have 100% foccus on my millitairy training. But I hope to prove her wrong haha. I am now combining both and it works out pretty well. And yes in the last 6 months a lot of blood sweat and tears went trough developing this project. But I see this as my lifework and so does Kyle, we invested everything we got, and we will de our entire best to make this project succeed

Q9) Currently, most of the projects and platforms are in English. How will you reach non-English communities? Do you have any plan for them to better understand your project?

What a great question, thank you!

We truly believe becoming a global brand starts with having a global team that will help connect with our communities. Second is to provide strategic marketing and community chats that will spread awareness of the project and make it much easier for our non-English members to communicate with us and our team members while staying abreast to current Windmill news.

And this was the end of our AMA with Windmill.

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