XTblock.io AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with XTblock.io on the 9th of October

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Can you introduce yourself to our community? Who are the team behind this project? Can tell us about their background?

Thank so much for your interest in XTblock!

Our project in brief:

XTblock is a stress-tested hyper-capable network that will make blockchain limitlessly scalable, while also helping to create a bold new decentralised AI computing and bot computing economy. We have already achieved several milestones on our roadmap.

Our core team:

Anh Le, Founder and CTO – Core Tech
Anh possesses extensive experience as a technology advisor and independently contracted CTO over 15 years, across numerous complex software-based systems. His unique ability lies in being able to design entirely new Blockchain-based system architectures and algorithms. Anh has conducted extensive research across Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, and also devised the revolutionary concept of Time Sharding. He is focused on delivering a network architecture that significantly increases speed and scalability while lowering latency, to create a high-performance blockchain, and to powerfully enable decentralised AI and bot computing. Anh believes this will usher in a bold new decentralised Bot and AI computing economy.

Leonard Rego, Co-founder & COO
Over the past 22 years, Leonard has been based in Dubai and has been instrumental in the commercial and business positioning and growth of several high-profile regional and international organisations, and has helped strengthen their core propositions. His particular strength lies in the identification of promising commercial opportunities, and the development of viable go-to-market strategies. Apart from this, in a strategic marketing and communications capacity, he has played a pivotal role with some of the world’s biggest brands, such as 3M, Messe Frankfurt, Armani Hotel, Tecnotree Telecoms, Emaar, Jumeirah Group, Masterkey Real Estate Software and several others. As Co-founder & COO of XTblock, his focus is on leverage the potential of its revolutionary technologies for massive change across every industry, for both widespread impact and commercial success.

Venkata Sanjeevi, Co-founder & CTO – Infra
Venkata Sanjeevi’s CV spans over 20 years in the tech sector, including key roles in management and at senior levels of leadership, for multi-million dollar Enterprise Infrastructure & Operations initiatives. He has repeatedly demonstrated excellence for data centre service providers in a Managed Services and/or Co-location arrangement and ‘Virtual Data Centre over a Public Cloud – AWS’. Notably, he has been instrumental in the development of Complex Information Technology programmes and projects for various business segments, from Aviation and Financial Services to Manufacturing and Trading.

Wayne Dsouza, Co-founder & CBO
Wayne possesses over 23 years of International Operations and Service Delivery experience with an emphasis on enterprise relations and strategic planning. His career record spans the identification of key business opportunities, while designing and implementing processes to elevate productivity while keeping operational costs to a minimum. Wayne’s ability to nurture a network of investors, advocates and associates is vital to the growth of XTblock’s commercial ecosystem.

Q2. Can you briefly tell us what is XTblock ?

XTblock has developed a Hyper-Capable Network that can enable a high-performance blockchain capable of scaling without limits, from thousands to 100,000 transactions per second – or even beyond – depending on the requirement. This has never been achieved before, and can provide revolutionary solutions to every industry, from banking and supply chain to healthcare, space tech and beyond.

This will be possible to any extent with the right network infrastructure. This network will provide solutions to the key issues facing blockchain today, which are low speed, poor scalability and high latency.

But a high-performance blockchain is ONLY ONE of our use cases, because our Hyper-Capable Network is able to deliver so much more: this includes decentralised artificial intelligence and decentralised Bot computing!

We also aim to create valuable Bots with distributed computing solutions, with or without AI solutions on our platform. We call this “The dBot Economy”.

To facilitate the functioning of this network, a group of bots, i.e. a ‘bot set’, will help to create a wide variety of applications and services. This could vary from a high performance blockchain network to decentralised live video streaming services, crypto market analysis and trading bots, AI computing services, bot computing services… the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Our core technologies and products:

Hyper-Capable Network: Our Hyper-Capable Network is designed to be scalable, super-fast, and built to complete transactions rapidly and it sets the stage for a whole new dimension of capability for blockchain and beyond.

High-performance Blockchain: Based on the above, a massively scalable, high performance blockchain will be one of XTblock’s primary use cases.

Decentralised AI Computing: This will leverage the power of our Hyper-Capable Network and democratise AI development, making it accessible and affordable to devs and enterprises (AI development has traditionally been hugely expensive due to being very computationally intensive)

Decentralised Bot Computing: This will also leverage the power of our Hyper-Capable Network. To facilitate the functioning of this network, a group of bots, i.e. a ‘bot set’, will help to create a wide variety of applications and services.

Other use cases and products in development:

• Decentralised live streaming platform

• Decentralised crypto trading bots

• Decentralised AI Chess

• Decentralised AI Gomoku

• Our own Decentralised Exchange (DEX) – the initial phase has already been launched, binosaur.finance

• An NFT marketplace

• xttp / xttps – XTblock’s extended transfer protocol for our distributed web architecture Domain name service

• Our own web browser that additionally supports our distributed web protocol xttp / xttps

In addition, we will also potentially develop several new products and use cases as our project progresses. Please review our roadmap on www.xtblock.io

Q3. Let’s now talk about the milestones you have achieved so far and about your upcoming plans?

We have achieved many of our ambitious milestones already – we have been developing our technology for four years already.

Some of our milestones:

• Our Hyper-Capable Network architecture was successfully stress-tested in 2020, and our development of various use cases is well underway.

• We have been in development for almost four years, and have consistently achieved our core tech development goals, leading to the creation of our Hyper-Capable Network.

If you review our roadmap on www.xtblock.io, which we keep updating, you will see that we are well on our way to achieving our milestones for Q4 2021.

• We were selected to be incubated by the prestigious Singapore Management University (SMU) Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IIE)’s incubation programme, B.I.G. – the Business Innovations Generator. SMU is one of Asia’s most prominent universities, and was launched in collaboration with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

• Use case: XTblock’s Farming Site binosaur.finance to support our token XTT-b20

• Use case: Successful test of our Decentralised Video Live Streaming solution to showcase the platform’s video streaming capability – Q3 2021

• Use case: Creation of xttp / xttps – XTblock’s extended transfer protocol for our distributed web architecture, resilient against DDoS attacks (for operators), and 99.99999 percent uptime for users. This would prevent interruption of accessibility of web content, as seen in the recent outages with a social media giant in the last week

• Use case: Our own web browser that additionally supports our distributed web protocol xttp / xttps

• Use case: Decentralised Crypto Trading Bot trial version

Other significant milestones and use cases are due to be completed in the next few months.

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, can you tell us more about the story behind this?

The XT letters in XTblock represents the extended capability of our Hyper-Capable Network, beyond a high-performance blockchain – such as decentralised AI computing and decentralised bot computing.

The inspiration for the name came from the scalability and speed issues of blockchain and our ability to solve these issues. Also, we thought that the name is intriguing and is a conversation-starter so we can explain the ‘extended’ aspect beyond blockchain.

Q5. What are your marketing plans for the project?

OK, that’s a great question – we love marketing questions!!

We’ve really spent a lot of time and effort thinking through our marketing initiatives and plans

Our marketing will adopt a fluid approach, based on the evolving needs of the organisation and our technology roadmap. This involves engagements with best-in-class service providers.

In terms of developer community nurturing and management, we believe an outbound engagement strategy predicated on getting developers to know and trust our platform (as a long-term platform for them to work on) will be essential. Using specific targeting methodologies for certain developer, corporate and end-user personas, as well as crypto communities, we can segment whom to reach via specific online media channels.

One example of a powerful proposition to end-users would be the bots and dApps that carry out specific, highly specialised tasks on our blockchain network, which illustrates the importance of this particular audience as well.

By delivering our message consistently and relevantly to this audience, we seek to nurture advocates of our purpose. Our more targeted, specific approach would extend to other aspects as well. Across various aspects of our marketing, research around target demographies and markets will be conducted, with careful segmentation to feed key messaging to specific personas, which include international crypto communities, developers, enterprises, other organisations and end-users as well.

The proposition:
Importantly, we will seek to appeal not only to those familiar with the blockchain and deep-tech realms, but also to a wider audience that includes end-users who care about the powerful positive changes such a platform can deliver across every industry.

Token-holding incentives leveraged via marketing through marketing channels:
We will consistently devise incentives to encourage the holding of our token. For example, at present, we announced on our social media and in our Telegram community that the top 100 holders of #XTT-b20 tokens by the end of 15th Oct 2021 (GMT) will receive exclusive gifts from our team in q4 2021, which are 1) The trial version of our decentralised trading bot, and 2) Access to watch our first decentralised live streaming event between top esports players.

Community development:
There will be significant efforts to develop the community, to build interest, encourage adoption and promote advocacy. By assessing and engaging with key communities globally, we aim to expand our influence and footprint. We see community development as key, and our current Telegram community is over 30,000 members, and it is growing at a rapid pace.

AMA (Ask Me Anything):
To engage more meaningfully with several important communities such as this one, we will conduct AMAs at regular intervals, which we believe allows us to do a deep dive into our tech and answer the communities’ most pressing questions.

PR (Public relations):
Public relations has helped massively to create a positive impact among our audience. Our aim has always been to engage with credible news and technology content outlets.

We are proud of being featured in Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Investing.com, The New York Age, Market Watch, Benzinga, BTC Peers iHODL, A to Z Markets, Cryptomode, Coincheckup and other reputed publications.

This drive for quality coverage will continue at a steady pace, in the form of articles, interviews, features and other compelling content.

Social media and influencer marketing:
Building on the above points, for social media, apart from the usual channels such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, we focus on channels that have a relatively higher number of blockchain, AI and technology enthusiasts, such as Reddit, Medium etc. For end-users, more mainstream social media channels will be considered. Our Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Medium, Bitcointalk and YouTube channels already have a large following. We also plan to engage with the right kinds of influencers who not only have the reach but also the integrity and technology and/or crypto credentials.

At the enterprise level, more specific use-case based marketing material will be developed, and a lead generation and lead nurturing approach may be considered, to drive prospects down the funnel, towards conversion.

With all of the above, we must be mindful that excessive fragmentation and dilution of messaging and channels could be counter-productive, and we will assess the efficacy of these to deliver a more viable and robust marketing mix.

And here we will put best questions from our members and XTblock.io fans:

Q1) Many projects look great only on their whitepaper & Roadmap but face many difficulties when trying to implement the project mission and end in failure. How does your project overcome every obstacle in its project development?

We have been largely self-funded and have been building our technology and solutions for almost four years already. That shows our ability to persevere, and our efforts have paid off. We have already achieved a great deal in terms of the development of our Hyper-Capable Network architecture. As we have answered earlier in this AMA, we have achieved many complex milestones already, as you can see in our roadmap on www.xtblock.io

To fund our progress, we have not one or two but several powerful use cases that will allow us to generate revenue. We will leverage these use cases, and also generate revenue through our platform computing service and subscriptions, our DEX, our NFT marketplace, our decentralised trading bots, our decentralised live streaming service and many more other products and innovations to come.

We already raised close to $700,000 before our IDO, to reach several key milestones on our roadmap, and our continued fundraising will strengthen our position further.

And because a lot of what we are creating is new and revolutionary in many ways, we expect the token value to increase significantly and further fund our progress.

Q2) Where can I buy your tokens right now what is your current contract and how can I buy them? Will you have any other DeFI feature like staking, yiekd farm or NFT in the future? Can share a little about your roadmap?

If you are new to using a Decentralised Exchange (DEX), it would be easier to use Binosaur, which is our own DEX. Simply visit binosaur.finance/swap

If you are familiar with PancakeSwap, you can also swap our tokens there.

  1. Binance Smart Chain
    Ticker: XTT-b20 (BEP20)
    Contract: 0x70b6c6a555507ee4ac91c15e5c80b7dc8ff3b489
  2. Ethereum Mainnet
    Ticker: XTT-e20 (ERC20)
    Contract: 0xc8e8e21e1b16c4cb46cce1b11b24d191961f497e

Join our Telegram Group https://t.me/xttchat for more information and assistance

For staking / yield farming, it will be launched by TOMORROW on our platform binosaur.finance

We will have oiur own NFT marketplace in 2023.

You can find our roadmap on www.xtblock.io

Q3) What important milestones does XTblock aim to achieve by the end of this year and in the future? How will it help you and how will XTblock be successful in 2021 and beyond?

If you review our roadmap on www.xtblock.io, which we keep updating, you will see that we have already achieved many milestones for Q4 2021 and are in the process of achieving the rest of our milestones for Q4 2021.

Milestones completed:

  • XTblock’s Farming Site binosaur.finance to support our token XTT-b20
  • Successful test of our Decentralised Video Live Streaming solution to showcase the platform’s video streaming capability – Q3 2021
  • Creation of xttp / xttps – XTblock’s extended transfer protocol for our distributed web architecture, resilient against DDoS attacks (for operators), and 99.99999 percent uptime for users. This would prevent interruption of accessibility of web content, as seen in the recent outages with a social media giant in the last week
  • Our own web browser that additionally supports our distributed web protocol xttp / xttps
  • Decentralised Crypto Trading Bot trial version

A few of our upcoming milestones include:

  • Testing of distributed AI Framework with Gomoku board game Distributed Problem Solving solution to showcase the platform’s Artificial Intelligence capability
  • Launch of XTblock Web Explorer – Q2 2022
  • Launch of XTblock MainNet – Q2 2022
  • Decentralised Domain Name Service that runs with the XTblock blockchain network and xttp / xttps
  • Launch of NFT framework & NFT marketplace on our DEX

For a comprehensive list of our milestones, please see our roadmap on www.xtblock.io

Q4) I’d seen that XTblock have 2 token; XTT and XTT b-20. Why did you implemented dual token in your platform? Why didn’t focus on XTT alone? Does this 2 token have same token supply?

The token issuance roadmap considers a roll-out designed in two important phases;
phase 1 will introduce the XTT-b20 (BEP20) token on Binance Smart Chain, and the
XTT-e20 (ERC20) token on Ethereum Mainnet. We will consider technical bridge solutions
to foster interoperability between Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and XTblock networks,
while phase 2 will give birth to the official XTT on the XTblock Mainnet.

  • XTT-b20 issued in phase 1 on Binance Smart Chain will be kept as part of the interoperability layer between XTblock and Binance Smart Chain
  • XTT-e20 issued in phase 1 on Ethereum will be kept as part of the interoperability layer between XTblock and Ethereum.
  • XTT-e20 is compatible with ERC20 wallets, XTT-b20 is compatible with BEP20 wallets, Mainnet XTT will be managed with XTblock’s Wallet.
  • XTT-e20 on Ethereum, XTT-b20 on Binance Smart Chain and XTT on XTblock Mainnet can be bridged by our token bridge tool, using a token lock/unlock
    mechanism; there will be a fee for bridging and this fee will be determined by our community voting.
  • Liquidity pools will be organised on the existing DEXs, and later we will add more
    liquidity pools on our own DEX.

After the launch of XTblock Mainnet, XTT-b20 (BEP20) and XTT-e20 (ERC20) tokens will be unaffected and will continue to function normally.

Further explanations are available in our Tokenomics, which can be found on our website www.xtblock.io

Q5) As we know Ethereum with its high gas costs and network traffic this service will become obsolete over time. However this protocol is the most popular used in DeFi. Can you tell us how XTblock compares to Ethereum and perhaps other networks what are the benefits in terms of cost?

XTblock’s consensus mechanism is mDPoS – Multiplied Delegated Proof of Stake, an enhancement of DPoS, to secure our multi-chain architecture. Therefore, our costs will not be as high as Proof of Work, like Ethereum.

Also, we are working on a Solidity conversion tool (Ethereum dApps are developed in Solidity); basically, we want to have the ability to convert any solidity contract and dApps to our platform (this will encourage more adoption based on this strategy and grow our developer community).

Moreover, because of our limitless scalability, we are able to achieve several thousand to tens of thousands of transactions per second – and beyond. Ethereum currently is able to transact at just 15 tps. Also, compared to other blockchains, we believe our network architecture is the only truly scalable solution at present, and this will be demonstrated powerfully when we launch our mainnet.

Also, for blockchain, we want to significantly lower the cost of application development and maintenance. We want to give everyone – from developers to SMEs to large corporations – relatively affordable access to our platform’s capabilities. Think of it as the democratisation of game-changing technology. So we decided, why not let users subscribe to the speed they need, just like an ISP does with your internet bandwidth – starting at 5 transactions per second (TPS) and scaling up to tens of thousands of TPS – or even more, based on requirements.

We also go a step further and allow users and enterprises to scale their need for speed up or down easily through our Platform Terminal tool. All in real time, and without needing a system administrator to reconfigure the entire network.

Q6) Do you have AUDIT certificates? or Are you also working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure, trustworthy and reliable?


We have worked with Hacken, one of the leading cybersecurity firms in the world, for our audits.

We have received Secured and Well Secured results.

You can check our audit reports here:

Our token contract audit

Our locker contract audit:

Our farming contract audit:

Q7) As your token swap event hasn’t started yet but we can see the continuous buys from the BUSD/XTT-b20 liquidity pool that may force you to activate your Pool Balancing Bot sooner? Why is this and what is the fair price that will be given by you to everyone?

Our token swap event (IDO) already started on September 15, and will end on October 15. The pool balancing bot was already activated on 15 September. You will see that the price has been stable at ~0.51 BUSD since the start of the token swap event – we think it is a fair price for our early supporters. This is the first time a crypto project has created a pool balancing bot, and it is a unique tech innovation by our team. We think that other projects will also follow this trend.

Q8) How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you have local communities like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea,.. so they can better understand your project?

We are continuously engaging with communities where English is not the first language. For instance, we have done AMAs with Vietnamese communities, Arabic speaking communities, Russian YouTube videos, etc. and are continuing this as part of our overall marketing plan. We think that growing a community of believers and advocates is very important, from all over the world.

Q9) ANIME, YAKUZA, SAMURAI are Japanese characteristic which are very popular all over the world, do you have any plans to bring this concept into your project? I would love to see NFT with famous anime Themes like One piece, AOT, Tokyo Revengers, etc. What your oponion about that?

Yes, we are big believers in NFTs, but to give you a sneak peek, our NFTs will be bot programs which will possess their own unique intelligence – and will have their own character and personality. Also, we plan to launch our own advanced NFT exchange in 2023.

Q10) I want to invest to your project..
Where i buy your token right now and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

this is to answer your question related to purchasing our tokens.


Binance Smart Chain
Ticker: XTT-b20 (BEP20)
Decimal: 18
Contract: 0x70b6c6a555507ee4ac91c15e5c80b7dc8ff3b489

Available on:



And this was the end of our AMA with XTblock.io.

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